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Suli Hyuga orchestrated the ultimate soundtrack for seances with the soul with the luxe ambient garage house grooves in his seminal track, +24. BLEED+

The timbres and textures within Suli Hyuga’s latest release, +24. BLEED+, may feel comfortingly familiar, but the London-based artist’s approach to synthesising UK Garage with House and Rap pushes the sonic flavours into arenas that few other artists have seen the potential within.

Perfect for late-night seances with the soul, this seminal release is a reverberation of pure incandescent hypnotism, with every progression, a new subjugation to its luxe atmosphere. With Suli leaving no one else’s imprint on his work as the sole architect of his soundscapes, the mark he will leave on the UK Garage landscape will be definitively his distinctive own.

+24. BLEED+ is the title single pulled from Suli Hyuga’s 5-track EP, which promises to dive deep into a cavern of cathartic dance-influence hip-hop. With rich resonance set to spill from the atmospheric synths between his smooth vocal flows as they groove through dynamic bars and around alchemic arrangements of raw basslines and intuitive percussion, the EP is primed to become an aural phenomenon in its own right.

Stream +24. BLEED+ on all major platforms, including SoundCloud, from January 19th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Scottish communist wordsmith Jamão Dos Santos hit a home run with his genre-bending debut rap track, Tarzan

Jamão Dos Santos made a bold entrance into the music scene with his debut single Tarzan, an audacious piece that mirrors his self-proclaimed identity as a “Scottish communist wordsmith.” Right from the start, the single is a captivating blend of cultural sounds, with Dos Santos’ Scottish lyrical diction providing a gripping contrast to the rhythmic foundation of the track. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition that’s as striking as it is unexpected.

Musically, ‘Tarzan’ is a robust tapestry woven with exotic Eastern rhythms, giving it an almost mystical allure. Yet, it’s grounded by a decidedly garagey edge—a gritty, dub-heavy backbeat that anchors the song’s more ethereal elements. The single wouldn’t be out of place in a smoky underground club or a festival stage, appealing to a wide range of listeners with its genre-blending bravado.

There’s a clear stylistic flair shared with Lyran Dasz, hinting at a musical kinship that thrives on innovation and eclecticism. Dos Santos’ approach is fiery and distinctive, ensuring that Tarzan is not just a song but a statement. In an unexpected twist, ‘Tarzan’ also serves as an homage to the world of footballer worship. The lyrical narrative becomes a powerful metaphor for survival and triumph, resonating with the song’s primal energy and raw passion.

It’s an assertive first step for an artist unafraid to show his roots while simultaneously branching out into the rich soil of global musical influences. This track is not just heard; it’s felt as a resonating declaration of Dos Santos’ arrival on the music scene.

Stream Tarzan on Spotify and follow the artist on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK Flow Queen, TAYLOR-LEIGH, Lit Up the Airwaves with ‘Jig Up’

By bringing witty brutality to her bars and an infectious sense of playfulness to her beats, the UK flow queen TAYLOR-LEIGH lit up the airwaves with her latest lyrically lascivious track, Jig Up.

To assert the authenticity in her sonic signature, TAYLOR-LEIGH kept her vox in the grime and garage arena while the keys almost brought a neo-classic touch to the RnB-esque melodies to deliver a boundary-less track that breaks down sonic barriers while ticking every hip-hop box.

There’s also a strikingly clever duality within the lyrics; when TAYLOR-LEIGH isn’t running through with tongue-in-cheek antagonism, she’s demonstrating her emotional intelligence that will undoubtedly embolden any woman who encounters this seminal track.

Jig Up was officially released on September 4; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fats & JM went on a ‘Mad One’ with their infectious EDM rap hit

The Azerbaijan-born British rapper and songwriter, Fats, mashed up his talents and his infectious tongue-in-cheek charisma with his co-collaborator JM to deliver the ultimate house party anthem, Mad One.

After a solid serving of sun-bleached acid house beats, Fats subverts the transcendently tranquil tones with his wit-sharp garagey rap bars and bass-drenched rhythms. Between his cleverly enticing cadence and his lyricism that carries the perfect amount of antagonism, there’s no resisting the magnetism of the monolithic drop.

If anyone deserves to go as viral as the Blackout Crew did in 2009 with Put a Donk On It, it is Fats. A month after the drop of the official music video for Mad One, it has already racked up 95,000 streams on YouTube and has been added to plenty more high-profile Spotify playlists.

We would usually say get on it while the hype is hot, but it’s unlikely that Mad One will stop being the hottest EDM drop of the summer anytime soon.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bring Ibiza to your speakers with LE PASH’s sophomore UK house hit, Right Now, featuring LIANN

DJ LE PASH blew the roof off UK house with his sophomore single, Right Now; borrowing the soulfully smooth vocal lines from LIANN, he served up a scorching slice of summer that will blow smoke through your speakers as you groove to the urban dance licks, which pay homage to the 90s dance scene while adding a new trajectory to the evolution of the genre. With a sound so polished the Ibiza-euphoria emanating hit could have been produced by Mr Sheen, Right Now has all the makings of an EDM chart-topper.
LIANN’s strident-with-blissful-soul vocal lines are the perfect contrast to the garage-y rap bars that prove that America may be the homeland of hip-hop, but the UK will always reign supreme in its own gritty authentic vein.
Stream the anthemic Radio Edit and melodic acoustic rendition of Right Now on Spotify. 
Review by Amelia Vandergast

Always Save Me Your Worst: Nine Lives surges through with intent on Crystal Ball

ASMR - EP by Nine Lives

Taken off the razor sharp new 4-track release with authority to charge up power-stations for weeks called ASMR – EP, Nine Lives takes us right through the noise and into something previously inconceivable on the drum-breaking new track, Crystal Ball.

Nine Lives is a Cardiff, Wales-based indie garage-rock band who sinks their teeth into every track they assemble and tear through the seams with nail-biting effect.

Raucous, fuzz-laden riffs over big beats and a healthy dose of mayhem.” ~ Nine Lives

Thrilling the entire galaxy with a special single to enlighten the minds of many, Nine Lives move with cat-like precision and shall get your heart bouncing with delight.

Crystal Ball from Cardiff, Wales-based indie garage-rock band Nine Lives is a massive reminder that finding those frigid seas within the soul of someone is a scary proposition. Saucing our ears with so much to certainly treasure and heartily remember, this is a hefty single which will open our eyes and get those feet moving again.

When you finally get away from the evil, you may resume your life for the better again.

Open your ears on Bandcamp and check out their social moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Parlor Chase drops a quick-fire track, Something Happening To Ya (Studio Version)

Currently signed to US label She’s In Records, The Parlor Chase return with a tantalizing teaser for their latest sizzler of a tornado-like song to be instantly boosted by on Something Happening To Ya.

The Parlor Chase (formerly Parlor Snakes), is a Los Angeles, California-based garage/glam rock band which is led by the well-known Patrick Coleman.

From Johnny Cash and early Elvis to Gun Club and Birthday Party, the Parlor Chase have been there, heard it; all that (and more) reconfigured in their own original splendour is in the grooves of every song they’ve recorded.” ~ The Parlor Chase

Healing our apprehensions away with something rather scintillating and likeable to consume with towering spontaneity, The Parlor Chase turns up the intensity and conveys a rocket-fueled track to snack onto with reckless intent.

Something Happening To Ya from Los Angeles, California-based garage/glam rock band The Parlor Chase, is a powerful experience and takes us down memory lane when practically everyone loved watching bands in tiny clubs with no windows. Fired up and showing us their nifty skills in all aspects, this is a fine demonstration of their edgy sound, which is perfect to devour with something cold to drink.

Hear this new track on YouTube and see more news via their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK Hip Hop Got Hotter Through Dalts’ Latest Collab, ‘No Time’, featuring Jez, SK1NT and Charla Green


Sheffield’s most infamous producer, DJ, events promoter, and label runner, Dalts, has contributed more than most to the UK music scene in the past five years. Now, he’s here with his latest single, No Time, featuring Jez, SK1NT and Charla Green.

The garagey hip-hop track uses old-school grooves, oscillating bass and skippy beats to keep the flow kicking under the clever vocal layering, which merges the originality of every featuring artist. From deadpan rap bars to distorted and transcending vocal samples, No Time is a hypnotic vibe tapestry which reminds you how great and gritty UK hip hop can be.

Check out Dalts on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Florida-based rock band The Walkers find that mirror amongst those ‘Bright Shadows’

Exploring the highs and lows of humanity through a music video that shall have you beaming with joy at the originality portrayed, The Walkers are at their most colourful with their new visuals for a song that will shake your core awake on ‘Bright Shadows‘.

The Walkers is a Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock 5-piece act who are all good friends and is united by their love of garage rock.

Inspired by nature’s polarity and focuses on the power of juxtaposition; light and dark, yin and yang, life and death.” ~ The Walkers

Cruising through with a single that has you feeling like you are in a movie, The Walkers show us what true ingenuity is about with this sparkling new track that shall get you feeling like you too should venture outside again to see the world.

Bright Shadows‘ from Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock band The Walkers is a lightning bolt visual that will have you appreciating a humble group who are clearly making a brand of music that gets you off the couch. A swampedelic family experience is on offer here from a likeable band that is connected through blood and brings us an entertaining track that is packed with their signature authenticity.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clean Up: Birmingham garage rockers First Frontier drop superb debut single ‘Break Away’

Taken off their highly-anticipated first EP ‘Just Matter‘, First Frontier show us their world-famous Brummie banter and Northern grit with their explosive debut single all about moving on from the undesirable bad vibes on ‘Break Away‘.

First Frontier is an electric Birmingham, UK-based indie garage-rock duo who assemble that rip-roaring type of music that has you turning the volume all the way up and telling your mate about them.

They’ve unleashed the frenzy of their energetic rhythms and soul-searching, upbeat lyrics on audiences since 2020 in a manner that has mostly been appreciated.” ~ First Frontier

With spectacular exuberance that has your ears bursting with excitement, First Frontier thrust themselves into our lives with a quite stupendous debut that is approvingly memorable due to their radiant energy that is such a brilliant listen.

Break Away‘ from the high-tempo Birmingham-based garage-rock duo First Frontier, is a terrific release from a band that tells us the relevant story about how they are gleefully washing away anything that isn’t genuine. With so many fake vibes going around – and some foolish people only interested in what they can gain from you – this is a heartfelt reminder that it’s okay to cleanse away any negativity that is holding you back. Performed with a hungry edge that shows us that they are only getting started, this is a top debut single that will have your speakers booming with delight.

Hear this excellent new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen