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1Day chug into full gear with rapturous new track ‘Bar = Magic!’

Pop punkers 1Day have released a new track ‘Bar = Magic!’. 

For those wanting a new wave of pop-punk without being adorned with too much complicated genre crossing and production experiments, 1Day have proven that possible with their latest track. ‘Bar = Magic!’ is a skillful number with enough drive to fans of the genre to hitchhike without any trouble on a vastly enjoyable pop-punk rise and 1Day showcase some strong songwriting skills in getting listeners to their destinations. . 

The track shines where it gets most raunchy and raw – unafraid to dive into a looser pop-rock appeal – with hard harmonic riffing and some pleasantly wailing vocals drifting across the speakers. Check it out. 

You can listen to ‘Bar = Magic’ on 1Day’s Spotify page here.


Snapdibz has dropped powerful and catchy single You and I

Producer and songwriter duo Snapdibz has dropped single ‘You and I’ pulling in that Hip-Hop sound as he produces this fantastic piece.

This piece is one that deserves to be recognised, the flow is insane, the variety of vocal ranges that come through, and the upbeat melody that plays throughout. The way the vocals bounce of one another is what makes this song stand out.

The Rap takes the lead fast, having this energetic flow through the insanely fast pace verses that flow throughout. As the female high-pitched vocals begin to seep through as the overwhelming sense of emotion pours through bouncing back to the Rap as two vocals start going back and forth.

Listening to the way in which the two voices collide together perfectly, embracing that sound of Rap but also the melody that is sung by Snap with her insane vocals. Telling this story through the lyrics in such an incredible way as the melody pulses through. A piece with many elements, powerful vocals, and honest lyrics. It’s one you must check out for sure.

Check out Snapdibz’s single You and I by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Obsolete releases Tripzilla Dub from Versus the Rogue Frequencies

Artist Obsolete has dropped the latest single ‘Tripzilla Dub’ focusing mainly on the use of sound with the occasional few words being said in a distorted electronic way. It combines different sound effects to create this intriguing piece.

Many variations of sound are combined into this one, but there’s something about a piece of music with sound that is so interesting to listen too. How sound can have such a powerful use and can create something that many will delve into.

It starts off with the sound of rain and adding in a little tap to this loud beat that pierces through, adding this dark and eerie sound to it as what sounds like the scratching of a record begins to play as a slight scratchy vocal appears for a few seconds, beginning to fade out in places.

Towards the end, the sound of the guitar that begins to synthesize as the drumbeat gets louder and the same eerie high-pitched sound plays through.

Listen to Obsolete Tripzilla Dub by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall


Akwareal – Paint This Town: Soulful Street Pop

Akwareal describe their music as ‘street pop’ and I find this quite accurate. They create musical pieces that are candy for the soul and they’re doing so without losing their sound’s delicate urban veil, as magnificently showcased on their new song called “Paint This Town”.

The brain behind the collective of Akwareal is Mr. Art Wnorowski. Wes Restkess & Pugs Atoms are doing such a courteous job on painting the canvas of “Paint This Town” by offering their vocals to it. Seriously, a tremendous job by both. There’s a calmly uplifting vibe all over the production, perhaps something that Flume would produce on a slacking day. Lyric wise it’s about lifting and empowering and making it; overall this is a to-go tune to start your day. You hit play and conceivable colors are splashing all over the place.

Don’t over think it, this isn’t a song to over think but to over feel; head over to Akwareal’s Spotify page and have this song blasting on your speakers when you will ride the subway to work tomorrow morning. Listen to this urban sonic wonder here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Mike Rovone – Always Here: Breaking Boombox Style

Always Here is pretty much the perfect song to capture Mike Rovone’s essence. The Hip Hop Rapper strives for world domination without the fame.

Has he accomplished his mission? I guess we’ll never know.

It’s such a rarity to see an artist to put their music before their notoriety, because that’s when you truly get to hear the true soul of an artist, which is exactly what you’re treated to in his mellow ensemble with Always Here. The track boldly spreads the message that depression is a villain, and that as a man of the people Mike Rovone offers a ray of light to listeners that are suffering.

The versatile US based artist Rap artist takes his influences from acts such as: Rakim, Redman, Dead Prez and Wu-Tang amongst others. Yet with such a richly diverse back catalogue of experimental sounds, it’s clear that boundaries are never a consideration when it comes to his music, which he tackles with humility.

Always Here is just one of the tracks from his latest album End of The Day which is now available to listen via Spotify:

Check out the official music video to Always Here via YouTube using the link below:


Bobby Swayze – Goblin: Rap for The Soul

Bobby Swayze isn’t your usual Hip Hop Rapper from Chicago putting out the same sounds that have been replicated to death since the golden age of Rap. His latest track, expertly produced by FiyahSounds is a futuristic demonstration of his feverish flow that transgresses the boundaries of Hip Hop to incorporate the dulcet sounds of Trap, the warmth of Jazz creating a track which is pure Soul.

Bobby Swayze is more of a spoken word artist than a rapper, Bobby Swayze has perfected the art of narrative in his latest track Goblin which he puts up against his rounded and lucid beats. His rhymes are the perfect outlet for the artists loss of direction in life, in 2017 his Hip Hop career began as he shared evocative emotions that are painfully relatable.

His latest track proves that the Hip Hop genre still has a lot to offer, if you’re a fan of Lil Wayne, J Cole, and Jay Z, you’re bound to love the contemporary beats that make this track bounce.

Check out his latest track Goblin via SoundCloud using the link below:

Head on over to his website for more details of upcoming releases:


Core REX – Lucid: Amateur Dramatics

Yep, you guessed it, it’s a song about lucidity. Yet, when it comes to music I’ve always been a big believer in show and not tell…That being said the Electronic Hip Hop mix, isn’t all too bad.

The symphonic soundwaves have been produced, mastered and mixed by Core REX a Hip Hop Rapper with a penchant for Electronica from Chicago, US. I couldn’t help but think of Scroobius Pip’s advice when he advised “thou shall not listen to repetitive music” in Thou Shall Not Kill. By the time you get to the chorus, the track seems to get a little predictable, and it’s almost grating listening to the same old vocal being churned out over and over again.

There’s a part of the track where it’s slowed down to a painful rate, which, is more annoying than anything, yet, Core Rex shows a playful attitude to his music that makes it evident that he’s more than willing to have a little fun. Lucid is just one of the singles off his debut album Gloey Huew. I just hope in the future Core REX learns to lay off the harsh effects that retract away from the sound and let it flow with natural progression.

Check out Lucid & the rest of the album via SoundCloud using the link below:


Proudest Angel – A Second Act For Proudest Angel

Fitzgerald once pointed out that there are no second acts in American lives but Proudest Angel may beg to differ, there my have been a 12 year breathing space but two years ago the band roared back onto the scene with renewed vigour. Proudest Angel has been nothing if not consistent in their mission to put muscular, dark, grunge infused old school metal back on the map and Shoulda Known Better is a blend of the cold, doom-laden edge of Danzig’s dystopian blues-metal and the emotive, sonic drama of Staind, built as much on an intangible weight as the power of the musical delivery itself.

It is at once relentless, direct, raw and uncompromising, ticks enough boxes for those who dig the classic template but has enough of the contemporary hallmarks to appeal to a generation of hard rock fans who have grown up since the band has been away. Fans of rock and metal in all its forms will find a lot to like, the gothic set will appreciate its dark soundscapes, the more industrial minded will find its raw beauty and dystopian vibes to their tastes. In fact if you are a fan of the harder and heavier music in any form, Proudest Angel are definitely one to check out.


Hi Love – Perfect – A Stunning Ballad With Lots Of Mellow Melodies And A Nice Theatrical Twist.

Some songs are a little more than just musical expressions: they stand out as true outputs of emotional energy, that really connect with the audience. Such is the case of ‘Perfect”, the recent single by Hi Love. This track is a new, exciting example from this talented singer, highlighting her wide dynamic range and sultry vocal style. The song has a really theatrical vibe, as this particular artists seems to be keen on using her music on order to share stories with the audience…after all, great songwriting is all about storytelling!

The song will soon be released as a track on Hi Love’s upcoming studio release, a new EP by the name of “After All”. The music has been produced by David Ferretti, who really helped the artist bring her core sound and vision together! The backdrop music is indeed really stunning, with lush, deep and melodic ambiance sounds that almost feel like an orchestra score, accompanied by synth melodies and other tasteful additions.


Lucille Furs Release 60’s Vibe Track ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration’

Lucille Furs is one of those bands who managed to accomplish the difficult task of combining interesting sonic textures with honesty and intimacy. People don’t really think about it a lot, but one of the hardest things for an artist in any genre, in my opinion, is to create music that can remain simply, while having many layers and really appealing to listeners with tons of personality and character.

With their recent release, Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration, Lucille Furs set out to accomplish just that. The talented psychedelic rock combo set out to fill up their music with strong doses of personality and character, going for a very intimate, yet deeply textural tones.
The sounds featured on this song are really well-calibrated and tastefully produced, reminding me of the work of artists such as The Kinks, Tame Impala, and The Beatles, only to mention but a few.

This song has a really charming 60s tone, and it feels like a wave crushing on the sand: its energy is unstoppable, yet there are many subtle layers to it, such as the depth of the currents below and the white foam above…all elements that add a lot of color and personality to the song.