Cagri Raydemir shimmers through the genetic signatures on, ‘False Existence’

Warning us against the fake world that is trying to doom innocent souls into a moody world that is packed with darkly-lit alleyways that have no exit, Cagri Raydemir shows us what the boundaries are and how we can actually avoid the negative energy on, ‘False Existence‘.

Cagri Raydemir is a Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer who holds business management and engineering degrees.

Having recorded at his home studio, he made all lyrics & music, vocals & instruments, arrangements, recording, mixing & mastering.” ~ Cagri Raydemir

After learning music when he was just 13 years old through guitar, Cagri Raydemir is on top form with a body-tingling display that showcases his genuine storytelling ability at its absolute peak.

False Existence‘ from Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter/music producer Cagri Raydemir is a riff-filled world that shows us that retaliation is natural if you get pushed down into the mud for too long. With an underground ambience that pierces through your heart, this is a gloomy-but-excellent track that should send a shiver down your spine. The vocals might give your trembling core a real shake-up, as we are taken into a world that so many have tried to avoid for so long due to the treacherous rocks attached.

The world is real and being self-aware, is the only way to survive.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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