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GxD– It’s Ok: 808’s Have Never Sounded Sweeter

Manin Gauba AKA GxD, dropped his latest track ‘It’s Ok’ earlier this year on January 29 2018 with a little help from JAB47, before the track was perfectly polished by Izak x DeCicco. Together they have created a fresh new sound packed with iconic 808 rhythm which to be honest, you’re either going to love or hate. But rather than trying to please the crowds, GxD has created the ultimate grunge addled sound that furiously flows as one of the freshest sounds to come out of Jersey.

The independent rapper may be new to the scene, but his debut track shows that there’s not much more left for this rapper to learn. His lyrical flow is tight and resounding over the almost orchestral trap style beat. It’s Ok is just one of the vibrant, energetic sounds that GxD has composed as part of his sophomore mixtape. I’m already stoked to hear the next angsty installation from one of the most enigmatic artists around today.

You can check out It’s Ok along with Gxd’s other sounds via Soundcloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mykavelli – Bounce Back: Next Level Hip Hop Ingenuity

Hip Hop has never sounded as sweet as when it’s orchestrated by Mykavelli, an emerging new urban Hip Hop & Rap artist that’s stormed onto the scene with his latest track Bounce Back.

The track doesn’t hesitate before it kicks into a furious flow, the harsh snaps of the beat create a furious cacophony of bass that sets the stage for Mykavelli to dominate with his lyrics and infectious rhythmic flow. It doesn’t seem fair to compare to the track to anything else on the scene today, it’s elemental fury rattles and rolls under the domineering prowess of one of the most talented underground rappers on the scene today. His sound is steeped in urban roots, taking elements from artists such as Ice Cube to create a track as fresh as Ice Cube’s 1999 hit You Can Do It. The track was dropped early 2017, here’s to hoping Mykavelli treats us to a fresh new mix in 2018.

With Bounce Back Mykavelli has created a track that everyone can get down to, it’s a stampede of raucous Hip Hop delight.

You can check our Bounce Back on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mz.Dyzihre Feat. Brima – Down Low: A New Era for Dancehall

Mz.Dyzihre Feat. Brima’s new track Down Low (What You Sippin?) is a creative mix from one of the most talented emerging artists in Dancehall today, it’s bouncing vibe and domineering edge are just a few of the feats that make this track one of the most infectious that 2018 has seen to date. Drenched in the iconic Dancehall Rhythm, Mz.Dyzihre mixes the genre with a contemporary aura to her resounding vocals that when the chorus hits, she allows them to flow as veraciously as Missy Elliot, yet her sound is strangely reminiscent to Peaches thanks to her inventive lyrics. The track has a little bit more repetition than I’d like from a Dancehall mix but no one can deny that Down Low is a track fuelled by virulent empowering vibes from the New York based artist. Her sound is one that translates into pure, palpable ecstasy.

You can check out Down Low for yourself via Soundcloud using the link below:

Head on over to Mz.Dyzihre’s official website for tour info, new releases and more media celebrating this Dancehall artists iconic sound.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


MARC – Do U Even Kno: The New Age of Urban Pop Squeezed Into a 2 Minute Masterpiece

Okay, grammar aside, Do U Even Kno is a pretty dope Hip Hop Pop hit. The St. Louis based artist pertains his own enigmatic thug vibe that’s actually instantly loveable. The beat is one that pulls you into the harmony of the track as it thrashes between harsh tempos under complex, resounding layers that leave you in a pretty transient state. For a two minute track to squeeze in so much unchained fury through the lyrics is something you definitely have to check out for yourself.

When MARC’s voice isn’t hiding under reverb, it’s delectably brash with his own unique vibe that the Hip Hop scene simply ignore. The emerging artist teamed up with JANITOR to produce this absolute hit of a track which is probably the best Hip-Hop Pop track you’re going to hear this year.

You can check out MARC’s latest release via SoundCloud using the link below:

Follow MARC & keep up to date with his new releases and events on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Wx – Newport Shorts: Furiously Subtle Hip Hop

Newport Shorts is nothing like your average Rap Hip Hop track, it may appear so as you hit play and the Rap verses carry you through to the chorus, but that’s where the sickeningly talented rapper treats you to a sweet taste of vocal harmony wrapped around lyrics which melt into the subtle down-tempo trap mix.

WX takes inspiration from rappers such as Drake, Machine Gun Kelly, G Eazy & MGK to create his sound which translates into his first ever anthemic hit which truly stands in a league of its own. Newport Shorts is a track that moves at a furiously subtle pace which hits you like a tonne of bricks every time you listen to the heart wrenching rendition. The romantically venomous lyrics sting you every time you listen to this track, It’s clear that US based Rapper Wx didn’t hold back when writing and orchestrating his debut. It’s almost impossible to believe that this is the first track the artist has put out there on the soundwaves, it’s absolute perfection.

You can check out Wx’s track Newport Shorts on Soundcloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Next Up It’s Zel Monstrous

Any musical genre is built on two forces. One playing by the rules, coalescing the genres traditional sounds and accepting its place in the pact, the other pushing the boundaries, testing new waters, beating fresh paths through previously uncharted territory. Zel Monstrous is defiantly in the latter category. Yes, Next Up is built around a hip-hop vibe but not like any you have heard before, this is hip-hop deconstructed to its basic building blocks, the beats and the lyrics, and then put back together using a musical mortar built of distant, alien synth sounds, strange electronic motifs and riffs which seem to have been harvested from deep space.

None other than Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, and that sort of insanity is fine for those who just want to play it safe and tread generic water, but whilst Zel Monstrous might seem to making music on the edge of madness, his progressive and exploratory nature, the bravery employed in taking new paths, facing new risks, actually makes him one of the sanest and most focused guys in the game. The mind is indeed a strange but wonderful place indeed.


Johnny H Asks What’s Up

Not every piece of music has to start revolutions, similarly not every track has to merely re-invent the wheel, and between the cutting edge and the tried and tested you find Johnny H and his blend of old-school, slow grooving hip-hop, confident street level rap and swirling electronica vibes. Okay, we have heard it all before, sort of, it’s built on a certain familiarity, for sure, and sticks faithfully to the rap canon of cool flow and edgy content but it is also cohesive, glossy, stylish, and sophisticated, as his candied melodies get compressed through a sleepy, singsong delivery.

And it is this addictive combination of hypnotic vocal delivery and trippy accessibility which really moves the ball forward, breaks out of the comfort zones and offers a new take on an old sound. It is the perfect eulogy for the streets, the hustle, the hassle, the grime and the game, it plays to stereotypical images but it drips with dark reality. If ever rap music spoke with the aspirations and aggrandisements of the young urban experience, this is where it is said most eloquently in rap’s own first language.


An Eclectic Sound But A Hip-Hop Soul

Born Soul is the product of the modern age. Born Soul is the sound of musical evolution. Born Soul is the embodiment of the post-genre world. Born Soul is music styles being meshed, music and prose finding new ways to work together, the rule book being torn apart and previous tribal lines of demarcation being crossed, ignored and erased.

Fa Shiggidy is a mercurial blend of hip-hop flow, spoken word delivery, indie instrumentation and a pop sensibility.  Whilst it harks back, in some ways, to the hip-hop golden age when A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul where conducting revolutionary sonic experimentation, this is that vibe, that thought process, replayed and repackaged for todays urban music fan. It grooves, it pulses, it is sweet, lyrical and accessible. In a world where many people working in similar musical directions seem so obsessed with their own image rather than the creative output, it is great to find an artist aware of their place in history, trying new blends and new creative weaves, and in doing so creating music which is both vibrant and forward thinking.


Jov Delivers A New Interesting New Song ; Secrets

A cool slow jam that’s rooted in the genre of hip-hop and rap of music is what you’ve get to feel when you listen to this track. More like it still mirrored the 80’s hip-hop / rap style and infused in it the new modern vibe of rap sound.

The song is entirely a nice song overall and the intro of the song; the part where a tone hurled that “Hello & Beats” which echoed for a minute before it dispersed almost immediately is somewhat one of the best part of this song that made it very vibrant and promising.

Beyond the Intro of the song, we were then ushered in with to a rather sound with a different tempo. The resulting well pitched slow hip-hop beat that played with time fall into place.

To revoke that same feeling that abounds in the sound of those classical hip-hop slow jamz songs from the likes that of Pac and biggie then “Secrets” by Jov is the perfect song that will bring back those memories.

The cool rap style of Jov is also very impressive and commendable. The lyrics of this song are well penned and very creative. From the lyrics of this song that’s well constructed we can easily inferred that Jov is quite an intelligent and an erudite music writer.

I only have a little problem with the way the song abruptly ended (excluding the outro of the song) and the sound of a phone ringtone that was heard playing in the background whilst the song was just about to get started; perhaps the ringtone was deliberately left to play in the background. Overall I still think the song is really nice and a well penned song.

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Toast – One Of Those Night; A Confectionary Of Resonating Vibe

Resolved, now get you cloak and cape ready because “OOTN” in its surrealistic power will leave you levitating way above the skyline and entwined in marshmallow of its unimpaired sound.

“One Of Those Night” can be likened to the north star of the lunar world. This song is absofuckinglutely psychedelic. A conglomeration of well invented sound in a perfect blend of hip-hop sound is what this song is all about.

Hip-Hop couldn’t have been pitched any better.  A pure definition of an incredible talent and brain is what this epic song revolves on. You’ll be so damn wonderstruck to even say the very least when you behold the worth of the musical treasure that is tucked beneath this music.

The Intro of this song is so captivating and was exactly positioned to work as that perfect click bait that lies in wait to abduct and lure anyone that toils towards its path.

It’s even more amazing to witness the beauty of musical transition of different synth that was occasionally enacted at each minute of this song.

The deep voice of the artist further signed, sealed and rendered this a masterpiece that’s in a class of its own. This artist is in the clime of Big Sean and Childish Gambino. Toast’s Rap game is A+ and the flow of the rhyme is just too smooth.

The technical brilliance of the sound, the apt adroitness of the artist, the annunciation and self-expressiveness of the artist’s clear intent, and above all the flawless delivery of the song is the most electrifying feeling I’ve had from a hip-hop song recently.

This song is most definitely the dopest hip-hop / rap song you should cop for yourself and listen to right now.

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