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Album review: Dazzle rips the chord with fantastic ”Kingship”

The UK emcee Dazzle returns to uplift his community with the powerfully Hip Hop/Reggae infused album ”Kingship”.

The London artist impresses mightily and starts in menacing mood with ”Already (Intro)”. This sets up the game and then it’s the Reggae soaked ”Everybody Talkin”. I really like the buzz on this one and it flows through the speaker to get me listening intently.

London” heads through the whole city and stories of his life in the majestic city. This has a grimy UK feel to it and this is probably my favorite track. ”Foolish” is next up and this starts with some wonderful female vocals that I would like to find out more about. Dazzle soon swoops in and pulls out his bars that sinks through the track.

The album is complemented by the remaining tracks ”In My Head”, ”Special”, ”Roll Up”, ”Dangerous”, ”Real”, ”Just Another Day”, ”Know Now” and the remix for ”Immortal”. I enjoyed ”Special” the most here as it has a familiar sound and the song is one to groove with all might.

Dazzle certainly knows how to put on a show and this album is a highly skilled produced effort that gets me in the mood. This is one of the UK’s shining lights in the Hip Hop scene.

Stream the full album right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Coventry’s T. Fewdo flows in with vibrant Garage-inspired ”A Typical”

I love it when artist mix up genres such as Hip Hop, Grime, UK Garage, Afro Trap, EDM, Trap, UK Drill, Afro Swing, and Spoken Word. T. Fewdo is a rare type of artist that does exactly that. He is a true multi-talented master musician who is pushing the boundaries with his pen and brain. This isn’t your usual basic music, that much is very clear.

The UK based artist who is from Coventry, home of the mighty Sky Blues who are on the rise much like T. Fewdo. He is of Premier League standard that is for sure. T.Fewdo is inventive and I like the intricate ciphers he creates with passion and drive. This is the one of the most underrated emcee’s around and he’s definitely not a typical musician. With singing, rapping and the garage beat, you feel like you are getting the full menu to your earbuds.

A Typical” from T. Fewdo is a top track as he likes to push the boundaries and gives the audience a way inside the studio with his vivid descriptions and soul food beat. This is one of my favorite songs of 2020.

Check this song out right now on Spotify and get the beat flying high today.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


East London artist SmoothVee strides through stylishly with real ”Surviving”

Directed brilliantly by FourtyFourFilms, this is the brand new music video from the soulful and consciously self-aware UK emcee SmoothVee titled ”Surviving”.

We are taken a local gig where the crowd are loving this quality performer. This is the start of the video and I am hooked already. I feel the locals energy and this is the kind of buzz I was hoping for. Then we are led through to SmoothVee’s local hometown and with added flashbacks of the live performance.

We are all surviving. Life is tough right now but we must push on with true friends is the message.

Founder of Label Capital Citizens Records, this is an impressive release and further establishes SmoothVee as one of the best in the UK Hip Hop game. What I like the most about this video is that he is in touch with his community. So often you see musicians get a bit of fame and then change their whole style to fit into whatever current trend is popular. SmoothVee is a man of the people. The streets raised him and he is proud of where he is from. This is a message that is real and genuine. Take note kids.

Stream this new music video right now via YouTube.

For more music news I’d suggest heading to his Facebook page so you can find out gig news and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


West London Rapper Alfie Wraps releases latest single ‘NRG’

Alfie Wraps’ new single N.R.G begins with a slightly eerie and mystical hollow whistle. It sounds like the tuning of an empty beer bottle. “Hullo? Where is this going?” The listener is bound to ask.
Almost immediately, you’re whisked back into Mr Wraps’ urban dimension where the steady drumbeat induces involuntary and cathartic head bopping. The rhythm and beat of this single is standard. Nothing new or inventive here. It’s the writing and lyrics of this piece that provides the kicker. Wraps declares himself and his material aspirations early on within the first few lines of this banger of a rap. He is quick to dismiss online pursuits as time wasting in favour of productivity for there are things to do and stuff to buy – like ice for all of his wives. “I don’t want a Ranger or a fat chain…” Alfie just wants to make it in this rap  industry. It is this confession that endears one to this beat bopping rap.
He’s being straight up with you. It is this humility that slides through the gritty bravado that makes this rap bold and real. Beware imitators and imitations he laments for it’s not worth getting dipped for cosmetic jewellery. “Save your energy for when you see me…” is the catchy refrain of this song. Watch out for Alfie Wraps. He’s definitely got the mettle to make it in this industry. N.R.G is an urban plea for hard work and originality and is destined to be a constant on any banger compilation.

Listen here.

Review by Annesh Ramklown.

Raw South London ‘Rapper Kwazi Cort’ makes a statement with “Please Don’t Boast” ft. ‘LD (67)

‘Kwazi Cort’ and ‘LD (67)’ are two well-known MC’s in the London Hip Hop scene and they join forces expertly on this powerfully delivered party track. 

These two MCs are on a mission in 2020 and aren’t letting anything and anyone get in the way. Tired of fake artists showing off with their toys, they are quite clear with their intentions on this track. Humble enough to still ride the bus & tube, it’s about the music & respect from real fans that really matters.

2020 has been a quiet year for ‘Kwazi Cort’ and you get the feeling that he has been working hard on this song, perfecting his craft and getting his mindset right. With quality like this, it won’t be long before Kwazi is at the top of the UK scene, with ‘LD (67)’ right there next to him.

‘’Please Don’t Boast’’ is the follow up to 2019’s underrated ‘’British Device’’, a track that showed his growing lyrical maturity. Let’s hope that 2020 is full with more top music with passion from this talented London MC.

Stream this new banging track here on SoundCloud

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


True Young Boss – True In It: Atmospherically Arrestive Hip Hop

Breaking Hip Hop artist True Young Boss dropped the video to their latest single True in It on April 19th. The release has already amassed plenty of hype, given the sheer level of magnetic attitude and convictive flair, it’s easy to see why.

True in It kicks off with a gritty doom-laden sampling of news reports before the mix shifts into gear and the atmospheric ambient Trap grind takes hold. The mix may be on the downtempo side, but your attention is unlikely to falter from the gripping track.

True Young Boss’ combination of Old School Rap bars and modernistic production ensures that there’s plenty of commercial appeal around their raw and resonant tracks. They’re definitely one to watch.

You can check out the official music video to True Young Boss’ latest single for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Grime styled with minimal rhythm: Readey releases his new single My Head

Up and coming artist Readey has dropped his new single My Head, an innovative Hip-Hop tune.

Ready’s style loosely reminded me of Eminem’s latest releases, with his original raw and crude rap evolving into a grime style with minimal rhythm. It seems to me that’s where Readey is heading to with My Head, building his style on low-pitched basslines and prominent beats.

It’s almost like going back to that Garage, Trap mood that MC’s geared their Rap on – as a matter of fact I thought about Dizzee Rascal for a second when I was halfway through listening to My Head.

Gloomy and introspective in his lyrics, Readey analyses the overflowing thoughts in his head falling into a loop made of trust issues and living the same day again and again.

It’s so easy to relate to if you’re questioning your everyday routine and finding yourself dwelling on the dichotomy “am I working to live or am I living to work?”

Listen to My Head by heading over Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Mr Jones howls at the sky with new UK rap release ‘Moon In My Sky’

Manchester-based rapper Mr Jones has released new UK boom-bap infused rap track ‘Moon In My Sky’.

It’s a track steeped in decades of UK hip-hop and grime influence – a scene which has exploded in an honestly baffling number of dimensions, so much so that it has made it incredibly useless and difficult to use a ‘UK Rap’ tag, (trust me) – and ‘Moon In My Sky’ is unreservedly one of those rap-on-a-beat releases that stays in the boomy, bappy slipstream. 

Jones delivers with some nice charisma at points and there’s hints of decently formed wordplay dotted throughout the track, so there’s some elements that do shine through with this release.  

If you like independent, vintage-styled hip-hop from the UK, it’s a track I’m able to shout out to check out – but if it’s not your lane this isn’t the kind of release I’d suggest to hop into it. Still though, listen to it to gain an appreciation of the sheer numbers of UK hip-hop artists breathlessly bubbling below the surface. 

You can listen to Mr Jones’ ‘Moon In My Sky’ on his Soundcloud page.


Alt Hip Hop Collective Dirtbag By Association Have Released Their Fourth Single “Vintage Shirts”

“Vintage Shirts” is the fourth lyrically ingenious single to drop from UK Alt Hip Hop collective Dirtbag By Association. Anyone looking for distinctive genre-defying melodic urban earworms will definitely want to give the release some much-deserved attention.

The melodic indie track borrows elements of Hip Hop, RnB, Grime and Neo-Soul while the vocals find the perfect balance between conviction and charisma.

Needless to say, Vintage Shirts is a versatile track which offers plenty of authenticity. The tempo may be low, but the energy remains high with each evolution in the progressive soundscape.

You can check out Dirtbag By Association’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


TITAN – Smoke: Smooth Grinding Grime-Laced Hip Hop

There ain’t no smoke without fire and you’ll be able to find both in the up and coming Hip Hop artist TITAN’s latest single Smoke.

The official video to Smoke dropped on January 13th, allowing TITAN to kick off 2020 the right way after the release of the smooth grinding Grime-laced mix.

With bars and beats which you can easily sink into, pressing play on Smoke pays off before the first verse has run through. The melodic approach TITAN took with the instrumentals in Smoke gave the track a nice hazy vibe, while he poured plenty of energy into the mix through their bars and introspective-deep lyrics. But where TITAN truly set themselves apart with smoke was in the endearing fact that he was able to put so much soul into convictive Rap verses. That’s definitely not something we hear every day

You can check out the official video to Smoke for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast