Reuben J Falle – Nancy: Lucidly Electric Breakbeat

Leftfield fans are in for a treat with Reuben J Falle’s latest single Nancy. It carries the same dizzying amount of Electronica reverb which will have you knees deep in the track before you even get to the build ups and drops.

The instrumental-only mix, carries lucidly electric synergy, as the synths set up an almost hauntingly euphoric aura around the digital effects which lift the melody and set you up for the most intricate, yet subtle drops you’ve heard from an Ambient IDM track in a long time. The drum machine sets a pulsing bassline with the slightest Industrial undertones to make Nancy a track which you don’t just listen to. It reverberates through you.

The Brighton, UK based producer has composed an organically alchemic vibe with his music, and I really can’t express how refreshing the ambience mixed with the hype of Jungle was. I can breakdown the instrumentals, yet that would never tell you how resonant the instrumental mix truly was.

You can check out Reuben J Falle’s single Nancy from his latest EP ‘Blue’ by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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