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Cardiff’s Sarah Brown changes direction on breathless ‘Liability’

Pop-Soul singer-songwriter from Cardiff in Wales, Sarah Brown, is back with another self-aware track with lots of powerful vocals called ‘Liability‘.

You feel like you always do what you believe but some people try and bring you down. You are in the mood of going on your own journey and you feel its your time. Small-minded people try and knock you down but you are just going to dust off any doubt and do you think. I love this mentality and it feels like Sarah has the right vibe right now to succeed.

The Cardiff-based singer has such a sultry voice as she breathlessly shines here and hits some supremely high notes that impresses the speakers. ‘Liability‘ is a bouncy song that is her way of showing what she is made of. The future is so bright for the artist that can do so many different styles that shows her emergence on the UK music scene.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Stella Talpo – Greys: Electro Pop with Soul

Grey’s is the latest single from up and coming artist Stella Talpo, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the R&B & Soul singer songwriters stylised approach to her sound. Whilst the track keeps up an urban beat, there are plenty of Pop hooks and snares that add infinite deft to the quiescently ethereal vibes that Greys exudes. The Electro Pop elements to Stella Talpo’s beats brings the timeless R&B Soul sound into a new arena and there’s no ignoring that transcendentally sweet Jazz lounge vibe that the style emits. Whilst the beat may stray into the Pop arena Stella Talpo’s vocals are firmly fixed in that domineeringly sensual Soul style which I’m pretty sure fans will never tire of.

The London based singer won me over before the first verse ended, with a sound as polished and perfected as she created with Greys, I have no doubt her infamy will be imminent. It’s instantly perceptible that Talpo creates music for all the right reasons, she’s taken hold of her creativity and doused Urban Jazz Pop fans with passion.

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You can check out Stella Talpo’s latest single Grey’s on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast