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Intrinsic melodies in abundance: Chandler Sedat drops debut single ‘No Way To Live’

US singer-songwriter Chandler Sedat is a fairly new artist but he shows growing maturing on ‘No Way To Live’, which is the new lead indie-rock single taken from his debut full seven-track album ‘Unknown‘.

Detroit, Michigan musician Chandler Sedat has always had music on his mind and kind of knew he would do what he loved. After finishing up with college in 2016, this is a self-motivated man who has been focusing on his music and mastering his production skills to the max.

His voice is strong and he sings with such purpose, the layers here are so intricately packed in a pulsating parcel as his hard work is brought to us over dreamy vocals.

The story of moving on from someone that doesn’t have time for you like they used to is a harsh reality that can only be seen when you are out of a picture. The snap of the camera gives you time to reflect and realize what you want to be, which is worth millions over a few cents of meaningless relationships that can end in seconds. The flame is now out and the memory will remain despite the wrongs of the past. Mistakes were made and the only way to move on is to forgive and learn from them.

Chandler Sedat is a special talent and ‘No Way To Live’ is an excellent song from the debut artist as he stamps his name on 2020.

Freshen up your earlobes on Spotify and catch up with Chandler on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting that house party started: bvpm sends through a magnetic beat full of beauty on ‘Ya’

bvpm flows through to the top of the barrel on the epic new fresh single called ‘Ya‘ that is an absolute banger.

Washington, DC based musician bvpm is a talented producer who somehow fuses Hip Hop, EDM, House, RnB and Drum and Bass to wash you up like a soothing sink, on this new sparkling effort of mystique.

The beat draws you in and then pokes you gently like a pencil when it feels like. There is so much going on here as you feel happy and also very adventurous at the same time. This is a summer dazzler with those sunglasses on as you laze by the swimming pool with stunning views everywhere. The ripping beat without vocals make you smile and tap your feet, wondering when your next house party is at. This is the perfect party track that screams classic and stomps down on your face as you listen intently.

Ya‘ from EDM producer bvpm is the type of song that nibbles at your taste buds and fulfills your hungry stomach with a buffet-full of tasty treats to improve your mood and focus. With a dazzling beat that catches your attention, this is a track you only need to turn on full volume for optimum effect.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The deep love desire: ‘Unravel’ from Kristrun is an electronic waterfall of succulent sounds

Icelandic native Kristrun is an electro-pop artist like no other as she weaves her way out of the recording studio and into your breathless body, holding your heart and doing what she pleases with it. Her exquisite voice brews up to percolate something so very mysterious as you shiver briefly in your seat, listening to each sound to find out what is going to happen next. This is out of a scary movie at first and each little noise makes you quickly scan the area outside your house to see what is out there. She has that rare gift that makes you wait in anticipation and fascinates at the same time.

The Liverpool, England based musician then dazzles her spectacular vocals and the penny drops into the ocean. Her peacefully pure voice is a wonderland of escapism from the darkness of the world. The beat is so futuristic and is way ahead of its time. Adding to the vivid story is a consistently special sound that is so sweet and tender. She sings about wanting that special love and letting her partner take what they like from her. Kristrun just wants to love and to let you unravel with her and experience that very feeling inside that some can’t even imagine exists.

With trip-hop and industrial influences, mixed with her love of underground dance from living in the UK, this is an elegantly classy performer who sends us into a different atmosphere with ‘Unravel’. Kristrun is a creative mind who gives out a message about love that must be heard. She desires it all and to feel the true soul of someone with you intimately, is the only way to love deeply and really know who you are with.

Hear this futuristic marvel on her Spotify and find out more on Kristrun’s IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing things your own way: ‘A Different Way’ from DEMO is an exciting journey of self-discovery

The enthusiastically exuberant start jump-starts you into the groove right away. There are some Pharrell Williams influences here, as the funky fresh style and vibrant voice, plows through the unnecessarily noisy 2020, and into your mind. With so much to like here, you suddenly feel a happy sensation in all of your tired bones, that helps you heal rather quickly. ‘A Different Way‘ is such a fun listen from DEMO as he makes each listener a new fan, due to his self-aware lyrics, and his style makes you smile again.

This is about caring so much for the one you love and realizing that you are actually so different. The funky rhythm is so catchy and you find yourself sliding all the way around your lounge, with the neighbors getting into the fun too. The beat is so constantly fun and never gives up as you keep on looking up to the sky, shaking off all self-doubt that is dragging you into the sticky sand of the world.

His voice drags you into the story, you feel like he isn’t holding back here, and is being so honest about himself. A self-aware single with soul, is what the world needs, to help clear the dark thoughts of millions out there, all looking for inspiration through music.

A Different Way‘ from the excitingly electric talent of DEMO is the call to express yourself clearly, and to be totally honest, no matter what comes around in your world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The call to start each day fresh: Null Rays storm in hot with powerful message on ‘Adolescent Day’

Scorched forth into our living rooms from their latest full album ‘Nocturnal Sun‘ from 2020, the heat is turned up in unprecedented style with the classic-sounding start that reminds you of a 90’s sound. ‘Adolescent Day‘ from Null Rays is a call to wake up to reality, and asking us all to smell the roses where you can, as life is so barmy and weird right now.

The vocals are so passionately sung and the story of the new day that we need to take charge of is utmost importance. With a Rock hard energy that is easy to like, you feel like this is a proper message in an often-confusing and strange world. Staying sane and doing things are safe and fun to do is the way forward, in order to stay mentally alive and in reality.

This is the voice of a self-aware band who have a mighty message to let rip on the world, and this is the only intention. The frustration of a singer who wants to travel the world, but is locked in and waiting for better days to present themselves. A fierce energy is transmitted to our ears and the napalm-like explosive chorus heats up the cold and damp skies, that we all see before us.

The spectacular story from Providence Rhode Island Hard-Rockers Null Rays on ‘Adolescent Day‘ is the call to brighter days and to stay calm during this time. Playing this high voltage song while staying positive despite the gloom, is a smart way to stay young and alive inside.

Get your speakers on loud while enjoying this new release on Spotify and see more from the band on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking at the stars for inspiration: Honeybone are a guiding light on the excellent ‘Spheres’

With an album full of scrumptious solos to wake you up from that sleepy slumber, earth-moving electric guitar riffs and haunting vocals that enter your ears like a welcoming light, this is is something so special. Australia has some quality bands at the moment but Melbourne’s Honeybone, make a well-deserved dent into the minds of the uninspired to wake up the senses. They rock in the dusty door of your local sweat-filled music venue, and smash its hinges off on the new album called ‘Spheres‘.

Her vocals grab you by the face and take you into the journey of this exciting band who have that extra cutting edge appeal. There is so much to like here and the passionate energy shines so bright in the often cliched genre, that seems to wash the same style together again and again. Not on this album however.

The burning energy glazes over all of these songs like tasty donuts that you have licked your lips over for weeks now, the hunger is there, and this is a classy outfit. There are no average songs here, no fillers and definitely no shockers that leave you passed out from too much electricity into your veins. Particular highlights must be ‘Artificial Tears‘, ‘Stratosphere‘ and ‘Bones‘, the band seem in extra top form here, and these songs remain lodged deep inside the soul.

This is a 3 Piece Rock act that are only flying up through the sky at a rate that Rick & Morty would be proud of. This is an excellent release that deserves lots of love and head banging aplenty awaits, when live gigs are on again and fans can see their new favorite Australian band.

Melbourne is known for incredible underground acts that so good live. You can see why with ‘Spheres‘ from the electrifying Honeybone. Remember the name.

Hear their new creation here via Spotify and find out more about the band on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut track ‘Lonely Star’ from Australian artist Kenzo is an emotional journey to find that true shining light

Debut track ‘Lonely Star‘ from Australian artist Kenzo is an emotional journey to find that true shining light in your life when you are feeling really down. This is a fine debut effort from this talented new singer/rapper with a huge future.

You get the feeling that you are listening to a new musician that has something special on ‘Lonely Star‘. With a Post Malone type of vibe, this is a song that will be appreciated by all new school rap fans who love this sound.

The honesty shown by Kenzo is quite inspiring as he raps about his feelings currently. This is about looking in your life and realizing who is really important to you when you are down, perhaps there is only really one person who truly gets you deep inside your soul.

Lonely Star‘ takes us on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride and you might need to get the tissues out.

The beat is one that seems similar to a lot of songs but the lyrics are not, this is an in-depth look into life in 2020. The world is lonelier than ever and this is a massive issue right now globally. This is an artist with a way with words and the Australian musician is here to stay.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen