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‘Let the Music’ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness that will make you smile and possibly dance.

Patrizia was born into an Italian immigrant family who lived in small town Germany. At the age of just 6, she discovered a dance studio. This formed the foundation of meshing music with performance. Her creative ambition was not welcome in her lower working class, suburban world. However, a move to Berlin was on the cards and this would change everything for this young musician. She just wanted to dance and sing. Now, with the freedom to be creative in a safe environment that wasn’t small-minded, she could fully express herself.

I love the pop pureness here, this is about letting the music come to you and not to force anything in life. Just turn the music up and do what come naturally to you as this is the best way to live in life. The beat is so 80’s and this is so great to listen to. There is innocence here, the dancing and fun music resonates in a world that can be so cold.

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is the type of song that makes you happy and smile. Simple pleasures that inspire and makes the day a bit more tolerable. This talented singer & actress has just kissed our ears with this gorgeous song.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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Milena Estelle sends love kisses to her crush on ‘You & I’

Milena Estelle sings with such sweet energy on her sexy new R&B laced single ‘You & I‘.

Milena is a singer, performer and music tutor from Heidelberg in Germany. She was educated in London, England and this experience behind the mic is for all to see.

You want to be with your crush so badly. You can’t stop thinking about this love and how it makes you feel. This is all you want and you will do anything you can to make it happen. This is true love all the way, you can feel it in your fingers and you can feel it in your bones.

Milena Estelle has been playing music for many years and her variety in different genres is for all to see. She discovered her first own musical style when she started rearranging Pop songs into Modern Jazz. She released her first album in 2018 which has been the start of constant music releases. German Pop/R’n’B Single ‘Der Weg’ in 2019 was a big success. One year later she released a Cinematic/Alt/Pop song called ‘Free‘ which backs up this fine music discography.

You & I‘ from Milena Estelle is a wonderful song with gorgeous lyrics and such stunning vocals.

Head through to hear this on Spotify.

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Latin fusion shaking with Yerba Colorá’s ‘Menéalo’

Menéalo means ‘shake it’ in Spanish and that is exactly the vibe on ‘Menéalo‘. This is a vibrant song from Yerba Colorá to get our day started.

Yerba Colorá is an international latin fusion band based in Marburg, Germany. The band was formed in 2016 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Naomi Keates from Manchester in England. Paired up with percussionist Sibori Zuñiga Molina from Cusco in Peru. The line-up was completed with Jörg Sebald from Marburg in Germany on the bass and Corey Taylor from Adelaide in Australia on lead guitar. The band’s influences span from rock to cumbia, with an affectionate nod to son cubano and the general motto “play whatever you feel like”. I love this vibe and energy. You also feel that this is a band that was created organically. With a world-wise lineup, this is an international band of note.

Taken off ‘¡Eh! P.‘, this is the 1st release and what a joyful sound it is. With stunning female vocals that sound so scrumptious in my ears. I could see myself shaking it with old friends and new friends. This is happy music that is much appreciated in 2020.

Stream this on Spotify and enjoy the vibe.

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The peaceful Sami Simon creates masterpiece of healing on ‘Morning Sun’

Germany-based Sami Simon heals the airwaves with a real gem ‘Morning Sun‘.

Excellent singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sami Simon creates textured indie folk music with a fondness for lovely yet pained images and deeply personal lyrics. This is an artist that has a voice and sound that makes you a fan very quickly. This is real music that is so rare.

After releasing his debut-EP in 2019 via Amsterdam-based label Revanche Records, Sami left his home city, Berlin, moving to the sunny vineyards of South West Germany. Besides eagerly creating new self-produced songs, Sami Simon works as a music therapist and abstract painter.

With a melody that catches your heart right away, you then hear the crisp vocals of a man who has had a big realization. We are all still alive. Let’s make use of what we have before us no matter the circumstances. Let’s get together as one with that good energy and avoid the negative visuals from a crazy world.

Sami Simon’s  ‘Morning Sun‘ is the best song I’ve heard so far in 2020. The peaceful creation from the soulful singer-songwriter is such a piece of art with so much bad news everywhere.

Stream this absolute gem here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Here is the Insta page for more.

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”Groundhog May” is fab new folk track from Paris native Amaury Laurent Bernier

Amaury Laurent Bernier is an indie-folk singer-songwriter who was born in Paris, France. After locating a Led Zeppelin record and an old acoustic guitar in his parent’s house, this talented artist got into music. What a story. After creating his first band, Amaury then spent then about 12 years on the road and in the studios with different bands as a session musician. ”Groundhog May” is his latest single to be released and it’s a quality track.

After recently moving to Hamburg in Germany, Amaury Laurent Bernier got to work on a fair amount of different kind of pictures like feature films as a music composer and songwriter among other roles depending on the project. This is a multi-talented man with a lot to offer.

Groundhog May” is a song all about lock down and having to just go for it as not too many people really care. You have to survive and also be kind on the whole journey.

Stream this mellow track right here on the Spotify music channel.

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Inspired by his Dad: Tektula brings Otu on board to send out ”By My Side”

We often lust after that person that we can’t be with. It sadly doesn’t happen sometimes no matter how long we want it to be a reality. Do we give up or hope that things will change?

Tektula’s artist name is a mixture of his surname and the words techno and tarantula. He started making music when he was 10 years old. Tektula’s father gave him a program called ProTraxx and the magic started from that day. Well done Mr Tektula.

This talented young producer resides in the beautiful town of Aschaffenburg in Germany and this is his newest release off the album ”Fear” from 2020.

By My Side” is a sad song lyrically and takes a while to build up but when it does it is a pleasant listen. This is a new artist that is finding his feet and getting to know himself. I have no doubt that with his hard working ethic he will become a huge name in the electro world. All thanks to his Dad who had the self-awareness to help his son with his passion.

Go to Spotify to hear this song and more.

For gig info be sure to go to his Facebook and find out more about this promising producer from Germany.

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Synth-soaked Sapha styles the loops to perfection with stunning ”Isolated”

Based in Wuppertal in Germany this is a loop-filled song with all-time goodness. Producer Sapha revives our battered hearts with this marvelously created Avicii (RIP) type beat that triggers all those hairs on my arms.

A purely instrumental song with no lyrics, this is all about helping us feel a but better after this dreadful lock down that has taken so many lives and torn the world. Pure music is hard to come by these days but this is a lovely treat that has been baked with love. ”Isolated” is a harmonious effort from a quality producer.

I like the vibe here as the sound is so pure and make me feel a bit happier and thinking less about what is going on outside. You can hear some harps here and the beat builds up to be very inspirational with that lovely piano beat. All in all this is a stunning single here that creates a lovely wave of energy that we can all climb and float on the water for a while. Staying sane in this time is the key to mental health and more music like this is always welcome with open arms.

Head through to Soundcloud to hear this fantastic track that will help with the blues.

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80’s flavored pop with ”Now or Never” from Julo

You get a few moments in life when you need to make a call. Are you going to take control and make use of your opportunity in life or let it go and possibly miss out?

Now or Never” from Julo is a brand new song out that has 80’s influences laced all over the pink leggings. This track reminds me of Kylie Minogue so much and feel like the single has the same kind of vibe. After working with different bands and doing session work this is the beginning of a new dawn for German singer Julo. She has just been signed by Asahi Music and is now working with popular Dutch producer, writer and remix wizard Matt Pop.

This is a happy song that fills my heart with good memories and will be played all over the world by youngsters and pop fans. In a serious world full of protests and paranoia I enjoyed this welcome break from it all. The song is all about taking that chance and perhaps Julo is talking about her new chapter. She could of carried on with doing her music the same way but chose to take a new direction which must be applauded. This is a new artist that will be exploding her energy and dancing shoes all over music channels and concerts in due course.

Click on the Spotify link to hear more from this new artist as she fills our soul with new music.

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LoverboyBass turns the heat up high with ”Quality Time”

With the sexy lyrics of Californian born LoverboyBass to get you in the mood, ”Quality Time” is an R&B song to relax and chill with and will certainly keep the temperatures high this summer.

There is nothing complicated about this song as the vocals are pure and the message is clear. LoverboyBass is urging his fantasy woman to be with him and he declares his love for her in a confident manner.

With an incredible ability to keep his voice low in a seductive manner throughout, LoverboyBass strides through with absolute certainty and makes known that he is indeed the man for this occasion. He wants to spend ”Quality Time’‘ with his woman, in whichever way he can. The stetting is intimate and it feels like the lights are really low, the candles are lit, the wine is poured and the slow dance is about to begin. Germany based LoverboyBass has released a top of the line R&B lovers anthem to steam up any setting.

Stream more from LoverboyBass right here on his Spotify channel.

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‘Don’t Fall’ is impressive lo-fi R&B from mother and son combo DE’JAS that’s perfect to chill, study, or relax to

Germany-based duo act DE’JAS have released their new track ‘Don’t Fall’ – a sweetly sung, impressively produced lo-fi R&B track.

Sonics are strong on ‘Don’t Fall’ with producer Jahym pulling off some nicely embroidered Daniel Caesar-style backdrops over his co-artist and mother Denise’s wishful crooning. The whole track helps paint an enjoyable picture of its own writing – and it feels authentic, sad, and, dare I say, extremely sweet? This is kindly complementary to the obvious skill and talent in the vibe the song creates – because it works very well on that front too. 

As a dual effort, ‘Don’t Fall’ does extremely well in showcasing the artistry of the co-named DE’JAS. The track feels strongest at its interplay and the coexistence of the creators, and that’s something that’s not common – at all. Definitely worth putting on if you have anything to chill, study, or relax to. 

You can listen to ‘Don’t Fall’ on DE’JAS’ Spotify page now.