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Chaz Og ft. Brianna Imani & Prince Pusha – Slide on my Ice: Trap Rap

Alright, “Slide on my Ice” is ready to slide in your Spotify playlist; and you will rejoice.

“Slide on my Ice” is a trap banger by Chaz Og, also featuring Brianna Imani and Prince Pusha. Let us get out of the way the commentary on the production: Nothing abruptly new, it is a typical trap beat –although some lusciousness on the bass drums’ sound can be detected. The two male rappers bring the heat, they add to the song what the song needs: some imperious bars during each verse. Without taking anything away from them though, I will go ahead and say that it is Brianna Imani’s feature that really makes the song become airborne. She has a tasteful flow, she knows her rapping game too well.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that “Slide on my Ice” lacks nothing in order to make some decent impact on the internet music charts. It shows the proper audacity and shininess both on its lyrical and musical content. Feel free to take a listen here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


J Rocca – No Time: Trap Rap

J Rocca’s ‘No Time’ is your typical trap single. “And why would I need to listen to another trap single?” I hear you ask. Oh, you certainly do, you certainly want to.

J Rocca does not utilize much sleekness on the song’s chorus, in which he clearly states that he doesn’t have any time for the fake ones. This is a stereotypical trap song; which means that certain things come with the territory: Drums and double snares that you have listened to numerous times before and….that’s about it. Fortunately, his flow on this track isn’t among the popular ones -that are worn-out, let’s be honest. The most impressive part is that at about 02:20 J Rocca hits us with an explosive roll that showcases his undoubtful ability to rap. There are people that release acclaimed trap hits who can’t rap, he can, so there’s that.

This is a decent trap song, one that I would add on my trap playlist if I had one. But I know that you have, so go over on Spotify listen to it and add it on yours.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


‘Whoa!’ – Genesys

Genesys describes himself as a “unique artist changing the game one step at a time”. This track, with its unapologetic confidence and verve, cements him as a rapper fully ahead of the very game he wants to change.

The striking thing about ‘Whoa!’ is how clear and concise it is. Genesys’ lyrics do not possess a haphazard sense of fragmentation; he knows exactly what he wants to say and how precisely to say it. His short, pithy lines hold an intricate complexity. Let me break it down for you.

‘Whoa!’ begins with a riff that is just as unassuming in its coolness as Genesys is in his rapping. Over the guitar, the rapper asserts himself all over the track, mixing polysyllabic rhymes with brazen assurances that make your ears prick up as you resolve to listen and genuinely hear what he has to say.

Lines like “You can keep the thousands, I’m just heading for the millions” are prophetic assertions that this young, inspired and exciting rapper has a long road ahead of him.

The steady, relentless beat goes on as Genesys builds momentum with every bar and witticism. He mixes metaphors and puns together like a seasoned wordsmith, but this fledgling’s story has only just begun.

‘Whoa!’ is another promising example of how Genesys is developing into an individual entity in the rap world. Watch this space, it’s only going to get bigger.

Listen to ‘Whoa!’ Here

Review by Alicia Carpenter


Hey-Zooz – Growth: Conscious Hip Hop

There is really no reason to blabber about how much impact the city of Atlanta has had on hip hop music. I mean that is history. And it’s a pretty thing to see that this legacy is alive and kicking.

Hailing from Atlanta, Hey-Zooz recently released a five-song EP called “Recovery”. The first song of which is “Growth”. It’s a song that makes your teeth grit. Production-wise is minimalistic, beautiful, mellow. Great work on the acoustic guitar lick that was sampled for the beat. Hey-Zooz’s delivery is right on the mark. He spits heartfelt bars in a smooth way however you will find no unnecessary melodrama here; you will listen to a man’s story, a brave story.

If I was to select a suitable place to be at in order to get the most from this track, that will have to be the subway, riding it back home after a long day at work.

You need to listen to this song. Listen to it on Spotify

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Ap48Buck Releases Their Latest R&B-Infused Trap Earworm with the Single “No Love”

After a string of successful hits, Ap48Buck has released their latest single “No Love”, which as you can expect packs in plenty of lovelorn sentiment. Yet, by making sure that there’s plenty of grind contained in the single No Love still runs through as a high fire drop which you may just find becomes your new R&B-infused Trap earworm.

Ap48Buck’s vocals run clean, allowing you to hear the visceral passion which the track was inspired by. But No Love contains plenty more than just candid lyrical waxing – expect plenty of meta twists in the lyricism which allows you to contemplate loss and loneliness from a brand-new perspective.

Throughout No Love, unpredictably harsh bass provides a solid structure while light and primally melodic rhythm weave through the track, making Ap48Buck’s latest single stand as a testament to their maturity as an artist.

You can check out Ap48Buck’s latest single No Love for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LorRichie Releases their Latest High-Fire Hip Hop Single “TMS”

Up and coming Rap artist LorRichie has revisited the golden Era of Hip Hop with his latest release TMS (Talk My Shit), allowing the single to unravel as a magnetic offering of soul, authority, and rhythm.

Instead of sterile trap beats, LorRichie has infused a Jazz-style gentle iridescence into the multi-layered mesmerism in TMS. Yet, LorRichie’s Rap verses offer a potent serving of relentlessly rhythmic passion.

LorRichie has allowed TMS to resonate with plenty of charisma which makes it all too easy to slip into the narrative behind TMS; which definitely isn’t something you find frequently with underground Rap artist. But with TMS LorRichie has proven that his sound definitely doesn’t belong on the underground.

You can check out LorRichie’s latest single TMS via Amazon and Apple music now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Quantum C – I Can’t Wait ft. The Tie Dye Intellect: Progressively Fresh Hip Hop

Up and coming Atlanta-based Rap artist Quantum C has recently released their latest collaborative album “We”. Each of the tracks features a different supporting artist allowing the album to unfold as a diverse array of stylised fresh Hip Hop.

“I Can’t Wait” is the perfect introduction to Quantum C’s energetic approach to their sound, their relentlessly rhythmic and perfectly metered bars offer an unapologetic serving of undiluted attitude while the unpredictable beats constantly evolve in the progressive mix.

The Tie Dye Intellect also offered their enigmatic lyrical waxing in I Can’t Wait which allowed the track to stand as a testament to both of their talents when it came to creating a tight dynamic mix of Old School Hip Hop.

You can check out Quantum C’s single I Can’t Wait along with the rest of their latest album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ed Riley releases their latest experimental Hip Hop single “Self Love”

“Self Love” is the latest single from up and coming Alt Hip Hop artist Ed Riley who perceptibly has no intention of assimilating former artist’s work in his own. Instead of creating a track with the usual archetypal structures, Self Love is a raw hit of undiluted passion with an experimental flow.

Even with the short duration of Self Love, you’d have to have a soul of stone not to feel anything as you listen to the mesmeric tempo of the track which allows samples of nostalgically vintage Soul to bring the layers of harmony. You’ll also come to appreciate the bass-heavy EDM Hip Hop beats which transform Self Love into a reverberant immersive single.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Factual – Echo: Artfully Atmospheric Hip Hop

“Echo” is the extremely progressive New Wave Trap single from the up and coming artist Factual’s debut album “Wicked Path”. After a string of successful singles, a full-length release from Factual was hotly anticipated from the fans who had come to appreciate the artist’s incredibly distinctive approach to Hip Hop. The single may be a little slow to start, yet, once you get to the track’s momentous sweet spot, you’ll know Echo was more than worth the patient investment.

Factual let his vocals run clean in Echo over a solid, polished, and rhythmically rendered Trap beat which was soaked in reverb to make the tonality of the single match the title. It isn’t all too often that we encounter artfully atmospheric Hip Hop, but we’re definitely here for it.

You can check out Factual’s single Echo for yourselves along with the rest of their 2019 album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sways offers poignantly powerful downtempo stripped back Grime with latest single “OKAY”

After the release of his latest single “OKAY” up and coming London-based Hip Hop Rap artist Sways has proven that he’s one of the rare urban artists who are putting out music for the right reasons. People have always needed music to survive, but many artists fail to remember to offer something powerful through the lyricism, that’s exactly where Sways sets himself apart with their poignant verses which have the potential to question the fabric of your own existence.

The bars flow like spoken word charismatic poetry while the beats behind OKAY offer a steady and stripped back rhythm which gives the track a solid structure while allowing Sways vocals to gently dominate the cathartic track.

You can check out the official to Sways latest single OKAY which dropped on July 4th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast