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If You Dodge Me: Ostrava rock band Saca refuses to rest until they are found with ‘The Post’

With a highly engaging style that clutches your concentration instantly due to the mysterious undercurrents attached, Saca, brings us the story about the bearded guy with the hat who takes what he wants on ‘The Post‘.

Saca is a highly expressive 4-piece Czech indie rock band that was created in 2014. They construct a pensive blend of music that certainly fastens our mindful functions and has you pondering your own life as you see it.

A nebulous idea for the video came about in winter at the singer’s party and was typed into a phone, then forwarded to the M.T. ArtStudio director who made it into a script.” ~ Saca

Saca keep us completely engrossed the whole way throughout on a catchy track and smartly-made visuals, that takes you down that dark road and into a place that should be safe and filled with love. There is much to like about a band that is always evolving and keep us on our toes during this riveting experience.

The Post‘ from the Ostrava, Czech Republic-based indie-rock act Saca, is a haunting track and video that is so stimulating on the soul. There is much mystery here about the guy in the hat, as you feel the movie-like story unfold and wonder what shall transpire next. Performed by a band who seem to be moving only upwards as their sound improves and evolves after each track, this is a European act that is certainly one to keep an eye on.

See this gritty new visual on YouTube and find out more about their progression via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Find That Peace: Sol Naut truly misses that special one on ‘Your Love’

After dazzling our stirred-like-Bond’s-martini senses with his previous sizzling single from earlier in 2021 named ‘Voyager‘, Sol Naut has our pressurized pulses sprinting with a spectacular effort for the ages with ‘Your Love‘.

Sol Naut is a mysteriously enthralling electronic solo artist and music producer who is fairly new on the scene but performs with an experienced edge that lets you know that he is for real.

Sol Naut drops one of the more bass-stretching singles of 2021 so far with an extraordinary effort that has you appreciating nature again – with the cute chirps of the birds to the strong growl at the end – that has your whole body back outside again and away from the addictive forces that can grab your attention, with a little box to keep you away from where you should be.

Your Love‘ from this quality electronic artist Sol Naut, appears to be the kind of track that is all about taking time to reflect on what has gone on before. The outstanding beat is superb and has your fascinated ears shaking from all the charm that leaves you in quite the tranquil state, to replenish your hungry soul that needs that love again.

Finding your place again through meditation is the only way to heal up first, so that you may love intensely again.

Check out this vibe-filled single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Higher Place: EDM producer Tangry takes us into the party ‘Zone’

With a fresh sound and an energetic burst of energy to transfix our minds away from current times, Tangry skillfully takes us into his exciting new world with the high-octane new EDM single named ‘Zone‘.

Tangry is a new and mysterious underground EDM producer. He likes to make that striking thunderbolt-to-your-body music that has you feeling a shock-wave of euphoria-packed kind of emotion, flowing stunningly into your hungry veins.

You feel like your starved body is in another planet entirely, as you follow the lead and enrapture yourself into the silky beat which feels like is kindly wrapping your body, into a warm lathering of incredible feelings you have locked away for too long. His easy-to-see skill on the controls is beyond brilliant – as he swiftly takes us a for a party-soaked ride – that has you feeling reinvigorated again.

Zone‘ from the underground music producer Tangry, is an EDM thunderbolt of emotions that swirls into that ravenous mind and take you places you definitely forget existed. The vibe is high paced here and this thunderous track has you thinking many things, including how you wish those massive festivals were open again. That all-empowering freedom on the dance floor with the sweaty buzz from the crowd around you, can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see his movements on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maybe You Love Me: Zecrio finds it hard to breathe in the smog of the ‘The Underground’

Released as part of his vibrantly striking nine-track album named ‘These Games XXII‘, Zecrio takes us to a pulsating place of much intrigue and mysterious love on ‘The Underground‘.

Dark RnB/soul artist Zecrio, is a highly creative soul who pushes the boundaries of our perspective with an ever-evolving tunnel of mystique, as he looks for that special heart who will complete him away from the fake world we currently reside in.

The album alternates from sadistic to masochistic, from broken to dominant, and from sensual to self-destructive. Combining these elements together, it’s hard to tell whether he looks to love as a cure, or is chasing to destroy it.” ~ Zecrio

His riveting high pitched vocals stuns you so quickly, as we are swept into this rather passionate story of wishing things could be different than they are right now. The sensational soundscape takes you to a place that has you wondering about that person you once loved so much, but they perhaps didn’t feel the same and it really had your sad heart feeling so confused. You thought that you could be in each others arms, but the timing was perhaps unfortunately off on this occasion.

The Underground‘ by the dark RnB/soul artist Zecrio, is a speaker hugging experience that takes you into the window by the bedroom, as he whole body wants to be with her so badly. He feels invisible to her but knows that she has feelings for him deep down, as he wonders if they will end up being together. This is one of more fascinating releases of 2021, and spins a wondering web all over your shivering chest of desire.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page to follow the social activity.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Why Do You Keep Me Around: Nvrcallme might fall down on ‘fwb’ (prod. johnnyfriend)

On a highly relevant new song which makes you think why some people act so differently when they are with other people, Nvrcallme wonders deeply if this will cause a deep rift forever on ‘fwb (prod. johnnyfriend).

Nvrcallme is an anime-fused indie hyper-pop artist. He has a striking style which is quick-fire and has your intrigued mind flowing with ideas, as you lock into this roller-coaster of a ride.

Anonymity is one of the most complex yet simplistic things to understand. We hide behind phones and computer screens to escape our reality.” ~ Nvrcallme

This is the true story about loving someone so much as your loved-up eyes lock in so tight – but when they are around certain friends things change – and you feel so insignificant, which makes you upset and at-times rather angry. You care for them intensly but wonder if they truly care about you, or if you are just a side thought who is just being used.

I’m honestly just trying to have fun and make music that I enjoy.” ~ Nvrcallme

You feel the frustration let lose on this fast track, which races into your mind and has you thinking back to when you felt so strange – when you were outside with someone who inside the bedroom – just felt way different. You wonder if they are ashamed to be seen with you or if you are just imagining it, as the vocals spark a detective-type ambiance to get to the bottom of this issue.

fwb(prod. johnnyfriend) from the mysterious hyper-pop musician Nvrcallme, is a movie-like track which is a pleasurable listen and showcases the high skills of this undercover artist who likes to hide his face away. This is a super track which has a really fun beat, which makes this is a real ear-warmer of a single.

Sometimes people are two-faced and like to hide their true feelings, or perhaps some of their friends are making them act like the worst version of themselves. Its your choice to either say nothing, or risk things unraveling if you speak up.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more visuals via his IG music account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Made Me Feel Bad: Melbourne rapper Cassiel bypasses the bad times on the road to ‘Recovery’

Entertaining us on a deep track which is his fourth single after ‘Can’t Move On‘, ‘Shots‘ and ‘Stand Off‘ from 2021, the prolific Cassiel roams freely on his new single which is all about hoping they feel bad after tossing you out for a new man on ‘Recovery‘.

Cassiel is a youthfully mysterious Melbourne, Australia-based indie rapper. He has a flow that sparks up the room like glowing incense, as he takes us with on his exciting journey through this weird and wonderful world.

As he performs with so much freedom and gusto, you sense that you are listening to someone with a really special talent. Each word is so clearly heard – his story interweaves with what you know and believe – as this catchy beat takes you down that reflective memory hidden away behind a locked door for safe-keeping, when you think of the one who got away.

Recovery‘ from the emerging Australian hip-hop artist Cassiel, shows us a young man who has been let down badly by the love of his life. They have moved on so quickly like nothing happened before, as he is left to pick up the pieces of his badly broken heart. This is the road to replenishing that disappointed soul which wanted so much more – as you are left looking into the mirror of the past – even though you know you have to move in.

The path to feeling like yourself again after being left in the dirt like a discarded tissue, is a long road but you will find yourself again, only when the time is right.

Stream this new single via his Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wipe Those Tears: Zasxee shows us the way to relieve past pain on ‘Hemingway’

With a kind tone which certainly feels like she knows that something needs to end but doesn’t want it to, Zasxee shows us her incredible DIY talents on the latest single release that will put you into a thoughtful trance called ‘Hemingway‘.

Zasxee is a striking indie alt-rock multi-talented singer-songwriter, music producer, cat lover, bassist, and music engineer. She makes a blend of hypnotic music mixture of treats that has you moving into a new world – as you feel her dynamic skill-set right next to you- that has your curious ears feeling warm and healed from the blustery coldness outside your creaking door.

Her lyrics are smartly written and has you quickly wrapped into a rather strange mood, as you turn up the volume so you can fully immerse yourself into her mindset. This is a wondrous effort that has you so reflective – her vocals leads you away from the darkness and instead seated by the window – so that you may get that fresh air needed for your brain to function properly again.

Hemingway‘ from the youthfully promising Zasxee and her cute kitty cat Piper, is a lovely song that is packed full of intrigue. Her vocals are hard to hear at first as she mysteriously locks you into her stunning spellbinding spell of wonder. This is a track to play when you feel a a bit down after a break-up and need some further inspiration to brush off the pain – so you may confidently move forward with your life. To quickly find a new path that was meant for you and not one that was slippery like before, is the only way to avoid those temptation-filled pitfalls of doom.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more on her IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find Me Underground: The Quiet Invisible looks for the torturous closure needed on ‘Catacombs’

As he quietly sneaks into the side of your awakened speakers after keeping it on the DL for a while, The Quiet Invisible perks our ears up with his latest single that will put you into a different frame of mind that you have ever encountered on the spooky-like ‘Catacombs‘.

The Quiet Invisible is a Gabe Downey-lead Detroit, Michigan-based music project with a real spike that hairs into your world, like a quickening heartbeat that can’t seem to stop. He makes that mysterious music which has you feeling rather thoughtful, as you open up the layers to see what seeps deep within its dusty surface.

The Quiet Invisible’s music originates from many years of musical exploration and experimentation – as well as guitars, basses, keyboards, and drums.” – The Quiet Invisible

Catacombs are man-made subterranean passageways for religious practice. Any chamber used as a burial place is a catacomb, although the word is most commonly associated with the Roman Empire.” – Wikipedia

Catacombs‘ from the absorbing Detroit, Michigan-based act The Quiet Invisible, shows us a song that might not be for everyone. It is however rather remarkable and extremely unique. His mind is currently thinking about the mission to go below what most of us see, so that he may get that much-desired closure that he needs to move on. In some way or form we all do, as there are people or moments that we would like to have back. Even for a few fleeting seconds. Life goes rather quickly so each moment does indeed matter.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see his IG music channel for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’re On Our Own: Persona 749 looks for the path home again on the highly promising electronic/rock two part debut ‘Live Order’

With an impressive multitude of action-packed styles that catches you off guard at first, Persona 749 shows us his brilliance on the smashing debut rebel anthem that is called ‘Live Order‘.

Che Landikusic aka Persona 749, is a solo underground indie singer-songwriter, music producer, and Championship winning ice-hockey player who is twenty years young.

His thought-provoking music is a combination of electronic and punk rock – his style is a wondrous display of passion and rare gifts to capture the worlds attention – in a sensational song that breathes new life into the world as we know it.

The start has you feeling a bit nervous as the energy is dark and rather mysterious. We are soon lulled into another world before suddenly. all changes and we are entered into a story where you feel safe again. This year has been so stressful and things need to be put back into place again.

His vigorous vocals are refreshing and you just want to jump up and down in a club listening to him live – the misfit mantra is held aloft proudly – and this feels so good to the fragile soul to replenish again.

Live Order‘ from the mysterious Persona 749, is a true story into the confusion that has swarmed around us like a devastating tornado, our hopes and dreams went flying out into the dusty-lit sky. The only way to survive in 2021 is to re-invent, re-imagine, and to do something different than before. This is the type of song that fully encapsulates that, as his hunger and desire bites the flesh off this wonderfully creative track. A true underground gem.

Stream this debut single with two parts on his Spotify and see more of his life via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Slow Down: Emerging producer Pincey urges us to take a breath on ‘Rat King’

With his trademark mask on tight and ready to inspire us, Pincey tells us to avoid falling into the treacherous trap that so many find ourselves in, with his groovy-filled new single called ‘Rat King‘.

Rincent Veyes aka Pincey is a mysterious Gardena, California-based electronic artist who like to keeps things under wrap personally, as he makes that crisp sound melody, that has you feeling good and inspired about life.

This waterfall-like track fills your body with hope again, as the catchy riffs grip tightly onto your soft skin to let you know that you are indeed alive and not in some weird dream. You feel a sense of relief gushing all over you, that an artist is so self-aware, his mind alert with the possibilities that are right inside you, if you know where to find the key.

Rat King‘ from the enigmatic producer Pincey, is the call to wake up from the common walk that so many take, that actually takes you around where you want to go, instead of inside those good vibes that makes you happy.

With a chilled exterior and lots of soul, this is exactly the type of message that is needed in this copycat world.

Stream now on his Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen