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Those romantic late nights: Price Dior sings with fresh energy on ‘Repeat’

Price Dior is back with a song so fresh, you will need to suit up in order to be allowed into streaming ‘Repeat‘.

R&B/Soul artist Price Dior is so impressive on this new single and this is a short and sweet track that grabs your attention and makes you groove along all night.

With a beat so hot you need sunglasses, the excellent vocals heats up your speakers and a cold shower is needed. You can’t help but click your fingers and like this a lot. This is the story about how his Mama told him to go and follow his dreams and make amazing music. He has taken that advice and is now driving in his lane to create a path to the top.

This is the kind of track that is perfect for those late nights when you have a lover over. His sensual voice is full of love and he heats up the temperature with sexy lyrics that shows his feelings for her.

Repeat‘ from the charming Price Dior features fantastic production from Kloudbeats and this is a new song to sink your teeth into and to turn up really loud.

Here is an artist with lots of self-confidence and a deep desire to succeed. If you want to be the best, you have to put in that extra effort and this seems to be a musician who wants it real bad.

Head through to the Spotify page for this song and see the socials via IG.

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The underrated hero: Ireland’s Joe Hodgson shows undeniable class on ‘Fly Your Flag’

Fly Your Flag‘ is taken off the awe-inspiring debut release from Northern Irish guitarist Joe Hodgson and this is from the newly dropped ‘Apparitions‘ album which took three and a half years of painstaking effort to make the right way. His efforts have certainly been worth it as this is a modern day masterpiece.

After discovering Irish blues legend Rory Gallagher, the love for playing guitar was heightened to incredibly self-motivating levels. This is a man who is inspired by the greats while growing up in Co. Tyrone, and he wants to get his music out there to be heard all over the world.

‘I’ve tried to create something visceral and accessible that communicates not just with guitar aficionados, but also with the everyday person on the street’ – Joe Hodgson

The way he plays guitar is like nothing I’ve hear before. You can feel how he drives in like a hot car, swerving his way through detours of life and managing to get that checkered flag at the end, no matter what the obstacle was. The moving melodies are made with such undeniable greatness as he gives us a masterclass on how to properly engage in this fantastic instrument. Each break catches you off guard and you bob your head and tap you feet, admiring the quality here.

Fly Your Flag‘ from the mind-bending talent of Irish blues-rock guitarist Joe Hodgson is one of the best songs from 2020. He has taken a genre he loves and has morphed it into his own, flipping it around and will probably inspire generations after him. This is music that is truly special and needs to be listened to by young and old.

Hear this wonderfully created song on Joe’s Spotify and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding your way: Lisa Michelle Anderson drops new EP ‘Quincy St.’ that satisfies the soul

Former Minneapolis local Lisa Michelle Anderson has been hard at work in 2020 and has recently dropped her latest five-track EP called ‘Quincy St.’ This is a release that will have you singing along for hours and tapping your feet merrily.

Americana singer-songwriter Lisa Michelle Anderson is now based in the stunning beauty of Western Massachusetts and usually performs all over the state, inspiring music fans all over with her incredibly poignant music. She has been playing live since the 90’s and her experience shows, each words and chorus has been made with absolute precision.

Each track on her new EP is a top single in its own right. ‘Compass‘ helps us find our path, while ‘Quincy St.’ speaks about memories growing up and these two tracks start off proceedings quite nicely.

Walk Away‘ talks about how life can be so cruel sometimes and that sums up the year perfectly. This is about ending things, even if you don’t want to, however deep inside you know you must. ‘This Place In Summer‘ is such a lovely song that stories how the stunningly hot days and nights make you think of that special person that is no longer there.

Finally, the extra bluesy Americana comes in so hot on ‘Train Car Love‘ that is a track about reminiscing about that road trip with your special soul that you can’t stop thinking about.

Her voice seems so effortless as she takes us on a storied adventure, with beads in our hair, blowing in the wind as we run on the open field and feel free again from the stresses of the world. Her honey-dipped voice feels like it cleans all of the worries away and you can’t help but appreciate her music.

Quincy St.‘ EP from the lovable Lisa Michelle Anderson is a road-trip playlist must-have as she sings with love and peace. Her stories about life will have you listening to each word and her vocals shine a light through the current darkness of 2020. Finding where you are going has never been more important and Lisa is an angel who sings with such beauty.

Hear this amazing EP on her Spotify and see more on IG.

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Christmas love in abundance: Orange County singer-songwriter Raza sends us a happy message on ‘This Christmas’

Raza is back with a fun festive season message of the highest quality on the new single called ‘This Christmas‘.

The LA based singer-songwriter, music video producer and composer Raza is a man that takes his art seriously and has built his name up over the years. This is due to leaving it all on the stage and giving his fans a real show with his lovely lyrics and soothing voice, that is like being blessed by a true musician who is a master at his craft.

This is a song that shows how you how that extra motivating to be with your special person this time of year. This is the story about having strong feelings for your lover and how you want to spend as much time as possible with them. This is the best time of the year for love and being alone in not an option.

His vocals show a musician that is totally comfortable with his art and just wants to make his fans happy. The positive message is a blessing to our ears and 2020 has been a year that most wished had never happened.

This Christmas‘ from Raza is a wonderful message that cheers us up so much during these gloomy times. His terrific array of intricate guitar soundscapes cleanses our souls and helps us smile again.

After all, music heals all pain and this festive season message is a fantastic feast for our tired hearts. Having that loving feeling during this time is the way to go so that you aren’t lonely or sad during this happy time.

See this festive video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Being with your special soul: Porto’s MDMelo (ft. Francis) drop ‘All the Way-In the Moment EP #4’

MDMelo (ft. Francis) bring the heat on the spectacular new indie romantic R&B Soul track: ‘All the Way‘-In the Moment EP #4‘.

Porto, Portugal-based music producer, mixer and audio engineer MDMelo is a man on a mission to get his music to masses with his new EP series. With Francis as the singer-songwriter for this project, this is a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice for the heart to get a boost from our slumber in 2020.

His voice is smooth and calming, this is the story of love that is waiting to be reunited and the wait to be together is so hard sometimes. You want that touch, that laugh and that moment on the beach and holding hands while gazing at the stars. That calm water relaxes both of you as there are no distractions, no TV and nothing interfering with your special moment. This is so pure and will strengthen your bond.

All the Way‘-In the Moment EP #4‘ from the talented producer MDMelo and the incredible vocals of Francis, is a track that makes you drift away for a while and the video is so relaxing too. Each part of the video perfectly encapsulates what the song is about and the ending is what love should be about. After the long wait, this excellent song shows that love is about being patient and being in the moment when you have that opportunity.

Check out the YouTube video and follow the good vibes on IG.

Stream the YouTube video and

The love story continues: Italian-born Martina is quite glorious on ‘I Wish You Knew’

The sweet sounding Martina is back with her luscious vocals on the incredible new single on ‘I Wish You Knew‘.

Martina is a self-aware Italian-born, New York City-based singer-songwriter who blends Soul and R&B to mix a potent fusion that takes your breath away. Her style is spectacular and she sings with such love and meaning, her music has been carefully crafted to encapsulate beauty and class.

This is the story of wishing that your crush knew how you felt deep inside. Your stomach twists and turns and you just know that they are the one. Your heart is telling you that you need to be together and you are working out how you can make this happen.

Her voice is so clear and beautiful, the sonic soundscape drifts into the air and you can’t help but feel so relaxed while listening to this song.

The New York-based Martina is quite stunning on ‘I Wish You Knew‘. This is a song to play with your lover late at night with the candles on and the hot bath waiting. Her vivacious energy is a pleasure on the soul and this is a music that we all need to admire and close our eyes to.

Hear this wonderful song on YouTube and see her story on IG.

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Stop and smell the roses: Elijah Kusel reminds us to take a step back on ‘Flowers’

Solo indie-rock artist Elijah Kusel returns with his second single and this is a groovy affair that will have you thinking about taking a time out on ‘Flowers‘.

With the world in a flux and our heads spinning more than the planets alignment, its always good to take a moment to have a break and reflect for a moment. Enjoying what you have currently, even if you thought the year would be different, is so important. That is the message on this soulful R&B single that makes your back shiver as the beat is full of breathtaking bass-lines and vocals that put you in a peaceful mood.

His simple and relevant story drifts along and helps you take a step back, rather than a sprint forward like 2020’s stress filled race.

Flowers‘ from Elijah Kusel is the perfect message for this crazy year and his mellow voice is like sitting on a new chair recliner. The snap back and chill is exactly what the doctor ordered. The melodic soundscape flies up above and is a pleasure on the soul and his indie R&B fusion takes out the shadows to bring in some sunshine.

Head through to the Spotify page to hear this chilled tune and find out more on his IG.

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The country cowboy with big goals: Pop singer Caesar gives us ‘The Chills’

Cat lover, singer-songwriter and young cowboy Caesar, is back to further enhance his music career with the new single ‘The Chills‘.

This charismatic indie artist has huge goals and a funky fresh fusion of genres intertwined in his soul that makes him stand out from rest of the curious crowd. His vocals are pure and genuine, the flamboyance only makes him more likable to each listener, as he grows his name around the world.

This is the story of love and how you feel so much for that special person in your life. All you want to do is be them and you will do whatever it takes.

If he can stay focused, put the hard work in to master his craft, get brand merchandise and other streams of income flowing nicely to help him pay for studio time and music videos, this is an artist that can rise to wherever he wants to take his music. ‘The Chills‘ from Caesar is a step forward for a young artist that shows the potential needed and just need to put the time in, stay patient and make quality music that inspires.

Hear this awesome new single on his Spotify and see how his music evolves on IG.

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In-between the party: Cozy Danger drop brand new honest single ‘Where Are All My Dogs At’

Taken off the brand new album called ‘Invincible Dog Story‘, ‘Where Are All My Dogs At‘ is the fresh new track from the mellow dudes from Cozy Danger as they greet the animals at the house party first.

This is the story of how you want to be at the party so bad, over think it, decide to go but you take so long to get there, you are sweating by the time you arrive. Once you get to the party, you seem more keen to say hi to the dogs rather than party with the humans.

The authentic indie rock track has shades of reggae and this is a really fun and honest listen with a story that you will probably make you smile, if you have dealt with anxiety when going to a party before. The cool kids are looking and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself. Ultimately however, enjoying yourself and not caring what anyone else thinks is the best way to go in life. This is easier said than done but definitely possible.

Cozy Danger are quality on ‘Where Are All My Dogs At‘ as they sing with so much honesty and this is a real look inside how some people struggle when going out, while others either are chilled and comfortable, or others have some Daddy or Mommy sodas to forget how you really feel.

Hear the new single on Spotify and follow their socials via IG & FB.

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Getting that house party started: bvpm sends through a magnetic beat full of beauty on ‘Ya’

bvpm flows through to the top of the barrel on the epic new fresh single called ‘Ya‘ that is an absolute banger.

Washington, DC based musician bvpm is a talented producer who somehow fuses Hip Hop, EDM, House, RnB and Drum and Bass to wash you up like a soothing sink, on this new sparkling effort of mystique.

The beat draws you in and then pokes you gently like a pencil when it feels like. There is so much going on here as you feel happy and also very adventurous at the same time. This is a summer dazzler with those sunglasses on as you laze by the swimming pool with stunning views everywhere. The ripping beat without vocals make you smile and tap your feet, wondering when your next house party is at. This is the perfect party track that screams classic and stomps down on your face as you listen intently.

Ya‘ from EDM producer bvpm is the type of song that nibbles at your taste buds and fulfills your hungry stomach with a buffet-full of tasty treats to improve your mood and focus. With a dazzling beat that catches your attention, this is a track you only need to turn on full volume for optimum effect.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen