Getting that house party started: bvpm sends through a magnetic beat full of beauty on ‘Ya’

bvpm flows through to the top of the barrel on the epic new fresh single called ‘Ya‘ that is an absolute banger.

Washington, DC based musician bvpm is a talented producer who somehow fuses Hip Hop, EDM, House, RnB and Drum and Bass to wash you up like a soothing sink, on this new sparkling effort of mystique.

The beat draws you in and then pokes you gently like a pencil when it feels like. There is so much going on here as you feel happy and also very adventurous at the same time. This is a summer dazzler with those sunglasses on as you laze by the swimming pool with stunning views everywhere. The ripping beat without vocals make you smile and tap your feet, wondering when your next house party is at. This is the perfect party track that screams classic and stomps down on your face as you listen intently.

Ya‘ from EDM producer bvpm is the type of song that nibbles at your taste buds and fulfills your hungry stomach with a buffet-full of tasty treats to improve your mood and focus. With a dazzling beat that catches your attention, this is a track you only need to turn on full volume for optimum effect.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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