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The Show Goes On in Jesse Agan’s Broadway-Esque Pop-Rock Debut, Home

Jesse Agan’s debut single, Home, arrests with the same intensity of a Broadway tune, all of the lyrical affection of naturalism you would expect from a Vermont native, and guitar riffs that cut through the timelines to take you back to the rock-licked eras of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

The sense of soul in the release is effortless to surrender to, exhibiting a sure sign of Agan’s charisma and command; you instantly feel safe in his aural presence, knowing that whichever avenue his progressive revelation of a debut single leads you down, you’ll be enveloped in the sanctifying alchemy of the retro arrangements filtered through modern production. Ironically, with Home, he delivered all the sanctuary of home, whatever that means for you.

Agan’s ethos of creating hook-centric and vocally forward releases after finding a scintillatingly stirring and passionate formula for his releases is sure to see him go far in the music industry that is crying out for authentic talent and artists unafraid to take audaciously vulnerable leaps with their music.

Home was officially released on March 14th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ipecac took an egalitarian approach to affection with their queer rock anthem, Everyone Deserves Love

Ipecac’s latest single, “Everyone Deserves Love,” is a potent blend of vintage 70s rock warmth and modern, hook-driven intensity, reminiscent of The Hives’ recent work. Formed in 2017, the band comprises four best friends: Isabella Osborne (vocals), Kanyon Dickerson (drums), Tayte Eubanks (bass), and Ariadnee “Rodnee” Ziady (guitar). Their synergy is palpable, crafting a sound that’s both a nod to British metal’s golden era and a reflection of contemporary rock’s emotional depth.

This track is a bold statement against the rising tide of homophobia and queerphobia. In a world increasingly divided, “Everyone Deserves Love” emerges as a queer rock anthem, a protest song that resonates with the urgency of our times. The lyrics are a clever, poignant exploration of the struggle for a prejudice-free existence, striking a chord that even the most hardened sceptics with faces redder than their MAGA hats might find hard to dismiss.

The song’s structure is a masterclass in dynamic contrast. After a riotous journey through face-melting riffs and a throbbing rhythm section, the track halts for an acapella oration – a powerful, unadorned plea for acceptance and love. This moment of vulnerability only amplifies the impact when Ipecac dives back into the fray with even more ferocity.

In essence, “Everyone Deserves Love” is a rallying cry for unity and understanding, wrapped in a package of exhilarating rock music. Ipecac has not only captured the spirit of their 70s and 80s influences but has also channelled their introspective lyricism into a message that is both timely and timeless.

Everyone Deserves Love is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Herman Martinez – Introvertebrae: A New Prog Rock Prism

Immortal Jellyfish by Herman Martinez

Herman Martinez poured the psychedelic soul of the 70s through his new prog rock prism, Introvertebrae, while tuning into melancholy in the same hauntingly evocative vein as Porcupine Tree.

The endearingly humble New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist may not be able to brag about his talent which allows his tracks to transcend auditory experiences and unravel as emotionally chameleonic shots to the heart, but we have no reservations about revering his sonic journeys of self-discovery that cocoon his fans in musical chrysalises.

Martinez’s voice, echoing the emotional gravity of Chris Cornell and the octave-spanning prowess of Thom Yorke, serves as the navigator through this orchestrally immense soundscape, which uplifts in one breath and aches in the next as experimental indie meets prog rock. Naturally, the brilliance of Introvertebrae lies in its duality. It’s a nod to the prog rock deities – King Crimson, Rush, Emerson, Lake & Palmer – yet it speaks a language that resonates with the contemporary soul. The piano, heavy with emotion, could easily find a place in Father John Misty’s repertoire, while the 70s melodic undertones offer a comforting embrace to the classic rock enthusiast.

Martinez’s skill with the guitar is not just about showcasing an intuitive understanding of the fretboard. Each riff and melody are a chapter in this immersive rich musical novel. With so many elements, styles and layers, under a less deft hand, it would be easy to feel lost in the labyrinth of Introvertebrae, but by lyrically expositing our most intimate fears, Martinez allows the listener to feel seen and found.

Stream and download the latest single from Herman Martinez via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SumicSo – It’s Over: A Gothic Rock Ode to Resilience and Power

SumicSo’s latest single, ‘It’s Over’, is a compelling blend of gothic glamour and rock nostalgia, echoing the likes of Siouxsie Sioux, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, and the Manic Street Preachers. The UK-based musician and songwriter channelled a clarion call for strength and resilience, which will resonate deeply with those who’ve faced the bitter ends of deception and departure.

The track is a masterful fusion of 80s rock aesthetics with 70s rock timbres; the vocals, rich in emotion and power, light a beacon of hope and solidarity, reaching out to listeners who find solace in her message of fighting through pain.

While the production of ‘It’s Over’ might benefit from further refinement, the raw energy and potential of SumicSo as a trailblazing artist are unmistakable. Her lyrical prowess, combined with the strident and rhythmic melodies, ensures that this track is an anthem for those battling their inner demons.

Watch the official music video for It’s Over by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Western Skies delivered lyrical virtues to live by in their kaleidoscope of 60s and 70s rock nostalgia, Always Another Song.

Western Skies’ latest single, Always Another Song masterfully revives the golden era of rock, blending 60s and 70s energy with a modern flair while proving no sonic cocktail is more potent than arcanely uplifting vocal harmonies and raw rock riffs. The Journey-esque chord progressions instantly pull you into the soul of the release before Western Skies show their genre-fluid stripes through their fusion of classic rock, funk and cosmically orchestral instrumentation.

Lyrically, ‘Always Another Song’ offers a refreshing optimism, countering today’s often pessimistic narratives. Phrases like “it doesn’t always have to be as hard as we make it out to be” and “it doesn’t always have to be absolutely everything or nothing” resonate with balance and positivity.

Make the lyrics your mantra while making the band’s debut LP, Awake In Dream, a playlist staple, and you’ll bolster your resilience in an era that is infinitely harder on the psyche than in the 60s and 70s where Western Skies find their folk and rock roots.

It’s an essential listen for classic rock enthusiasts and those seeking music with soul and depth alike. Join them for the ride; you won’t regret it.

Always Another Song is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The West Midlands era fusionists, Three Mile Island, triumphed once again in ‘Sidearm’s House of Games’

What do you get if you mix 70s rock with Americana and add a dash of brashy and swaggering 90s Britpop? Hit play on the latest single, Sidearm’s House of Games, from Three Mile Island and find out for yourselves.

The uniqueness of the sonic imprint is far from the only achievement in this minefield of indie rock hooks, which proves how tight the West Midlands-hailing prodigal sons are despite their influential differences – each element gets room to breathe and transcend into something completely new in the release that proves that time isn’t always linear; multiple eras can exist cohesively under the sonic duress of those talented enough to amalgamate them.

Having garnered attention on BBC Sounds and Planet Rock Radio, ‘Sidearm’s House of Games’ is a testament to the band’s skill in crafting songs that are not only enjoyable but also resonate with a deep understanding of rock’s evolving landscape. It’s a compelling addition to the indie rock genre, highlighting the band’s potential to leave a lasting impact.

Sidearm’s House of Games is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast  

Ren Ashfield and the Magicians prescribed euphorically kaleidoscopic rock in their sonic manifesto, Sunny Day Smile:

With Blue Monday safely out of the way for another year, Venice’s Ren Ashfield and the Magicians have brought the sound of summer in their latest single, Sunny Day Smile.

After an intro which allows you to imagine what Echo and the Bunnymen would have sounded like if they embraced warm tonal hues instead of coldly monochromatic textures, Sunny Day Smile strides into a classic rock crescendo, which does far more than pay homage to the past.

By bringing all of the stridence of the Manic Street Preachers with the endlessly affecting soul of Journey and wrapping the production in a kaleidoscopic haze of psychedelia, Ren Ashfield and his outfit of instrumental alchemists delivered the ultimate hit of aural serotonin with this luminous leap into the evolution of rock. The band’s moniker is so much more than a shtick; there’s nothing gimmicky about the evocation of alt-rock sorcery within Sunny Day Smile.

This single, which resounds with a message of hope and resilience despite the world’s weary weight, is just a prelude to the band’s much-anticipated sophomore LP, Sonic Creations, which is set to be unveiled in February.

Sunny Day Smile will illuminate the airwaves on January 26th. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Meet the mess of mortality in Chris Cummings and the Way’s tenaciously tongue-in-cheek Americana rock instant classic,  I’m Still Alive

In an era when coming to grips with the meaning of life complicates your relationship with your mortality, Chris Cummings and the Way’s latest Americana-entwined 70s rock-tinged single, I’m Still Alive, has all the lyrical makings of a sanity-saving playlist staple.

Chris Cummings, an Easton native renowned for his collaborations with jazz legends and New York artists, embarked on a tenaciously tongue-in-cheek journey with his latest feat of roots-wrapped ingenuity. The prelude to his eponymous album resonates with the nostalgic glamour reminiscent of Father John Misty and Butch Walker while pontificating on the profound. The brash electric guitar chords, coupled with the shimmer of the organ and the subtle honkytonk nuances in the keys and guitar leads, create a soundscape that is both timeless and deeply evocative.

Even though the single touches on the notion that reasons for living and believing often lie beyond ourselves, Chris Cummings and the Way ensure the track never veers too far into the melancholic. It’s a gripping exposition of what it means to be human when we have no fucking idea what the meaning of life is. This existential contemplation is woven seamlessly into the fabric of the song, making it both a personal reflection and a universal query.

The upcoming album, accompanied by a documentary film, promises to be a convergence of Cummings’ Americana and rock n roll roots, offering relatable tunes for our twisted times. Featuring talents like Roger Girke and Shane Nicholas, it’s poised to be a significant addition to the Americana folk rock landscape.

I’m Still Alive is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Duncan R Foley put the soul in sleaze (rock) with ‘You Better Rock and Roll’

Duncan R Foley’s latest single, You Better Rock and Roll, is an acknowledgement that, sometimes, there’s no better sugar for the pill of reality than a soulfully sleazy dose of rock and roll. Foley delivered the antidote to ennui within the expressively expansive release, which allows the shimmering overdriven rock chords to douse you in sonic salvation. Devoid of rock cliches but with all of the key cornerstones, the single is a remedy for rock monotony. There was no room for pretension in the vocals, just pure soulful energy, which comes alive through Foley’s determination to leave the world a better place with his talent.

The Belfast-residing artist brings a fresh vibrancy to the genre, infused with the spirit of his diverse musical journey from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg to the Emerald Isle. This track is a testament to his resilience and adaptability, echoing his mantra of pushing forward and making the most of every moment.

Production-wise, the track is a polished gem. Foley’s collaboration with Jonathan Shaw of Ibilion Studio brings a level of professionalism and finesse that elevates the song. The hypnotic bass track and solid backbeat create a foundation that allows the guitars to soar, resulting in a sound that’s seductive in its soulful sleaze.

With this release, Foley not only cements his place in the rock pantheon but also promises a future rich with sonic explorations and heartfelt expressions.

You Better Rock and Roll will hit the airwaves on January 19. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Robert Stone croons through the cosmic veil in this funked-up alt-rock rendezvous, Kissing Glass

Navigating through the cosmic corridors of sound, Robert Stone’s latest single, ‘Kissing Glass’, is a celestial journey, taken via the route of a harmonious blend of spacey funk and alternative rock, laced with a synth-infused new wave vibe that boldly steps beyond the shadows of Bowie-esque influences, showcasing Stone’s unique musical identity.

Stone, known for his early start in the music scene with Oblivion Grin and his intriguing hiatus, has returned not just to the studio but to the very essence of musical innovation. ‘Kissing Glass’ is a testament to this voyage, a fusion of his seasoned artistry with a fresh, modern sensibility. The track resonates with echoes of the interstellar bliss found in Inspiral Carpets’ ‘Saturn 5’ and the dark, experimental tones of Magazine’s ‘Real Life’, yet it stands firmly on its own artistic ground.

The song’s structure is a labyrinth of auditory pleasure, where each turn reveals a new layer of musical gravitas as Robert Stone’s crooning vocal performance is a revelation in itself. The charm and dedication to being a conduit of space pop-soul is an alchemic pairing which won’t fail to endear you to his experimentalism. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Stream Kissing Glass on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast