I Put My Trust In You: Barbara Teresa takes us by the hand on ‘Just This One Time’

After taking a gap year during this horrible pandemic to refine and explore her excellently crafted music creations during 2020, Barbara Teresa is quite stupendously wonderful and shows us her heartfelt music enlightenment on her 3rd single called ‘Just This One Time‘.

Barbara Teresa is a delightful eighteen year-old Caracas, Venezuela-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie pop/folk singer-songwriter, pianist, dog lover, romance novel fan, and Duke University student. She makes that deeply important music about teenage struggles and sings about love, in this crazy world that can easily lead you astray.

With a softly-spoken voice that is full of such caring vocals and sweet lyrics that have you thinking you are in a movie, you feel her love so vibrantly, as she locks hands with that person who truly understands her. The romance is so classy and has your heart warming like a pizza oven inside – as you close your eyes and imagine the perfect place where things are so simple – just the way the world should be.

Just This One Time‘ from the entrancing LA-based Barbara Teresa, is a stunning listen and has your body in happy shivers, as you remember that person who could keep a secret, hold you close, and be there for you, when you needed them most. This is a superb young talent who sings with such pure intentions and has an innocently romantic outlook on life, that the world certainly needs much more of.

Stream this stunning new single on Spotify and see more on her IG music account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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