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The Jungle Invites You: SosaKollektiv shows us where the darkly lit tracks hide in Guyana

Forewarning us to watch out whilst walking late at night in a scary jungle, SosaKollektiv guides us all towards the light on the hugely fierce new single called Guyana.

SosaKollektiv is a German-based indie alternative experimental project who makes those mysterious gems which are hard to ever forget.

A band made of three german friends, who all have a different taste in music. And you can hear it in our music, as every song sounds different from the other. Instead of focusing on one or a couple mixed genres, we produce in a huge variety of genres.” ~ SosaKollektiv

Displaying a raw intensity and with an ancient map to get excited about, SosaKollektiv escape from the treacherous temple and finds that glorious place where so much happiness shall occur.

Guyana from the German-based indie alternative experimental act SosaKollektiv is one of the more unique efforts anyone on this planet will surely hear in their lifetime. Soaked in so much vibrance and impressively fusing two languages in one, this is a passionate single to sing with for hours.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Heat In The Vault: AnonymousTheRapper stacks that paper real high on I’m Ballin

Displaying his hardcore mentality that is leading us deep inside his gangsta rap show for the underground, AnonymousTheRapper feels like he has the game shook and will not stop until he is King of the castle with I’m Ballin.

AnonymousTheRapper is an emerging UK-based indie hip hop artist who prefers to keep his real identity hidden from the entire world at this current time.

I just rap about whatever. If it sounds good and I like it, who cares. Gotta sneak in some good punchlines. Lyrical rap is underrated in this era.” ~ AnonymousTheRapper explaining to us his rap vision via this exclusive quote

Lyrically dominant, even though it feels like he is just getting started, AnonymousTheRapper rips the heart out of anyone who has doubted him in the past. You feel his rugged intensity rattle the cages of our shook speakers that seem to heat up like a steaming volcano about to explode.

I’m Ballin from the mysterious UK rapper AnonymousTheRapper is a potent display which might cause many to nod their heads in approval. Showing us he is only intent on getting that dosh to improve his life in order to provide his family with a better future, this is a reminder that anything is possible. He raps with such force and you feel the determination oozing from each corner of this track that might cause many rap heads to gasp in delight.

Lacing the airwaves with his money-happy personality, this is a sizzling song for anyone who needs to know what hard work sounds like.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian Electronica wizard The Time Meddler keeps it psychedelic on Letting Go

Inside a 6-minute experience that might change your day’s trajectory, The Time Meddler is rather eerily impressive on a scorching hot soundtrack to those who need to be Letting Go.

The Time Meddler aka Timothy Poulton aka Timothy and the Apocalypse is a much-respected Sydney, Australia-based electronica music producer who makes the highest quality imaginable.

Known for his diverse cinematic music that fuses fluid trip-hop, cut with influences ranging from Jazz to Drum and Bass, he is constantly working on mastering his musical craft and elevating his sound while continuing to explore new tools, sounds, and collaborating with artists.” ~ The Time Meddler

After stunning us like an electric bolt of lightning when you needed it most with On the Run, The Time Meddler returns like a hero in the night with another outstanding single. Sizzling sweetly in that barbecue sauce and marinading like a pro chef in prime form, this is a reminder that we are witnessing something rather spectacular.

Letting Go from the brilliant Australian electronica music producer The Time Meddler is a pulsating track that slows down rather suddenly, to take you into a while new time and place. Silky in nature and thrillingly stimulating to all the right places, this might be that track that reminds us all of starting fresh again after so much darkness.

Humming in class and enthralling all senses, you shall find your speakers smiling tonight before bedtime.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Intoxicated: HazinSava misses all those sensual kisses on Late Night

Taken from his recent 4-track release Project War, Vol. 1, HazinSava wonders why his former flame is acting so distant lately on the new club-banger anthem filled with the truth about modern day society on Late Night.

HazinSava is a mysterious Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist who is a dynamic creative who makes those underground gems.

Displaying such impressive gusto and lifting our minds into a hazy-filled by hugely memorable time, HazinSava is on top form with a quality track that has been made with purpose. Bravely unlocking the door and taking us deeply inside, this is a tremendously visual song that unearths some hidden feelings you forget about.

Late Night from Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist HazinSava is the hugely familiar story about wanting to get that spark back again with a previous lover. Even after sensing that there might be nothing left, this is a track all about wondering if it is actually possible, despite the unlikely odds. Performed with a passionate mindset and outstanding flows that are matched by a lyrical ability up there with the underground best, this is a quality single made with tenacious focus.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Northern Ontario’s GRAYSPACE urges us to be only ourselves in the ‘Happiness Machine’

In a strange world that can suck your precious soul away like a vacuum cleaner sweeping for treasure to control forever, GRAYSPACE recommends that we should remain grounded as being original is the best way to live anyway with the new single to inspire a mindset shift, ‘Happiness Machine’.

GRAYSPACE is a Northern Ontario, Canada-based indie-rock act that makes the style of music that is always helping the world learn and to stay focused despite the obvious distractions.

A liminal zone where instrumentally and lyrically ideas can be explored with contradiction in mind.” ~ GRAYSPACE

Showing us a moment of maturity which has been sorely lacking in modern-day society that has forgotten that social media and fashion are just tools we shouldn’t get too wrapped up inside, GRAYSPACE has dropped a thoughtful track that will wake you up and set you free from any sneaky cobwebs that have been holding you back from greatness.

Inspired by repeated viewings of the much-respected documentary series “Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis and a reading of the book “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays, you feel the deepness of an underground artist who isn’t interested in the fake world of social media, as he takes us into a deeper world that shall have you fascinated with his every lyric.

Happiness Machine‘ from mysterious Northern Ontario, Canada-based indie-rock act GRAYSPACE shakes us apart and leads us into that healthy path, that is far away from the fake climates that can change your whole soul forever if you aren’t too careful. With striking vocals and an intriguing beat that is certainly different to anything you shall hear today, this is a memorable effort that will have you thinking rather deeply.

Life should be about connecting with realness, not swamping your heart with things that don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things.

Listen up to this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zurich-based post-punk act 4 Beat Grace travel through space and time to find that peaceful place on ‘Voyage’

After accumulating much love from their debut “Violence Dance” from earlier on in 2022, 4 Beat Grace strap on those seatbelts and get us thinking about a new discovery with their new single ‘Voyage‘.

4 Beat Grace is a mysteriously captivating Zurich, Switzerland-based post-punk/alt-rock band who are still new on the scene but have made a huge impact already.

A detour to dreamland, where there are no obstacles, where everything is possible and happens. It is not for nothing that the voice asks: “Am I flying? Am I on a spaceship?”. ~ 4 Beat Grace

Turning heads with a performance so striking that you might need to take a sip of cold water to cool down, 4 Beat Grace raise our consciousness from the gutter and urge us to look above to see how much potential there is out there. This is a band who have made their mark recently and have set out to keep that momentum supercharged all the way to the top, with astonishing vocals and a style that has you shaking in anticipation.

Voyage‘ from Zurich, Switzerland-based post-punk/alt-rock band 4 Beat Grace, is a shift-shaping experience that will take you into a whole new world about opening your eyes no matter where you are. With loud and proud vocals, a toe-tapping soundtrack to awaken your soul and smartly-penned lyrics that capture your imagination, this is a magnificent single that will get your heart flooding with blood again. It feels like this is a track perfect for a movie intro, as its class is so transcendent and will get you to turn up the volume rather quickly, as you figure out your next destination.

Listen in to this meaningful single on Spotify and see more of their story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Destiny Intertwined: Bentin wants to leave now to get away from the suffocating walls on ‘The Life That We Want’

On a gutsy story that urges his sweet love to fully blossom away from the naysayers who want to stop this dream from becoming reality, Bentin tells us the story about being there to go the distance no matter what on ‘The Life That We Want‘.

Bentin is a mysterious indie storyteller, songwriter, and music producer who has kept his true identity hidden away from the world.

I like to keep in the shadows, make it personal.” ~ Bentin

As he unhurriedly opens up the lit of this story to tease us with a smell that is certainly tantalizing, Bentin turns off the lights and shows us into his world where he is trying to guide someone who he cares for into his direction. With a few others against his motives for unknown reasons, this is a battle that he refuses to lose. Sung with a steely determination – you feel that he has his back against the wall – but is going to try until he succeeds with this goal of being together with someone who completes him romantically.

The Life That We Want‘ from the highly contemplative solo artist and music producer from location unknown who is called Bentin, is a softly-sung single that really strikes you in your whole soul to leave you shaking in admiration for such a brave warrior. He declined to let that special soul flame out like so many would, as he feels like he can’t live without their courageously beautiful spirit. With a highly eloquent style that captures your imagination in this movie-like script, this is a worthwhile track to put on when you need some strength in fighting for someone who you believe you deserve to be with.

Hear this new single on YouTube and find out more via the night-lit IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If You Dodge Me: Ostrava rock band Saca refuses to rest until they are found with ‘The Post’

With a highly engaging style that clutches your concentration instantly due to the mysterious undercurrents attached, Saca, brings us the story about the bearded guy with the hat who takes what he wants on ‘The Post‘.

Saca is a highly expressive 4-piece Czech indie rock band that was created in 2014. They construct a pensive blend of music that certainly fastens our mindful functions and has you pondering your own life as you see it.

A nebulous idea for the video came about in winter at the singer’s party and was typed into a phone, then forwarded to the M.T. ArtStudio director who made it into a script.” ~ Saca

Saca keep us completely engrossed the whole way throughout on a catchy track and smartly-made visuals, that takes you down that dark road and into a place that should be safe and filled with love. There is much to like about a band that is always evolving and keep us on our toes during this riveting experience.

The Post‘ from the Ostrava, Czech Republic-based indie-rock act Saca, is a haunting track and video that is so stimulating on the soul. There is much mystery here about the guy in the hat, as you feel the movie-like story unfold and wonder what shall transpire next. Performed by a band who seem to be moving only upwards as their sound improves and evolves after each track, this is a European act that is certainly one to keep an eye on.

See this gritty new visual on YouTube and find out more about their progression via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Find That Peace: Sol Naut truly misses that special one on ‘Your Love’

After dazzling our stirred-like-Bond’s-martini senses with his previous sizzling single from earlier in 2021 named ‘Voyager‘, Sol Naut has our pressurized pulses sprinting with a spectacular effort for the ages with ‘Your Love‘.

Sol Naut is a mysteriously enthralling electronic solo artist and music producer who is fairly new on the scene but performs with an experienced edge that lets you know that he is for real.

Sol Naut drops one of the more bass-stretching singles of 2021 so far with an extraordinary effort that has you appreciating nature again – with the cute chirps of the birds to the strong growl at the end – that has your whole body back outside again and away from the addictive forces that can grab your attention, with a little box to keep you away from where you should be.

Your Love‘ from this quality electronic artist Sol Naut, appears to be the kind of track that is all about taking time to reflect on what has gone on before. The outstanding beat is superb and has your fascinated ears shaking from all the charm that leaves you in quite the tranquil state, to replenish your hungry soul that needs that love again.

Finding your place again through meditation is the only way to heal up first, so that you may love intensely again.

Check out this vibe-filled single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Higher Place: EDM producer Tangry takes us into the party ‘Zone’

With a fresh sound and an energetic burst of energy to transfix our minds away from current times, Tangry skillfully takes us into his exciting new world with the high-octane new EDM single named ‘Zone‘.

Tangry is a new and mysterious underground EDM producer. He likes to make that striking thunderbolt-to-your-body music that has you feeling a shock-wave of euphoria-packed kind of emotion, flowing stunningly into your hungry veins.

You feel like your starved body is in another planet entirely, as you follow the lead and enrapture yourself into the silky beat which feels like is kindly wrapping your body, into a warm lathering of incredible feelings you have locked away for too long. His easy-to-see skill on the controls is beyond brilliant – as he swiftly takes us a for a party-soaked ride – that has you feeling reinvigorated again.

Zone‘ from the underground music producer Tangry, is an EDM thunderbolt of emotions that swirls into that ravenous mind and take you places you definitely forget existed. The vibe is high paced here and this thunderous track has you thinking many things, including how you wish those massive festivals were open again. That all-empowering freedom on the dance floor with the sweaty buzz from the crowd around you, can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see his movements on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen