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Lebanon-born EDM artist C:3 powers in with pulsating party anthem I Just Dance

Jumping to the beat and soaring rather wonderfully up into the skies of promise, C:3 is in top form and might rattle the bones of those who love a splendid night out with music to clear the mind with called I Just Dance.

C:3 is a Los Angeles-based Lebanon-born electronic music producer and DJ who makes those soul-awakening tracks to dance with all night long.

His love for music started at a young age where he would stay up late at night in his basement researching and teaching himself different music programs.” ~ C:3

Fusing in the vibrant sounds of tech-house, bass-house, Latin, and captivating Middle Eastern blends of goodness, C:3 has dropped a rather spectacular Spur-like sizzler on this special song to get sweaty with. Slamming down the pulse and setting the tempo with a rather enormously consequential experience, this is such a fantastic single to bounce merrily with.

I Just Dance from Lebanon-born music producer and DJ C:3 is a superbly lit soundtrack to bathe happily inside. Skyrocketing rather enormously with so many exhilarating flavours to munch into, this is a sure-fire mood flipper which is on the same level as a Shane Warne ripper. Hugely motivated and strong like its creator, we find a heart speeder to blossom inside rather dynamically.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jason LaPierre wants to make his dreams come true with ‘catching feelings 4 u’

Sensing that he has found something rather different to any previous liaison he has ever felt before, Jason LaPierre expresses his love for a new crush who makes his heart shake so fondly with, ‘catching feelings 4 u‘.

Jason LaPierre is an indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who makes those sweet melodies that have you singing in absolute delight.

Jason takes influence from artists such as Bruno Major, Laufey, Chet Baker, and Conor Albert.” ~ Jason LaPierre

Gazing deeply into the eyes of this sweet new romance that is brewing so beautifully like a bird who has found flight again, Jason LaPierre leads us peacefully into a spark-filled moment that he will never forget. His memory is fresh with the story of wanting to show that he is for real about this stimulating relationship, that he sees blossoming so intensely.

catching feelings 4 u‘ from indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason LaPierre is a romantic date night experience like no other. With smooth vocals and an energy that will make you smile broadly, this is a real gem from such a talented artist. He shows us into his mind that is racing from being around someone who has taken his breath away, and shows us how to express those feelings that can be hard to get out sometimes. Sung with a real class and performed so kindly, this is a lover’s anthem for 2022 to hug tightly.

Warm-up your emotions on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Unique proves herself right with her inspiring anthem ‘Goals and Dreams’

As she smiles radiantly into the mirror and reflects back at those small-minded fools who doubted her, Unique shows us her maturing mentality that is only evolving throughout time with her successful new track, ‘Goals and Dreams‘.

Unique is a Washington, DC-based indie Hip hop artist who has decided to quit her dull job and follow the passions that make her truly happy and content.

Displaying her growing presence with a beautiful style, honest lyrics and a silky voice, that might have you thinking you have just swum into tasty honey, Unique sets the bar on what is actually possible if you manifest your dreams into reality for the stars to lead you into an elated place. There is so much calming energy on offer here for the anxious to believe in, as a kind warrior emerges from the shadows to inspire us all to hold hands and achieve together.

Goals and Dreams‘ from Washington, DC-based Hip hop artist Unique, is one of those singles that captivates the mood of what is actually possible if you put the genuine grind in. With our I-want-it-now society that seems to just want success without work, this is a vital reminder of what is actually possible. Matching her intent with a vocal delivery that is so loveable you just want to hug her and cheer her on, you will find yourself in the corner of this motivated artist. If you want to enough, you gotta go and get it.

See this vibing new music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m That Cocky: J.Pressure feels like he can do anything he sets his mind to on ‘1 Inna Mill’

With a breathless delivery technique that has you listening rather intently, J.Pressure drops his new single that leaves no doubt about his world-conquering intentions on ‘1 Inna Mill‘.

J.Pressure is an emerging music producer/hip-hop artist. He makes that freestyle-type music vibe that is quick to the point and has the tops off quickly. You may know him by his latest release Jolly.

This is the story about knowing that you don’t do the chasing and that its actually the other way around. He is an assured artist who knows what he wants and how to get it too. Its this type of style that makes him different to the rest, as he lifts the lid off and takes all the butter he wants.

His delivery is rather unique with a breathy-exterior that has you listening twice to see if you have consumed the track properly. With a quick-fire song like this, it feels like he is only warming up and doing his stretches, with the three-point shots still some way off. This is a man who takes his time and does things when he feels like its the right moment to pounce.

1 Inna Mill‘ from the rising underground music producer/rapper J.Pressure, is a bedroom-lit track that will fill your mind with fascination due to its mellow delivery and effortless flow. Mixed with a busty beat that has you feeling like you need to have more confidence in your own abilities too – you will feel that anything is possible-  after listening to one of the more self-assured tracks of 2021.

Stream the new single on his Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: Connor Evans

Unique is the 2nd single off Connor Evans upcoming album The Vibe. It is one of the rawer, more straight ahead Hip-Hop cuts on Connor’s upcoming album as the Virgin Islands based MC touches on recent life experiences and cutting the negativity out of his life.

Unique was recorded at Unique Automotive in Nashville, a customs auto shop frequented by NFL players and musicians.

Connor Evans says “Unique was one of the first records I wrote after moving to the Virgin Islands. I wrote the first half of this song while on a plane to London. I travelled alone and stayed there for a few nights then spent a week in Budapest.  The second half of the song I wrote after my first few days in Nashville when I returned to the states.  I had a lot of experiences that rocked me and took me out of a routine I was falling into… for a while there I was finding it hard to really feel and connect with my own emotions.

This record was about getting in touch with myself again and being able to remind myself of who I am.  It’s called “Unique” because we cut it spur of the moment in our friend Brad’s auto shop, Unique Automotive in Nashville.  It’s a really dope spot with a ton of old school whips and all of this sick graffiti all throughout it.  The chorus was done as a freestyle but we kept it because it just felt like how the song was… a moment of clarity amongst all of these unique experiences.”