Hip hop and blues fusionist Avery Jacob has released his latest cavernous stormer of a single

Vibe alchemist and hip hop/blues fusionist, Avery Jacob has been on our radar ever since the release of their 2019 single, Sprit Cookin’. With his ability to exude the charisma of 1,000 cult leaders, we couldn’t help getting excited about how they’d follow on from the stormer of a soul-filling single.

Now that the world is infinitely more dystopic and depressing than when we were introduced to Avery Jacob, his luminary style is more visceral than ever. Their most recent release, ‘Storm Coming’, lyrically reflects the depressive thoughts which have implanted in our minds over the last 12 months as drum rolls trigger a tribal impulse to get adrenalized instead of apathetic.

The cavernous rolls of thunder which join Avery Jacob’s signature bluesy acoustic bass bends is enough to make Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl sound tame. Hit play, and you’ll find out how Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction felt during the adrenaline-shot-to-the-heart scene.

Storm Coming is available to stream via Spotify.

Head over to their official website for more info and ways to listen.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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