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Oscar Hoset serenaded the twilight in his progressive house pop hit, Evening People (A Midnight Rhapsody)

After making a name for himself as a cover artist, the Norwegian luminary, Oscar Hoset, has illuminated the night with his debut single Evening People (A Midnight Rhapsody).  If you want to hear the liberation of hedonism reflected through luscious progressive house pop hooks, hit play and brace yourself for the infectious momentum of the polished production that strides far past the cusp of contemporary dance-pop.

Oscar Hoset didn’t just stay in own lane with Evening People (A Midnight Rhapsody), he entered a completely new stratosphere while appealing to fans of Avicii, Kygo, and Martin Garrix with his debut which could easily be the most promising new entry in the dance-pop arena in 2024. At just 22 years old, he’s already perfected the art of infusing visceral rapture into his productions. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Evening People (A Midnight Rhapsody) was officially released on January 19th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Klary runs hedonistically hot in her EDM house anthem, Feel You

There’s only room for one supreme in London’s EDM scene; Klary dominated that space with the drop of her EDM house anthem, Feel You. Forget making a dancefloor move; Feel You is the kind of track that will inspire dancefloor inhabitants to MAKE the move.

With her siren-timbered vocal lines dripping luxe demure decadence over the ensnaring dark bass-drenched beats in the production, which pulls together meticulously well, knowing just when to intersect the euphoric swells and enticing drops, becoming anything less than infatuated with this track isn’t an option.

Since 2009, The Germany-born, Italy-raised artist has proven her determination to become one of the hottest names in the EDM scene. After a plethora of collaborative projects, she came into her own as a solo artist with the release of her debut single, Love Again, in 2021. For her latest release which lyrically and rhythmically locks into temptation and sin, she collaborated with the East-London producer and DJ Romello, who composed and penned the release, to a Grammy-worthy standard.

Feel You shook up the airwaves on October 20; use it to inject some fire into your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Georgina White gave us a shot of Europop euphoria with her empowering anthem, Not Your Baby

Reminding us that it has been 24 years since the launch of Don’t Call Me Baby by the Australian house duo Madison Avenue, Georgina White’s latest floor-filling Tour De Force, Not Your Baby, is a groove-embellished anthem that strikes hammer blows of nostalgia with every bass-drenched beat in the exhilarant Europop hit.

With a little bit of disco and tropic funk flavours to drip vibrance into the tonal palette, Not Your Baby simultaneously feeds empowerment and euphoria as Georgina White powerfully projects the liberating lyrics which are the ultimate cure to breakup scorn. It is the perfect testament to the fact that there’s nothing sweeter than emotional freedom after letting go of the hands that have held you down.

Not Your Baby, produced by John Carr, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: The Bermuda House Icon Korie Minors is Infectiously Euphoric in His Latest Hit, The Way We Used to Be, ft. JaySoulO

For his latest polished to the nth degree progressive Afro-house production, The Way We Used to Be, the Bermuda-born, internationally-raised DJ and producer Korie Minors collaborated with JaySoulO to deliver the ultimate hit of tropic indie pop reminiscence.

There are few things as bitter-sweet as taking a retrospective view of someone you never wanted to leave in the rearview mirror. The smooth crescendos in The Way We Used to Be, which runs with a flood of tenderly hued euphoria in the pulsating basslines and indie guitar hooks, will efficaciously take the edge off as the sun-bleached melodicism proves that even when love is lost, that’s no excuse to let optimism fade into obscurity. If you want to supplement your EDM playlists with sonic serotonin, you know where to turn.

Korie Minors said: 

“For The Way We Used to Be, I wanted to create something that exudes cross-over radio-ready appeal while never letting go of what makes my sound unique; the incorporation of my house influences and infusion of guitar melodies and afro percussion into a solid song structure enabled me to fulfil that goal.

The single communicates that sometimes you have to let relationships go for you to grow, regardless of how much it may hurt to make that decision and leave someone behind.”

Korie Minors started his DJ career in the UK while studying architecture, when taking his academic work to Istanbul and Hong Kong, he also shared his gift of making crowds move. In 2015, he became a full-time DJ in Bermuda and was voted Bermuda’s best DJ in 2019. When COVID put the brakes on his DJ career, he started to hone his production skills, which has seen him working with internationally revered artists and filmmakers and affiliated with brands, including Bacardi and Louis Vuitton.

The Way We Used to Be was officially released on September 22; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Riley Rex took her staunch fanbase to ‘The Shadowy Place’ in her hyper-pop Halloween floor-filler

The dance-pop icon Riley Rex asserted her claim to the LA pop crown with her infectiously flawless Halloween hit, The Shadowy Place. It may just be the biggest Halloween hit since Kernkraft 400 delivered Zombie Nation in 1999. It at least stands up to the debauched decadence in Emerge by Fischerspooner while incorporating the contemporary magnetism of Dua Lipa, Ava Max, and Charli XCX.

By contrasting the dark lyrical themes with the hypersonic textures and upbeat pace in the polished production, Rex extended euphoria to those who need it most with The Shadowy Place, which breaks EDM pop boundaries in definitively sensuous style.

The single, which was written while she was enrolled on a course with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, is a narration of the escapist ideation which consumes you when you’re stuck in a pit of anxiety and depression. The bass-driven electro-pop hit may not have what it takes to cure mental illness, but you couldn’t ask for a more potent sonic serotonin source.

The Shadowy Place hit the airwaves on October 6; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get Your Romantic Flashback Fix with Oliver Sullivan’s Latest Summery Slice of Dance Pop, High Above, ft Jetason

Oliver Sullivan transcended high-vibe dance pop with this latest single, High Above, featuring Jetason, which was inexplicably crafted to place you on a plateau of pure sonic bliss.

With retro synthwave spliced into the progressive EDM pop hit, there’s an aural glimmering of nostalgia, allowing the single to whisk you back through the decades for a panoramic romantic flashback that will take the gloss off your old Polaroids.

High Above is the 6th single penned and released by the Swiss-born artist, who has perceptibly honed his craft to a Grammy-worthy degree. Ahead of the release, Sullivan had clocked up over 200,000 listeners on Spotify. Something tells us that with Jetason on his side, who flew from Nashville to Zurich to work on the mix, plenty more listeners are going to be tuning into his warm melodicism.

If Jetason’s soul-permeable harmonies sound familiar, that will be due to his previous work with other icons, including Armin van Buuren and Martin Garrix. Together, they’re the epitome of a collaborative power duo.

High Above will be officially released on July 28th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

IZZYE has made her official debut with the house-pop earworm of the summer, LATELY

Still trying to discover your ultimate high-energy anthem of the summer? Gaze right into the debut earworm from the one-woman house-pop powerhouse IZZYE, and find the addictive choruses you’ve been searching for.

‘LATELY’ is IZZYE’s first official debut single after her single Dance Forever landed a placement in the Love Island 2023 Winter Final episode. With her powered-by-soul strident vocal lines easily dominating the infectiously high-octane hooks, the hit has ‘playlist staple’ branded across the glossy radio-ready production.

Not content with creating run-of-the-mill floor-filler fodder, IZZYE worked with her co-songwriter, Darren Martyn, to orchestrate a liberatingly empowering hit which goes to show that even when you have been cast aside by someone who pretended to be all-in, being bitter and scorned is never the only option.

Stream the official music video for LATELY, which premiered on June 7th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Azure Kai went hypersonic with her latest alt earworm, Gotta Get the Girl

Utilising her inherent passion for creativity, the artist and Monmouth University student Azure Kai went hypersonic with her latest alternative earworm, Gotta Get the Girl. With a beatboxing and record-scratching prelude, it was an easier-said-than-done feat to keep the energy just as high through the release, but the momentum never falters in the melting pot of genre and style.

From frantic EDM synthetics to funk-dripping basslines to Eastern rhythms and classical strings to syncopated pseudo-trap, this amalgamated tour de force is an all too welcome attack on the rhythmic pulses. Let the track take control and you will soon feel as exhilarant as this declaration of determined passion sounds.

The honeyed and harmonised vocal lines which wrap their soul around the reprise, “gotta get the girl” create a quintessential magnetic centre of gravity in the turbulently pioneering hit.

Stream Gotta Get the Girl on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

90s Nostalgia meets the future of house in the Freshcobar & Golden Girl Remix of ‘Missing’.

Freshcobar & Golden Girl gave the iconic 1994 hit, Missing by Everything But the Girl the house treatment in their entrancing new remix that is set to drop on all major platforms on April 28th. The indie guitars have been stripped-back to make room for the big beats, even bigger drops, and the colossal atmosphere that cloaks the remix drenches you in nostalgia while allowing you to simultaneously sample the future of house music.

The Missing Remix is the third single from the producer Freshcobar and the San Diego vocalist Golden Girl. Together, they reincarnated the 90s classic hit with far more intensity and fervour than the original contained, but the vocal mystique is right on brand. The deserts may have missed the rain, but my God, the dancefloors will have also missed this hit. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they’re reimagining and enlivening the soundtracks to our youth.

The remix will launch via NOS Recordings; check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drunk in Love Dance Pop: Lucy Crisp – One Summers Day

Good love songs ring with romantic sincerity; great love songs get you drunk on someone else’s love; Lucy Crisp’s latest single, One Summers Day, is definitively in the latter camp.

By taking a leaf or two from Taylor Swift’s lyrical book and producing her own EDM pop signature with a little help from her co-producer, Nathan Flynn, Lucy Crisp came into her vibrant summer vibes own while doing what us mere mortals always struggle to succeed in; expressing love in its true visceral form.

It has been six months since the last single from the Nottingham indie dance pop innovator. Her return has signalled a new era in her artistry, which previously received plaudits from BBC Introducing. It is safe to say that she’s lost none of her radio-ready touch with One Summers Day, which traverses the organic peaks and flows of a healthy relationship. No dynamic is perfect; instead of shooting for an implausible ideal, keep hold of what’s real. Lucy has warned her fans not to get too comfortable with her sticky sweet new sound. Her upcoming releases will touch upon a life lived with chronic illness while exploring themes of foreseen fear and depression.

Check out One Summers Day from April 28 on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast