Healing after a tough breakup: Danni Jackson tells the story of those close to her on ‘Stay True’

With an Indie R&B, Pop and soulfully simmering style that embraces you like a heartfelt hug, Danni Jackson shows her compassionate side on her brand new single called ‘Stay True’.

Danni Jackson is an actress and singer-songwriter, who grew up in sunny Brighton but has since made the move to further her career in the bright lights of lively London. Here is an inspirational young lady who has that extra self-motivation deep inside to be successful and do what she loves to do. Nothing seems to hold her back from chasing her dreams and achieving those lofty goals.

The stunning atmospheric piano gets us in the mood quickly followed with the rhythmical beat that makes you tap your feet. Then, the room is filled with a voice that is so striking the electricity plugs spark with excitement but with some sadness too with the loving vocals. She fills the room with so much care and compassion that makes you stop what you are doing and truly listen. You put your phone down and close your eyes, wondering why sometimes relationships end so quickly and gosh, it really hurts so deeply.

Moving on, taking time to heal, being with real friends and taking time to find yourself again is the only way to usher out those toxic energies that do you no good.. You need to let your heart breathe so you can fully love again without the scars visible in your eyes, even though you will always know where they are.

Her stunning tone is so tremendous and you feel a little tear go down your cheek as you wish things could work, but it’s over. At first you feel like it was a waste of time but will soon realize that this was all part of the journey to find someone that matches with you like a bright beam in the body.

Stay True’ from Danni Jackson might be the ultimate breakup healer song of 2020. In a cold world, this is a bright light to find understanding when things seem like they can’t get any worse. Time and being with caring friends and family, heals all wounds no matter how deep.

Hear her incredibly unique voice via Spotify and see what Danni has been up to on her FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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