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Someone Dancing: Cagri Raydemir delivers a truly reflective single to sink our teeth into on Undeniable Manifestation (feat. Julian Hesse)

After showing us deep within his mindset on the remarkable Unscripted Surrender from 2022, Cagri Raydemir guides us through his intelligent world and shall shake many hearts awake on Undeniable Manifestation (feat. Julian Hesse).

Born in 1981, Cagri Raydemir is a Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer who holds business management and engineering degrees.

After taking part in various bands, he concentrated on his own work and played & sang live occasionally.” ~ Cagri Raydemir

Keeping temperatures calm and displaying so much calmness under pressure, Cagri Raydemir avoids the strain and slips away from a messy world filled with pitfalls. Sung with razor-like energy and bellowing out a message for all cultures to take heed of, this is a monumentally personal release.

Undeniable Manifestation from Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues multi-creative Cagri Raydemir is a powerful experience which is worth listening to twice at the first attempt. Gliding through our emotions and bringing us something rather unique, as we are treated to a song which needs to be played loud for full effect.

Listen up on Spotify to feel the vibe.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cagri Raydemir – Unscripted Surrender: Meet Your New Favourite Prog-Rock Pioneer

With vocal reminiscences to Serj Tankian’s softer vocal lines and the gypsy punk rogue Eugene Hütz, Cagri Raydemir’s latest single, Unscripted Surrender, featuring musician Salih Korkut Peker, is a charisma-fuelled feat of intellectually crafted prog rock innovation.

With 12 albums and 5 EPs under his belt, the Munich, Germany residing singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer has notably poured blood, sweat and tears into developing a sonic signature that will leave a perpetual mark once you have been exposed to the achingly beautiful motifs that take his sound far beyond the standard bar for independent artists.

While the instrumentals refuse to bow to genre constraints and break the monocultural mould in the process of the progressions, Cagri Raydemir’s autonomously alternative sound compliments the lyricism which operates on a near philosophical level.

Unscripted Surrender is now available to stream on Spotify with the rest of his 2022 EP, Shortage of Identity. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cagri Raydemir shimmers through the genetic signatures on, ‘False Existence’

Warning us against the fake world that is trying to doom innocent souls into a moody world that is packed with darkly-lit alleyways that have no exit, Cagri Raydemir shows us what the boundaries are and how we can actually avoid the negative energy on, ‘False Existence‘.

Cagri Raydemir is a Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer who holds business management and engineering degrees.

Having recorded at his home studio, he made all lyrics & music, vocals & instruments, arrangements, recording, mixing & mastering.” ~ Cagri Raydemir

After learning music when he was just 13 years old through guitar, Cagri Raydemir is on top form with a body-tingling display that showcases his genuine storytelling ability at its absolute peak.

False Existence‘ from Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter/music producer Cagri Raydemir is a riff-filled world that shows us that retaliation is natural if you get pushed down into the mud for too long. With an underground ambience that pierces through your heart, this is a gloomy-but-excellent track that should send a shiver down your spine. The vocals might give your trembling core a real shake-up, as we are taken into a world that so many have tried to avoid for so long due to the treacherous rocks attached.

The world is real and being self-aware, is the only way to survive.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It is just a ‘Matter of Faith’ in Gatuzz’ impassioned high-vibe alt-rock triumph

Finding new alt-rock artists with authentic vision and an equally as refreshing sonic palette is no easy feat in 2022, but that just makes Munich’s most prodigal outfit, Gatuzz, even more aurally attractive.

Gatuzz was formed by Efrain Gatuzz before they made made their debut at the Munich Street Live Festival in 2018. Since, they have released two hard-indie-rock albums in the same vein as Alter Bridge, Chevelle, Richie Kotzen and the Winery Dogs.

In their 2021 album, Katharsis, the power trio’s sound becomes defined by the heavy overdriven guitars, the intensity of the percussion and the scuzz in the basslines. The standout single, Matter of Faith, is a high-vibe alt-rock triumph. Atop crashing percussion and buzzsaw riffs, the sweet and instantly endearing slightly poppy vocals drag you into the tumultuous furore while urgently relaying the impassioned lyrics.

Matter of Faith is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cagri Raydemir bites the hand of ego-greed in his single, Attention Hunger

Attention Hunger is the latest intellectually scathing alt-rock track from the Munich, Germany-based artist, guitar virtuoso, songwriter and producer, Cagri Raydemir. With vocal reminiscences to Serj Tankian and an instrumental atmosphere that carries similarities to Incubus, any true alt-rock fan will allow Attention Hunger to resonate as a smorgasbord of dynamic alt-rock innovation.

It’s been a while since I had a quite literal jaw-drop moment at an instrumental interlude, but the one that brings in the outro in Attention Hunger gives Mr Bungle an Avant-Garde run for their money.

After releasing 12 albums and 3 EPs, Munich Germany-residing alternative artist has discernibly honed in on his craft to the point of peerlessness. It’s beyond refreshing to hear an artist with the ability to catch you broadsided by their talent.

Attention Hunger is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Make It Happen: Mined Music urges us to keep that mind fresh on ‘Waterfalls’ (Stickybuds Remix)

After giving us a much-needed flow-watered lesson in going after your goals and avoiding being stuck in that quick-sand past which can suck you into dark places of no return on the first version of ‘Waterfall‘, Mined Music is back with the freshly added sprinkle of extra inspirational droplets with amazement-filled beats on ‘Waterfalls (Stickybuds Remix).

Michael Newell aka Mined Music is a world class trip-hop/ambient/electronica producer and DJ who is based in Munich, Germany. He has been joined on this spine-tingling new single by the well-known Western Canada-based music producer Stickybuds.

Together, they put on quite a show and this is a highly memorable track which will easily get you off your couch, and on your feet to reach your dreams. This is that dust-off what happened before moment, as you get your boots on and get to work.

Renowned for his skills on both the turntables and in the studio, Stickybuds has become one of Western Canada’s finest exports, performing live in over 25 countries and growing. His ever impressive list of touring accolades includes acclaimed venues and festivals such as Burning Man, Shambhala, Envision, “We Love Space” Ibiza, Boomtown, and Glastonbury Festival.” ~ Stickybuds

Waterfalls(Stickybuds Remix) from the mightily skilled Munich, Germany-based Mined Music, rattles into your soul like a vision that has you feeling stronger again, as you let it all go. Letting things flow naturally is the only way to be truly happy anyway. On a thumping beat with so much fire and a breathtaking energy, this is a real foot stompin’ gem that needs to be played loud and proud, to get the full cleansing process as you reclaim your destiny.

Hear this groovy self-doubt washer on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mined Music teaches us how to ‘Rise Again’ with his artful indie rock ballad.

After a soft, artful and neo-classic intro, Mined Music’s electronic indie rock single, Rise Again, featuring Mr. Maph, Amanda Power and Dara Zusko, transgresses into a viscerally compelling ballad where the instrumentals are as complexly layered as the emotions.

With the vocalists finding harmony atop the fervent Slash-style solos towards the outro, Rise Again runs through with an all-consuming intensity that you’d be hardpressed to find elsewhere.

Mined Music, AKA Michael Newell, is a Munch-based producer and DJ who started his career as a hip hop and soul producer before making the switch to electronica in 2012. Rise Again is just one of the recent testaments to his talent in reflecting human emotion in instrumental progressions and compassionate lyricism. Mined Music’s aural maturity, professionalism and nuance are sure to see him go far, wherever he decides to take his sound next.

Rise Again is now available to stream and download on all major platforms via this link.

Connect with Mined Music via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Follow Your Heart: Outstanding German classical composer Michael Livschitz impresses highly yet again with ‘While Hope Is Still Alive’

After the beautifully elegant pieces that were a majestic listen called ‘Farewell in the Rain‘ and ‘When Broken Hearts Are Silent’, Michael Livschitz inspires us to go beyond what we currently can see on ‘While Hope Is Still Alive‘.

Michael Livschitz is a tremendously skilled Munich, Germany-based classical composer, songwriter and author, who forms monumental melodies and sublime creations, that grab you right in the sweet spot of your beating heart.

Your tender body somehow feels so at ease with his wonderful music loud in your headphones, his elevating soundscapes puts all the constant worries to bed and shuts the door behind them.

As he subtly charges up his flexible fingers, we are brought into a world that comes with many warnings, as so many humans out there don’t want you to succeed. This is all about going for your dreams while you still can, as the planet burns quicker than we first thought — his terrific display has your body shaking in excitement for the possibilities that do indeed lay ahead — if you want them enough.

While Hope Is Still Alive‘ from the classical master Michael Livschitz, is an awe-inspiring effort from a true artist, who pours his heart and soul into every available sinew of this carefully crafted gem. This is a song to embrace wholeheartedly, as you find your path and stick to the plan, whilst feeling refreshed by such an angelic piece of music that cleanses your whole mind, from the toxins of this world that needs healing.

Stream this stunning song on Spotify and see his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let It Flow: Munich producer Mined Music washes our minds with fresh energy on ‘Waterfalls’ (ft. Keybeaux, Cleva Thoughts, Dara Zusko and Maree Lawn)

With an assortment of world class musicians all connected as one with a positive message that is so well-needed, Mined Music goes where the stream has in mind for you on ‘Waterfalls‘ (ft. Keybeaux, Cleva Thoughts, Dara Zusko and Maree Lawn).

Munich-based music producer/DJ Michael Newell aka Mined Music, fuses different genres together on a stunning new single of freshly splashed sounds that has you on a different planet through this wonderful single.

“The song is about concentrating on the moment, going after your goals, standing strong and not getting stuck in the past.”- Mined Music

Featuring a superb downtempo lofi drumbeat, lively bass track, classical violin soundscapes and flowing rap rhymes, this is a breathless track that shows his experience with hip-hop and soul, with an incredible barrage of breathtaking beats for the heart to wrap into.

Waterfalls(ft. Keybeaux, Cleva Thoughts, Dara Zusko and Maree Lawn) from the quality Germany-based DJ/music producer Mined Music, is a sensational track that has your head bobbing in delight and your mind lost into the vision of controlling what you can control, while really going for your dreams and not ever giving up.

When the waves of life are smashing you into the face with treacherous venom, swimming away from the storm and moving to calmer waters naturally, is the best way to keep a clear mind when the distractions mount up around you. Looking forward to what is new, will only keep you motivated and inspired.

Stream this awesome new track on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals and news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True beauty in a challenging world: Michael Livschitz performs with such love on ‘Farewell in the Rain’

Michael Livschitz brings forth to the tired world a tremendous classical instrumental piece full of majestic piano pureness, that will have you closing your weary eyes and finding a new fresh perspective on his new single called ‘Farewell in the Rain‘.

Munich, Germany-based composer, songwriter and instrumental musician Michael Livschitz, makes meaningful music without vocals, that has been carefully created to make a real difference to your ever-changing mood. This is such a sweet and peaceful new single that fully showcases the fine talent that is just getting better and better.

The almost cinematic soundscape inserts chills in your body and you shiver with true anticipation of what is next to come. The melody feels church-like as this is so peaceful and clearly took many weeks and months to perfect.

Michael has the ability of a master at work and his only goal is for his music to be heard by as many new hearts as possible, while always being true to himself.

Farewell in the Rain‘ from Germany’s Michael Livschitz is a soothing single full of tender love and care that puts you on a cloud of emotions that will have you gazing out the window- or staring at the stars above. This is a terrific song that is best listened to when you have the candles on and are ready to be reflective. Music is for the soul after all.

Hear this lovely song here on Spotify and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen