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UK’s mtnllycnstptd shakes us wide awake on r i p to the old me

Haunting in every possible conceived way throughout, mtnllycnstptd shows us deep inside that speaker-pounding track your next-door neighbors have been dreading all week called r i p to the old me.

mtnllycnstptd (pronounced emotionally constipated) is a UK-based indie drum and bass DJ and music producer who loves to fuses in classic rock into his creations.

They first started out posting beats to SoundCloud and performing live DJ sets on their twitch starting out with a small following which then started to grow into something bigger.” ~ mtnllycnstptd

With a feeling like you have just received a bolt of electricity like no other feeling ever, mtnllycnstptd is in top form and shall galvanize your whole soul on this body-slider to gravitate towards late at night.

r i p to the old me from UK-based indie drum and bass DJ and music producer mtnllycnstptd is a high octane and experimental track that will rip all your scars off. Laced in something exciting and spark-filled, this is a fine effort that might find you floating inside your local hardcore club this weekend.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Left The House: jon penny brushes his teeth and brings us back to his youth on Still Smilin’

After moving away from the band life in order to pursue his mission to be a successful solo artist, jon penny opens the door and forgets his coat but has managed to stay beaming throughout it all on the memory-filled single Still Smilin‘.

jon penny is a South Wales-based drum and bass fueled, rock-saturated and hip hop-foamed bundle of absolute joy for the speakers to bathe happily inside.

Taking inspiration from lyricists such as Leonard Cohen and Kendrick Lamar, jon plans to push his music through his own label and brand A.B.O.V.E.” ~ jon penny showing us where his inspiration comes from and the future vision

Taking us through his life that includes lots of tragedy, stories of not studying too much, and lessons for us all to learn from, jon penny has a crisp technique that is rather pleasing on our nippy ears. His vocals are fresh and rather memorable, while his honest lyrics will probably make many smile and possibly cry too.

Still Smilin‘ from South Wales-based multi-genre solo artist jon penny is a character-packed single from a determined figure who has decided that life needs to be lived. Shepherding us through his movie-like life that has had many difficulties, that haven’t drowned his mood at all. In fact, the opposite. Laden with authentic stories and leading us into his memorable smile while singing into our hearts, this should bring hope to so many who have experienced so much trauma recently.

When you decide to smile instead of frown, your universe shall be loaded with exciting possibilities.

Check out this fine release on Spotify and see all the travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn

Getting that house party started: bvpm sends through a magnetic beat full of beauty on ‘Ya’

bvpm flows through to the top of the barrel on the epic new fresh single called ‘Ya‘ that is an absolute banger.

Washington, DC based musician bvpm is a talented producer who somehow fuses Hip Hop, EDM, House, RnB and Drum and Bass to wash you up like a soothing sink, on this new sparkling effort of mystique.

The beat draws you in and then pokes you gently like a pencil when it feels like. There is so much going on here as you feel happy and also very adventurous at the same time. This is a summer dazzler with those sunglasses on as you laze by the swimming pool with stunning views everywhere. The ripping beat without vocals make you smile and tap your feet, wondering when your next house party is at. This is the perfect party track that screams classic and stomps down on your face as you listen intently.

Ya‘ from EDM producer bvpm is the type of song that nibbles at your taste buds and fulfills your hungry stomach with a buffet-full of tasty treats to improve your mood and focus. With a dazzling beat that catches your attention, this is a track you only need to turn on full volume for optimum effect.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mission:Recovery & MIO drop new passionate new song ”Unfaithful”

Mission:Recovery aka MNR is a rapper, songwriter, singer and music producer from Pune in India. He uses aggressive rap styles and adds in drum & bass dance sound elements to accelerate the music and to accentuate his message on various important youth-centric topics. Major influences include Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Machine Gun Kelly and many more.

Unfaithful” is a sad story about abuse and the raps are alight with fire here on this well-done track. The story is sadly all too real in the world we currently live in. The beat is dark and moody, just like the song. MIO makes an important feature here and the beat turns into a drum & bass track after starting off as Hip Hop. A fabulous mix indeed.

Mission:Recovery & MIO drop ”Unfaithful” into our laps and lets hope this song brings more awareness to the unacceptable abuse of children like it was intended.

Stream this new track right here on the Spotify music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Part A Party slams down the door with stomping debut ”Stummy”

Stummy” is the brand new track from A Part A Party. He craves the love of a good woman and this pandemic hasn’t helped matters. He loves getting rubbed on his tummy and thinks out aloud about what his next move is. He is trying to keep things together and pulls in with this baseline that is so catchy. The goal of making money is vital right now and he knows the rest will come when the time is right.

The inspiration has been building for some time and you can feel the energy that has been tied up. Lock down has inspired you to put out music and you cruise through the front door. The beat is drum & bass influenced plus there is a trap Hip Hop flow to this.

There are a few genres at play here and I love the variety. The drum fused bass beat keeps you intrigued and the bars absolutely shred through the dazzled speakers.

There is so much potential here from this debut track from A Part A Party. The violin echoes through like an announcement. This new artist is here with a bang and will shine through.

Click on the Soundcloud to hear this debut track.

To follow this new artist on Instagram.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New artist ToleX fires out the gates with smooth Drum & Bass flyer ‘’Runaway’’ ft TobiSAX and Natalia Ibadin

If there’s a thing called love, I want you to show me. Promise me. I’m all yours. This is exactly the type of lyrics we are looking for in these at times- terrifyingly scary world of bleakness.

With sexy sax vibes illuminating at the beginning on this striking single, ‘’Runaway’’, has all the right energy to be turned up loud at any time of the day. The new track soon gets going with pumping Drum & Bass beats but maintains it’s pureness and melody expertly. I feel in a good zone listening to this style of music, reflective but with a smile on my face, feeling positive and relaxed at the same time.

ToleX has London’s TobiSAX (on sax) and the superb vocalist Natalia Ibadin in fine form, singing her heart out to the wonderful beats.

If this is the standard of ToleX’s music, we are all in for a treat to come. This production is fantastic and with the sax and stunning vocals adding a fine element, bring on more music like this.

Stream new artist ToleX here on Spotify and see the growth to come.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Give Your Synapses a Shake with Bibo’s Latest Bass-Heavy Hip Hop Drop “Vice”

“Vice” is the latest bass-heavy drop from up and coming Hip Hop artist Bibo. Usually, Rap tracks which come with lashings of bass aren’t the most accessible from the first hit. But Bibo’s flawlessly smooth harmonic R&B vocals and the accordantly slick production of Vice takes it to the next level.

Any fans of Billie Eilish’s experimentally dark soundscapes definitely shouldn’t hang around putting Bibo on their radar. As reverberantly caustic as the soundscape is, Bibo has weaved in a captivating amount of romanticism into Vice adding yet another dynamic to the complete aural juxtaposition of a single.

You can check out Bibo’s latest single Vice for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Coskun – WORKOLIQ : An Eclectically Fresh Serving of Globally-Inspired Drum & Bass

After up and coming music producer Coskun blew us away with this world-inspired track “Prone” last month, it was hard not to get excited about his latest offering of Drum & Bass “WORKOLIQ”.

Whilst Prone did little to prepare us for what was in store when we hit play on the almost archetypal dubbed bass-heavy beats were still pleasantly surprised at the mesmeric resounding effect of the solidly structured track. There’s still a smorgasbord of eccentricity weaved into the mix, yet with a more commercial style, it’s hard to imagine Coskun will struggle when it comes to getting the notoriety he deserves for his smooth and seamless productions.

Now he’s covered Hip Hop, World and D&B with his productions we’re infinitely excited which soundscape he tackles next considering it would seem he has every genre at his deft instrumental command.

You can check out Coskun’s third single WORKOLIQ which was released October 2018 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast