A Little Bit of Give: Houston alt-rocker Max Diaz pushes way beyond the boundaries on Dead Dog

After previously mesmerising us on the rather superb Nivana-laced-for-action release from August 2022 called lirium, Max Diaz looks deeper within for that extra self-control with his powerfully constructed new single to jump up and down with while healing from past pain, Dead Dog,

Max Diaz is a Houston, Texas-based indie alt-rock artist who is one of the most imaginative souls around who seems to evolve after each single and shall stomp all bad moods away.

All in all we’re just working for the figment.” ~ Max Diaz

Trying to let go and find himself again after so much disillusionment lately, Max Diaz shall flip all bad moods around with a stomp your-feet message to anyone who needs to get back to a happier sanctuary.

This is blockbuster stuff from a seriously talented and authentic artist who evolves after each track, appearing to push himself to greater heights like a rock climber who knows he can conquer any mountain which could however cause danger to his own life.

Dead Dog from Houston, Texas-based indie alt-rock artist Max Diaz is a rollicking wake-up call and might knock some speakers off the walls. It’s ear piercing in a good way and sizzles into our ears, as a way of inspiring us to open the door into self-enlightenment and away from those negative juices which can sour tastebuds.

If you love it reflective and loud, this day will only get better after a few listens.

You what to do. Click on the Spotify link to get the day started right.

Suss out the social movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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