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Cheap Thrills: Fun-filled Missouri garage rock band Beau Diamond stay young forever on ’21 or Bust’

With a stay-lubricated-at-all-costs mindset which makes them the coolest cats in the local bar, Beau Diamond know that life is a crazy game as they make sure to stay on the royal flush hand all night with the beer-chugging new single called ‘21 or Bust‘.

Beau Diamond is a party-stacked St. Louis, Missouri-based indie garage-rock four-piece band. They form a line outside the club with a catchy blend of ear-warming tunes, to keep the mood alight with a vibe which keeps you smiling until last rounds.

With a gritty vocal edge and a fantastically exciting barrage of speaker-shaking ambiance to keep the sweaty bodies shaking to the groove, this is a truly youthful performance which has you glowingly remembering those awesome nights out way past your bedtime.

This is the relevant story about being out and about on the town when the sun sets – as going home seems to only age and make you turn dull- when there is so much fun to be had and people to meet, at the pulsating party where memories are there to be made.

21 or Bust‘ from the fun St. Louis, Missouri garage-rock act Beau Diamond, shows us a lifestyle which keeps you alive and away from getting too down about paying those pesky bills. On a catchy riff-fueled, shooter-soaked bundle of joy for the throbbing kidneys, this is a stay young or go home track which so many of us can knowingly relate to.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s Not Yours To Keep: Prodigious Swedish act Mata Kopa urges us to move on with ‘Go Buy the Sun’

Formally known Tellus Children when they first formed a few years ago, Mata Kopa show us their growing maturity on the strikingly real story about swiftly moving on when you are in a stagnant relationship which needs to end, so you can both be truly happy on ‘Go Buy the Sun‘.

Mata Kopa is a Gothenburg-born, Stockholm-based, indie garage-rock quartet. This sensational Swedish band bring an immaculate experience to the table on a groovy song, that gives you some inner perspective of the highest order.

After releasing their debut album and touring Sweden as well as different parts of Europe in 15’ and 16’, the project’s composers Miranda Raeder and Boris Grubesic have changed base to Stockholm, gone back to school, started new jobs, traveled and focused on writing new material.” ~ Mata Kopa

You feel like you are floating on a peaceful cloud above all the pollution of the world – on this terrific track which shows you how you really need to let go – for the betterment of your partner and yourself. Hanging on isn’t going to help at all, in fact it will only lead you astray as you try and fight love, which is such a natural process.

Go Buy the Sun‘ from the Swedish indie garage-rock band Mata Kopa, is a really terrific song that is one of the most enjoyable releases of this year so far. Their musicianship is top drawer quality and the soundscape rather world class – as you miss that special soul who you thought was perfect for you – when actually they were in your life to lead you into a new direction entirely.

Hear this new track on their Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On They Drift: Likable Laguna Beach band Gingsu break the silence after saying goodbye on ‘Road Song’

With their sunken eyes set on the visible road but thinking so deeply about what just happened, Gingsu effortlessly remind us how hard it is when you leave someone close you really care about on ‘Road Song‘.

Gingsu is a summer-cool Laguna Beach, California-based alt garage/rock three-piece act. They formed recently during the pandemic in early 2020 and make that profound type of music that has your mind racing with memories, as they bring your emotions in check with meaningfully tasteful lyrics.

Road Song is a send-off to the many internal contrasting emotions one feels after saying final goodbyes- during that seemingly infinite drive home.” – Gingsu

His strongly textured voice shows so much robustness, with a band that back him up with a clear sound that brings your closer to the tender speaker, so you can hear each word in unison. Their obvious togetherness is easy to see and for a young band  they certainly show so much promise – as they sound like a quality outfit with so much more to surely come.

The melodic layers are so welcoming as you get into the song more and more, the story is so relevant during this horrific time, where mental health has been pushed to the absolute edge of the line.

Road Song‘ from the Laguna Beach alt/garage-rockers Gingsu, opens up the road to travelling through that quiet moment when the car is so quiet – as you have just said goodbye – for perhaps the last time ever. Your mind is alert but you feel saddened, and wish that you could say more but just can’t.

Hear this purposeful new single from the likable band via their Spotify and see what they get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut To Remember: Cardiff band Nine Lives send our hearts into a spin with fast-paced gem ‘Cutthroat Friends’

With a stunning sound and mysteriously tinged vocals that has you mighty impressed, Nine Lives show us what they are made of with the sharp-as-a-knife debut single called ‘Cutthroat Friends‘.

Nine Lives is a noisy Cardiff, South Wales two-piece indie garage-rock band with a panache for lifting the lid off the room, as they swirl their sound to levels of massive enjoyment.

The intense guitar booms throughout the nervous room — as you close your eyes and let the rhythm soak your hungry soul — into believing that quality edgy music is still out there. They breathe that hot fire into your mind, as you are listening to a passionate band that have been perfecting their craft and are ready for anything.

Fans of Queens of the Stone Age will love this, as their raging energy blows in hot and never cools down, as you immerse yourself into their rugged message that you has you automatically turning the volume up to red.

Cutthroat Friends’ from top shelf South Wales indie garage-rock act Nine Lives, is the fuzzy riff jam you have been waiting for. They storm into our lives with this debut song that you will find impossible to forget easily.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lewis Daniel asks what we’ve all been thinking – ‘Why Me’?

The debut single from your debut EP can always be a nerve-wracking time, even for a performer as highly sought after as Lewis Daniel. Playing across venues as wide-ranging as the Royal Albert Hall, Glastonbury Festival, and Ibiza Rocks, and composing for and performing with artists as diverse as MOBO-winner Rachel Kerr, Boadi, The Last Dinosaur, The House Gospel Choir, and his own horn section The Biscuit Horns, BRIT School and Guildhall School of Music alumnus Daniel’s debut, ‘States Of Being’, is a concept piece which melds his British and Caribbean influences; ‘Why Me’, as the title suggests, talks about that peculiar introspective place between anger and meditativeness, an internal questioning of why the world is the way it is.

A mostly instrumental piece, save for some deliciously evocative French-language spoken word sections, ‘Why Me’ mixes Daniel’s trademark saxophone with dance beats, synth bass, Caribbean steel drums, and electronics, melding jazz, hip-hop, and garage into an auditory experience that’s at times dazzling in its complexity, surprising, uplifting, and toe-tappingly good.

You can hear ‘Why Me’ on Spotify now. Lewis Daniel’s ‘States Of Being’ EP is out on the 30th April; in the meantime, you can follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Musical brothers with old school values: Evil Twin release gritty 2nd single ‘Dumb Me Down’

Evil Twin take us on a classic journey to the underworld basement where proper bands reside, via the full-blooded single with plenty of fire called ‘Dumb Me Down‘.

The UK-based indie-grunge/garage duo Evil Twin consisting of band brothers Adam Moore and Wayne Deegan, are a new creative force who have that old school sweaty club, authentic kind of sound that makes you remember going out and watching live music at those corner bars down the road from your trusty local. The type of venue where the bar staff know your name and the security guard shakes your hand. This is that real live music feel and an ode to what it used to be like before electronic music distracted most folks away to their dingy dark den of vampires.

Throughout this eclectic underground soundscape, the follow-up to ‘Devil You Know‘ is a worthy 2nd single that is full of rugged electric guitar finger-bleeding, that gets to the bottom of your hungry soul. The slithering snake sound element is ominous at times and you understand that you don’t want to be brain-washed by all the nonsense in the world. You would instead rather free your mind with scintillating music like this instead- such is the quality and thudding power on offer here.

Dumb Me Down‘ from UK-based filthy-grunge duo Evil Twin expertly fuses elements of mysterious psychedelic intrigue on this excellent new single that will have you listening intently to this classic sound. They have that cigar-filled genuine rhythm of two friends that truly enjoying making music together and aren’t worried about what is currently sounding cool. They are on this world to make that timeless music that will be grow dusty on real fans shelves, as they show it off to good friends every now and again- to last forever and ever.

See and hear this fine new single on YouTube, Spotify and follow their new band story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Breaking artist DiLisio blooms in their latest Alt Rock Hit “Flower Bed”

Pittsburgh-based artist DiLisio (Mark Jeffries) may be renowned for his ability to cook up rock n roll earworms, but that barely alludes to what is on offer in their standout single “Flower Bed”.

Yes, you’ll want to listen to it again. Yes, it has all the infectious appeal which will leave you itching to hit repeat, but there’s so much more to the mind-melting feat of Alt-Indie Rock. The guitar tones in Flower Bed will tear right through you. DiLisio’s approach to Garage Rock which incorporates nuances of Blues, Pop and RnB is one of the most cutting sounds we’ve had the pleasure of being lacerated by in 2020.

While you try to keep up with the sonically seismic changes in momentum, you’ll become aware of just how intrinsically arrested you are by the artist’s rhythmic prowess. Then there’s the vocals, the unpredictable volatility of them and the sheer level of emotion which will crawl under your ribs as you listen to the candidly introspective lyrics. I have an overwhelming amount of awe for any artist willing to bleed their soul into a soundscape. Naturally, I’m awe-struck with DiLisio.

There are some aural nods to The Black Keys and Jack White, but the visceral full-throttle nature of the track affirms that assimilation had very little to do with the orchestration of this unforgettably eruptive release.

You can check out DiLisio’s track Flower Bed via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jesus Ayala Jr drives in with grungy garage-rock single ”Chance”

Jesus Ayala Jr is a garage-rock singer from Chicago in the USA. Together with an American White Fender Stratocaster, Jesus aims to relive the glory days of the early-2000’s Garage Rock/Indie Rock/Post-Punk Revival era. He is inspired by bands such as The Strokes, The Killers, The Vaccines, Weezer and Arctic Monkeys.

“I’m nostalgic for the nights that people went out to smoke cigarettes, drink cheap beer, and listen to rock bands. The scene changed on me when I was old enough to go out, so I hope we can recreate that” says Jesus.

Ayala Jr.’s new track is an introduction to his guitar driven music. There are lots of catchy choruses, clever lyrics, melodic guitar riffs, star-crossed lovers, ambiguous love triangles and troubled high school principals covered in his music.

Chance” is a splendid song that serves us up a tasty garage mix of quality musicianship from this talented artist. The grooves are deep and the track is a story of life and 2nd chances. Going for your dreams is the message here and not letting go.

Head through to Soundcloud to hear this brand new song.

For live show news head through to Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Newly formed Leeds Garage-Punk Rockers Goose Chase make powerful entrance with ‘’Rich Get Richer’’

You don’t get a voice when you’re on the dole. Goose Chase are here to champion the regular people in the world and make a massive entrance to be proud of with their new single ‘’Rich Get Richer’’.

This is the 2nd single off their debut EP slated for release on the 19th June 2020 and follows up the fast-paced banger ‘’Time Goes Too Fast For Me’’. The band all met at University and feature Taylor Jones on Vocals, James Masterson and Jamie Waller on Guitar, Eddie Lomax is on Bass and finally, Rob Hughes as the energetically charged drummer. The band all share an interest in politics and raise interesting points with their music that is for the common citizen, frustrated with the state of the country at the moment.

I enjoy Goose Chase’s catchy melodies and driven attitude. This is a band pushing themselves through the door and we should take notice before they hit the big time. 

Stream the Goose Chase lads here on spotify and be sure to tell your mates about them.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Grime styled with minimal rhythm: Readey releases his new single My Head

Up and coming artist Readey has dropped his new single My Head, an innovative Hip-Hop tune.

Ready’s style loosely reminded me of Eminem’s latest releases, with his original raw and crude rap evolving into a grime style with minimal rhythm. It seems to me that’s where Readey is heading to with My Head, building his style on low-pitched basslines and prominent beats.

It’s almost like going back to that Garage, Trap mood that MC’s geared their Rap on – as a matter of fact I thought about Dizzee Rascal for a second when I was halfway through listening to My Head.

Gloomy and introspective in his lyrics, Readey analyses the overflowing thoughts in his head falling into a loop made of trust issues and living the same day again and again.

It’s so easy to relate to if you’re questioning your everyday routine and finding yourself dwelling on the dichotomy “am I working to live or am I living to work?”

Listen to My Head by heading over Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.