Nigeria’s Bibicentric rises up to deliver a modern day gem on ‘Monophobia’

Bibicentric aka Bibi is a sweet-voiced Nigerian singer who has just released the glorious gem that is ‘Monophobia‘.

Monophobia‘ is the debut EP to come from the Afro-soul artist with a voice that is transcendent. Rich with R&B vocals and cool jazz styles, ‘Monophobia‘ is sensual and laid-back with deep emotions and true stories from her life. ‘Monophobia‘ takes on love, both good and bad and also family life.

Working with bassist Godwinscat and producer General, with features from Obasax and Happy Quartet, the debut EP from Bibicentric is a deeply personal introduction to the fine R&B singer. She takes her chance and wins on this release. Her voice is so pure and you can feel the emotion when she sings.

There is very little swag here and she focuses on the music. This is a welcome addition to 2020 and the beauty flows over each song, much to my hearts content. After starting her music career at the tender age of 15, you can just hear that this is an artist who in the zone and ready to explode all over the world.

The highlights for me on the album is ‘What Love Feels Like‘, ‘Toxic‘ and ‘Mama’s Prayers‘. These three songs strike hot and are vibrantly sung. They fully showcase Bibi’s voice and dazzle the speakers. There are no bad songs on this EP however and everything is so well done.

Bibicentric impresses highly on ‘Monophobia‘. This is a fine EP that deserve lots of love globally due to her stunning voice and excellent production. Nigeria’s finest has just arrived to take over.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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