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Jake Bass – Oh Wow: Accessibly Ambient Contemporary Jazz

If you’re still under the impression that Jazz is inaccessible as a genre, prepare for your perceptions to be shattered by Jake Bass’ latest instrumental track Oh Wow which was released on March 15th.

By rhythmically infusing elements of Ambient instrumental EDM Hip Hop with smooth Blues Rock soaring guitar licks, Oh Wow unfolds offering hypnotically immersive aural alchemy with every progression.

The effortless, yet masterful guitar notes seamlessly find accordance with the electronic instrumentals which provide a solid structure to the track while the warm guitar notes gently rise above the rest of the mix. Downtempo soundscapes don’t often come as rhythmically magnetic as what Jake Bass has deftly curated in Oh Wow.

You can check out the official music video to Jake Bass’ latest single via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dario Margeli – Suffering Is Optional: Filled with pure energy and a contagious rhythm

Synth-Pop and Indie combine to create the single ‘’Suffering Is Optional’ by the US-based artist Dario Margeli. It’s definitely one that gives off this array of happiness.

Since releasing music in 2011, he’s still continuing to thrive and make music that is still relevant today by embarking on a journey to modify his unique Synth-Pop sound. From starting his musical endeavours nine years ago to still creating music now, his sound is more revised and shows a lot of growth.

With the powerful melody of the trumpet, the soft drum beats and the combination of both electronic and acoustic guitars it’s pretty impressive as well as adding in Dario’s low-pitch optimistic vocals. Suffering Is Optional is a superb piece of music and one that is a hit in itself.

There’s something about this track that really pulls you in and gets you hooked within the first few seconds, as soon as you listen you instantly feel good and it gives off this infectious feel-good high energy which is definitely one reason why it needs to be added to your playlist.

Be sure to check out Suffering Is Optional by Dario Margeli by heading over to Spotify now.


Review by Karley Myall


Wade C. Long – Norm’s Place: Arcanely Constructed Alt Jazz

Up and coming LA artist Wade C. Long’s mesmeric blend of RnB, Jazz, House, and Gospel has made him one of the most distinctive artists we’ve heard in quite some time.

Their recently released single “Norm’s Place” is arcanely stunning. Yet rather than just offering a pleasant aural delight to lose yourself within, you’ll be hooked into each progression as you come to appreciate the ingenuity of Wade C. Long’s improvisational style. He found the perfect balance between chaos and catharsis in Norm’s Place. Dare I say David Lynch wouldn’t be able to orchestrate a soundscape as mind-melting as this?

With the usual time signatures safely out of the window, the jarring stabbing notes cut through the concordance of the lucid instrumental harmonies and efficaciously invite you into an aurally altered state.

You can check out Wade C. Long’s single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


AP Project – Hi. Ro. Mi.: Modern Jazz Fusion at its Finest.

Jazz has never been the most accessible of genres. Yet, with the magnetic pull of the fluidly explorative soundscape which is AP Project’s latest single “Hi. Ro. Mi”, that issue may become a thing of the past.

The Jazz Fusion single abstracts elements from Hip Hop, Blues, and RnB before infusing them into a work of dizzying distinction.

With Hi. Ro. Mi., you not only get the perfect introduction to AP Project’s deft instrumental mastery. But you also get to experience the mesmerism of surrendering yourself to a rhythm without knowing which way or how fast you’ll be pulled along. The refusal of the Modern Jazz Fusion artist to leave any amount of predictability between the notes is most felt when the soundscape surges into jaw-droppingly intricate piano melodies which carry the perfect dose of Jim Jones-style frenetic energy.

You can check out AP Project’s single Hi. Ro. Mi. for yourselves via SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jack Douval – Young At Heart: Nostalgic Classical Vocal Jazz

Here is something you don’t have the chance to listen to every day.

Jack Douval has decided to take a route that not many people decide to take; with his new song called “Young At Heart” he is bringing back the familiar warmth and nostalgia of classical singing. Following the footsteps of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Nat King Cole, Jack Douval is making music you won’t ever hear on the radio. On the other hand, you will gladly listen to songs like this when you’re putting up your Christmas decorations. There are certain images that the mind of the average listener would trace back to when this type of music enters the ear: Wood slowly turning into coal in the fireplace or black and white films from the 50s. This feeling although touching and pleasing, it has one more prominent characteristic: It certainly is from another time.

Jack Douval is making music in a rather leftfield way. The musical fur that he has decided to cover his exquisite voice with, is one that we can’t say there’s a smacking demand for. If anything this is a bold singer, doing things his way.

Head over here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Treat Your Playlists to Some Rhythm with ALAN’s latest single “Don’t Tell Me No More”

You may not find many tracks similar to ALAN’s latest single “Don’t Tell Me No More” in the UK Top 40. But if their vintage sound was more prolific, there’d be much more indulgent euphoria in the charts.

For any fans of vibrant rhythms, you’re sure to appreciate the flair instilled into the Brazilian Samba serves up plenty of instrumental ingenuity with plenty of lyrical depth. The song was inspired by unrequited love due to the allure of materialistic desire. Everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness, and it won’t help us to buy the charade either.

Expect theatrical stylings, shimmering percussion, commanding basslines, and the sax and trumpet which bring another effervescent dynamic texture to this archaic delight which borrows a few tones from 20s – 40s Jazz.

You can check out Don’t Tell Me No More for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Joey Rodriguez – Loathsome Blues: Meet Your New Jazz Blues Guitar Hero

If you’re not compelled to hit play on up and coming Jazz & Blues artist Joey Rodriguez’s latest release “Loathsome Blues” for the melancholically intriguing name alone, there are plenty of added incentives infused into the soundscape itself.

The first being the sheer talent of Joey Rodriguez as an instrumentalist, it’s not just about the technical ability possessed to create such absorbing riffs, but it’s their ability to lace each note with resonant emotion. With the percussion and bass setting a solid backbone of the track, Joey Rodriguez’s Bluesy riffs are free to soar above the rest of the arrangement. And that’s all before the archaically inspired vocals kick in. Even though Joey Rodriguez may have borrowed a few dulcet tones from decades past to create Loathsome Blues, through the production there’s still a modern, sleek feel to the track.

Jazz and Blues may not be commonly found in the UK top 40, but it is tracks such as Loathsome Blues which make the genre more accessible than ever.

You can check out Joey Rodriguez’s Hendrix-style riffs and Blues Pop vocals for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sulu and Excelsior has poured euphoric soul into the airwaves with their infectiously funk-driven single “AntiMatter”

If you’re looking for archaically punchy mixes of Soul, Blues, Funk, Surf Rock and Jazz look no further than the latest single “AntiMatter” from Sulu and Excelsior. I can’t imagine there are all too many other purveyors of music offering the same soulfully rich genre-deconstructing soundscapes. So, you might as well.

In a bold feat of experimentalism, the Alt RnB artist weaved together the most euphoric elements from decades past to serve up a potently high energy track. There’s a unique rapturous air to their sound which you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. If Sulu and Excelsior started a cult, I’d probably be inclined to join it.

Within AntiMatter you’ll find reminiscences to a myriad of artists. From the B52s to James Brown, it’s all infused in this feat of infectiously indulgent, dopamine teasing Alt RnB.

You can check out AntiMatter for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Travis Cloer – Jenny Kay: Riotously Flawless Pop Rock

Travis Cloer

Travis Cloer is due to release their album “Here’s Travis Cloer” on November 22nd, and it may just be the most vocally powerful album to drop in 2019. After earning plenty of acclaim on Broadway and picking up Tony and Grammy awards along the way, Travis Cloer has turned their attention back to sharing his enthrallingly energetic talent with the airwaves.

While each of the tracks which you’ll find on the artist’s upcoming album will blow the cobwebs off your synapses, the single “Jenny Kay” had us transfixed with the riotously polished energy it contained.

In Jenny Kay, you’ll find elements of Old School Rock n’ Roll, Pop, and Jazz. Each of the aural inclinations pulls together to offer an earworm which you’ll quickly come to love.

You’ll be able to check out Travis Cloer’s latest single Jenny Kay for yourselves by heading over to their website from November 22nd.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Aiva – Gentleman: Soulfully Textured Jazz

There aren’t many emerging artists putting out music which could justify comparisons to Amy Winehouse. But with her latest single “Gentleman” Aiva has created a jazzy serving of Neo-Soul which spills plenty of tonally rich soulful catharsis. Despite the mesmerism which lingers in the instrumentals, Aiva’s vocals efficaciously dominate Gentleman. Right the way through, powerful but poised harmonies steal your attention from the intricate progressions of the bass and keys.

Gentleman may borrow a few archaic influences which are found in the stripped-bare downtempo melodious rhythms. Yet, Aiva was still able to orchestrate an indulgently demure single which offers plenty of contemporary resonance.

You can check out Aiva’s latest single Gentleman which was released on October 18th for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast