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Gone Crazy: Marlon Bianco drops groovy new single We Once Knew

Knowing deeply that he needs to dive away from the trauma and madness to enter a new galaxy with so much excitement, Marlon Bianco senses that his mind has already drifted away into a happier place on We Once Knew.

Marlon Bianco is a North London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who formulates anthem-like creations to stir the soul awake.

He started writing songs on his Roland keyboard toy, using just few simple chords and experimenting with electronic sounds. His first dark jazzy tunes were inspired by the long walks wondering the streets of an empty London. He is kind of a melancholic cyberpunk, who loves to live at night and to be surrounded by the city lights.” ~ Marlon Bianco

Displaying such class and poise when others are acting like somebody else, Marlon Bianco is in assertive form and is rather dynamic on this fine new release.

The album, “Life in Low-fi”, which mixes elements of psychedelic ballads, jazzy and electronic sounds, was recorded over 5 days at the Ovo Studio in Margate (October 2020), where Marlon had the freedom to play and explore different instruments, drumbeats and moogs.” ~ Marlon Bianco

We Once Knew from North London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marlon Bianco is a true story all about staying sane in this rather odd time. Sung with so much meaning and mysterious elegance, this is a track to play loud when you need to be inspired again.

Knowing when you need help and doing something about it is always the wise path.

Listen to this new single on SoundCloud or follow more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cagri Raydemir – Unscripted Surrender: Meet Your New Favourite Prog-Rock Pioneer

With vocal reminiscences to Serj Tankian’s softer vocal lines and the gypsy punk rogue Eugene Hütz, Cagri Raydemir’s latest single, Unscripted Surrender, featuring musician Salih Korkut Peker, is a charisma-fuelled feat of intellectually crafted prog rock innovation.

With 12 albums and 5 EPs under his belt, the Munich, Germany residing singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer has notably poured blood, sweat and tears into developing a sonic signature that will leave a perpetual mark once you have been exposed to the achingly beautiful motifs that take his sound far beyond the standard bar for independent artists.

While the instrumentals refuse to bow to genre constraints and break the monocultural mould in the process of the progressions, Cagri Raydemir’s autonomously alternative sound compliments the lyricism which operates on a near philosophical level.

Unscripted Surrender is now available to stream on Spotify with the rest of his 2022 EP, Shortage of Identity. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Llectronic drops a pulsating song that shall shake the dust off on Impermanence

Taken off the 13-track album called ElectrogenesisLlectronic has released a mood transforming single to heal with called Impermanence.

Llectronic is a North West, UK-based electronic artist, music producer and multi-instrumentalist who is adept at making those influential songs you can’t ever forget.

Blending ambient sounds and instruments from different cultures into contemporary music to create dramatic soundscapes you can dance to.” ~ Llectronic

Shuddering our earlobes and tickling our fancy, Llectronic has found the sweet spot and doesn’t let the moment pass for a second. There is a sizzling song inside here that might burn your fingers if you aren’t too careful. Short-lived but hardly forgettable, if you are looking for an electronic experience to swim inside, here is your cure.

Impermanence from North West, UK-based electronic artist/producer and multi-instrumentalist Llectronic is a marvellous creation that has been lifted from a place of peace that is taking us into a better world. After all the cold and darkness, it feels like this is the call for calmness to restore properly into our lives through a tremendously smooth beat-that seems to shake all the bad energy out like a duster.

Bringing us something to hold on to when everything else is burning, shall change your mood’s infrastructure.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Elegant Chasers warn us to be extra wary of that selfish ‘Car Salesman Smile’

Leading us into the truth that some try to hide away as they only care for those greedy intentions which ultimately hurts others through their actions, The Elegant Chasers reminds us all to be careful of those soulless characters who love to flash their malicious ‘Car Salesman Smile‘.

The Elegant Chasers is a Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project that is based in Hersham, UK, who successfully shows us their DIY multi-instrumentalist skill set.

The idea relates to a woman being unfairly treated & how relationships can play out. Sadly, I have female friends who have these stories to tell. I felt compelled to write a song about it from someone on the outside looking in. It can, of course, work the other way. But for this particular song, I was looking at how women can be taken advantage of by men who appear to be genuine and charming. However, the victims are often deceived by someone who completely fails to deliver – with the journey for the woman being far from comforting & ending in misery.” ~ The Elegant Chasers.

After giving us a welcome reprieve on the last single ‘Clowns‘, The Elegant Chasers break the glass that was hiding the honesty away and cracks at the illusion that so many wish to keep amongst themselves. With a dynamic vocal brilliance and innovative lyricism that deserves to be heard loud at your local music venue, this is a reminder that fair goodness needs to be inserted into the fabric of the world again.

My message in the song is if you have been in that position, don’t give up hope or keep being sold that fat lie. You don’t deserve to be thrown on the scrapheap. You can choose to play his game or / and find true comfort elsewhere.” ~ The Elegant Chasers

Car Salesman Smile‘ from the UK-based Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project The Elegant Chasers is a robust track from one of those underground artists who would greet you with a smile. His style is rather transfixing and there is a raw energy that you can’t seem to get enough of.

Reminding us all to be extra careful in life when we meet that fake soul who wants to take everything for themselves is a brave effort that needs to be admired.

See the new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Joshua isn’t afraid of taking on the evil ghosts as he knows that the ‘Throne’ is near

Showing such courage when there is so much selfishness brewing all over the world and contaminating the innocent seas, Joshua shows us what true fearlessness sounds like with his excellent single, ‘Throne‘.

Joshua Ross aka Joshua is a Bury, UK-based indie Gospel singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who stays away from the temptations of social media.

The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all.” ~ Psalms 103:19 (KJV)

Displaying a mental fortitude to overcome all devil mentalities with his fiercely loyal attitude and skills behind the mic, Joshua slays all challenges despite the odds that are stacked against him. He knows that one day his number will be called but good times will be waiting, as he has a throne that is ready for him when that moment arises.

He lives organically as possible and just wants to spread the love of GOD to the entire universe.” ~ Joshua

Throne‘ from Bury, UK-based indie Gospel singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joshua is one of those singles that takes you by surprise and has you listening over and over again. This song is short but significant as it’s not the size that is important, it’s the message that is vital.

Sung with a powerful tone that is completely emphatic at the precise time when we really needed some leadership, this is a faith-filled voice to really feel enlightened by.

Hear this new striking single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Award-winning Cleveland drummer Policy shows us which way to turn from heartbreak on ‘Lost’ (feat. Airinna Namara)

Taken from the brand new 10-track sophomore album release called ‘The Abby Rose‘, Policy knows that it’s time to push away after feeling let down by a selfish soul who had him taken for a fool on, ‘Lost(feat. Airinna Namara).

Mark Buchwald aka Policy is a Cleveland, USA-based indie-pop artist, award-winning drummer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music producer, composer and sound engineer.

The full-length LP features tracks of pop, alternative, EDM, Hip hop, and electro-pop music with talented collaborators from around the world.” ~ Policy

Returning with another terrific single that has been constructed with his signature gusto and heart, Policy reminds us that sometimes we just need to take the scary plunge and dive away from any poisonous waters.

Lost(feat. Airinna Namara) from Cleveland, USA-based indie-pop artist, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music producer, composer and sound engineer Policy, is an ear-piercing single about that feeling that strikes hard like a thunderbolt when you know that its time to leave. Showing us that love that you gave which you feel was actually wasted, this is an ode to those who had the courage to pack their heart into the warm jacket and leave for friendlier climates. In fact, this is also a message for those who have often thought about this very moment but just haven’t quite managed it yet.

Sung with a fearless attitude and with a sizing ambience to truly be impressive by, this is a track that will leave many wondering what our next move could be.

Listen up to this brand new track on Soundcloud and see more info on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

D.In.Ge.Cc.O returns with a fascinating release to warm the heart on, ‘Say Goodbye’

Lacing down an underground track that takes you into a whole new perspective we haven’t fathomed before, D.In.Ge.Cc.O shows us into a new invention that will trigger your startled senses to wake up again to the possibilities inside on, ‘Say Goodbye‘.

D.In.Ge.Cc.O is a Gianluca D’Ingecco-created project from the always-evolving published poet, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The spirits of southern music, who transported me to a dimension beyond time and space. I incarnated in other lives, in presences of the past and the future, in the suburbs of the big cities of South America, breathing the life of the alleys of Santiago, Lima, Caracas, Bogotà, San Juan, on the streets of Mexico City, the day of the dead, Immersed in the Rio de Janeiro carnival or running along the Caribbean beaches late at night or alone, walking like a lonely rider on horseback, in the desert of Chihuahua.” ~ D.In.Ge.Cc.O

Sending us into a whirlpool of emotions that have you wondering deeply into this strange planet that can keep you underwater until you have a plan to stay afloat, D.In.Ge.Cc.O is the type of artist you press play when you see his music, and never turn back.

Taken off his 12-track album called ‘BACANADERA‘, this is a welcome release from an artist who seems to be on a mission to make music that really shakes your soul and is truly original in form.

Say Goodbye‘ from the skilled multi-instrumentalist/poet D.In.Ge.Cc.O is a super single that is packed with so many imaginative juices, you won’t be thirsty for a week. He seems to weave a web of intrigue here with a distinctive beat that is packed in an electronic/house style that is truly his own, with catchy vocals added for our pleasure. You will struggle to find anything more creative than this in 2022.

Listen up to this groovy single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist Akash Shah sends us into a mellow trance with ‘Close Your Eyes’

Taken off his recent 5-track ‘Memories‘ album, Akash Shah shows us his growing quality with a nostalgic display of class on the new single about keeping calm and has dropped, ‘Close Your Eyes‘.

Akash Shah is a well-established New Jersey, USA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and music producer who make a combination of indie-rock and indie-folk.

After 2019 and during the pandemic, I started writing songs as a solo indie artist, releasing my first solo singles and solo EP in 2022. During this time, I was a sound engineer for Falu’s children’s album, “A Colorful World,” which recently won a Grammy Award in 2022.” ~ Akash Shah

Formerly a vocalist and music director of Penn Masala, Akash Shah sends us into a tranquil place with a splendid track that has elegance smoothly intertwined inside that shall have you gazing thoughtfully outside into this rather strange world.

Close Your Eyes‘ from New Jersey, USA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and music producer Akash Shah, is a comforting single that has been made by a true creative who sounds like he is in such a satisfying place. The production here is top drawer and the vocals are crisp and welcome you inside with a smile, to transport us all in a reflective tunnel of discovery that shall soothe your whole soul from the rigours of the world.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jason LaPierre wants to make his dreams come true with ‘catching feelings 4 u’

Sensing that he has found something rather different to any previous liaison he has ever felt before, Jason LaPierre expresses his love for a new crush who makes his heart shake so fondly with, ‘catching feelings 4 u‘.

Jason LaPierre is an indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who makes those sweet melodies that have you singing in absolute delight.

Jason takes influence from artists such as Bruno Major, Laufey, Chet Baker, and Conor Albert.” ~ Jason LaPierre

Gazing deeply into the eyes of this sweet new romance that is brewing so beautifully like a bird who has found flight again, Jason LaPierre leads us peacefully into a spark-filled moment that he will never forget. His memory is fresh with the story of wanting to show that he is for real about this stimulating relationship, that he sees blossoming so intensely.

catching feelings 4 u‘ from indie jazz singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason LaPierre is a romantic date night experience like no other. With smooth vocals and an energy that will make you smile broadly, this is a real gem from such a talented artist. He shows us into his mind that is racing from being around someone who has taken his breath away, and shows us how to express those feelings that can be hard to get out sometimes. Sung with a real class and performed so kindly, this is a lover’s anthem for 2022 to hug tightly.

Warm-up your emotions on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bath-based alternative act L.A. Funeral wonders if the care was ever there on ‘Undeniable’

Gracing us with a passionate single that might have you lighting those candles and taking time to reflect, L.A. Funeral return gloriously with a release that might find you shedding a small tear on ‘Undeniable‘.

Bath, UK-based music producer, expert composer and seriously skilled multi-instrumentalist Jamie Floyde has created L.A. Funeral, which is an alternative outfit that will shudder at your heartstrings.

Having been a part of the southwest Indie music scene for the last decade, L.A. Funeral is the debut solo venture of an artist nearly two decades into the making.” ~ L.A. Funeral

Closing the tired eyes and reigniting the passion deep within the awaiting veins, L.A. Funeral brings us a timeless single for anyone who has felt the air of disappointment that can take you under if you aren’t too careful. Intricate melodies, emotionally excellent vocals and lyrics that capture your imagination are on offer here, as we are let into a story that will have you contemplating everything you have ever felt before.

Undeniable‘ from the Bath, UK based alternative act L.A. Funeral, is one of those timeless tracks when you need some comfort after a break-up. The vocals are quite superb and the total ambience will put you into a nostalgic mood, with one of the deeper singles you will hear all year. Sometimes it’s okay to be sad so that you may regather your thoughts, to fly free like a healed bird again.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen