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Grunfelder – Fake Wedding Ring: An Eccentrically Experimental Endlessly Enamouring Debut

Up and coming artist Grunfelder has recently made their debut with the eccentrically captivating EP “Baby Sturgeons”. While each of the tracks will greet you with nostalgic popping Jazz-Infused Rock n’ Roll rhythms, the best introduction to Grunfelder’s style is undoubtedly “Fake Wedding Ring”.

I was enamoured by Fake Wedding Ring within seconds. It felt as though a smorgasbord of archaic tones had converged simultaneously and resulted in a gorgeously tender array of aural escapism which forcibly removes you from the 21st century.

Grunfelder’s crooning vocals may share a few similarities with the likes of Bublé, but if you could imagine Bublé tearing himself away from instrumental mundanity and predictably, you’d best be able to get an idea of Grunfelder’s velvety, danceable experimentalism.

You can check out Fake Wedding Ring along with the rest of Grunfelder’s EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


NOVALA – Crimson Throne: Rhythmically Arrestive Afrobeats Fused with Funk

If you’ve forgotten just how arrestive masterfully composed Funk can be, hitting play on NOVALA’s single “Crimson Throne” will serve as a stark reminder.

The 10 piece Funk/Afrobeat may grab a few influences from the past to steep their sound in fluid familiarity, but there’s no denying that Crimson Throne along with their other singles “Myth” and “How it is” have a place on contemporary airwaves.

While Crimson Throne may kick off with fairly archetypal organically textured progressions, the single seamlessly evolves into a high-energy offering of cinematically frenzied Funk laced with Jazz and Swing. Crimson Throne may just be one of the most rhythmically captivating tracks I’ve heard this year.

And there’s plenty more to come from NOVALA, as they will be releasing the remaining tracks of their EP “Chapter 2” on October 11th, and for those lucky enough to find themselves near Santa Monica, they’ll be performing tracks from the EP at Harvelle’s on the same evening. I can only imagine how much euphoria will be floating from that stage.

You can check out Crimson Throne for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Qro – Tough Luck: Lyrically-Driven Jazz-Soaked Hip Hop

“Tough Luck” is the debut single from up and coming Hip Hop artist Qro which turned out to be a testament of their talent when it comes to waxing lyrical. Taking plenty of inspiration from the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, Qro was able to orchestrate an unforgettably soulful lyrically-driven soundscape.

The first time you hit play on Tough Luck, you’re in a state of constant anticipation over what kind of aural curveball Qro is going to throw your way next. There was no preparing for the smoothly archaic jazzy tones which were thrown into the mix through the addition of arrestive semi-orchestral swells and delicate piano melodies. Yet, Tough Luck pulled together seamlessly, thanks to Qro’s pioneering flair combined with their lyrical ingenuity.

You can check out Qro’s debut single Tough Luck for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Karen Netscher laces contemporary Pop with vintage Jazz in her debut single “Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel”

Karen Netscher released her debut single “Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel” on August 16th providing an intoxicating fusion of Jazz and Pop in a soundscape which unfolds simultaneously offering vintage nostalgia and vivacious contemporary appeal.

While the single won’t throw you all the way back to the Blitz, it will enable you to appreciate the vibrancy of the euphoria brought by the brass and the deep organic basslines. All the while, you’ll be serenaded by the colourfully demure vocals from Karen Netscher: who is easily one of the most eccentrically enthralling new artists gracing the airwaves in 2019.

You can check out Karen Netscher’s single Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Make sure to give Karen Netscher a follow, as Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel is just the first single to be released from her upcoming EP “Suite14”.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nova – Electrocute: Sticky-Sweet Soul-Steeped Jazz Funk Pop

While it isn’t uncommon to hear Jazz infusions in contemporary soundscapes, it’s safe to say that no other current up and coming artist is doing what Nova has done with their debut EP “The Jazzmen Invasion”. Whatever they’re planning on invading with their sticky-sweet soul-steeped soundscapes, it won’t stand much of a chance against the melodious energy contained in each of the six tracks.

The perfect introduction to Nova’s sound is undoubtedly the single “Electrocute”. With Electrocute each new progression feels playfully expressive, the sense of creative synergy which brought the instrumentals and the vocal harmony together is palpable with every note. Yet, there’s no sense of restraint as each instrument possesses its own aural autonomy. Thanks to Nova, Jazz just became infinitely more accessible.

You can check out Nova’s single Electrocute for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Fall Down an Aural Rabbit Hole into Tony Marino’s Latest Experimental Jazz Piece “The Layback Tango”

Jazz and World music may not be the most accessible genres which you’ll find in the airwaves – they’re those weird genres which you may happen across if you switch on the radio at 3 am. But for anyone who appreciates aural alchemy, there’s no better genre to tune into. US-based Jazz and World Music composer Tony Marino seems to have no trouble when it comes to drawing more people into the appreciation of the smooth, rhythmically arrestive soundscapes.

With “The Layback Tango”; just one of the tracks you’ll find on Tony Marino’s 2019 album “Tango Silhouette”, there’s an exotically alluring sensibility behind the instrumental track which ebbs and flows through experimental arrangements. Expect chaotic piano keying, arrangements which run with feverous passion, and some which sound like the sound effects of falling down an aural rabbit hole.

You can check out The Layback Tango along with the rest of Tony Marino’s latest album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Claudia Talia – Amy Winehouse: A Decadently Rhythmic True Story Told Through Lush Layers of Neo Soul & Jazz

It’s highly unlikely that the music industry will ever forget Amy Winehouse for her painfully beautiful approach to Neo Soul. And whilst there are stunning artists such as Claudia Talia putting out tracks such as “Amy Winehouse” as a jazz-soaked ode to the fallen icon, it certainly isn’t going to happen any time soon.

The up and coming artist’s decadently rhythmic approach to production enables her to orchestrate a moodily mesmeric soundscape which is rich in tonality. Whilst the unrestrained lyricism captivates you in the narrative of Claudia Talia’s pensive introspection. Considering that Amy Winehouse was the New York and Puerto Rico-based artist’s first single, you really couldn’t ask for any more. She’s stamped down her soulful sound and I can’t wait to hear the bluesy melodies she cooks up next.

You can check out Claudia Talia’s single Amy Winehouse for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jacob Sibi-Okumu – The Joy Christmas Brings: It’s Never Too Early For a Festive Hit

That’s right folks, Christmas is coming whether we like it or not, and so is the Christmas music. You’d be forgiven for recoiling in fear as your first thought turns to Mariah Carey and Paul McCartney. But Jacob Sibi-Okumu’s latest single “The Joy Christmas Brings” may be the festive hit you’ve been waiting to fall in love with. As you listen to the ambiently slow soulful Jazz crooner with his mesmeric vocal capacity, you’re treated to his authentic ability to allow each syllable in the lyrics to resonate over the subtle and tentative arrangement in the single. During the chorus, there’s plenty of groove and rhythmic drive, but the emotive vibe and sentiment of the track aren’t lost. To put it simply, it isn’t a track that you listen to, it’s a soundscape you melt into which will make you hope an album is in the pipelines from the up and coming artist.

If you feel like getting in the festive spirit early, or would just like a pure shot of unadulterated, sweet Funky Soul Jazz you can head over to SoundCloud for yourselves now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sadie Jemmett – OK.WOW: Succinctly Sweet Soul Tinged with Political Insanity

Whilst Sadie Jemmett’s latest single OK.WOW started off with a rather questionable use of sampling, the rest of the track was one of the purest offerings of R&B Jazz Soul that you could hope for.

Sadie created one of the most succinctly grounding tracks I’ve checked out this year. As the track flows through her domineeringly blissful voice that pours out pure pensive soul is accompanied with some Donald Trump sampling to create the perfect contrast between his belligerent idle rambling accompanied with Sadie’s cathartic vocal offering. The brass used in the track allowed the Jazz roots of the soundscape to bleed through, whilst the contemporarily fresh trap style beat reverberated through the synergy laid down through Jemmett’s vocals.

If you want to be sobered by some succinctly sweet Soul you can check out Sadie Jemmett’s latest single OK.WOW on Spotify now. The track title will make a lot of sense after you do. Each one of Sadie Jemmett’s eloquent tracks stand as testament to her uniquely potent potential, yet with OK.WOW the singer songwriter may have surpassed herself.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


New Music From Carlos Saunier Is Inminente

The phrase Sax lead Jazz may, to those who walk more mainstream musical paths, conjure images of high end lounge bars, department store lifts and cocktail parties. Thankfully artists like Carlos Saunier prove that such music can be both sophisticated and accessible, effortlessly cool and far removed from such cliched images. It also walks that fine line between refinement, of slick deliveries and late night sensuality that lies at the heart of jazz music and the wilder, more experimental sonic explorations of the free jazz movement, where rules are made to be if not broken then at least bent out of shape.

And like all great jazz ensembles, Saunier surrounds himself with musicians who are both team players and virtuouso soloists in their own right. Happy to serve the song as readily as they are to head off in some dulcet flights of fancy. Inminente is a brilliant collection of jazz instrumentals wandering between the understated and the virtuosic, the expected and the eclectic, where rhythm sections and beats just as easily become focal points as they do the engine room of the music, where guitar notes seem to flow rather than get played and where sultry and shining saxophones seduce the listener.

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