Jerry Gari – I Pray Alone: The R&B Rule Book is Well & Truly Out the Window

I could describe Jerry Gari’s latest debut track I Pray Alone as a sensational R&B Soul track, but that’s not even close to hitting the mark of Jerry Gari’s genre-warping rhythms. It’s simple, it’s understated and its absolute perfection. In fact, I haven’t heard a track which incorporates so many immersive elements since discovering Paul Banks (Interpol) and Wu Tang Clan Rapper RZA’s collaboration.

With I Pray Alone, Michigan based producer Jerry Gari has raised his game to the next level, whilst his other Electronica tracks are highly resonant, he’s found his signature style with the urban licks of this track. His less than conventional lyrical style grips you like a vice as you revel in the peculiarity that’s riddled in the tracks mix. The solid yet almost down-tempo track is the perfect platform for Jerry Gari to lay down his soul drenched vocals. Before I listened to I Pray Alone I had no idea of the synergy that could be created through an infusion of R&B Soul with Synth addled Electronica. But one things for sure, no one could do it sweeter than Jerry Gari

You can check out I Pray Alone on SoundCloud

To download I Pray Alone, along with Jerry Gari’s earlier tracks head on over to BandCamp

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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