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Seasons Change: South Carolina-based RnB singer-songwriter Teddy Bryant feels the cool breeze on ‘Autumn Love’

In The Beginning by Teddy Bryant

Released from his label NBN (Nothing But Net) Records, Teddy Bryant feels like things are only going to get better as he holds his lover really tight to provide warmth on ‘Autumn Love‘.

Teddy Bryant is a well-known South Carolina, USA-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Following dynamic musical years playing local shows with his Contemporary Jazz band Urbyne (since 1998), and releasing a Neo-Soul album in 2012 as Moonlight Ora, Bryant now presents his first solo album. The son of a Jazz musician, Bryant began learning the piano from an early age, his natural talent for melodic and harmonic compositions didn’t go unnoticed for long.” ~ Teddy Bryant

Teddy Bryant is on top form with a stupendously quality performance that will have you telling your friends about this truly magnetic artist who sings with such joy from his lungs. There is much to love about such a real talent who seems to have the world at his feet, as he brings so much class into a genre that needs as many role models as possible.

Autumn Love‘ from the soulfully aware South Carolina, USA-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist Teddy Bryant, is a loving song about showing your lover that you are there for them no matter what the storms around. Performed with wonderful energy and packed with smoothly-tipped vocals that will have you turning up the volume to hear so much clearer, this is a track that is carefully wrapped with that rare true beauty and romance.

Hear this hand-clapping new single on Bandcamp and follow his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Running Away: Chicago-based pop act The Mietus Touch helps us find the thrill again on ‘Digits’

Featuring sensually stimulating vocals on a sexy 80’s style beat that will take you places previously forgotten about, The Mietus Touch are quite fabulous via the brand new single that will have you dusting off those dance shoes with ‘Digits‘.

The Mietus Touch is a Chicago-based indie-pop solo act that was created by the well-respected multi-instrumentalist and music producer Joseph Mietus.

With genuinely textured music all about friendship, falling in love, heartbreak, and healing, there is much to be impressed about such a wildly talented artist. He manages to somehow grab your attention with a smoothly delivered piece of ear-soothing music that takes your intrigued soul away to a fascinating illusion.

The Mietus Touch imparts sweet synthesizers, seductive vocals, and sultry grooves on this distinct blend of chilled-out funk glam and golden AM pop.” ~ Joseph Mietus

Digits‘ from the Chicago-based indie-pop solo act The Mietus Touch, is a wonderful manipulation of light and sound from a real wizard, who cleverly transports us into a whole new world that is filled with temptation and alluring delights for us to feast with hungry abandon.

Check out the new single Spotify and see more of the stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Walking Down The Street: Rocky Rose is at her five-star best on ‘Let’s Ride’

While she cutely glides on those chic blue sunglasses with the full tank of gas ready to roll, Rocky Rose takes the picturesque view to take in all of the sights and sounds with her lucky new crush on ‘Let’s Ride‘.

Rocky Rose aka Allison Piccioni, is a multi-talented indie-pop artist, cat whisperer, vocal narrator, professor and songwriter for Square Panda’s Letter Lullaby children’s iPad app game and console, and also a featured artist for Burl Audio.

With an undergrad from Berklee College of Music and a Masters from the Royal College of Music, London, she wears many hats – as a Professor of Orchestration, film composer for This Changes Everything, Thank You For Your Service, Graceland, White Collar and more.” ~ Rocky Rose

The wonderfully talented Rocky Rose has many things going on in her life but manages to sound like she is only a full-time singer-songwriter on ‘Let’s Ride‘. There is much to get enthusiastic about when a positively imaginative artist is in her prime, with her glowing eyes wide and her vocal technique filled with so much quality.

Let’s Ride‘ from the tremendously skilled indie-pop singer-songwriter, professor and voice artist Rocky Rose is a bass-thudding road trip of a track, that takes you for a journey that will open up your eyes. With her sensual but classy mindset, this is a summer anthem to belt out loud when you are travelling around with your new friend. Featuring a funky fresh and drum-filled beat, this is a terrific single that will capture your imagination and take a picture you won’t forget.

Hear this fine new release on Spotify and see her moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Ignored Them: Montreal-based Acid-RnB artist Argota needed much more from his ex on the reflective new track ‘Miami’

As he tries to remember where he left his mind on the Greyhound on the way back from a former lover, Argota drops a really special track that will scintillate your mind on ‘Miami‘.

Daniel Argota aka Argota, is an underground Miami, Florida-raised, Montreal, Canada-based acid-folk/RnB artist and 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist, plus a self-taught music producer and songwriter.

We are swept into this excellent story like a broom that is leading you into the right direction – from an artist who sings with much skill and an introspective style – that is such a first-rate listen that takes you to a place you forgot from your past. The memory of the person you left behind is still so vivid and you wonder if they actualy took some of your soul – as you take some time to find yourself again – due to ignoring all the warning signs before.

Miami‘ from the tremendously exciting Miami, Florida-born and raised indie acid-folk/RnB artist and multi-instrumentalist Argota, is a trancendant track all about find your very important mind through meditation after a traumatic experience. Sung with such a terrific flavour that has you licking your lips like you have just eaten a tasty ice-cream, this is a thoughtful effort up there with the best of 2021. There is something different here, which is definately special, as this will take a few spins to truly appreciate.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Get High Like This: Taylor Paul finds the neon lights with someone truly special on ‘Slow Motion’

After the much-appreciated album from 2020 called ‘The Way I Saw It‘, Taylor Paul is back with another real gem which is all about finding someone wonderful who makes you feel like you are living in ‘Slow Motion‘.

Taylor Paul is a New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He blends in aspects of folk and blues, to create an authentic blend of feel-good music vibrations.

As summer comes to an end, this is a reflection on small glimpses of possibility that have come out of this year.” ~ Taylor Paul

Sung with a really smoothly textured vocal shimmer that has your eyes in a content glimmer – this is a stunning single to think deeply with as you see your dream person standing right next to you – as you look for those romantic shooting stars together.

Coming off a concept record about having cancer, I definitely wanted to turn the page to a more fun and laid back era of music.” ~ Taylor Paul

Slow Motion‘ from the New Mexico-based indie pop artist Taylor Paul, is a love-struck story about feeling so incredibly in tune with the world when you are with your ideal partner. The world calms down and everything is so vivid, as you look into their beautiful eyes and feel so alive inside your whole soul.

This is such a pure song made with a true passion for all things real, and leaves a memorably peaceful mark on your mind during these troubled times.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He’s Ready: Southern Californian rock artist Rudy G drops debut single ‘Finally An Escrow Jay’

As he turns the page on the past and moves up to the heights which he wants to reach, Rudy G sounds rather inspired as he flies freely after being caged up for too long on ‘Finally An Escrow Jay‘.

Rudy G is an experienced Southern California-based indie rock artist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. After being involved in various projects over the past decade, he is ready to kick-start his solo career and sounds in inspired form here.

His passion began when he discovered the electric guitar in high school, the high-energy antics of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the emotionally intense artistry of Nirvana, later discovering the creative forces of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.” ~ Rudy G

As he sings with an unwavering purposeful vigor, this is a skilled musician who performs like a man on a mission. Each lyric is meaningful and his soundscape is one that is clearly influenced for his love of all things rock and punk. It feels like Rudy is keen to make up for lost time – as he plays with a strong-willed style – that is full of gutsy perseverance, which streams like a gushing lake all over this debut release.

It’s a metaphor that entails the side of us that always wishes to break the mold that binds us to complacency. We need to build the courage within us to pursue our dreams and passions. We need to do what we believe is right, despite the opposition.” ~ Rudy G

Finally An Escrow Jay‘ from the highly motivated Southern California indie rock solo artist and music producer Rudy G, is a track with renewed energy from an energetic artist with an extra bit of fire in his belly. He sings and plays with that unflinching style which totally enhances his aura, as he pertinaciously explodes into our minds to show us what is possible if you want it enough.

Believing in what is right, is the way to feeling free inside your soul.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Place: Manx Dreams longs for those stimulating evenings with ‘Nights and Corridors’

With an electrically charged combination of electronic, post-punk, dark wave and industrial dance influences, Manx Dreams shows us what he has been working on through these cold pandemic-filled days on his latest track called ‘Nights and Corridors‘.

Ben Seymour aka Manx Dreams, is an experienced USA-based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Returning after 2020’s ‘Hit Parade‘, this is a nostalgic-type of track which takes you to those wild evenings which you will never forget.

Currently, Ben plays all instruments, provides all vocals and manages all production of Manx Dreams. This could potentially change on future projects.” ~ Manx Dreams

With a movie-like soundtrack, this is a beat-driven track with much to like from all angles. The driving energy keeps you hooked the whole way through and those haunting vocals, has you mightily compelled to use your vivid imagination during the whole late-night journey.

In his first solo project, Manx utilizes analog, synth based textures, minimalist guitar and bass, and other elements to tell stories and paint mental pictures. After spending some time in Eastern Europe and other remote regions, Manx incorporates some of these influences and a prior lifetime, to fuel the first album. Prior to Manx Dreams, Ben played guitar for several Coachella and San Diego based artists.” ~ Manx Dreams

Nights and Corridors‘ from the USA-based music producer, vocalist and multi-skilled instrumentalist Manx Dreams, is the story about those long evenings out and about in town. They seem to last forever but before you know it, the sun is up and your heart beats real fast ,and your soul seems to drop a bit as the fun has ended. Sung with a deep tone and with an ominous soundscape, this is a true thunderbolt of exciting flowing energy through your veins.

Enjoy those nights while they last, otherwise you will truly regret not enjoying yourself more.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Facing The Fire: Tris Puri drops courageous debut track to boost our tired minds on dance-pop single ‘Braver’

With a hungry fire in his belly and a motivated bounce to lift us off our gloomy mood, Tris Puri helps us find the way out of the torturous storm with the atmospheric new single all about knowing its your time to fly on ‘Braver‘.

Tris Puri is an indie dance pop/jazz/blues singer-songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist who is based in thriving London, England.

It’s been such an amazing experience writing, and producing this track in my little home studio, with expert guidance from my mentor Ajeet Hellfire Gill.” ~ Tris Puri

With a sensational vocal ability and a mesmerizing soundscape which seems to lead you peacefully into the blue sky above, you feel a certain conviction on this wonderful new single. He wasn’t sure about what the future held but seeks that true freedom no matter what, with a tremendous track here that has you feeling so much stronger.

He has performed live across London, Paris and Berlin and won BBC Introducing’s Song of the Week. After a gigless year, Tris is poised to get back out on the circuit with intimate gigs that will showcase his technical ability as a guitarist and vocalist.” ~ Tris Puri

Braver‘ from the fresh-faced London-based indie dance pop/jazz/blues artist and music producer Tris Puri, is the story about being scared of the new world but still being courageous enough to go for it anyway. You might get burnt or feel like you can’t get over the slippy mountain you seek to conquer, but with that inner desire you can achieve anything.

This is that inspirational track to put on loud when you need to find that lift up to your dreams, as you want to fly like a fleeting bird and see the world.

Stream this fine single to get your mood into the right zone on Spotify and follow him in IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Peace: Indianapolis multi-instrumentalist Daniel Walzer is quite brilliant on ‘Stand Up’

Essence of Now by Daniel Walzer

With a consistently groovy delivery which makes you feel like you are on a well-deserved holiday, Daniel Walzer skillfully has our heads moving and our bodies grooving all over the lounge with the nosy neighbors next door watching on in absolute astonishment with ‘Stand Up‘.

Daniel Walzer is an Indianapolis-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer, who is also the Assistant Professor of Music and Arts Technology at IUPUI.

Featuring a stellar range of skilled artists who have helped Daniel create this wonderful track, this is a real gem that is clearly made with much love and scintillating skill. It feels like he is asking us to get motivated again after a long slumber with many excuses – as we now get up and reach those lofty goals – which have our hungry hearts beating quickly, with passionate excitement.

Originally trained as a percussionist, Walzer’s recording discography includes more than two dozen albums as a session musician, engineer, and producer. Essence of Now is Walzer’s sixth album as a bandleader and showcases his production versatility on piano, drums, mallets, percussion, and audio engineer. The title commemorates the 20th anniversary of Essence of Now Records, a Midwest-based record label that Walzer started in 2001.” ~ Daniel Walzer

Stand Up‘ from the Indianapolis-based indie multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer Daniel Walzer, shows us a terrifically-made single that is from the eleven-track album ‘Essence of Now‘. This is a cinematic moment to treasure from a truly skilled and underrated music wizard – who seem to effortlessly sizzle with pride on each instrument he summons – with a world class display that might leave you quite breathless in admiration.

Hear this finely tuned new single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Like A Shadow: UK multi-instrumentalist Dougieto gives us the tour of his mindset with ‘Me, Myself and I’

As he flies high into the sun-lit sky of optimism and slaps his trusty bass with vigorous excitement, Dougieto splendidly shows us into his forward-thinking world on his latest single all about what he has been up to hidden from the world with ‘Me, Myself and I‘.

Liam Browning aka Dougieto, is a UK-based Aldi supermarket worker during the day, who is also an intriguing multi-instrumentalist by night, and performs a variety of different genres from ska, metal, to hip-hop.

He smartly makes that likable blend of underground music that is superbly simple, full of honesty, and packed with shelves of brisk music vibration for us to sing along with, as we bounce our heads to the appealing vibe.

With a gritty edge and a smoothly constructed delivery, we are introduced to an everyday man who has something rather unique about him. He has confidence wrapped all over him, raps with a introspective demeanor, as he flows through into our minds with relatable stories about how life is going, and what his dreams are. Becoming a star is of course the end goal – but the journey there and keeping it real – are the main elements to all his creative heart juices, that makes him an artist to easily support.

Me, Myself and I‘ from the UK-based keyboard player, guitarist and bassist Dougieto, is a top notch performance from a lovable guy who just wants to make good music. There are no boring and fake braggadocios raps here, only truthful insight into his busy life right now. He is a passionate music lover who wants to be heard, as he revs up his engine and lets the clutch down.

This is the type of song to feel inspired by, and a valuable lesson in which we can all take note of. If you love something enough, just do it and never look back.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see his IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen