Hooked On You: AARON ELVIS feels the fire burning deep within the soul on the sexy Supersonic

Chasing his lover around and enjoying each moment while it lasts, AARON ELVIS wants to trust the process but doesn’t want to lose this unbelievable heart on Supersonic.

AARON ELVIS is a Sydney, Australia-based Hawaii-born indie pop singer-songwriter who grew up with music in his veins due to his parent’s classic records.

Epic beyond previous levels of comprehension, AARON ELVIS demonstrates so much love and excitement on this ear-tingling track. On a beat so sexy it might cause blushes, Supersonic is the kind of song to kiss passionately with.

Supersonic from Sydney, Australia-based indie pop singer-songwriter AARON ELVIS is a superheated single which might cause lots of sweaty bodies to join together as one. With lyrics to be illuminated by and lots of stunning exuberance, this is a rather special performance of much substance.

When you know who you are into, keeping that fire alive is all that matters.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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