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Inspired by his Dad: Tektula brings Otu on board to send out ”By My Side”

We often lust after that person that we can’t be with. It sadly doesn’t happen sometimes no matter how long we want it to be a reality. Do we give up or hope that things will change?

Tektula’s artist name is a mixture of his surname and the words techno and tarantula. He started making music when he was 10 years old. Tektula’s father gave him a program called ProTraxx and the magic started from that day. Well done Mr Tektula.

This talented young producer resides in the beautiful town of Aschaffenburg in Germany and this is his newest release off the album ”Fear” from 2020.

By My Side” is a sad song lyrically and takes a while to build up but when it does it is a pleasant listen. This is a new artist that is finding his feet and getting to know himself. I have no doubt that with his hard working ethic he will become a huge name in the electro world. All thanks to his Dad who had the self-awareness to help his son with his passion.

Go to Spotify to hear this song and more.

For gig info be sure to go to his Facebook and find out more about this promising producer from Germany.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Synth-soaked Sapha styles the loops to perfection with stunning ”Isolated”

Based in Wuppertal in Germany this is a loop-filled song with all-time goodness. Producer Sapha revives our battered hearts with this marvelously created Avicii (RIP) type beat that triggers all those hairs on my arms.

A purely instrumental song with no lyrics, this is all about helping us feel a but better after this dreadful lock down that has taken so many lives and torn the world. Pure music is hard to come by these days but this is a lovely treat that has been baked with love. ”Isolated” is a harmonious effort from a quality producer.

I like the vibe here as the sound is so pure and make me feel a bit happier and thinking less about what is going on outside. You can hear some harps here and the beat builds up to be very inspirational with that lovely piano beat. All in all this is a stunning single here that creates a lovely wave of energy that we can all climb and float on the water for a while. Staying sane in this time is the key to mental health and more music like this is always welcome with open arms.

Head through to Soundcloud to hear this fantastic track that will help with the blues.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


80’s flavored pop with ”Now or Never” from Julo

You get a few moments in life when you need to make a call. Are you going to take control and make use of your opportunity in life or let it go and possibly miss out?

Now or Never” from Julo is a brand new song out that has 80’s influences laced all over the pink leggings. This track reminds me of Kylie Minogue so much and feel like the single has the same kind of vibe. After working with different bands and doing session work this is the beginning of a new dawn for German singer Julo. She has just been signed by Asahi Music and is now working with popular Dutch producer, writer and remix wizard Matt Pop.

This is a happy song that fills my heart with good memories and will be played all over the world by youngsters and pop fans. In a serious world full of protests and paranoia I enjoyed this welcome break from it all. The song is all about taking that chance and perhaps Julo is talking about her new chapter. She could of carried on with doing her music the same way but chose to take a new direction which must be applauded. This is a new artist that will be exploding her energy and dancing shoes all over music channels and concerts in due course.

Click on the Spotify link to hear more from this new artist as she fills our soul with new music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


LoverboyBass turns the heat up high with ”Quality Time”

With the sexy lyrics of Californian born LoverboyBass to get you in the mood, ”Quality Time” is an R&B song to relax and chill with and will certainly keep the temperatures high this summer.

There is nothing complicated about this song as the vocals are pure and the message is clear. LoverboyBass is urging his fantasy woman to be with him and he declares his love for her in a confident manner.

With an incredible ability to keep his voice low in a seductive manner throughout, LoverboyBass strides through with absolute certainty and makes known that he is indeed the man for this occasion. He wants to spend ”Quality Time’‘ with his woman, in whichever way he can. The stetting is intimate and it feels like the lights are really low, the candles are lit, the wine is poured and the slow dance is about to begin. Germany based LoverboyBass has released a top of the line R&B lovers anthem to steam up any setting.

Stream more from LoverboyBass right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Don’t Fall’ is impressive lo-fi R&B from mother and son combo DE’JAS that’s perfect to chill, study, or relax to

Germany-based duo act DE’JAS have released their new track ‘Don’t Fall’ – a sweetly sung, impressively produced lo-fi R&B track.

Sonics are strong on ‘Don’t Fall’ with producer Jahym pulling off some nicely embroidered Daniel Caesar-style backdrops over his co-artist and mother Denise’s wishful crooning. The whole track helps paint an enjoyable picture of its own writing – and it feels authentic, sad, and, dare I say, extremely sweet? This is kindly complementary to the obvious skill and talent in the vibe the song creates – because it works very well on that front too. 

As a dual effort, ‘Don’t Fall’ does extremely well in showcasing the artistry of the co-named DE’JAS. The track feels strongest at its interplay and the coexistence of the creators, and that’s something that’s not common – at all. Definitely worth putting on if you have anything to chill, study, or relax to. 

You can listen to ‘Don’t Fall’ on DE’JAS’ Spotify page now.


Illuminati Duece – Oceans: With Love from Germany

Illuminati Duece is a German Rap RNB Hip Hop artist that has a unique approach to creating a Rap ensemble, he uses harsh, blazing sounds to back his lit vocals. The intro to this track didn’t hold much promise, yet when the rap verse really kicked in, it proved to be sensual, a track which flowed with limitless momentum in which you can truly taste the passion and desire that was put behind the lyrics. It’s a rare feat for a Rap act to so effectively convey his more animalistic passions without it becoming crass or at the very least slightly misogynistic. To put it simply, listening to Illuminati Duece’s latest track is one way to get in the mood.

If you’re a fan of tracks such as Splash Waterfalls by Ludacris, Adults Only by Slick Rick, or Whisper by Ying Yang Twins, you’re in for a treat, with it’s catchy chorus, it’s definitely a track that will stick with you long after it’s faded out.

Check out Oceans by Illuminati Duece on YouTube

Amelia Vandergast


Andy Host – Heartbeats: International Upbeat Brit Pop

I was one of the lucky few who had the pleasure to listen to German singer song writer Andy Host’s brand new single Heartbeats in the build up to its release. The single will be available to download and in a stunning array of other formats from November 17th.  I’ve been well and truly caught up in the momentum of Andy Hosts new sound. To say that Heartbeats is an upbeat track would be the biggest understatement I could ever make. It’s packed full of raw unadulterated positive vibes that will quite literally take your breath away and guide you into a chaotic state of euphoria.

Andy Host uses his talent with his passion for the Indie Pop and Brit Pop sound and truly brings the genres he dabbles within to life. His previous project ‘Louder Than Gray’ was a mix of melancholic sounds in the midst of pensive emotions, his new musical venture couldn’t be more different, it’s overwhelming with raucous energy, love and passion.

You can taste a sample of his brand new single Heartbeats on his website before it is release date.

Stay connected to the musical enigma through the Facebook link below for more info on his new upcoming releases.


Capitano : Good Times (for Bad Habits): A Whirlwind of Raucous Sound

Capitano is a self proclaimed Independent Pop Extravaganza hailing from Germany. It would seem that they do Pop music a little differently over in Germany.

Capitano’s new track Good Times is one of the most energetic, charismatic indie productions that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. They fuel their idiosyncratic sound with screeching guitar riffs and electrocuting electronic effects that will quite frankly make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

The enigmatic front man behind Capitano is a Canadian born Norwegian that grew up in the musical utopia of Germany. His music stems from a myriad of influences but its plaintively clear that Capitano follows no sound. His vocal ability is staggeringly similar to vocalists such as Josh Holme, his vocal ability is nothing but impressive paired with his exuberant essence that most artists could only dream of.

Tickets for their upcoming European tour are on sale now! If you’re lucky enough to reside in Frankfurt, Berlin or Hamburg. That’s definitely not a gig you want to miss out on! For tickets & details of their upcoming album release head on over to their website!


Rap Goes Minimal With Uncle True

Rap music is built around big beats and bombast, vibrant sounds and lyrical onslaughts, right? Well, not always. With No Chain Uncle True shows us an alternative path one that is more about space and minimalism than the full on musical salvo’s that we have come to expect. Starting with lilting, almost music box piano tunes and haunting synth washes, even when the song kicks in properly it only adds skittering staccato beats and the rapped lyrics and little else.

It is the space that makes things more powerful, the focus is always on the lyrics and not on the usual studio gimmicks and technical trickery that many artists resort to. Where this fits in to the scheme of things is anyones guess but someone has to be the first to blaze a trail through new territory and that may well be Uncle True’s legacy. When ambient rap or whatever future journalist end up calling it is the fashion of the future, Uncle True will be the cult figure that every one will claim they heard first.


Rass Limit – I’m Like: Bringing Music Back to Basics

Rass Limit is a conceptual Hip Hop artist from Cologne, Germany. His brand new debut hit proves that there’s more to Germany than pounding electronic industrial music. He’s orchestrated old school R&B Hip Hop with rap arrangements worked in for a contemporary sound that impossible to ignore. He’s definitely not shy when it comes to expressing is feelings through his veracious lyrics which are packed with all of the attitude that you’d expect from a Hip Hop artist.

Whilst the beat behind his debut track ‘I’m Like’ is pretty limited and minimal compared to most Hip Hop tracks it accentuates his lyrical ability and the anger behind his progressive lyrics. It almost has an acoustic element to the backing which is rather becoming for the home grown artist.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from the visionary Rass Limit after this 2 minute taster track, but it’s all you need to get hooked on his beat after this antagonising quick listen in which he provides an abundance of animosity and crass style.