Prepare for the Thrashgasm of Your Lifetime with Ifreann’s 2019 EP “Unearthly”


Edinburgh certainly has no shortage in home grown talent, yet, after hearing Ifreann’s explosively indulgent EP “Unearthly” it’s only a matter of time before they receive the international acclaim their tight Thrash arrangements deserve.

Whether it’s the soaring riffs which are so intricate that they will have you in a state of catatonic arrest or relentlessly rhythmic furore of the drum rolls which will see your insides turn to jam there’s a perceptible higher level of talent in the powerhouse of a collective.

Ifreann’s sound is sure to be appreciated by any fans of Classic Thrash that are looking for a new sound to stick their teeth into a sound which contains the same high-octane energy as artists such as Pantera an Anthrax, yet, somehow, they’ve made the sound filthier than it’s ever been. Which may just have a little to do with the grisly macabre nature of the lyrics which have been left clean enough for you to wrap yourself up in the potency of the angst.

I’m calling the killer track on the album as “Unearthing the Unearthly” where along with the raucous elements you’d expect from a Thrash track along with the deep bends of the bass and the almost primal rhythms of the drums take their sound to the next level.

You can stream and download the EP for yourselves via Bandcamp, Grab yourself some merch or a physical copy of the EP from the band’s official website.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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