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Always On My Mind: Thetabase misses that sweet touch of desire on These Days

Sending our emotions into those empty bag days of regretful melodies while waiting for a special connection to appear, Thetabase shall enrich all listeners with the superb new single to sip alone with, These Days.

Thetabase is a fresh-faced creative who uses her supreme gifts to open up a positively radiant light of intrigue which shall make everything better again.

With a beautifully soul-healing blend of intricately implemented layers of real class, Thetabase is a ray of light to ward off those cold days like a cosy blanket hiding the frosty skies away. Her intentions are seemingly pure while taking our hand away from the wintery blizzards and into warmer climates.

These Days from the hugely genuine sweet soul Thetabase is a rather charming melody of romantic wondering, which shall open up memories from the past and the present. Filled with stunning vocals which are so easy to fall in love with, as we find a song to play with joyous discovery.

Soaked in so much love and care, we are treated to an authentic blend of marvellously creative notes of brilliance for us to swim into with a memorable lover.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Messing Up My Mind: André Molina feels that supremely obsessive love change everything on I NEED U!

With his hopeless romantic aura that will simmer in rather warmly, André Molina feels like his mood has completely changed on the catchy new single to hold on to with I NEED U!

André Molina is a Jersey City-based indie pop solo artist who blends in his proud Philippines heritage with a striking array of vein-popping performances to feel enriched by.

Pulsating with a pure vocal experience that will take you for a ride of discovery your heart had been missing, André Molina is quite fantastic and shows us how much his lover means to him. Vocally charged and packed with that cheeky wink, this is a single to treasure for its brave honesty.

I NEED U! from Jersey City-based indie pop solo artist André Molina sends us into a love-pierced I-want-you-right now soundtrack for summer. Laden with romantic memories, steaming in passion, and interwoven in sweet kisses, to show us how relationships should be.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let your guard down: North Carolina RnB artist Chrisdagift will never do her shady on the lovers single, ‘LYA’

With lots of tenderness and candles lit as the hands move closer to that special moment of real connection, Chrisdagift shows us that romance is alive and well if two souls take the time to unite as one just like it should be on, ‘LYA‘.

Chrisdagift is a Wilson, North Carolina-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter and music producer who has grown up around the music scene through his family.

His heavy influence towards pursuing music came from his mom and uncle who were Def Jam Comedy dancers and his older brother who would always take him to the studio as a kid.” ~ Chrisdagift

Slowing it down just right and showing the ladies that not all men are savage players who just want to break hearts, Chrisdagift keeps it real with an ear-pleasing RnB song that shows us that time disappears if you are with the right human.

After years of perfecting his craft and producing for local artists, he released “Ride” his first debut single which was released in 2018.” ~ Chrisdagift

LYA‘ from Wilson, North Carolina-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter and music producer Chrisdagift is a sweetly textured single which shows us soothing vocals that might get you into the zone. This is that late-night single for two new lovers who feel like this is going to be special – in a cold world that needs much more romance – that is real and beyond the quick swipes that mostly lead to heartbreak.

Turn on this sensual single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jason LaPierre wants to make his dreams come true with ‘catching feelings 4 u’

Sensing that he has found something rather different to any previous liaison he has ever felt before, Jason LaPierre expresses his love for a new crush who makes his heart shake so fondly with, ‘catching feelings 4 u‘.

Jason LaPierre is an indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who makes those sweet melodies that have you singing in absolute delight.

Jason takes influence from artists such as Bruno Major, Laufey, Chet Baker, and Conor Albert.” ~ Jason LaPierre

Gazing deeply into the eyes of this sweet new romance that is brewing so beautifully like a bird who has found flight again, Jason LaPierre leads us peacefully into a spark-filled moment that he will never forget. His memory is fresh with the story of wanting to show that he is for real about this stimulating relationship, that he sees blossoming so intensely.

catching feelings 4 u‘ from indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason LaPierre is a romantic date night experience like no other. With smooth vocals and an energy that will make you smile broadly, this is a real gem from such a talented artist. He shows us into his mind that is racing from being around someone who has taken his breath away, and shows us how to express those feelings that can be hard to get out sometimes. Sung with a real class and performed so kindly, this is a lover’s anthem for 2022 to hug tightly.

Warm-up your emotions on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Broken Heart: J-Desir keeps on ‘Searching’ to be with his true soulmate

With a caring tone that shows evidently that he shall never give up on who he truly desires, J-Desir drops the delightful visuals for this romantic story which is all about realizing that you can never understand her, but will always be there for her when she needs you on ‘Searching‘.

OG Josh aka J-Desir, is a talented RnB/hip-hop artist from South Florida in the USA. He cleverly constructs that loving sound that sweeps you off your feet and has you reaching for those dusty candles, to dim the flashing lights of this harshly lit world.

Music is not my passion or my hobby, music is my life! I am a creator I was made to create“. – J.Desir

The visuals are clear and concise, you easily see his passion towards her as he hopes that she will indeed forget the other guy and join him hand in hand again. His voice is smooth and full of animation on his bearded face, as he wishes that things could be simpler than they appear right now.

Searching‘ from the stylish South Florida hip-hop/RnB artist J-Desir, shows us a man on a mission to be with that sweet woman who he really wants to spend all of his spare time with. He knows that she wondered away for a while to see what what out there, but in his deepest heart he knows that they will end up being together.

Sometimes you can wait forever, or it will happen sooner than you think. Such is the unpredictable game of love after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out his IG music channel for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thinking About You: X.A.E doesn’t want the night to end yet on the cozy new single ‘Xoxo’

As he sings about the girl that who makes his eyes light up like no other, X.A.E makes sure that she knows that he is worth the time on his heat-filled new RnB smooth experience called ‘Xoxo‘.

X.A.E is a confident Long Beach, California-based RnB/soul artist. He makes that therapeutic music that relaxes your whole body, and has you thinking about better days ahead.

This is the story about letting it known that he yearns her so much — the world is crazy and its so easy to trip out — however its hard to be close lovers and always be together. This is what he desires and is now waiting to see if she wants to swipe right too.

His clear voice simmers in sultry hot and you feel the heat close onto your sweaty body, as the night opens up and you both look carefully into each others eyes. The evening is young and there is a lot to discover yet, if you both feel the spark of electricity racing in your willing veins.

Xoxo‘ from the romantic Long Beach indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter X.A.E, gives us a taste of his meaningful vibes, with a solid display of loving music, which has you looking for the candles as you dim the lights from this noisy world. This is the perfect late night single for when you are with your lover, as you gaze into each others eyes and let the nights events unfold.

Stream this smoothly created song on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Romantic Planet: Irish artist Tadhg dreams of that sweet ‘Space Love’

Sparking in hot with a supremely creative debut single that has your attention and brings in a cheeky smile, Tadhg takes us to an exciting new planet to rejoice, with the freshly squeezed new single called ‘Space Love‘.

Tadhg is a proudly Queer Irish indie pop/rock artist, Jazz and Contemporary performance student who makes that catchy music, which has your whole body moving and grooving.

”Mix Elton John with Lady Gaga, add a hint of George Michael, and a sprinkle of Queen, smack it in the oven for 21 years and boom, you’ve got me baby.” – Tadhg

You feel the vibrant lyrics that hugs you so close — while taking you to a new place that is full of freedom and care — far way from this dark world that can be so dull and very undesirably hateful sometimes. The razz and jazz mix in so sweetly here like a perfectly poured drink, the crisp texture is a joy to listen to as this tasty sip gets your blood flowing again.

Space Love’ from the new and entertaining Ireland artist Tadhg, is that romantic groove that has you feeling like you are in a rocket ship, and headed towards that person that you care about so much. With vocals that are full of compassion and a deeply intriguing tone, this is a song to play loud and proud when you need some inspiration to believe in love again.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York Night Market deliver strong indie-pop debut with ”Made for Two”

New York Night Market is an indie-pop music duo first formed in 2018 by Mateo Vargas and Anya Irvin who are now based in sunny Northern California. The talented pair first met while attending music school in Los Angeles and very soon afterwards, their energies were forever synced together. Anya & Mateo spent the whole of 2019 writing songs and digging deep to find a fresh, unique sound as a newly formed band. Tired of the same old dull textbook songwriting, the two decided to leave music school and venture into the music world on their own. With a huge amount of original music they have joined up with Gonzalo Aloras to record their debut EP in 2020.

The start of 2020 marked the beginning of this project, as the three got together in studios in Argentina for the recording of their self-titled EP- New York Night Market. This is an exciting step for the new duo as they look to release lots of music and make their mark on the global music scene.

New York Night Market take us through a romantic pop journey of love that makes me feel warm inside. New love is on it’s way and 2020 will soon be forgotten. Taken as a lesson to help us learn more about ourselves, love is meant for two. Being alone is not what us humans crave at all.

Made for Two” is a lovely song that is a quality debut and I have a feeling we will hear much more from this incredible duo.

Stream this song right now and Soundcloud.

For more info on the new band head to their Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LoverboyBass turns the heat up high with ”Quality Time”

With the sexy lyrics of Californian born LoverboyBass to get you in the mood, ”Quality Time” is an R&B song to relax and chill with and will certainly keep the temperatures high this summer.

There is nothing complicated about this song as the vocals are pure and the message is clear. LoverboyBass is urging his fantasy woman to be with him and he declares his love for her in a confident manner.

With an incredible ability to keep his voice low in a seductive manner throughout, LoverboyBass strides through with absolute certainty and makes known that he is indeed the man for this occasion. He wants to spend ”Quality Time’‘ with his woman, in whichever way he can. The stetting is intimate and it feels like the lights are really low, the candles are lit, the wine is poured and the slow dance is about to begin. Germany based LoverboyBass has released a top of the line R&B lovers anthem to steam up any setting.

Stream more from LoverboyBass right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Rumble Skulls – Gentle: Romantic Rock n Roll

The Rumble Skulls, AKA songwriter & guitarist Michael Featherstone has just released his latest single Gentle, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Soft and persuasive yet equally ground breaking and dark as he works with his raw talents to create an ode to a lucky gentle soul. It’s a mixed bag of Rock, Soul and Pop and you can’t really argue with the results!

Gentle is a soulful mix of upbeat guitar over a wonderfully orchestrated composition, accompanied by Marcello’s pained angelic vocals. Yorkshire, based The Rumble Skulls have the talent to create a sound stronger than a Yorkshire Teabag. As the track progresses, The Rumble Skulls takes you on a journey of pure emotion accompanied by a cacophony of deftly played instrumentals to create a track you really can’t fault! Having said that, Gentle isn’t a typical track from The Rumble Skulls, their earlier works are infinitely darker which matches their whole Grunge Rock aesthetic.

The Rumble Skulls debut album is currently in the making, due for release in 2018, in the meantime check out the official music video to Gentle via YouTube using the link below:

For more info on the upcoming release of the album check the official Rumble Skulls Website: