Heat In The Vault: AnonymousTheRapper stacks that paper real high on I’m Ballin

Displaying his hardcore mentality that is leading us deep inside his gangsta rap show for the underground, AnonymousTheRapper feels like he has the game shook and will not stop until he is King of the castle with I’m Ballin.

AnonymousTheRapper is an emerging UK-based indie hip hop artist who prefers to keep his real identity hidden from the entire world at this current time.

I just rap about whatever. If it sounds good and I like it, who cares. Gotta sneak in some good punchlines. Lyrical rap is underrated in this era.” ~ AnonymousTheRapper explaining to us his rap vision via this exclusive quote

Lyrically dominant, even though it feels like he is just getting started, AnonymousTheRapper rips the heart out of anyone who has doubted him in the past. You feel his rugged intensity rattle the cages of our shook speakers that seem to heat up like a steaming volcano about to explode.

I’m Ballin from the mysterious UK rapper AnonymousTheRapper is a potent display which might cause many to nod their heads in approval. Showing us he is only intent on getting that dosh to improve his life in order to provide his family with a better future, this is a reminder that anything is possible. He raps with such force and you feel the determination oozing from each corner of this track that might cause many rap heads to gasp in delight.

Lacing the airwaves with his money-happy personality, this is a sizzling song for anyone who needs to know what hard work sounds like.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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