Atomic Bronco’s buccaneering indie rock hits its heights with ‘Heartbreaker’

Atomic Bronco have released new single ‘Heartbreaker’ from their new album Nightflowers.

It’s emphatically Vespa-scooter-loving big-mirrored hot-rodded mod rock served up at the Atomic Bronco breakfast table with this release. Bronco serve up some enjoyable airpod after-eights for dessert, but not before serving you with a main course of vintage, buttery indie goodness. 

Check it out if you want to take an audial stroll down a Black-Mirrored 70s Notting Hill soundscape. Then, have your ears digitally cleaned, caressed, and slightly blown-off, by some hot-rodded indie rock. 

You can check out Atomic Bronco’s ‘Heartbreaker’ on the artist’s Soundcloud page.

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