The Sounds Of The People: London-based spoken word poet AMD SPEAKS astounds yet again with ‘Black Holes II’

As he warmly encourages us to only transmit true love from our words and actions despite the dreadful fire burning all around us, AMD SPEAKS returns with his thoughtful new album called ‘Black Holes II‘.

Aaron Daniel aka AMD SPEAKS is a world class London, England-based spoken word artist. He carefully fuses that real storyteller vibe — that keeps your mind alive with that proper insight — despite what is going on in the world as we speak.

This is that rare piece of absolute brilliance, that is made with so much calm energy, as his relaxed tone of information forms a sheet of guidance, to cover up our eyes from the things which we don’t actually need.

There are all highlights here and ‘Grand Rising(ft. Miss Yankey), ‘Sage‘, and ‘A Prayer’, are particular standouts on this superb nine track waterfall of emotions. His deep voice and truthful lyrics rises above all of the noisy conversation that ultimately, isn’t helping you at all.

This is that music release that strikes you hard in your beating heart, as you strive to be a better person and to not let fake gossip and garbage consumerism block your mind up, into the swampy gutter below.

Black Holes II‘ from London’s AMD SPEAKS, brings us that real word on life through his lens, as he perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the world, as he sees it right now. This is the type of album that is highly needed in this unconnected word that has malware flowing through everywhere like an infected water stream. The awaiting world needs more music like this to heal us all of those scars, that need some love and truth lathered all over.

Stream this top album on Spotify and check out his IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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