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Sirens Wailing: SERVAN refuses to be stopped by the bullets on Dark Times

Leading from the front and educating us all about what is really going on inside those distracting flares, SERVAN opens up the door and exhibits leadership qualities amongst the madness of the shattering world on Dark Times.

SERVAN is a Cologne, Germany-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer who is known as a conscious artist who has created GUERRILLA Blues and formulates an electric blend of realness featuring jazz, soul and G-Funk.

The artist, producer and political activist with Kurdish roots fights for a change in today’s mass culture back to a HIP HOP culture that functions as a revolutionary tool of social criticism.” ~ SERVAN

He’s the modern-day hero we needed. SERVAN is his name. Making real music is his game. He takes his well-respected standing seriously and weaves a web through the lies and unties the truth in Dark Times whilst shining the light to help us all see what we need to view. Right now. Before it’s too late for humanity.

Dark Times from Cologne, Germany-based indie hip-hop artist SERVAN is one of the more eye-opening tracks around and might shock those who haven’t really opened their eyes recently. Lyrically on point and with a moody beat to play on maximum volume, to show us all what the world has become.

There is a real edge here which is striking and comprehensively to the point, from a revolutionary creative which is so sick of the pointless bloodshed being spilt due to greedy so-called leaders only caring about themselves.

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Pour me another one: Areeyedee parties the night away from the drama on Drinkin All Night

On a catchy beat which will seduce many minds into a booze-filled story which feels like a movie, Areeyedee drowns those sorrows away and just wants to forget these frustrating romantic issues on Drinkin All Night.

Areeyedee is a Kansas-born Texas-raised Darmstadt, Germany-based indie genre-less artist who was the lead singer in a rock band in the ’90s.

This song tells the story of a man who has just broken up with his girlfriend and is drowning his sorrows at a bar with his friend. As they drink, they commiserate about their relationships and talk about their troubles with their respective partners.” ~ Areeyedee

Fusing hip-hop, rock, pop, country and EDM together, Areeyedee sees the devil in disguise and drops a story which will enthral many and have others rather spellbound with an unheard-of emotional understanding to plunder deeply into.

Drinkin All Night from Darmstadt, Germany-based indie genre-less artist Areeyedee is a swashbuckling performance which is as honest as they come. Rapped with a determined mindset while swigging another one, this is a tremendously outstanding song which might take many back into that sweaty bar.

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Please Tell Them: LAUBE moves slowly on with the relatable mid-life crisis anthem, Weeping Pilgrim

11 Songs of Love and Devastation by LAUBE

Taken from the recent release called 11 Songs of Love and Devastation, LAUBE cruises onto the lands of recovery to find that self-confidence and inner love again within the high walls of the powerful mind with Weeping Pilgrim.

LAUBE is a Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist who delves so much further than most into real topics which can cause goosebumps in many arms with a genuine blend of introspective brilliance.

This song represents comfort to me, and was recorded right in the middle of my life crisis, as I survived from day-to-day. It’s about a humble pilgrim, whose slow step-by-step progress mirrored my own slow recovery process. Holding onto the hope that even the greatest sorrow might not pierce my heart so deeply.” ~ LAUBE

Easing our minds so brilliantly and bringing us something so splendidly honest, LAUBE has unearthed a scintillating single to be radiated by. This is something rare and special and for all the right reasons. With a world-class sound and featuring expertly written lyrics, we find a release for old-school souls who love original music.

Weeping Pilgrim from Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist LAUBE is one of the most authentic experiences possible in 2023. Stunning all ears with something rather heart-calming and pure, this is a really outstanding soundtrack for reinvigorating the mind, body and soul.

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Someone Dancing: Cagri Raydemir delivers a truly reflective single to sink our teeth into on Undeniable Manifestation (feat. Julian Hesse)

After showing us deep within his mindset on the remarkable Unscripted Surrender from 2022, Cagri Raydemir guides us through his intelligent world and shall shake many hearts awake on Undeniable Manifestation (feat. Julian Hesse).

Born in 1981, Cagri Raydemir is a Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer who holds business management and engineering degrees.

After taking part in various bands, he concentrated on his own work and played & sang live occasionally.” ~ Cagri Raydemir

Keeping temperatures calm and displaying so much calmness under pressure, Cagri Raydemir avoids the strain and slips away from a messy world filled with pitfalls. Sung with razor-like energy and bellowing out a message for all cultures to take heed of, this is a monumentally personal release.

Undeniable Manifestation from Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues multi-creative Cagri Raydemir is a powerful experience which is worth listening to twice at the first attempt. Gliding through our emotions and bringing us something rather unique, as we are treated to a song which needs to be played loud for full effect.

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You’re The One To Blame: Areeyedee grows tired of the complaining on You Can SMC

With new music out every two weeks while his prodigious mind sparks new possibilities, Areeyedee is in no mood to have his time squandered by someone who just doesn’t get it on You Can SMC.

Areeyedee is a multi-genre artist who was born in Kansas, raised in Texas and is now residing in Darmstadt, Germany while making mesmerizing tracks not many humans thought possible before.

In his younger years, Areeyedee was the lead singer in a rock band in the 90’s. Hip Hop came into his life several years ago as he was offered the role of a hip-hop artist in a feature film. As he dove deep into this character he fell in love with the history behind hip-hop music.” ~ Areeyedee

You Can SMC from Darmstadt, Germany-based indie hip-hop, rock, pop, country and EDM-fused creative Areeyedee is a fiery statement track which will fuel many fires within.

Performed with a terrific edge and never letting go for even a second, we find ourselves swept into a wind-filled tunnel of honesty. There are raw elements to unpack with gleeful abandon here, with a rather ear-tingling beat to turn up rather loud too.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Groove to the Soulful Sounds of “Randomize”

Forrest Funk is a talented DJ and producer who has recently released a new track on Spotify titled “Randomize”. The track is a fantastic example of Forrest’s unique approach to music, blending elements of hip hop, soul, and lo-fi to create a relaxed and downtempo vibe.

“Randomize” is a beautifully crafted track that oozes with soulful grooves and mellow beats. The intro is a bit long but before long you’re nodding to the infectious snap of the snare drum. The song is filled with lush chords, gentle guitar riffs, and warm vocal samples that create a laid-back and chilled-out atmosphere. Forrest’s signature style is evident throughout the track, with his attention to detail and meticulous production techniques shining through in every note.

One of the things that makes “Randomize” so special is its ability to transport the listener to a different place. The track’s use of stilted drums and echoing reverbed horns depicts dreamy and atmospheric soundscapes are reminiscent of lazy summer afternoons and hazy sunsets, making it the perfect soundtrack for relaxation and introspection.

Overall, “Randomize” is a beautiful and soulful track that showcases Forrest Funk’s talent as a producer. The track is mellow and introspective, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of downtempo and chillout music. If you’re looking for a peaceful and soothing track to add to your playlist, then “Randomize” is more than worth a listen.

Mind Borders: Rico Friebe sends our emotions into a spin with Never Know

With prolific releases that keep on simmering out of the speakers due to the passionate energies from Rico Friebe, he sends our souls a shiver to deal with via the new single Never Know.

Rico Friebe is a Kiel, Germany-based indie singer-songwriter, composer and music producer who has a unique style that shall instil hope into many new hearts.

After the praise heaped on his previous single Leave And Go, Rico Friebe attempts to break us out of that mind-numbing mental darkness. Smashing through the walls of doubt to assist us to gain steam away from the bleakness of the world, we find a lifeguard saving many abandoned spirits.

Never Know from Kiel, Germany-based indie singer-songwriter Rico Friebe is a vocally pleasing single which might bring a newly-found wind of perspective blowing into our awaiting veins. This bone-tingling stuff is of the very highest standard for anyone who loves music with that extra bow of genuineness.

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Love Is A Lie: Eka Laki wants to move on forever with I Give, You Take

Taken from her bilingual looper-filled 9-track debut album In my reality and with eight music videos on the way, Eka Laki shows us that splendidly real Pharrell Williams, James Blake, and Rosalia-inspired energy on I Give, You Take.

Eka Laki is a Cologne, Germany alt-pop singer-songwriter who performs in both English and Georgian with RnB, afrobeat and EDM all wonderfully fused together.

Eka relaunched her career in 2018. Over the next four years, she released seven singles, created covers on Twitch, and directed her music videos. In 2019 she participated in a contest for female songwriters and won a trip to a songwriting school at Musikmakarna in Sweden.” ~ Eka Laki

After feeling her buttons pushed and fed up with the toxic situation, the barefooted angel Eka Laki wonders if the ex-lover actually gave a damn. Sensing the denial and fake love showered in like a bee sting, she looks for that reinvigorated liveliness to wrap around her cold heart like a hot shower after being stuck in a freezing lake.

I Give, You Take from Cologne, Germany alt-pop artist Eka Laki is a reborn single for anyone who needs to move on from the past. Produced with raw frankness and projected as a light away from the dark corner of doom, we find a tremendously insightful single to embrace for its genuineness.

When you feel like your body has been used for all its previous compassion, it’s best to move on.

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German prodigy Jakob Bänsch drops expressive new gem Repression

Inspired by the legendary American jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, Jakob Bänsch shows us the skill needed to be known all over the world with the rather special Repression.

Jakob Bänsch is a Pforzheim, Germany-based indie trumpeter who creates the kind of classics which are intertwined with so much skill and love.

The two biggest inspirations for the beginning of ‘Repression’ were the beginning of John Coltrane’s ‘Countdown’ and the beginning of Philip Dizack’s ‘Grow’ (from 2012’s End of an Era). “Dizack is also one of my biggest trumpet idols. And with this piece I wanted to challenge the band’s ability to listen to each other and to feel free while playing.” ~ Jakob Bänsch

Featuring pianist Niklas Roever, bassist Jakob Obleser and drummer Leo Asal, Jakob Bänsch has made a jaw-dropper to glide highly with. There is a warm glow of luminance just waiting to be unwrapped with joyous happiness. Goodness me this is so good and deserves more than a few listens.

Repression from Pforzheim, Germany-based indie trumpeter Jakob Bänsch is the type of song which has the power to change lives. There is an expert level on offer which is such a blessing to witness for all fans of genuine sounds.

In a world packed with music without much meaning, this is a reminder that timeless anthems are always around to save our souls.

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2077: Berlin’s Mezolozyde follows The Call and escapes from the dark forces

With a rather fascinating energy which will either stun or inspirit many, Mezolozyde sends our spines into shiver overload on the superb new single to turn up loud, The Call.

Mezolozyde is a Berlin, Germany-based indie alternative industrial rock project who slices massive holes into unassuming ears with a heavy presence.

The Call” is the name of the second single and builds on Mezolozyde’s first video clip. Connecting stories and elements taken from the lyrics, it reveals a futuristic and dystopian version of Berlin in the year 2077. Introducing a potential villain, a mysterious woman, the viewer notices that EzZe is being chased. They then travel with him through the hidden parts of this dark gritty future Berlin while at the same time taking in its glamorous and flashing facade. Once again the music video is directed by Martin Pedreira.” ~ Mezolozyde

Shaking our core and taking things into a movie-like experience, Mezolozyde shows us deep into the German mindset and navigates us into a rather scary and controlling world.

The Call from Berlin, Germany-based indie alternative industrial rock act Mezolozyde is a scintillating sizzler which might awaken those sleepy eyes to see the truth. Giving us a rather thrilling track to be amazed at, this is a look into the future. A scary look too. An exploration into what is possible. A reality check for anyone who hasn’t seen the evil which is possible, if wickedness wins.

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