Jason LaPierre wants to make his dreams come true with ‘catching feelings 4 u’

Sensing that he has found something rather different to any previous liaison he has ever felt before, Jason LaPierre expresses his love for a new crush who makes his heart shake so fondly with, ‘catching feelings 4 u‘.

Jason LaPierre is an indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who makes those sweet melodies that have you singing in absolute delight.

Jason takes influence from artists such as Bruno Major, Laufey, Chet Baker, and Conor Albert.” ~ Jason LaPierre

Gazing deeply into the eyes of this sweet new romance that is brewing so beautifully like a bird who has found flight again, Jason LaPierre leads us peacefully into a spark-filled moment that he will never forget. His memory is fresh with the story of wanting to show that he is for real about this stimulating relationship, that he sees blossoming so intensely.

catching feelings 4 u‘ from indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason LaPierre is a romantic date night experience like no other. With smooth vocals and an energy that will make you smile broadly, this is a real gem from such a talented artist. He shows us into his mind that is racing from being around someone who has taken his breath away, and shows us how to express those feelings that can be hard to get out sometimes. Sung with a real class and performed so kindly, this is a lover’s anthem for 2022 to hug tightly.

Warm-up your emotions on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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