James Sebastian electrified rock n roll reverence in ‘Looking for a Sign’

James Sebastian

James Sebastian’s latest single, Looking for a Sign, erupts with the fervour of rock’s golden age, packing an electrifying punch that makes it clear he’s owning the proverbial stage. As a prodigal son of rock ‘n’ roll, Sebastian channels the spirit of iconic acts from The New York Dolls to The Strokes to The Beach Boys, yet his sound remains unapologetically rebellious and tantalisingly original.

Looking for a Sign insists you get swept up in its compelling hooks and Sebastian’s natural frontman charisma, reminiscent of a cult leader’s magnetism. This track roars through speakers with an energy so raw and a production so slick, that it’s akin to witnessing the exhilarating James Sebastian live experience.

Rather than attempting to reinvent the rock ‘n’ roll wheel, Sebastian tunes into a deep reverence for the genre, projecting it through a release that radiates defiance to its core. The track exemplifies liberation, embracing the craziest facets of one’s character and running wild with them. It’s a celebration of individuality, crafted with a keen awareness of rock’s historical context but driven by a modern, fierce pulse.

Looking for a Sign captures the essence of Sebastian’s growth as an artist—confident and poised to deliver high-energy performances that resonate across generations. His journey from vibrant live shows across the UK, including iconic venues like The Cavern and The Macbeth, to a burgeoning streaming presence, underscores a trajectory filled with promise and rock ‘n’ roll heart.

Looking for a Sign will be available to stream on all major platforms from May 10th via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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