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Traveling the world to achieve his goals: Harrisen Larner-Main shows us exquisite singing on ‘Come Along’ EP

Somerset-born and world travelling singer-songwriter Harrisen Larner-Main has been patiently waiting to drop his highly anticipated 5 track EP called ‘Come Along’ and this is now his time to shine.

His voice draws you in so close and you drift away in a glorious daydream with a tone that is so tremendous on our battered ears which are cold from the winter wind. A man that has traveled around Europe and many other countries to push his music to as many people as possible; his vision is worldly and you can feel his self-awareness wrapped around your heart.

The whole EP is a waterfall of crisp water-tinged and luscious vocals that will have you singing along at the top of your lungs. This is the type of artist that sings about his previous experiences and love is at the core of his creations. His trusty acoustic guitar is played like a seasoned professional and you can tell that he has been performing since he was barely 13 years old. The music bug bit hard and he can’t stop doing what he is passionate about.

The whole EP is so classy and sung with such pureness and particular favorites have to be ‘Impossible To Feel The Cold’, ‘Happier’ and ‘Curtains’. He has the ability to raise his voice without sounding like he is putting too much strain on his vocal cords. The natural energy has you transfixed and the songs about love and reminiscing of what transpired in the past will have you remembering those regret-filled moments in your life, when love was there for the taking but something happened to end things so abruptly.

The soulful English singer-songwriter is a musician who you can tell is honest and humble; all he wants to do is perform on stage and make music that moves you, inspires you and makes you love harder.

Harrisen Larner-Main sings from the bottom of his heart on the excellent EP ‘Come Along’. This is the story of a man who has built his community of fans from years of travelling around the world and making life-lasting friends. He bet on himself to succeed, put in the hard work, and is using all of his wide-array of talents to do what he loves and does best.

Hear this fine EP on his Spotify and find out more about what makes Harrisen tick on his YouTube and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding yourself again: European Electro-Pop/Downtempo duo Anaté drop fascinating debut single ‘Confusion’

The gorgeous vocals and clean production captures your imagination right away as you drift into a visual vortex of emotions that both excites and scares you too. Anaté toys with our emotions to captivating effect here in 2020 with debut song ‘Confusion’.

Anaté is a supremely creative collaboration between elegant singer & songwriter Ana who lives in Paris and Berlin, with Milan based producer Delman handling the soundscapes to electrifying levels of pure enjoyment. You can tell that they share the same vision musically as this is cinematic experience that is so rare and compelling.

“My debut single Confusion talks about duality. It’s about the conflict between what we want and what we are ‘allowed to want’; between who we are and expected to be; between emotion and reason. We all experience moments of inner conflict like that. Confusion explores these contrasting concepts and invites us to embrace both.” – Ana

Set for release on the 28th November 2020, this is a debut track that has so much tease and intrigue already. The deep thoughts of being in that vividly beautiful dreamy world you have created for yourself, while also dealing with what current reality has to offer, has truly opened up your eyes and soul to conflicting emotions.

Anaté’sConfusion’ is an irresistible listen that makes you feel as though you are transporting in the Matrix and can slide from each world as you please. The journey to finally embracing yourself and accepting these thoughts is a long but ultimately self-healing mission. After all, knowing yourself better will help you love deeper and open your heart to many possibilities.

Hear this wonderful creation on Anaté’s Spotify and find out more about their vision on Facebook and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Facing your demons head on: ‘Paradox’ from New Jersey musician Kevin Grace is the call to heal from within

New Jersey Alt-Rock singer Kevin Grace drops his debut ‘Paradox’ and this is a song to take notice of. The melodic kick drums starts up our blood flow again as we slip out of that lazy slumber that has befallen most of the world. You get the feeling that this is going to be something very deep and ultimately worthwhile. This is proven absolutely correct as Kevin’s gritty vocals are so real when you needed this sense of authenticity so much to give the battered soul a gold medal for once.

You feel the harmony and the sadness here but there is hope attached which makes this is an inspirational listen. The guitar’s electricity swirls around like a crashing sea, the lifeboat is ready and you just need to swim for a while to clear your mind from the smoke, booze and temptations that are sometimes too easy to say no. The journey to self-enlightenment is here and you feel that he wants it so badly. He is ready now and takes us along to see the sunrise that is so close to his eyes.

To fully heal and destroy those dastardly demons from your heart, you need the support of those close to you as you will need a hand from time to time as the reappear like a ghost in the night. Ultimately, you have to be the captain on this vessel and lead the way. It’s your life after all and ‘Paradox’ from Kevin Grace is a splendid self-aware song for modern times. To be the best version of yourself is hard work but the only way to be at peace with yourself and smile when you see yourself in the mirror. Hiding away is not an option anymore.

Support the journey on Kevin’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leaving your home behind: Dallas based Jacob Whalen’s ‘Necropolis’ is the story of starting afresh in new surroundings

The beautiful piano simmers through and warms your heart. We are soon introduced to a singer-songwriter and composer who is a true creative. He sings about how wicked and harsh this world is as he emanates only peace and love. The story of a man that has found his voice, to show the world his stunning music, made with years of fine tuning to get the balance just right. Jacob Whalen’sNecropolis‘ will have you thinking about all of the sins of the world, and the pointless loss of life for no real reason.

With his digital artwork and virtual art shows taking up most of his time over the last 10 years, this crazy world of 2020 has unlocked a true artist, who shines like a burning candle on this release. Taken off the brand new full album- ‘Lord of Vanity II‘ -this is an ode to a fresh start, away from that familiar, stale and ultimately stagnant energy from a place that you needed to get away from. In order to fully blossom, you need to see the world and experience new cultures.

He voice is so powerful yet innocent at the same time, the passionate and emotion hangs in the air as you take on a somber tone and wonder why these things happen. The gentle background sounds only matches the energy during this special listen. This is a man who has been building to this moment and succeeds greatly.

Necropolis‘ from the multi-talented Dallas artist Jacob Whalen is a song that will inspire many as this is such an emotional song that delves deep into current issues in the world. This is a marvelous and vividly described song from an eloquent musician- who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. After all, being in the right town for your goals, is the smartest way to be truly happy each day.

Hear this emotional masterpiece here on Jacob’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding his voice in the music world: ‘Lately’ (Intro) from TYWU is a teaser R&B-Hip Hop track to start a new journey

The atmospheric beginning are a welcome listen for those tired souls out there who need a new role model to follow. This is the intro for something bigger, the poet who made music his home and wants to be the best at what he does. The Bronx, New York native flexes his muscles and finds his voice here, with a smooth start as he shows his lyrically ability in full force. TYWU introduces himself to the music world on ‘Lately’ (Intro) and this is a track all about knowing you have to put the work in to be the best at whatever you set your mind to.

”I always said if I got into music I can’t be like everyone else, I’ll stand out and be that one artist that actually has something to offer while still being able to serve our current era and demographic”. – TYWU talking about his music vision.

You know you need the building blocks first to achieve your goals and the extra steps needed can’t be missed out or the foundations will fall over. The young Emcee is forthright in knowing that he needs to put in that extra, as there is lots of competition out there in the Hip Hop/R&B world. Nothing is going to come easy this time.

The Poet who started writing at school and succeeded greatly, wining many competitions and gained the respect and adulation of his peers. Then, the creative juices started flowing towards the often stormy winds of the music game that are fraught with unforeseen winds, and many an ego to contend with. It feels like this is a smart young man who knows what he needs to do.

With a crystal clear voice and loads of lyrical skills in his locker, the door has swung open and he is eager to unleash his music to hungry ears who are keen to hear what the next generation has to offer. TYWU shows massive potential on ‘Lately’ (Intro) and if he can follow his own advice, the sky is the limit on what he can accomplish.

Hear this new single here on his Soundcloud and follow this exciting new talent on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Reinventing himself: Virgin Islands Emcee Rio Thomas shows growing self-awareness on the Street-Hop single ‘Home Town’

The piano is so haunting and keeps the song in check for now, the crackling salt-shaker type background twists the track into a different realm of existing reality. Rio is running on the road, his fresh white sneakers stand out from his ominous surroundings. Is home really where the hate is? Rio Thomas explores this topic on his new track called ‘Home Town‘ and this is a riving listen, with a powerful video to back up the vision.

Taken off ‘RIYASA‘ and with excellent production from IYASA, this is track number 10 on the full album from 2020. Recorded in L.A, this was a release that was recorded in two days but you can’t even tell due to the excellent production that has been carefully constructed- to portray the full story of evolving as you grow in life.

His smooth bars are carefully constructed and the regret of previous lyrics are omnipresent in his flow. This is an Emcee that has grown up and learnt from his past mistakes, he realizes the power of words and how they bite hard at his spiritual chakra if they are thoughts that have no place in his heart or soul. This is a man who wants to be at one with himself so he can use these skills that have been given to him, he doesn’t want to add his name to other flamed our musicians, who had it in their grasp and threw it away.

The story of feeling love in so many places but not your own town is real and hits you back to reality. With so many jealous friends and enemies right in your face, it is hard to know who to trust. You need to keep your mind clear and smoke-free for a while, so you can unravel each part of your life and go for your dreams, as its your life after all. The true friends will reveal themselves in some unexpected places too which is a true representation of life’s journey, as you travel and move on from your former home that haunts you inside.

He fought the demons in his head and flipped the script on what he thought was possible. Rio Thomas drops one of the most self-aware Hip Hop tracks of the year on ‘Home Town‘ to show us that if you try hard enough, you can open new doors and be who you ultimately want to be as a man.

See this excellent music video on YouTube and follow Rio on his Instagram to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A song for Halloween: Canadian Electronic-Rock band Waxlimbs jump into the cold seas on ‘Dead In The Water’

The ominous electric guitar, the background strewn with mystery as you await more. Your heart skips a few beats as you see the masks of the band as they hide their faces from the wasteland of the world, with misery and disillusionment scattered all over the lands. Toronto based Electronic-Rock band Waxlimbs, tease us and draw us further into the abyss on the excellent ‘Dead In The Water‘.

Her voice is so gritty and real, she holds each tone expertly, and the band thunder in with powerful bass riffs that cut like a sharp knife. This is the vivid story of falling down so deep that you don’t know where you are. You need your real friends to pull you out of this and you hope that they will be there when you need them the most. This is the sign of a true friend- there when you are down and possibly out. They need to grab you by the hand tight and lift you to see the bright light again.

Dead In The Water‘ from Waxlimbs is a dazzling video, full of darkness, mystery and intrigue. This story feels like 2020 almost, with humans feeling like they are drowning right now, and need help to get up and be strong again. You will be inspired to re-think what type of people those closest to you really are deep inside, and if they would drag you up if you really needed it.

The video is incredible on YouTube but do be aware of the flashing lights. Find out more on their Bandcamp and support their journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding your burning passion: ‘What Do You Want’ by producer/musician Giampaolo Pasquile (ft Jimmy Burney) is the story of being frustrated with indecisiveness

The renowned Italian born and London based producer/musician Giampaolo Pasquile brings Jimmy Burney with him on this Dance-Pop journey to find the answer on the new smash hit called ‘What Do You Want‘.

The vocals steam through the glass windows and you need to open them rather quickly, as you might pass out otherwise. This is a hot song that is all about seeking the answer that you have been asking for ages. You get no response and you get the feeling that they are as cold as ice, and they should rather live in a freezer.

”Recorded Remotely and in Total Safety According to The COVID – 19 Legislation”- Giampaolo Pasquile

The vocals are so driven and seeking the answer is proving hard as they are not telling you the whole story. The frustration hits records highs during the song, the production is spot on, and the voice is executed to perfection- the mark of a team that have woven their talents together equally. The story of a producer who took the time during these horrific times to take a breath and re-imagined his music rather than sitting on his laurels.

Taken off the new full album called ‘Remote‘, this is music made with love and with those that matter most- friends who care about music.

Sometimes people you love hide things away- deep inside their soul- that they forget where it was to begin with. In a world pull of flashing lights, bad role models and social media distractions that have changed how our brains are, ‘What Do You Want‘ (ft Jimmy Burney) is a real story that emanates through all of our minds. Knowing what you want and taking it, is what Giampaolo Pasquile does through music, and he inspires us all to do precisely that. This is the only want to be truly happy inside, rather than living out others dreams and desires, that don’t match your own.

You will need a cold shower after listening on Spotify and find out more about this remarkable man on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Asking for forgiveness: ‘Rose Colored Home’ by Nashville’s Streetlight Curfew is the story of redemption

Taken off their brand new full release called ‘Better Luck Next Year‘, this is a band that starts us off by teasing their electric guitar style that simmers like a hot cuppa coffee, and percolates so nicely into your ears. You get the feeling that this is going to be a top track, and this intuition is justified rather quickly. The passionate vocals are soon lifted high in the sky and we sit back, and enjoy the 5 Piece Nashville Punk-Rockers honesty as Streetlight Curfew swarm the airwaves, like hungry bees on ‘Rose Colored Home‘.

His vocals lift the mood and we are soon introduced to the second singer, they add a vibrant energy and you can’t help but like this Punk sound that reminds you of bands back in the 2000’s. They mesh together like a bunch of friends who love being together, they make music for the love, not the glamour and fame.

The sad regret is there in the song and the feeling of letting down someone close is firmly entrenched into the lyrics laid out before us. The band are humble, they show self-awareness and add a gritty edge to the track and you sway your body back and forth, remembering when you bought your first Blink 182 CD.

The Tennessee Punk Rockers Streetlight Curfew are in inspired form on ‘Rose Colored Home‘, this is their biggest track yet as fans are hungry for a return to more music like this, tired of the watered down Rap and cheesy Pop that dominates so many minds and ears.

The band are likable and they have shared a song about letting someone close to them down when they needed you most. After all, showing humility and asking for a second chance, is the step in the right direction to gain forgiveness.

See the band play this new track live via YouTube and see their journey here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Beliefs’ from Men Without Qualities

With a thunderously vigorous Punk-Rock kind of opening, this is straight away a listen that needs to be respected. This is a band that have morphed their qualities together, and the many years of experience shows. With a different style that is like no other, they have built up a team that share their common view on life. Released off Record Label The Cortina Collective, Sweden’s Heavy-Rock outfit Men Without Qualities mesh their music to satisfying levels for our enthusiastic ears on their new single called ‘Beliefs‘.

”Men and women without qualities usually depend fully on the outer world to form their characters. Lack of any profound essence and ambiguity as a general attitude to life are their principal characteristics.” – Men Without Qualities

The sound is something mixed from the past and the future, the vocals are so real and digs deep into your core beliefs. The fascinating story delves into our inner psyche, and is a riveting listen that will have you staring at the sky and wondering how to improve yourself, and be better. The vocals are raw and the band take us on an exciting ride into the unknown. This makes your heart beat a bit faster, and is a bit scary at the same time.

Beliefs‘ from the intrinsically intriguing Men Without Qualities is a song that might take a few listens to truly appreciate. This is the whole point of the release I believe, the band are beyond any type of fad or popular style. They make music that is meaningful, and this is a quality that more young musicians need to add to their armor. Making your own lane and driving through it, is the way music evolves, and inspires others.

Hear this fascinating listen on their Spotify and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen