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Cagri Raydemir shimmers through the genetic signatures on, ‘False Existence’

Warning us against the fake world that is trying to doom innocent souls into a moody world that is packed with darkly-lit alleyways that have no exit, Cagri Raydemir shows us what the boundaries are and how we can actually avoid the negative energy on, ‘False Existence‘.

Cagri Raydemir is a Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer who holds business management and engineering degrees.

Having recorded at his home studio, he made all lyrics & music, vocals & instruments, arrangements, recording, mixing & mastering.” ~ Cagri Raydemir

After learning music when he was just 13 years old through guitar, Cagri Raydemir is on top form with a body-tingling display that showcases his genuine storytelling ability at its absolute peak.

False Existence‘ from Munich, Germany-based alt-rock/blues singer-songwriter/music producer Cagri Raydemir is a riff-filled world that shows us that retaliation is natural if you get pushed down into the mud for too long. With an underground ambience that pierces through your heart, this is a gloomy-but-excellent track that should send a shiver down your spine. The vocals might give your trembling core a real shake-up, as we are taken into a world that so many have tried to avoid for so long due to the treacherous rocks attached.

The world is real and being self-aware, is the only way to survive.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tara C Taylor feels the electric energy from the sweaty crowd on, ‘Love Machine’

Looking into those crystal blue eyes that have her attention firmly inside the soul of that sweet lover who makes her heart shudder excitedly, Tara C Taylor returns with a steamy song that feels like is from another era and is called, ‘Love Machine‘.

Tara C Taylor is a Winnipeg, Canada-born indie electronic/acoustic singer-songwriter who is currently residing in bustling Berlin, Germany, and sings with that extra exuberance you are only born with.

Tara’s songs tell stories about lust & love, politics and the many journeys in life.” ~ Tara C Taylor

At her passionate best and seducing the airwaves with her sultry vocals, Tara C Taylor sends a supreme shockwave through our shaking vertebrae and doesn’t stop entertaining with an electric display.

Love Machine‘ from ’80s fused Canadian indie singer-songwriter Tara C Taylor is one of those romantic sizzlers that gets you into the mood to look deep into the eyes of that special human you feel is right for you. Sung with her trademark class and a soothing aura that sends your mind into a romantic place, this is a breathtaking display made with a real edge.

If you’re after a song that alters your mood and gets you thinking deeply about that intended love who you have your eye on, this is definitely the track for you to play loud and proud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yabou knows that the silly lies and dumb fights need to end forever on ‘Gone To Waste’ (feat. Dave Nunes)

With a peaceful tone that is such a tranquil listen to get your whole heart into the story rather quickly, Yabou wonders how they got to this point after a romance that had the potential to be special on, ‘Gone To Waste(feat. Dave Nunes).

Yabou is a Stuttgart, Germany-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who always shows his multicultural background that helps his music to be brilliantly diverse and fantastically edgy.

This track deals with a love/relationship which isn’t meant to succeed. It’s about accepting that it’s healthier to let go instead of lying to yourself and your partner to make it work somehow but also about breaking free/moving on in life.” ~ Yabou

Combining beautifully to bring real perspective to a moment that has been waiting for the final call, Yabou displays a gracious class and rare openness that puts the candle out and starts the healing process that two hearts really need in order to move onto better days.

Loves to make music giving free range to his creativity, rather than getting stuck in genre categories.” ~ Yabou

Gone To Waste(feat. Dave Nunes) from Stuttgart, Germany-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter Yabou shows us a shattered window between two souls who just can’t find that peace they both deserve. After realizing that they should probably move on, this is that reminder that sometimes – two people shouldn’t be together – as the toxic waters are too strong to overcome. With a crisp vocal performance and a natural beat to truly close your eyes to, this is a stunning track that is a break-up anthem that many have felt deeply before.

Even if you want things to work, sometimes nature just takes over and makes the decision before you.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wonderland asks us all if this world can be saved or is it doomed forever on ‘I Ask You’

Looking back to when he naively assumed that this incredible planet was actually fair for all to succeed in, Wonderland sends us into an underground location where we find ourselves doing the things that we know are bad for the soul on, ‘I Ask You‘.

Wonderland is a Switzerland-based, Germany-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer who makes that honest music that asks real questions that matter.

Wonderland has his own music studio and produced all songs by himself.” ~ Wonderland

With an intriguing message to the whole of humankind that strikes you right in the middle of your heart’s epicentre, Wonderland asks those tough questions that are often overlooked and swept under the carpet. His vocal capabilities seem to stretch into unfathomable places, to lead us into a better place where peace and kindness reside.

I Ask You‘ from Switzerland-based, Germany-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer Wonderland, is a brave effort and a call for common sense to prevail. Believing that life is fair should be a common theme for us all, instead of it being an unrealistic fantasy at present. He sings with emotion and vigour, which sends you into a world that is possible but will take you into a darker place at first, as you wonder if the light will eventually shine.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cartoon music group Pios Phantom guides us from sadness to gladness on ‘Is It Si or Is It No’

Fusing in a magnetic blend of brit-pop, pop-punk, power pop, classic rock, country, folk and EDM, Pios Phantom shows us that peace and love is the only thing that we need to be chasing with their fun new single, ‘Is It Si or Is It No‘.

Balarama Clemens Plaum aka Pios Phantom is the founder of this catchy cartoon music group. A Yoga teacher who comes from a small village in Germany, he leads this peaceful group to make that stunning rock opera you can’t help but forget.

My project is a global one. The name pios Phantom comes from rotating the letters OM (love) shanti (peace) pop.” ~ Pios Phantom

Moving us gently away from any negative waters that can sink our mood down into those sad rocks of doom, Pios Phantom are a band that needs to be played loud and proud. They are all about love and flying high like an inspiring dove – to show us where to go – and to stay positive throughout and avoid the carnage that can scrape your skin and cause your shine to burn away in the night.

Is It Si or Is It No‘ from the German-born cartoon music group Pios Phantom, sends us into a better world that has us smiling from ear to ear. This is a track that will have you feeling that everything is going to be okay again, with some soulful vocals and a beat so likeable, that your whole family will be begging you to turn up the volume. Filled with only happy intentions to spread some of that much-needed tenderness, this is a spectacular single to shake off any of those grumpy cobwebs you had previously.

Listen up to this joyful new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

German music producer Don Tocabajo drops 6-track instrumental EP ‘Booster’

BOOSTER by Don Tocabajo

With a groovy atmosphere that seems to slam into your mouth like tasty ice cream after a summer swim in the sea, Don Tocabajo catches our attention with his latest 6-track experimental release that will raise your heartbeat as a ‘Booster‘.

Don Tocabajo is an award-winning Heidelberg, Germany-based solo artist, composer, bass player, former school teacher and music producer.

With easy-to-dance-with highlights such as ‘Supreme Noise‘, ‘War of Thruths‘ and the final track ‘Spiced Vibes‘, this is a captivating cocktail that will probably explode rapidly into your delicate soul and warm you up as you have just jumped into a sauna with your ideal lover. There is so much mystery to unpack on each single – as you sense a glow of intrigue – that simmers so sweetly as you just sit back and close your eyes, away from the world’s evil rays that are always watching.

Booster‘ from Heidelberg, Germany-based music producer, bassist and composer Don Tocabajo, is a superbly-made release that has your mind alive with ideas as your body lathers deeply inside each creation. This is an innovative 6-track instrumental release that is certainly enjoyable and will have you thinking profoundly about how music can lift up your mood from the gloom, and into a better space to truly open up your soul. If you are a fan of music that will shake you up and wake you from any previous slumber, this is a powerful EP to truly sink your tender teeth into.

Hear this new release on Bandcamp and see more via his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MUANH leaves us completely breathless on the stunning RnB release you won’t be able to forget on ‘Skin’ (feat. Javie Mundo)

With delightfully natural spiritual energy flowing sweetly between your ears as you close your eyes and relax with a truly astonishing single at your fingertips, MUANH has our consciousness floating into those tender kisses that have you feeling like you are in a different world on ‘Skin(feat. Javie Mundo).

MUANH is an outstanding Germany-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, teacher-to-be, and also a professional escapist who performs with such love and care with soul-healing vocals that give you welcome shivers.

Skin’ is about indulging into your intuition, getting carried away with your body, feeling every touch and movement together with your loved one and yourself until we reach full symbiosis.” ~ MUANH

Sending our awakened hearts into a frolicking flutter with a captivating single that oozes class and changes your whole mindset in stimulating fashion, MUANH might be your new favourite RnB artist. There is a real tender consideration on offer here for us to swim calmly into, as we wash away our fears and move into a more romantic mindset that we certainly desire.

Skin(feat. Javie Mundo) from Germany-based indie RnB artist MUANH, is a sensual experience that has you gravitating slowly and lifting your senses above all the noise and distractions that are so abundant in modern-day society. This feels like a special moment, that has your smile wide – and your body feeling so enthralled – about the possibilities of being with someone who takes the time to connect properly with your hungry soul.

Finding your tribe is the only way to be truly content after all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

German EDM artist W4LK3R asks to be taken home on the sensational new single, ‘Fly’

With a cinematic entry into 2022 that deserves to be in the next Hollywood franchise that you will never forget, W4LK3R knows that two hearts are stronger together with the stunning new bass-thumping single for that late-night dance with your lover on, ‘Fly‘.

Marco Edelwein aka W4LK3R is a Nordhorn, Germany-based indie EDM artist and RnB music producer who seems to make only absolute gems on all of his creations.

Though W4LK3R began as an experimental project for fun, it soon garnered its own dedicated audience of listeners, who were drawn to the blend of slick modern instrumentation.” ~ W4LK3R

Showing us what a mood-boosting single should sound like, W4LK3R is unquestionably brilliant as he guides us into a daydream that will carry our breath away – and take our whole soul into a nostalgic place – that has you turning the volume on full blast so that you don’t miss a second.

Fly‘ from Nordhorn, Germany-based indie EDM artist and RnB music producer W4LK3R, is one of the most pulsating singles you will hear all year. The stunning vocals will surely give you shivers of anticipation and the busty beat might stretch your imagination, as we are taken on a ride of a lifetime. This is the story about knowing that you will be flying high and conquering all your goals but for tonight, you just want to be taken home so that you can digest everything that has been happening lately.

Sizzle your speakers awake on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Berlin’s Close to Monday impresses yet again with the incredible new single, ‘Together’

After a huge breakthrough year where they entered multiple charts and gained the traction they were looking for, Close to Monday show us their fresh direction and start off 2022 with a hypo-progressive synthpop style with their new single, ‘Together‘.

Close to Monday is a highly entertaining Berlin, Germany-based electro-synthpop duo who formulate a riveting blend of stunning music that warms the heart.

2021 was a very productive and bright year for “Close to Monday”. Their album “Interference” almost immediately entered the TOP10 of the German Alternative Charts and was there for 8 weeks in a row.” ~ Close to Monday

With a super effort that might be one of their finest releases to date, Close to Monday gravitate towards the top and show us into a world that has you in an honest state as you reflect on what you really need from your partner during this wild journey called life.

Together‘ from Berlin, Germany-based electro-synthpop duo Close to Monday, is the superbly-projected single of waiting for that special person to join you – and hoping that you can keep things simple – while holding hands and looking into the sky as one. With an always-evolving beat that makes you appreciate their progression, this is a scintillating single which bound to be put on loud when you let it simmer sweetly into your hungry soul.

Being together with someone who is ready to elevate you, will certainly have you feeling that this life is all worth it.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t You Cry: Dresden darkwave act Ghosts Over Dresden drop first single ‘My Dark Angel’

With striking energy that might shock many into having nightmares, Ghosts Over Dresden sends us a blood-soaked love story that could stain your teeth with the debut single called ‘My Dark Angel‘.

Ghosts Over Dresden is a darkwave/goth band from Dresden, Germany who let flow with a release that will have you looking deeply into this intriguing effort.

Emerging in an era in which quite literally every music scene in every city in the world was dying at the hands of a deadly virus, Ghosts Over Dresden (G.O.D) rose from the still smoking ashes to bring a new brand of darkwave in a desperate time. Creating songs that brood and shimmer as well as tracks with hooks for days, G.O.D. is calling hungry audiences to the altar for the resurrection of dark pop.” ~ Ghosts Over Dresden

With a moody ambience that tells us the story about a passionate love that is highly intense and packed full of that romance that sends shivers down your spine, Ghosts Over Dresden takes us into a new world that will either excite you or scare you into pieces.

My Dark Angel‘ from the Dresden, Germany-based indie darkwave act Ghosts Over Dresden, is a thrilling effort that might belong in a horror movie. The painted face aura has your thoughts gusting back to Halloween, and this is a track that will take you into the darkest part of a liaison that is packed full of devotion that it might cause either one of you to break in half.

For all the fans of this mysteriously created genre – you have found yourself a new underground hero – who make that soul-shocking experience that will have you peeking around nervously when the lights are out.

Hear this haunting new single on Spotify and see what they get up to on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen