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Meeting aliens on the way home: ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva’ from Spurious Transients is a psychedelic tale of a strange meeting

Something Strange Came Out Of The Skies by Spurious Transients

The humming beat makes the hairs on your back stand up to attention, your neck shivers as you feel rather anxious all of a sudden. The sounds of mystery morphs into your body, and your heart starts to beat so much faster. ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva‘ from the earth-defying South West Wales Electronic-Psychedelia band Spurious Transients, is a new song that isn’t from our planet.

The eerily expressive vocals tell the story so vividly, the poetic style sticks in your mind as you wonder if you have also seen strangeness like this before. The words bite hard like a hungry lion, you are soon transported into this strange world, that is usually only in Hollywood movies. The details are so precise, drawing you in like a good story-teller does.

You get lost in the dark woods, the rustle in the song is constant as the harrowing beat gets you into a paranoid mood. Your heart is a bit scared and you peer outside the window quietly, just to make sure you are safe right now. The Welsh accent you hear shows the fear of this moment, and the details are so fascinating to hear, as you listen along to see how the story unfolds.

This strange occurrence is quite freaky at times as your breaths are short, this story too real to do anything else, Spurious Transients¬†bring their original sound that is like none other on ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva‘. This is a ride that will get your heart beating extra fast, and is so uniquely genius.

Hear this mysterious story on their Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Parabasis’ from Turkish producer Can Bora Tanzer is a mysterious electro classic

Parabasis‘ from Can Bora Tanzer is a mysterious electro classic from the Turkish producer that soon lifts you into a different state of mind.

Istanbul, Turkey is home of Can Bora Tanzer and he makes music about the hidden darkness coming from the bare truth of life. Sure true words spoken and the distortion here is so fascinating, the sound like no other.

Combined with classical and ethnic music elements, he synthesizes them together to create a tasty blend of music that is a bit spooky too. The hairs on my back and arms shoot up as I listen to this gifted producer make this classic. This is a song that I have never heard before and I like how this is different to most and not just a recycled track that has been done a million times before.

Parabasis‘ from Can Bora Tanzer, the talented Turkish producer, soon puts you in a zone of reflection as the brooding beat just gets better and better. The vocals really grab you and you feel the down-tempo electronic, ambient, alternative and new age experiences. This is a track to turn up real loud in the car or in your room, this is a sound of a morning gaze at night time. You feel like you are in a different world and this is a terrific electro single that glistens in your body.

Head through to the Spotify link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen