Hyphen Works With An Amazing Sound Palette With “Lost”

Hyphen works with a quite amazing sound palette. Whilst many people see rap as an ever shrinking of musical boundaries a slimming down to a core of lyrics and beats, Hyphen looks the other way, towards the various musical associations and related genres. As such Lost is a blend of pop-soul, accessible electronica, rap, hip-hop and breezy brass, a wide screen and forward thinking move which broadens the genres musical horizons rather than shrinks them down.

It is a personal comment on the vacuous nature of the modern social life, something which he has replaced with the solitary focus of making music and reveals his feelings that he is not in any way missing out on much by locking himself away and pouring out his own creativity. The clever part comes in the form of the spoken word break, where the lyrical equivalent of the guitar solo would normally appear, Hyphen goes the other way and throws in the what almost sounds like an answerphone message which reveals a lot about the artist himself, both in what he says and the fact that he uses this device in the first place. I like the way this man’s head works.

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