Bob Dylan-interpreter Vargen drops the first single from the debut album called ‘Mindy Morning’

Mindy Morning by Vargen

With the new 6-piece band adding so much thrilling ambience to the core of his crisp creations, Vargen shows us into the story of the woman who is never alone with his take on that ‘Mindy Morning‘.

Vargen (The Wolf) is a Varberg, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter than was created by Swedish singer-songwriter Reine Johansson.

His albums of Bob Dylan translations and covers “Tänk inte efter (Don’t Think Twice) – Bob Dylan in Swedish” (2019) and “Love/Leave” (2020) were praised both by the Indie press and Dylan community.” ~ Vargen

Fusing in Americana, country, blues, rock, folk in his own polished way, Vargen returns with a splendid single that takes your mind away from current climates and shall infuse your soul with a vocal experience that is smoother than anything you’re likely to hear today.

The band is new and – obviously – the songs are new, but since I’m a sucker for 60-70’s pop culture I wanted a retro touch to the sound.” ~ Vargen

Mindy Morning‘ from Varberg, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter Vargen is one of those timeless songs that has you in such a dreamy world. He sings with so much love and affection, taking us into a world that feels so warm and kind while packed with so much quality that soaks the walls of your hypnotized eardrums.

Leading us into this terrific single that has you sensing that you have just listened to a rather fine artist, Vargen brings us something truly excellent into a world that needs so much more love and understanding.

Hear this classic sounding single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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