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SO & Bouvvieau Have Dropped Their Experimentally Fresh Hip Hop Track “Astral Zone”

Even on the more alternative side of Hip Hop, it’s extremely rare to find up and coming talent doing something truly experimental with their sound. Thankfully, Rap artist SO has proved to be the refreshing exception with their latest single “Astral Zone” which dropped this summer. SO teamed up with Rap artist Bouvvieau to create a dynamically playful hit which you won’t be able to resist the hype of.

Astral Zone is by no means a single which you can sink into and appreciate the rhythm. But it is a single which keeps you hooked on each and every absurd evolution of sound. With sonic effects trickling trough the Trap beats, and the unpredictable switch-ups in vocals as they move from Grime to hazy almost psychedelic versing Astral Zone is an unforgettable mix.

You can check out the official music video to SO’s latest drop for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


London Hip Hop Artist yung jibz Drops Their Latest Single “Fresh Ways”

“Fresh Ways” is the fourth single to be released by up and coming North West London Hip Hop artist yung jibz. If you like plenty of Grime thrown into your urban grind, yung jibz should already be on your radar.

Amongst the Grime, you’ll also find elements of Trap which have been constructed through intricate layers vibrantly exotic rhythms. Through the Rap bars, there’s equal amounts of attitude and charm, and by finding that delicate balance, yung jibz may have just found the secret to creating an unforgettable earworm.

It’s not all too often I get the pleasure of describing Hip Hop as transfixing, but with the distinctive flow of Fresh Ways, I’m sure I won’t be the only one who finds themselves hooked from the first verse to the outro.

You can check out yung jibz’s latest single Fresh Ways for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hip Hop Artist GR3YWXLF Drops Their Latest Hazily Fresh Track “ImmuneboostR”

Up and coming London-based Hip Hop artist GR3YWXLF has recently dropped their latest contemporary Rap mix “ImmuneboostR”, proving that their approach to modern Hip Hop is only getting slicker with each new release.

The downtempo jazzy mix offers a hazy amount of catharsis, whilst simultaneously offering the perfect platform for GR3YWXLF’s magnetically charismatic Rap bars which come with a heavy dose of lyrical realism.

ImmunebootR may be a Lo-Fi production, but the raw cut of the Trap track definitely doesn’t hinder the sharp hooks which this track constantly pulls you along with. Despite the energy poured into ImmuneboostR, there’s still plenty of ambience to soak up as you listen to the conviction in GR3YWXLF’s versing.

You can check out GR3YWXLF’s latest single ImmuneboostR for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


UK Hip Hop Artist Demzco drops their latest single “LETITBE”

“LETITBE” is the second single dropped by the UK-based up and coming Hip Hop Rap artist Demzco. With elements of Trap and Grime thrown together in the perfect mix, you’ll be able to lose yourself in a fluidly lucid soundscape while enjoying the conviction behind Demzco’s Rap bars.

LETITBE is one of those rare mixes which not only hooks you into the narrative which just so happens to provide a stark portrayal of the joys of 21st-century living, but it also feeds you plenty of high-octane energy as you listen to its progressions.

Demzco is evidently an artist with plenty of potential, and as we’ve seen from the recent successes of Stormzy and Dave, Hip Hop isn’t going to remain in the underground in the UK for much longer.

You can check out Demzco’s latest single LETITBE for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Manchester Grime Artist Dyno Drops Their Slickest Track Yet with “Wave”

You don’t need a golden ear for music to tell that Manchester-based Grime artist Dyno is going to blow up in a big way. You just need to check out their latest single “Wave”.

Wave has an incredible energy right from the first verse. The Rap bars run clean enough to allow you to soak up the commanding charisma which has been thrown into this mix. Any fans of Stormzy, Skepta, J Hus & Giggs are definitely going to want put Dyno on their radars.

Any artist can step to the mic and spit a few bars, but Dyno demonstrated their distinction through the tight precision in the meter and rhyme in the bars in Wave. Better yet, Dyno never allowed any of the lyrics to become illegible despite the insanely fast versing.

As for the beat, you may as well be listening to a Dizzee Rascal production – it’s polished, it’s slick, and I suppose I’m going to have to call it fire. Manchester may be on the music map for a lot of reasons, and it’s with no exaggeration do I say that Dyno has every potential to be to Grime & Rap what Oasis was to Indie. The Grime scene may be mainly underground, but it is artists such as Dyno who prove that they more than worthy of spots in the mainstream.

You can check out the official music video to Dyno’s latest drop Wave for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jase Emeka Makes Their Debut with “136 Bars of Jase Emeka”

Up and coming Rap artist Jase Emeka has recently dropped his debut track “136 Bars of Jase Emeka”. And if you’re a fan of narratively compelling Hip Hop, you definitely won’t want to let this raw and candid release pass you by.

In 136 Bars of Jase Emeka, the ambient beats create an atmospheric bed for Jase Emeka’s flawlessly rhythmic Rap bars to fall into and even though the track ebbs and flows in momentum, there’s a tangible grind in each of the verses.

Modern Hip Hop may not have the best reputation at the moment, but Jase Emeka’s clean authoritative vocals and the way he holds up a mirror to his world and show us our own in this track is definitely sure to put some faith back into the genre.

You can check out the official video to 136 Bars of Jase Emeka by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


T8PES – I Feel Good; The Grime Artist Bringing Back the Old School Rave Momentum

I Feel Good is the latest single from the up and coming Birmingham based Grime artist who clearly doesn’t care for sticking to the genre boundaries as much as he cares about creating electric beats that we can use to share the nostalgia, the connection and most importantly, the momentum behind the drops.

With T8PES latest single you can expect to hear a whole manner of elements of contemporary and retro styles which weave together to create something conceptually beautiful. From Old School Rave, to World Music to Hip Hop, it’s all riddled into the beat. The relentlessly clever and lyrics come in the form of traditional Grime rap verses, yet when the chorus hits T8PES proves that he’s more than able when it comes to vocal harmony with his almost R&B style crooning. What blew me away the most, was the polished standard of production to I Feel Good, it’s pretty God damn rare these days to happen across a Grime artist with squeaky clean production, massive beats and standout Rap talent.

You can check out the official music video to the latest track from T8PES when it drops on August 9th. Stick it in your diary, in the mean time get over to Facebook and join in with the countdown.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Leaf x Grim Sickers x T-Man; This Summer’s Hottest Dub-Driven Grime Collab

It’s not all too often you’re treated to pure, unadulterated Grime; I’m not even sorry to say that Leaf x Grim Sickers x T-Man’s is no exception to the rule thanks to their Bassy Dubstep layering of their heavy mix.

Leaf, Grim Sickers and T-Man’s latest collaboration is as lit as any drop from the genre we’ve heard this year. It’s quite ironic considering the title of Pass Dat Spliff, yes it’s nothing prodigal to verse bars about getting high, but what the trio created with the drop was less than typical. The beat was just as hyped as the Grime bars with inventive dubbed mix ups, Trap trickles, drops and swirling reverberating doom impounding chaos. Meanwhile, charisma poured over each of the rapper’s verses with aggressive, relentless vocal offerings that don’t fail to command respect. Unlike with many Grime tracks It’s clear that as much thought went into the production of the mix as was put into the vocals; Badman Studio’s are clearly a force to be reckoned with if Pass Dat Spliff is anything to go by.

You can check out this summer’s hottest grime collaboration when Pass Dat Spliff drops on July 25th, 2018 via Badman Studio’s SoundCloud page. The San Francisco based label prides itself on staying true to Dub and Dubstep roots… If you’re a fan of a dirty bassline you’re going to be in Dub heaven.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


NE6 – Human Resources: In the 70’s We Had Patti Smith, in 2018 We Have Grime Legends NE6

As someone that has lived in Manchester for my entire life, I can’t quite express how much the latest track by NE6 hit me as they reverently expressed their contempt to the shitshow that is playing out in modern day society. Human Resources is proof of the power music contains. The Grime Hip Hop artists may create a sound that is pretty far from musical revolutionaries such as Patti Smith, but the message still as potent. Any lyrics containing the words “Fuck Theresa May” will always win massive respect from me, but the track went so far past the typical crass Grime lyricism. The track was written to depict the artists view on the recent tragedies that have happened in the UK and all across the world with a focus on Grenfell & the Manchester Arena Bombings. The sentiment is made even more sobering by the resounding, haunting Hip Hop beat which spills ominous beats and kicks around NE6’s Grime lyrical bars. The track flows at the perfect pace which allows NE6’s antagonised passion palpable.

You can check out NE6’s latest drop Human Resources on YouTube now which was published May 22nd, 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KontraBand – 9 to 5: Poetically Piercing London Grime

Hip Hop Rap artist KontraBand has just dropped a track that resonated as deeply as any track by my favourite spoken word Hip Hop artists. The visceral approach the up and coming artist created in his latest release ‘9 to 5’ could only be described as captivating, you just can’t help but hang onto every rhythmically placed word which is laid down into the trickling Trap beat.

There aren’t many artists that can bowl me over, yet with KontraBand’s orchestration of melodic Hip Hop I was well and truly grounded. The immersivity was found in the lyrics, vocals and beats. I’m now ridiculously excited to hear what KontraBand cooks up next with his gritty approach to realism within his lyrics. I’m starting to get convinced that they put something in the water in London to breed such poignant and posed Rap artists. If you’re a fan of George the Poet, Nick Brewer, Ghetts & Krept & Konan I can guarantee you will appreciate KontraBand’s pensive approach to Rap.

Head on over to SoundCloud where you can check out 9 to 5; which was part of Kontraband’s self-titled 2018 EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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