Jesus Ayala Jr drives in with grungy garage-rock single ”Chance”

Jesus Ayala Jr is a garage-rock singer from Chicago in the USA. Together with an American White Fender Stratocaster, Jesus aims to relive the glory days of the early-2000’s Garage Rock/Indie Rock/Post-Punk Revival era. He is inspired by bands such as The Strokes, The Killers, The Vaccines, Weezer and Arctic Monkeys.

“I’m nostalgic for the nights that people went out to smoke cigarettes, drink cheap beer, and listen to rock bands. The scene changed on me when I was old enough to go out, so I hope we can recreate that” says Jesus.

Ayala Jr.’s new track is an introduction to his guitar driven music. There are lots of catchy choruses, clever lyrics, melodic guitar riffs, star-crossed lovers, ambiguous love triangles and troubled high school principals covered in his music.

Chance” is a splendid song that serves us up a tasty garage mix of quality musicianship from this talented artist. The grooves are deep and the track is a story of life and 2nd chances. Going for your dreams is the message here and not letting go.

Head through to Soundcloud to hear this brand new song.

For live show news head through to Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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