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Camille Rose soulfully meanders through melancholy in her jazz single, Raining in July

South-East London-born and raised Jazz singer-songwriter Camille Rose’s signature sound is quickly becoming synonymous with arrestingly unique jazz instrumentals that groove and improvise around her soulfully lush vocals.

Before the first verse runs through in her latest single, Raining in July, you’ll find yourself captivated by the mellifluously rich soundscape that flows with such ease and finesse; listening to it is as easy as breathing. For anyone going solo this summer, Raining in July should be a feel-good playlist staple for the way it captures romantic grief but emanates radiant soul despite the wistful sorrow.

Through the influence of Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, the 24-year-old artist started studying jazz performance at Trinity Laban conservatoire to hone in on her craft. Discernibly, she has already mastered the art of weaving narratively compelling lyrics into a melodically cathartic soundscape. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Check out the live recording of Raining in July by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That Peaceful Place: San Juan jazz artist Zammy Oswald blesses our souls with ‘Oasis’

With so much peace and ever-lasting harmony flowing beautifully from each second of this absolute gem of a track, Zammy Oswald sends us a true sense of togetherness with his new single ‘Oasis‘.

Zammy Oswald is an indie Afro-Rican San Juan, Puerto Rico-based indie jazz pianist, composer, Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico student, and music producer. He is one of those truly natural artists who plays with a grace which is so rare.

Inspired by his uncle, his use of impressionist harmony, inventive interpretation of traditional jazz repertoire, and block chords are inspired by jazz musicians such as Bill Evans, Robert Glasper, and Dave Brubeck, although his sound also fuses various modalities of Black American Music.” ~ Zammy Oswald

You feel each second of such pureness here which is a delightful moment to reflect, relax, and to just look towards the sky for guidance, no matter what your current situation in life is. His skillful piano-playing is a marvel to behold, as we are swept up by something rather special here.

He is both soulful and emotional, which is why his songs resonate on the whole spectrum of emotion, but always have a jubilant finale. His pathos is all about feeling full of gratitude, deep relaxation, encouraged, reminding listeners through his music, “Life is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top the view is beautiful.” ~ Zammy Oswald

Oasis‘ from the highly motivated San Juan, Puerto Rico-based indie jazz pianist and multi-talented soul Zammy Oswald, shows us a vibe that has your energies suddenly feeling so alive inside your burning soul. This is a track to really immerse yourself fully into, as it takes you back to an age that needs to be admired.

After all, life can be so peaceful if you live it with only good intentions.

Stream this fab new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nadine Shah brought her broodingly veracious post-punk-tinged soul to the Barbican in a one-off performance of her seminal album, Kitchen Sink.

In our depressively dystopic times where nothing seems to hit the same, Nadine Shah made sure she was the exception from the ennui; from the moment she walked on stage to the tune of synthesised jazzy discord, the atmosphere became just as electric – despite the social anxiety that mostly muted the audience aside from rapturous applause.

In her one-off performance at the Barbican in London on July 18th, she played her jazzy post-punk record, Kitchen Sink, in its entirety before playing what she claimed to be (they are) her ‘hits’. The critical acclaim she received following the release of her album in June 2020 had little impact on her infectious humility that radiates from her unfiltered stage presence.

As a proud owner of all of her records, I still somehow managed to underestimate the immensity of her vocal talent. There are few things in life more visceral than hearing her resounding, Jazzy vocal timbre and Pete Wareham’s demonic sax solos complemented by the acoustics in the Barbican.

Within the male-dominated realms of post-punk, Shah’s misogyny-challenging latest album, as with all of her music, comes with a sense of vindication that feels like a nuanced extension of the Riot Grrrl era. If anyone can kick ass with class, it’s Nadine Shah.

The deliciously rich brooding tones in her fourth studio album are a far cry from the abrasiveness of most artists striving to inspire through their lyricism, and they are all the more efficacious for it.

Grab yourself a copy of Kitchen Sink via Nadine Shah’s website.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Test your mind’s neuroplasticity with .Noodle.’s jazzy math-rock single, Hi-Fi.

The endearingly-titled New Jersey-hailing jazzy math-rock instrumental outfit .Noodle. is set to release their debut EP, ‘Seasons; if technical instrumental ability leaves you weak at the knees, you may want to grab a chair before delving into the lead single, Hi-Fi.

As complex time signatures are hallmarks in *both * jazz and math rock, the mellow tones that introduce Hi-Fi are quickly replaced by clean and accordant speedy riffs that course through seamlessly rapid twists before mellifluously unwinding once more.

With each band member bringing a different style and experience to the instrumental powerhouse, finding reminiscences in their sound is a thankless task; indulging in the virtuosic alchemy definitely isn’t.

Check out .Noodle. on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mya Luv gives us another perspective on heartbreak with her single, ‘Fairytales and Lies’

Mya Luv

Mya Luv explores the relationship between fantasy and deception in her latest single, Fairytales and Lies that runs through as an ensemble of indie, jazz, blues and neo-soul; each progressive unpredictable twist leaves you more immersed in the tale that the soulstress alchemically weaved.

Mya’s rich, deep and direct vocals allow you to fall into the release, hook, line, and sinker while the soundscape shifts from accordant indie guitars to a jazz infusion complete with a soul-filling horn section. Discernibly, the sweetest spot in the soundscape is when the bluesy guitar work starts to bring a New Orleans-style into the experimental but instantly accessible soundscape.

Fairytales and Lies is available to stream via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Oli Morris takes us on a tour with the Acid Jazz-inspired ‘Bimal’

Oli Morris

It’s always a pleasure to review something a little bit out of the blue and unexpected, and when it’s from someone as accomplished as Oli Morris that holds doubly so. A saxophonist and composer originally born in Northridge, California but now living in Bristol, Oli studied music at the University of Chichester, but soon found himself an in-demand session player and live sideman, performing at Bestival and Glastonbury as well as decamping to Rockfield Studios with festival favourites Cut Capers.

Shortly before the world paused and ‘roadmap’ took on a new, Covid-related meaning, Morris returned from a month-long backpacking tour through India. The result, featuring a collective of Bristol’s up-and-coming music glitterati, is ‘Bimal’, a jazz-neo-soul fusion in two halves, featuring the stunning, silky-smooth vocals of Chrissie Huntley wrapped around Morris’ masterful saxophone, interspersed with Snazzback’s Eli Jitsuto’s deliciously restrained guitar parts and the oh-so-cool jazz-funk rhythm section of Sam Fox and Andee Liu. There’s some serious Rare Groove and Acid Jazz smoothness here, echoes of the Brand New Heavies and Incognito mixed with touches of Galliano’s ‘Joyful Noise Unto The Creator’ around Ruaridh Wilkinson’s Rhodes piano-work; it’s chilled, mellow, and it’s got some serious soul.

Check out Oli Morris here or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Madness Has Me Trapped: Soulfully sweet Evok drop memorable debut single ‘Save Me’

Blending splendidly into our lucky speakers from their upcoming ‘Cards On The Table’ album, Evok look keenly for that elusive royal flush on their wonderfully authentic debut single called ‘Save Me‘.

Evok is an ear-pleasing soul/jazz/synth-pop duo formed by songwriter and production duo Vinzenz Benjamin and Ella Jean. They warmly make the type of ravishing music that is such a lovely blend of modern and 80’s, as they take us for a vintage ride with the top down.

Austrian born bass player, producer and composer Vinzenz Benjamin, first met Canadian born vocalist Ella Jean, when they shared the stage doing gigs around the London club scene. At the start of the first 2020 lockdown they started collaborating
remotely, creating a collection of refreshingly different, ear-catching original songs.” – Evok

This is the endearing story that has your happy heart bouncing inside with so much delight, as nothing in this world is a given and you need that special person to help you through it all. The exciting night is still young and you need their hand to guide you though it all, as you think about them constantly and wish that you could be together always.

Save Me‘ from the stunningly creative and new soul/jazz/synth-pop duo Evok, shows us an engaging journey that has your curious ears perked up as you think about that sweet love. Your stomach knots up and you feel a bit sick inside, but also feel so happy somehow at the same time, as you gaze lovingly into their shining eyes. This is that catchy single that is perfect for those late-night house party vibes when its time to get groovy.

We are blessed to have a perfect summer track like this – to lift the mood as its introduced into our awaiting bodies – that just want to dance again. When the world is burning, music helps water out all fires that need extinguishing.

Stream this funky and fresh new track on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Freak Out have released their endearingly explicit jazz neo-soul pop single, ‘Shit Cars’

‘Shit Cars’ is the latest endearingly explicit neo-soul jazz-funk track by the off the cuff artist, Don’t Freak Out, who play with elements of RnB and hip hop to bring a sense of easy accessibility to their endlessly eccentric releases.

The extended-release keeps your synapses on full alert right up until the outro as it grooves its way through jazzy interludes, rap verses and choruses that make an obscure earworm out of Shit Cars.

With each member of Don’t Freak Out being a seasoned professional, they set themselves apart with the nuance of their sound just as much as they do through the uniqueness of it. Given that they quite literally paid ode to shit cars with their latest release, that says something.

Shit Cars is due for release on June 11th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cache-Cache pulls back the curtain in their soul-funk single, ‘Pantomime’, featuring Alice Grace and Ken Masters.

‘Pantomime’ is the latest quirky, jazz-instilled RnB soul track from the up and coming alternative North-East based ensemble, Cache-Cache; an artist quickly becoming renowned for their quintessentially eclectic sound. It’s theatrical without feeling novel or pretentious, thanks to the playful sense of accessibility behind the grooves that were made to melt into.

You’d probably need a serious concussion to forget the lyrical hook-filled chorus. After Pantomime has demonstrated its earworm potential, the grimy, gritty, almost nu-metal-style rap bars allow the track to take a tectonic shift in tone, leaving you even more immersed in the colourful melodies.

Pantomime is due for release on June 4th; you can check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Survival Mode: East London’s Sarah Isabella is honestly exquisite on ‘Pressure’ (feat. Tolu Shorts)

As she curiously wraps her head around the past, present and what the future holds in a sometimes bleak world around us, Sarah Isabella is quite simply incredible with a single that is so relatable to so many on ‘Pressure‘.

Sarah Isabella is an exceptionally gifted indie RnB/jazz and hip-hop fused singer-songwriter from East London in England. She brings onboard the top class production of Tolu Shorts for this one – which will have you lighting up the healing candles in your room – to importantly meditate those bad vibes out of your body for good.

For those sleepless nights, repetitive days, consuming self doubts and compressing unrealistic self expectations – ‘Pressure’ is my honest ode to all the moments spent feeling trapped and lost over these last couple years.” – Sarah Isabella

Her stunning vocals transforms your fragile emotions and has you closing your tired eyes to filter out all the negative thoughts and undesirable energy fields, that need to be closed off like a dusty tap.

The production and accompanying instrumentals are so classy and cool, as the song fills you up with sadness but shows you where to go so you may be free again, and unshackle your deepest thoughts from the wholesome treasures that awaits you.

Pressure(feat. Tolu Shorts) from the sumptuously talented East London, UK singer Sarah Isabella, is a true story about how things that happen in the world and with your life can really cause you to overthink and start to doubt yourself. You feel like you are being weighed down by a ton of bricks and can’t escape – when all you need is a change of scenery and perspective – to feel alive inside your precious soul again.

Flicking the inner switch from survival to winning mode is possible, if you open yourself up to the possibilities which are awaiting your eyes to see.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see her stunning visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen