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C.Williams latest new track ‘Lowkey’ is seriously high-grade hip-hop

London-based hip-hop rising star C.Williams has released his new track ‘Lowkey’: an impressive new release from the young artist who has begun to pop up quite strongly on the UK’s rising trapwave scene. 

As hip-hop has exploded into consistent chart topping success across both sides of the atlantic, many aspiring rappers have come to snatch the title of the UK’s next big thing: enter C.Williams. ‘Lowkey’ is a bouncy, charismatic introduction to a rapper who can deliver melodies while at the same time floating on top of a beat with a breezy ease. And where ‘Lowkey’ shines most is a clear sense of charisma dripping throughout the intermittent 808 slugs. 

If you’re a fan of the likes of Octavian, Young Adz and the numerous other trapwave artists coming out of London – don’t miss out on C.Williams accomplished brand of autotuned haze rap. We’re looking forward to seeing what this Australian-born artist has in store for us yet. 

You can check out ‘Lowkey’ on C.Williams Spotify page here.

77 Nxrth (LZ Lenny Hall ft TXCKA, ColeMane and Saint Tom drop impressive visuals for ‘’Italy’’

‘77 Nxrth’ aka ‘LZ Lenny Hall’ has just shared his latest video and it’s a biggie. His new crew are in attendance and this is an exciting chapter for Cleveland Hip Hop.

‘’Italy’’ is the debut single for the new collective from Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. Home of the long-suffering NFL team, the Cleveland Browns, the crew throw a touchdown for this effort. This is a fun song to listen to and full of Mama’s pasta.

With a few of the guys of Italian- American descent, ‘’Italy’’ is a shout out to their natural home. My favorite verse on this track is definitely ‘TXCKA’. He rips it with a doomy raw style that shreds through the beat. Out of the whole crew, he shows the most potential. There are no weak links in the crew however, you can tell that the guys picked up their game for this one. 

A new crew in the making, there is bound to be more released real soon and the progression will be exciting to see. 

Tune in here and see the visuals for this bouncing track on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Curm’ from Atlanta drops ‘’Nature Boy’’ video and it wins with crazy flow

Atlanta Rapper ‘Curm’ has just smashed out his new song all over YouTube with the visuals and it sees the Emcee in top form. He is clearly quite a character and enjoys his time out in the sun with this new video. 

‘’Curm’’ is Curm Johnson, who is clearly influenced by Beastie Boys and he loves being outside. He is the ultimate nature Rapper who is a big fan of being out there amongst the animals and enjoying the peace and quiet. When he isn’t rapping of course, as this song is very loud & in your face.

You can hear the South’s influence here with the speaker-blowing production on ‘’Nature Boy’’. With the beat by Atlanta local, ‘Christian Munro’, the instrumental definitely does the job on this one and is perfect for a turn up session in the car.

Get that Nature Boy on real loud via YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Slredd’ releases bouncy summer R&B banger ‘’No Breaks’’ ft ‘Abksa’

Taken off ‘Chicken Chase Vol 1’ from the Mi Hustle Entertainment label with fellow indie artist ‘Abksa’, ‘’No Breaks’’ is a bouncy track to inspire us to reach for our dreams and not let go, despite the obstacles that ghetto life brings at times. 

The beat is swag-full of flavour, ‘Slredd’ slays with her flow and lyrics that say that she means business now. She is tired of the haters and just wants to do her thing- making money is her only aim now. Extra motivated, you can hear that she is ready to explode music-wise. 

‘Abksa’ complements the song perfectly. Keeping everything in rhythm during the chorus, he sings about similar things to his partner and visualises being in Thailand and also speaks about the pain of ducking and dodging the grave. Growing up in the projects is no cake walk and one must be tough.

Let’s see how the rest of 2020 goes and whether these two can keep on pushing and get that breakout track. ‘’No Breaks’’ is a good song and pushes them up the ranks. 

Hear this song now and get in the mood.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

“New Religion” from NYC Emcee/Athlete ‘P. Muna’ pushes out powerful message to motivate us all

Feeling invincible right now, ‘P Muna’ is a confident man. He is free and flying high in the music game. Dropping gospel verses filled with bad decisions. None of us are perfect, but sometimes we feel like nothing can stop us and that feeling with a slice of humility, must be a good thing. This is exactly what “New Religion” is about. This New York based artist is simply telling us that he is feeling good right now, real good.

Also an athlete and future motivational speaker, ‘P. Muna’ has opened up for some of the biggest artists around, including 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, the late, great Mac Miller (RIP) and Juicy J. This is an Emcee who has found his lane and is driving through it in style, right now he is feeling at his best. 

With offerings like “New Religion”, ‘P. Muna’ is on a mission to reach the top so let’s see how he goes about it. Hip Hop is always on the lookout for the next big thing, maybe late 2020 and early 2021, is this Prosper’s time to smash through the front door and take over? With his incredible attitude and inspirational focus, I’m betting on him. 

Stream more on his SoundCloud today and find out more about the confident Emcee.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sam-r shows up with strong and smart rap chops on new track Mine

Toronto-based rapper and hip-hop artist Sam-r has released new track ‘Mine’. 

Originally hailing from Syria, this Toronto based rapper doesn’t provide the typical kinds of sounds you’d associate with the Toronto scene – instead his style is much closer to the likes of Kota the Friend over the likes of Tory Lanez. And with the release of ‘Mine’, Sam-r comes strong with his delivery and is able to swerve effortlessly between multi-syllabic inter rhymes to staccato hits on the beat to provide an impeccably strong piece of conscious work with a bounce that helps it feel modern, fresh and enjoyable. 

If you’re a fan or independent, streetwise hip-hop with intelligent overtures and production that doesn’t overpower the content – Sam-r’s ‘Mine’ should definitely be on your new release hip-hop playlist.

You can check out ‘Mine’ on Sam-r’s Spotify page here.

Atlanta Rapper/Producer ‘Yahchi B’ drops visuals for his self-assured‘’Quarantine Freestyle’

‘’I’m not your boyfriend, bae or anything in between.’’ Sending a message to the ladies in his life, ‘Yahchi B’ is quite fine with being single right now as he is on a quest for global respect and recognition. 

Heavily influenced by Nas, Outkast, Tupac, Rakim, Eminem, and Kanye West, you can feel the old school style in his lyrical delivery. He mixes in his own new school style while on the mic and the results are quite impressive.

Formerly from the Bronx in New York, ‘Yahchi B’ made the move from his roots a few years ago and this change seems to have paid off. New York is a great city but it is easy to get lost in the suffocating environment of NYC Hip Hop. His style fits the more relaxed but music-crazy South USA.

In the Hip Hop game since 2012, this veteran rapper & self-produced artist has amassed quite a good following since his debut. A very confident Emcee, his flow is impressive, the beat real fly and with a summer time/chill by the pool with your bikini or swim shorts on energy to it. 

Stream this Atlanta rapper’s YouTube visuals right here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Queens Emcee ‘Del’ busts through the front door with outstanding debut ‘’Sunnyside Freestyle’’

‘’We ready to get it on. I’m the self acclaimed prophecy.’’ Is there a new force in New York Hip Hop?

Sunnyside in Queens, NYC Emcee ‘Del’ is on a mission. He believes he is the best. Wayne Brady good. This guy can rap and shows the world his mad skills on a dope beat. This is proper Hip Hop, Queens style.

‘’I need three girls at all times/Like the motherfucking power puffs’’. “Del’’ has clever wordplay up his sleeve and this is a prime example. So many Emcee’s ramble about the same thing but not this artist. He has a vivid imagination and vision, something you can’t teach.

With more tracks like ’’Sunnyside Freestyle’’, ‘Del’ is unlikely to be lonely at night. A fairly new addition to the legendary New York music scene, he smashes through to demand respect on this single and will surely break out soon. He is too good not to.

Being a new artist, I am intrigued to see what comes next, who he collabs with and how this fantastic talent evolves. Hip Hop is in a good place with ‘Del’ and long may this journey continue. 

Stream Del from your favorite platform.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

High rising young Emcee BG Scott debuts with ‘’You Can Say’’

‘’I gave this all my all, I’m waiting on this call.’’ Giving it 100% is all anyone can ask for and sometimes we just need a little bit of luck, to take things to the next level. BG wants this to work out real bad and speaks on this topic via his debut music release- ‘’You Can Say’’.  

Introducing, ‘BG Scott’ who is 19 years old and is straight outta Lynchburg, Virginia in the USA. Inspired by his brother to get into music, this young Emcee must just be patient, ignore the haters and just make good music. 

This is a good start to his music career, the production is tight and his voice comes across well. A lot of Emcee’s struggle with this and mumble a lot. While at times popular, that kind of style will never be timeless.

Let’s see what ‘BG Scott’s’ next music sounds like. I’m sure that it will be really good. He wants to be huge in the game so it’s bound to be a motivated song. 

In this game, motivation is exactly the attitude you need.

Click on the Spotify page and enjoy more of this talented Emcee.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Indie Emcee straight outta Detroit JASHAR drops ‘’Bait’’

Tired of watching other rappers drinking their fame, talent and money away, ‘JASHAR’, is creating his own way. He is building his own lane and driving right in the middle. That’s the way to do it and he must be admired for this method, no longer relying on labels- he is now fully independent.  

‘JASHAR’ has also gone on tour in 2017 with the likes of Def Jam and Platinum recording artist ‘M City JR’. Between all streaming music giants, JASHAR has been streamed 100,000 times. A very impressive number.

‘’Bait’’ is the 2nd release from 2020 and it follows ‘Quarantine: The Beat Tape’, an 8 track EP. ‘JASHAR’ has only been in the game for a few years and shows loads of potential. I’m keen to see how his sound develops and if he can move to the top of the pile in a crowded genre.

‘JASHAR’s notable early career has included opening performances for both the ‘Ying Yang Twins’ and the ‘Motorcity Gumball’. Let’s see what 2021 brings for this up and coming rapper, it could be a good year.

Get more music from ‘JASHAR’  right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen