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Harmonical – Born Ready: Restoratively Inspiring Soul-Infused Electronic Pop

Up and coming Electronic Soul Pop artist Harmonical has created a myriad of emotively hard-hitting inspiring tracks in recent years. And their R&B-inspired single “Born Ready” comes with an uplifting sting which is even more potent than usual.

Born Ready has already received the attention of BBC Introducing, and there’s little room to wonder why given Harmonical’s natural ability when it comes to orchestrating soulfully catchy hits. The R&B vocals fit perfectly against the tribal electronic rhythms which consistently evolve throughout the duration of the single making sure that you’re as hooked in the prelude as you are in the outro.

Born Ready may come with a slightly vintage R&B Pop feel, but who doesn’t appreciate a 90s Pop Nostalgia hit when they’re looking for some restorative aural alchemy?

You can check out the official music video to Harmonical’s single Born Ready by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Keeana Kee releases her latest exotic soul-drenched floor-filler “Shoot Me Up”

If you’ve not already been acquainted with up and coming artist Keeana Kee’s unique mix of Spanish influenced Soul Pop, her latest single “Shoot Me Up” is the perfect introduction to her rhythmically organic sound.

If you’re looking for a danceable vibrant floor-filler, look no further than the exotic arrestive euphoria found in Shoot Me Up. There aren’t all too many artists bold enough to go as salacious as Keeana Kee went with Shoot Me Up. That daring approach to her sound can be found everywhere from the lyrics to the beats. So, there’s little room to wonder why Keeana Kee has been able to amass such an eager following with her sultry vocals and ability to create a unique new evolution of Pop.

You can check out Keeana Kee’s single Shoot Me Up for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


YayRaven feat ELjay – DON’T WORRY: Euphorically Fresh R&B EDM Pop

“DON’T WORRY” is just one of the standout singles recently released by London-based up and coming artist YayRaven. For this sublime genre-mash of EDM, Pop, Reggae, and R&B, they teamed up with ELjay to create a dynamic fiery radio-ready hit.

The single aptly alludes to the fact that we’re all being slowly crushed by the capitalistic rat race, a result, our mental health is being crushed – but needlessly so. DON’T WORRY is a poignant reminder that we should all be spending our energy on what really matters.

‘Feel-good’ tracks can often fall flat, but there was very little chance of that happening in DON’T WORRY. The soundscape keeps you constantly captivated through the subtle evolutions of sound while YayRaven’s vocals officiously feed you positive vibes.

You can check out YayRaven’s single DON’T WORRY for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Liverpool-Based Alt Pop Artist Sam George Releases Their Latest Single “Follow You”

Liverpool-based Pop singer-songwriter Sam George has recently released their latest smoothly rhythmic Pop single “Follow You”. Anyone looking for a fresh hit of soulfully mesmeric Pop should follow suit and join me in becoming enamoured by the release.

With an eclectic instrumental arrangement (including the Indian flute), and an even more eclectic array of genres found in Follow You, Sam George has stamped down their pioneeringly contemporary style with their latest release and proven themselves to be an up and coming talent worth investing in.

Instead of the usual plasticised Pop sound, Sam George’s latest single effortlessly exudes an organically authentic aural experience. You may even find that Follow You becomes your next perennial Pop Earworm.

You can check out Sam George’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Up & Coming Artist Brianna Corona Has Released Her Latest Soul Pop Hit “broken letters”

“broken letters” is the latest single to be released from the up and coming EDM Pop artist Brianna Corona. The soulful contemporary downtempo ballad stands as the perfect testament to the power behind the dynamics of Brianna Corona’s vocals, while the lyrics will allow you to appreciate the candid depths of emotion which she was prepared to delve into to create a compelling track.

While broken letters is an extremely accessible hit, it was easy to feel that it was slightly lacking in distinction, it’s a flawless feat of contemporary Pop, yet, the safety of the structure and the neat packaging of this single slightly hindered the passion which it was created with. But that’s not to say that broken letters wasn’t an incredibly emotive track which will no doubt resonate with plenty of people.

You can check out Brianna Corona’s latest single broken letters for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ARI TAHAN – Idiot: Unapologetically Fierce Soul Pop

ARI TAHAN’s upcoming record “Idiot” will no doubt be the single which singlehandedly sees to her ascension from the underground. She’s already had ears pricking up at BBC introducing, it’s only a matter of time before her radio-ready hits receive the same accolades as the likes of Joss Stone, Paloma Faith and London Grammar. Yes, her vocal ability and charismatic accessibility really is on the same level.

The sentiment behind Idiot may have been rooted in vulnerability, yet through the single, you’re treated to pure unapologetic strength. Whilst many artists may come off sounding aggressive with this approach, ARI TAHAN ensures that there’s plenty of Soul in the single to leave you captivated and either left with empathy or resonance.

To keep up to date with news of the release head over to Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Avery Son – KevinParker: A Debut of Celestially Soothing Ambient Soul Pop

“KevinParker” is the debut single from up and coming Soul Pop artist Avery Son; if you’re looking for a jazzy, lowkey, ambiently soothing new release to vibe out to, there’s probably no better option.

The intricate melodies from the keys drench the single in a celestial tonality and allow you to fully appreciate the polished production behind the single. While the vocals definitely succeeded in adding layers of harmony into the mix in KevinParker, it was still easy to feel that they slipped into the reverb just a little too much for you to truly get the full hit of the vocals and the lyrics. There’s no disputing Avery Son’s talent when it comes to pitch-perfection, but I’d love to hear more conviction and delivery behind the soundscape. But all things considered, KevinParker was an exceptional debut which definitely won’t fail in getting noticed.

You can check out Avery Son’s latest single KevinParker for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


My Boyfriend take it back to Pop’s most soulful era with latest single “I’ll Never Win”

There’s potentially no sound more amiable than an authentically playful Pop track which oozes good vibes. Rather than creating the aural version of an inspirational meme, with their latest single “I’ll Never Win” up and coming LA artist My Boyfriend created a track which revives American Pop in its most soulful era.

The soft layers of easy listening feed into the soft jazzy soundscape as Jon Paul Arciniega verses the highly relatable lyrics which almost make a parody of 21st-century living. The contrast of the archaically composed instrumental arrangement and the very modern lyricism is almost enough to leave you with the compulsion to find a TARDIS and have a time hop back to the 50s. Yet, as long as there are tracks such as I’ll Never Win on the airwaves, 2019 isn’t all bad, right?

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out My Boyfriend’s latest single (I’m starting to see what they’ve done with their name and it’s nothing short of genius) I’ll Never Win, but in the meantime, you can check out their debut album “The Clusterfox” over on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Noel DaCosta – Kind of Love: Contemporary Soul Pop Catharsis

Usually, no matter how great a single is, the first time you hit play on a track from a new artist it will always ask something from the listener, but if you stumble across the right track it will give far more than it takes.

Which is exactly what we heard with Noel DaCosta’s Soul Pop single “Kind of Love”. While the track doesn’t quite fall into the easy listening category due to the vibrancy of the high notes along with the depth of the bass, it’s all too easy to slip into. Each progression in the single is seamless, the emotivity builds as the track unfolds, and Noel DaCosta’s vocals could only be described as mesmeric.

Kind of Love may just be the most perfect example of a contemporary offering of soul which we have heard in 2019.

You can check out the music video to Kind of Love for yourselves by heading over to Souncloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Metro Fantastic Share Standout ‘There’s No Place For December’

The Metro Fantastic are an exciting band hailing from the  Philippines who have recently shared their exhilarating debut EP ‘The Metro Fantastic, Vol. 1’. Their latest single ‘There’s No Place For December’ is the newest single to be lifted off their inaugural EP and it’s a real belter of a track. Starting with a soft piano opening which draws you in to the sweet lyrical opening this track builds and builds to a truly sweet spot. Lyrically this is a real step up in quality from a group who have world domination in their sights. While production wise this leads them into new avenues with it’s melodic, laid back vibe.  It slowly builds to a faster tempo as it hits the catchy chorus and overall it is a super sweet love song that showcases The Metro Fantastic’s wonderful vocal harmonies.
At points it’s hard to believe there are seven voices performing as they blend so seamlessly together to create one voice. This single has the potential to become a global hit thanks to its relatable lyrics, catchy chorus and laid back, production.  ‘There’s No Place For December’ is simply beautiful.

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