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Where Will We Go: Moonlight Rhythm Society show us that soulfully sultry jazz on ‘Allison’

With 2020 shutting the world down into mask-filled darkness, Moonlight Rhythm Society used this opportunity to make beautifully crafted music and ‘Allison‘, is the first of seven much-anticipated releases from true underground legends of their craft.

Austrian Expats Marcus Oberlecher and Andreas Oberlechner started working with Peter Gaylord back in the early 80’s in Johannesburg, South Africa, where their bond grew close and the three-piece jazz trio have been working together ever since.

”The uncertainties and inherent difficulties in making a living out of the music industry led to Andreas and Marcus obtaining university qualifications in law and science respectively with Peter active in the running of the medieval themed restaurant that also provided an outlet to perform his music.”- Moonlight Rhythm Society

With their soulful tone streaming through your curious speakers, they lift through all the current climates to expertly simmer in a song that has you smiling again. They are so delightful and you can’t help but smile broadly while tapping your feet to a wonderful melody that has you in a joyful mood to embrace the new possibilities, that are there if you want them enough.

Allison‘ from Johannesburg-based jazz three-piece Moonlight Rhythm Society, is a terrific single from true musicians who do this for the love, as they let us into that old school feeling that is hard to find these days.

Stream this jazzy wonderland of sounds for the mind to heal with on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


That Tasty Beat: South London producer Junior Sagoe brings that special sauce to satisfy our hunger for real music on ‘Otsuru’

Taken off his latest ten-track album full of hot tracks all over the place called ‘Heat Rock‘, Junior Sagoe is absolutely superb on the new single called ‘Otsuru‘.

Junior Sagoe is a South London producer, DJ, jazz and hip-hop music student, who monumentally fuses that classic old school feel that was inspired from those young days, listening to his dad’s old soul records.

You feel his self-aware energy spread tenderly all over his latest wondrous creation, as he takes us for an enlightening ride through different constellations that has you learning about yourself, like you never though possible before. He has an authentic layer lathered all over this tremendous track that will certainly put you in a better head space, away from the gloom and doom that does nothing but bring you down into the undesirable dumps of despair.

Otsuru‘ from South London producer Junior Sagoe, is a soul fulfilling instrumental experience that has you in a peaceful daze – as you look above and build up your strength again – so you can follow those dreams you have been manifesting for so long. This is that heart-healing type of music that replenishes all of your lost momentum and has you feeling at peace with oneself for the better.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals from his journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Flying So High: Alexandra Ayoob is stupendously sensational on new single ‘Birds Still Chirpin’

With such awe-inspiring vocals that has her energies soaring upwards to where others wish they could go, Alexandra Ayoob has it all going for her on the head-moving new single called ‘Birds Still Chirpin‘.

Alexandra Ayoob is a determined Appalachia-born indie electro-pop/jazz/blues singer-songwriter with Lebanese roots, who performs with a fierce conviction, that shows her strength to overcome whatever undesirable obstacles that come her way.

After she was introduced to music by her beloved grandmother — who was a rebellious spirit and jazz singer, tragically forced by her traditional immigrant parents to leave her 1930’s jazz band — the life-changing music bug bit hard as she was lathered with incredible music influences in her ears, all the way to her soul. This helped her understand quickly who the true greats were and what type of style she should immerse herself into.

Birds Still Chirpin‘ from the world class Appalachia-based indie singer-songwriter Alexandra Ayoob, who is blessed with a crisply tuned vocal ability that has your back shivering in delight, is a boost to your mood as she takes us far above where the wonderfully winged fly unbothered. You consciously feel a groove that you haven’t felt before and this is a stunning single which takes away all the stress from your tired shoulders.

Hear this wonderful single on her Spotify and check out the IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Kama Tala has unleashed their Caribbean funk-soaked jangle-pop single, ‘Honore’

If you could imagine what it would sound like if the Smiths was a Caribbean pop outfit, you will be able to get an idea of the jangly magnetism contained in Kama Tala’s recently released single, ‘Honore’.

The Chicago-hailing artist crosses borders and merges everything from soul to rock to pop to jazz in their sun-soaked tracks, but that’s not the most notable facet of Kama Tala’s talent.

The ingenuity largely stems from the seamless melding of the genres while never detracting from the accessibility of his sound. But the true distinction comes through their heartfelt vocal delivery. In a time when physical communities are inaccessible and social media has become a minefield of toxicity, tracks such as Honore are utterly priceless for the way they reach out to you and offer freshly orchestrated positive connection.

Honore is available to stream via SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Christopher Nielsen gets inspired with a jazz-funk groove on new single ‘Payne’

Returning after a fifteen year sabbatical to a music industry which has changed beyond all expectation in the intervening years is always going to be a challenge, but it’s one which multi-instrumentalist Christopher Nielsen has taken up with aplomb. Taken from his new, thirteen-track instrumental album ‘Our Voyage Home’, ‘Payne’ is a jazzy, funky little number driven by Carmine Appice-style upfront drums and a delicious seventies-toned Rhodes piano lead.

It’s lively, old-school without being dated, rootsy, and very driven; think an instrumental jam breakdown in an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert, or a little Weather Report studio wig out time. Jazz meets soul meets folk all mixed up by pushed percussion and wandering keyboards. It’s fluid, expressive, and genuinely good, uplifting, fun.

‘Payne’, and the rest of ‘Our Voyage Home’, is available on Spotify. Check out Christopher Nielsen’s website here.

Review by Alex Holmes


Swimming in uncharted seas: Yasmine Gill is beautifully breathtaking during poignant relationship moment on ‘Blind’

Showing us her graceful voice that has your heart lost in the maze of love, Yasmine Gill is quite exquisite on her new blinkered single all about feeling lost called ‘Blind‘.

Yasmine Gill is an expressive Montreal, Quebec RnB/pop artist who has a sensually classy voice, that takes you to places you haven’t felt for so long, as her jazzy-trained tone lifts you up high and soothes away the mixed emotions that you currently feel.

This is the striking story of feeling lost in love when you felt really good before, as you start to realize that perhaps you are in too deep and need to come up to shore and take a deep breath again. Things have moved so fast and whilst it was exciting for a while, you feel like something is off and you have changed from who you know you are inside your soul.

Her vocal ability is supremely world class and each word is sung with purpose, you see her swimming in the rough seas and help her by throwing out a lifebuoy into her arms, pulling her out of where she doesn’t feel at home, guiding her to calmer waters where she feels comfortable and warm. Being away from the fake energy and back into the authentic light, is where she shines brightest.

Blind‘ from the spectacular sweet-soul of Canadian singer Yasmine Gill, makes you realize that finding that tribe who truly gets you, is what life is really about. Being with someone who doesn’t fully understand what makes you tick, isn’t going to truly make you happy long-term.

Sometimes we are blinded by lust of strong fleeting feelings when loneliness strikes and its only when you sit back and open your eyes, you see where you want to be in life. Being yourself and warm inside, keeps that cold wind of anxiousness away forever.

Hear this stunning new single on Spotify and see more of her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Oscar Soul Experience has released their tribally entrancing soul-funk jazz fusion single ‘What You Want’

‘What You Want’ is the latest tribally entrancing soul-funk jazz fusion release from Oscar Soul Experience which will send you back to when we used to assume that virtuosic artists sold their soul to the devil in exchange for their emotively rhythmic prowess.

Their vibrant jazz improv style pairs with fervently animated vocals which feel almost sermonic through the way they share the infectious energy as you listen to the unpredictably galvanising single run through. Oscar Soul Experience is to soul what Jim Jones was to cults.

The live recording of What You Want may fill you with envy for those lucky enough to find themselves in that room watching alchemic synergy spill between the powerhouse of artists, but mostly, you’ll find yourself gratified for the discovery for the exceptional ensemble.

You can check out the official video which released on January 25th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sav Izzi – Mad Chill: avant-garde jazz funk-fusion

Modern avant-garde jazz funk-fusion probably isn’t a formal genre, but it certainly needs to be on the basis of Sav Izzi’s ‘Mad Chill’, the title track from his debut album ‘Mad Chill Sessions’.

A graduate of the famed Musicians Institute in California but hailing from Chicago, Illinois – the home of Chess Records and that perfect blend of blues, funk, and Motown known as Chicago Soul – and playing with the funk band BabyBrutha, Izzi presents us with a multi-instrumentalists delight, gorgeous mellow piano melding with jazzy guitar, snappy rim-shotted drums, and a smouldering collection of brass and woodwind, to create a mind-bending soundscape, part Louisiana parade, part smoky soul club. There’s a collective of some of Chicago’s finest young musicians here with some serious groove and chops. Overall ‘Mad Chill’ is a delicious, compelling look into the full ‘Mad Chill Sessions’ album itself.

You can hear ‘Mad Chill’ on YouTube, and check out Sav Izzy here or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Just one night: Hannah Reem sings so gloriously on fantastic second single ‘Beg Steal Borrow’

With no scheme in mind, Hannah Reem is looking for one night to be with her crush she has eyes for, on the stunning new single ‘Beg Steal Borrow‘.

Hannah Reem is a phenomenal Hampshire, UK-based indie soul/jazz/blues singer-songwriter, with a voice so massively incredible, your heart will be alive and replenished with that genuine love again thanks to this special talent.

She delightfully fuses that rare kind of music together, that is blooded from her North African roots and British upbringing, you shiver as she sings right into your heart to give you a thrilling feeling of hearing that golden voice, that has your hairs standing up straight to attention.

This is that story about being alone for so long during this horrific pandemic and your desires are awakened when you see him. You just want him for one night ,so you can satisfy your urges and show him what he is missing out on. Your eyes are firmly latched onto him and you want him to realize that this will be a night he won’t ever forget.

The smokey blues and dynamic jazz influence fills you up instantly like a cuppa hot chocolate on a winter’s morning, as she has that tremendous tone inside her luscious lungs. You love the soul food that makes your mouth water with stupendous delight as you close your eyes, wondering how she sounds live on stage with the bright lights and warm embrace of the loving crowd.

Beg Steal Borrow‘ from the wonderfully cheeky cool Hampshire singer Hannah Reem, is that succulent and tasty single that you have been desiring to enter your body, that just takes your breath away instantly with her effortless charms and world class vocal delivery.

Hear this dazzling talent on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Wild embrace of love: Imagesong (ft. Alexis Cole, Marc Phaneuf, Mike Eckroth and Jon Burr) bring that old school joy back on magnificent Jazz classic ‘Three Magic Wishes’

After the spectacular success of ‘Lost In Youin August 2020, Imagesong and their world-renowned team of Jazz greats (ft. Alexis Cole, Marc Phaneuf, Mike Eckroth and Jon Burr) are absolutely spell-binding on their brand new single called ‘Three Magic Wishes‘.

Well-known poet and songwriter Connie Marotta has brought her outstanding career as a poet and songwriter to life again, with her business called Imagesong.

Imagesong’s mission is to create beauty that inspires love and hope and an awareness of the beauty within that can flow out into the world.”- Connie Marotta

The quality on show here makes you blush at times, as you feel like you are lost in time, remembering hearing this type of world class sonic soundscapes thrust into you body like an invigorating bubble bath, to revitalize you spiritually again.

You feel like you are in a smokey but classy bar back in the 70’s, glancing at a smiling face who is looking deeply at you, your heart beats a bit faster and you feel the magic in your eyes light up longingly.

Three Magic Wishes‘ from legendary poet and songwriter Connie Marotta’s Imagesong (ft. Alexis Cole, Marc Phaneuf, Mike Eckroth and Jon Burr) is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks, to remind you that music and life can actually be about love and imagination.

The quality of music here is quite sumptuous and a real throwback, whilst reminiscing about when things were pure and simple, just the way it should be.

Hear this wonderful song on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen