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Backwoods Creek delivered the ultimate Southern soul-rock anthem ‘Alright’

Sensing cynicism in the universal waters, Backwoods Creek prescribed a potent dose of optimism with their latest single, ‘Alright’. The refreshing take on bluesy soul-swathed Southern rock played fast and loose with the genre constraints while keeping the instrumental arrangement tight enough to unravel as every rock-inclined muso’s wet dream.

Part lyrical mantra, part musical Tour De Force, the UK-based quintet exhibited ‘Alright’ as a masterclass in balancing raw, overdriven guitars and whiskey-soaked vocals with an undercurrent of hope and redemption. It’s a track that carries the dynamic energy of power pop while remaining true to its bluesy rock and roll roots.

The virtuosic cohesion of the instrumentals showcases their skill and chemistry, honed through years of friendship and collaboration, and you don’t have to buy tickets to their live shows (even though you really should) to witness their infectious energy performance energy; the band’s electrifying aura is perfectly captured in this track.

No one can deny that while life is on a downward trajectory hearing everything will be alright prises ennui out of your perception. This life-affirming hit goes beyond reassurance –  it’s transformative.

Alright will hit the airwaves on March 15; check out the release via the official Backwoods Creek website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The country rock rapture arrived through The Whiskey State’s latest single, Where I Need to Be

In the valleys of Hampshire, The Whiskey State, comprising Tom Stride and Jordan Tate, has distilled a sound that resonates with the soul of country and the riotous heart of rock. Their latest single, “Where I Need to Be,” is a testament to their journey from college companions to creators of exhilaratingly sticky-sweet euphoria.

Imagine extracting the quintessence of The Manic Street Preachers, Bruce Springsteen, and Sam Fender, then blending it into a musical elixir. The result? A flavour profile as affecting as “Where I Need to Be,” a song that pays homage to the sanctity of country surrounds. It’s a track that stirs the soul so profoundly, that you might find yourself questioning if any roots-reverent rock track has ever touched it quite like this before.

The song encapsulates tender homecoming yearning through the guitar chords that wrap you in nirvana and endlessly ensnaring vocal hooks which make it impossible not to want to make The Whiskey State your sonic poison of choice. The songwriting prowess of the duo is as evident as their ability to catapult listeners into the soulful aura of their music.

Few things feel better than returning to whatever constitutes home, but this track comes a close second. With their debut EP “Welcome to…”, The Whiskey State not only showcases their distinctive blend of country and rock influences but also cements their place as one of the most captivating country-influenced rock duos in the Uk and beyond..

Stream the official music video for Where I Need to Be via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SumicSo – It’s Over: A Gothic Rock Ode to Resilience and Power

SumicSo’s latest single, ‘It’s Over’, is a compelling blend of gothic glamour and rock nostalgia, echoing the likes of Siouxsie Sioux, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, and the Manic Street Preachers. The UK-based musician and songwriter channelled a clarion call for strength and resilience, which will resonate deeply with those who’ve faced the bitter ends of deception and departure.

The track is a masterful fusion of 80s rock aesthetics with 70s rock timbres; the vocals, rich in emotion and power, light a beacon of hope and solidarity, reaching out to listeners who find solace in her message of fighting through pain.

While the production of ‘It’s Over’ might benefit from further refinement, the raw energy and potential of SumicSo as a trailblazing artist are unmistakable. Her lyrical prowess, combined with the strident and rhythmic melodies, ensures that this track is an anthem for those battling their inner demons.

Watch the official music video for It’s Over by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Little Villains – Café De Stam: The Ultimate Hard Rock Antidote to the Ennui of Our Times

Café De Stam by Little Villains

The transatlantic hard-rock heavy-hitters Little Villains are priming themselves for the unleashing of their fifth studio LP, Café De Stam. Get a taste of the vintage-wrapped rancour to come by adrenalizing yourself with the recently released title single.

By melding classic rock rhythmics with the frenetic mayhem of metal, the title single will go down a storm with Motorhead and Venom fans. Little Villains ensured none of the high-octane energy from their rock n roll to the core performance was lost in the raw production of the infectiously razor-sharp hit, which proves how tight the fourpiece’s sound has become since their debut.

The anthem of defiance brought to life with an infectious sense of devil may care rebellion, goes beyond paying an ode to the pioneers; it is the ultimate aural antidote to the ennui of our modern times.

Stream and purchase the title single, Café De Stam, which was officially released on January 25, on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Morgana harrowed the psyche with their synthesis of emo, punk and grunge in ‘Two Broken People’

Sometimes two broken pieces come together to form a cohesive whole, but more often than not, the sharp idiosyncratic shards find a jarring way of exposing raw wounds. Far from your archetypal vignette of heartbreak, Morgana’s single, ‘Two Broken People (Make Hell Feel Like Home)’, approaches the narrative from a position of mutual position of imperfection. If you’re tired of black-and-white expositions of good and evil and want to find the fucked up fabric of the human psyche in sound, Morgana is a breath of non-dichotomous air.

With the visceral harmonies striking against the momentum in the rock chords as they dig deeper into the narrative and the drums deepening the tumultuous edge to the organically authentic single, Two Broken People is as affecting as the alt-90s hits from the likes of The Cranberries and Skunk Anansie. Through the grungy synthesis of punk and emo, the Kent-based trio, the single retains a signature that could only be scribed by the volition of Morgana.

Vocalist and guitarist Amy Morgan is a natural frontwoman. The mix of her expressive confidence and candid vulnerability ensures their singles don’t just resonate; they harrow the psyche. Dill Taskar (bass) and Tim Whittingham (drums) notably seem to feed off the fervour in her delivery to orchestrate a tight yet brashy riff-driven coalescence of chaos and cultivation.

Two Broken People will be available to stream from February 2nd; stream it on SoundCloud first.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take a hit on The Glares’ latest mellowly mind-altering single, Cocaine Jane

If tracks could kill, we’d all be stone cold after The Glares’ latest single, Cocaine Jane; take a hit and get high on the nostalgically mellow melodies which prise influence from The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses, and the Stooges and shimmer through the affluence of pure unbridled soul filtered through a kaleidoscopic lens.

Even though the sonics conjure an altered state of mind more akin to an acid trip, the Edinburgh-based four-piece of twentysomethings succeeded in unleashing the best Columbian marching powder-themed single since Eric Clapton popularised the single, Cocaine, penned by J.J. Cale in 1976.

With plenty more releases in the pipeline for 2024 after the release of their sophomore single, there is ample scope for the success of The Glares. Their ability to sonically visualise a concept and submerge you in it so deeply you don’t care about coming up for air is unparalleled in the indie rock underground.

Cocaine Jane was officially released on December 1st and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Modern Ape blended precision with passion in their rallying rock anthem, Justified

In modern rock, few bands capture the essence of soulful anthems quite like Modern Ape. Their latest single, Justified, is a testament to their unique blend of precision and passion. Hailing from North West England, this three-piece ensemble has crafted a sound that resonates with the spirit of rock blues, yet speaks to all generations.

The instrumentals are meticulously tight, showcasing a mastery of craft that is rare and commendable. But it’s the soul that pours from the vocals that truly sets this track apart. It grips you with a fervour reminiscent of Against Me, while the guitar hooks echo the soul-stirring appeal of the Manic Street Preachers. It’s a heartfelt cry wrapped in melody that you’ll want to turn to every time you want to feel alive, and it is that universally shared craving for visceralism which lyrically propels the track forward.

Modern Ape, with their self-deprecating moniker, might not seem like your typical rock heroes, but their music tells a different story. They excel in rallying cries, and Justified is a clarion call to the masses.

Stream the official music video for Justified which premiered on January 1st on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The prodigal sons of hard rock n roll SuperZero delivered outlaw poetry in motion with their latest single, You & Me

SuperZero’s latest single, You & Me, is a gasoline-soaked tribute to the raw, unbridled spirit of rock and roll. This four-man ensemble, hailing from the heart of Southeast England, crafted a siren call to all those yearning for the golden days of hard rock rancour; hit play and erase the past four decades.

From the very first note, You & Me grabs you by the collar and thrusts you into its world where the basslines growl with primal energy and Neil Abnett’s incendiary guitar work sends jolts of white-hot electricity through the progressions as The Cheesman’s drumming becomes a relentless force that drives the track forward with electrifying momentum.

At the forefront, Brandon Keenen’s vocals are a perfect blend of grit and melody, embodying the spirit of rock legends while carving out his own unique identity. Bex’s bass is the undercurrent, a dark and brooding presence that adds depth and complexity to the track.

You & Me is more than just a nod to the pioneers of rock; it’s a statement of intent from SuperZero. They’re not just following in the footsteps of giants like AC/DC and Black Sabbath; they’re blazing their own trail, fuelled by a passion for the genre and a desire to push it into new territories.

Lyrically, the track is poetry in lawless motion, the fervid lyricism feeds into the escapism of the release, which delivers a reminder of why we fell in love with rock in the first place – its ability to make us feel alive, to transport us away from the mundane and into a world of pure, unadulterated energy.

You & Me dropped on December 25th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sunset Cobra replenished their venom for their latest feat of hard rock nihilism, I Remain

Sunset Cobra is back with even more hard rock venom than before with their latest single, I Remain. By contorting genres and influences into a ferociously unique high-octane ride through the landscape of rock and metal, the monolith easily sets itself apart in the contemporary music scene.

From the opening notes, I Remain grabs the listener with a relentless intensity. The band channels the spirit of Velvet Revolver, updating it with a serpentine electro-rock edge. The influence of Drowning Pool is evident in the rancorous energy that permeates the track, while the breakdowns echo the tightly controlled chaos reminiscent of Mushroomhead. Yet, amidst this sonic maelstrom, Sunset Cobra finds room for technical, frenetic riffs and fragments of sunset sleaze.

The dynamism is not just in its instrumentation but also in its lyrical depth. The song delves into the darker aspects of the human condition with nihilistic poetry that is as compelling as it is confronting. The lyrics hold no prisoners, expressing contempt with a rawness that is both brutal and beautifully articulated.

As listeners eagerly anticipate what Sunset Cobra will unleash next, I Remain is a testament to their potential. It’s a song that will not only resonate with fans of rock and metal but with anyone who appreciates music that pushes boundaries and defies expectations.

I Remain was released via Reclusive Audio Ltd on December 1st; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Eddie & The Wolves riffed the blues in their latest hard rock anthem, The Coming Storm

Batten down the hatches for the latest riff-adrenalized anthem, The Coming Storm, from Eddie & the Wolves. With the soulful overtones underpinning the blues rock installation of riotously introspective rancour, you’ll be exposed to the soft underbelly of the UK-hailing wolfpack while being electrified by the hard rock alchemy their tight synergy bleeds into the airwaves.

Instead of solely keeping it superficial and glam, Eddie & The Wolves used The Coming Storm to weave a raw tale that invites the listener to take the track as a sign that you should face the uncertainty of our chaotic world head-on. With the hook-littered hit on your playlists, standing at the vanguard of change will start to seem an infinitely better option than cowering into a bottle.

The Coming Storm will arrive on September 15; stream it on Spotify & keep up to date with the band on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast