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Swim With Me: Emerging Berlin-based Hannah Kelly takes us for a floating ride on ‘Ocean Brain’

After years of performing with other artists and picking up valuable experience and knowledge on the way, Hannah Kelly is now focusing fully on her own original music and after the success of her debut track ‘New Faces‘, she returns with her atmospheric new single named ‘Ocean Brain‘.

Hannah Kelly is a fast-rising Berlin-based Swiss/Irish indie singer-songwriter. Her debut EP called ‘ForgetMeNot‘, is the works as we speak – and this marks an exciting new chapter in this versatile musician’s fledgling career – who is such a breath of fresh air, with her sumptuously elegant vocal delivery.

She sings with a real rare classy elegance that is so easy to enjoy – her style is so glorious and mellow to consume – as you curiously dive dive down and see her vision, through a tremendous track that is peaceful and made with such love.

Ocean Brain‘ from the wonderful Berlin, Germany based indie-pop artist Hannah Kelly, is a lovely music video and well-made song that urges us to swim with her no matter what the tide is. She shows us her wondrous creativity and performs with such pure artistry, that you can’t help but get the swimming gear on and join her underwater.

The world is full of crashing waves and stormy tides that are so unpredictable, so you might as well just go with the flow and see where you go in this rather strange world.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more news on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move To The Beat: Assal Cobra grooves our imagination together just perfectly on ‘Wine Pon’ (ft. Village Boy Prince)

Bringing us one of the most peaceful and well-made tracks of the year so far, Assal Cobra brings the enjoyable rhythm to our willing bodies on the superb music video ‘Wine Pon (ft. Village Boy Prince).

Assal Cobra is an excellent German-born, LA-based DJ, musician, vocalist, producer and creative director. She is joined by fellow fast-rising LA-based artist Village Boy Prince on this catchy new single.

With a tasty Caribbean steel drum to start us off and then some sweetly mixed organic percussion gets us into the mood quickly. We are introduced to some calming raps and combined with luscious vocals, we are in for a lunch box treat here on this shake-your-body track to remember.

This is the story of working together and showing love to those who you respect and love working with. We are placed into a song with a real true authenticity and style — as that is such a pleasure on the hungry earlobes — that hungrily lap up each second of this quality release.

Wine Pon(ft. Village Boy Prince) from Assal Cobra, is full of spectacular visuals and is a true feel-good track. With a world class beat and stunning vocals that has you moving and grooving all day, this is a summer track to play real loud. The message at the end of us being one human race no matter what we look like, is also highly welcomed. Appreciation and love is what we definitely need more of.

Watch this vibrant single on YouTube and see more news on Assal’s IG and Village Boy’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

PRISONER K Part 2: Berlin’s CALMDOWN cuts away the restrictions on ‘Blind’ (ft. Thëar)

Bringing us the second part of this immaculate series of music experiences that has been sumptuously created with so much love and representing metamorphosis, CALMDOWN takes our imagination to another level beyond what we thought was possible with her arms open wide on ‘Blind(ft. Thëar).

Elisa Vidalis aka CALMDOWN, is a highly motivated and creative composer and electronic music producer from Berlin in Germany. She cleverly meshes her sound to captivate our ears and takes us to another place entirely with deep meaning aplenty, for us to fully wrap headfirst into.

”Through music you feel a moment that you already lived in the past, or a moment you will live in the future or a moment you will never have at all. It travels with you and saves you.” – CALMDOWN

This is the story of keeping your mind open so you can help others when they have their blinkers stuck on and are so stuck. The world can be smoggy and full of temptations that you don’t really need, and you need someone close you help you into the right path, before you get sucked in for too long.

The beat is terrific and the video is so smartly done, as it captures the mood of the world so perfectly. You find yourself fascinated by the message and the visuals have you entrenched into the moment — as each second finds you looking closer — and wondering what is going to take place next.

Blind(ft. Thëar) from Berlin music producer CALMDOWN, is a striking song that has a soundtrack that has you soaked in goodness, with elite vocals that sends you into a whole new world. This is one of the purest songs you will immerse yourself in all year — and a real lesson in being careful with what you dream about — as it can turn real so quickly.

See this terrific music video on YouTube and see more of her journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Looked Into My Eyes: German singer/rapper ARU moves away from the darkness on ‘Emotions’

Taken off his upcoming debut mixtape called ‘Epiphany‘ which is a result of a five year dream that has now come alive, ARU shows us the love with the romantic new single which will have you looking to dim the lights on ‘Emotions‘.

ARU is a new German-born, Lisbon, Portugal-based rap/RnB indie singer-songwriter, former policeman and sales promoter. He makes that soothing music which shows you how he feels deep inside, singing away all the bad vibes by staying present throughout.

This is the type of song that might have you swaying your body around as you think about that time you were low — but soon so high in the cloudless sky again —  like the click of a finger. The nights were sad and dull but then the flirty eyes link together, and sparked close to immerse a light that has you feeling so happy inside.

He sings with a truly buoyant attitude, his new journey has enthused him so much and the vocals are raw — but eloquently performed — with so much care and that extra desire within is heard.

Emotions‘ from the focused German RnB/rap artist ARU, shows us that deep love he has for the girl who flipped his whole life upside down, when he was spinning out of control before. She had that spark of someone who helped him warm up inside — after so many doubts and cold weather nights alone, that was threatening to freeze him out of love in an unwanted icy igloo.

Check out the YouTube audio link and follow his social movements on IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Follow Your Heart: Outstanding German classical composer Michael Livschitz impresses highly yet again with ‘While Hope Is Still Alive’

After the beautifully elegant pieces that were a majestic listen called ‘Farewell in the Rain‘ and ‘When Broken Hearts Are Silent’, Michael Livschitz inspires us to go beyond what we currently can see on ‘While Hope Is Still Alive‘.

Michael Livschitz is a tremendously skilled Munich, Germany-based classical composer, songwriter and author, who forms monumental melodies and sublime creations, that grab you right in the sweet spot of your beating heart.

Your tender body somehow feels so at ease with his wonderful music loud in your headphones, his elevating soundscapes puts all the constant worries to bed and shuts the door behind them.

As he subtly charges up his flexible fingers, we are brought into a world that comes with many warnings, as so many humans out there don’t want you to succeed. This is all about going for your dreams while you still can, as the planet burns quicker than we first thought — his terrific display has your body shaking in excitement for the possibilities that do indeed lay ahead — if you want them enough.

While Hope Is Still Alive‘ from the classical master Michael Livschitz, is an awe-inspiring effort from a true artist, who pours his heart and soul into every available sinew of this carefully crafted gem. This is a song to embrace wholeheartedly, as you find your path and stick to the plan, whilst feeling refreshed by such an angelic piece of music that cleanses your whole mind, from the toxins of this world that needs healing.

Stream this stunning song on Spotify and see his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thinking About You: Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) are breathtaking on stupendous future bass single ‘Higher’

After feeling the fresh breeze wash over your doubts with their excellent track from February 2021 called ‘Free‘, Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) are back with a sensual song about powerful love that makes you go ‘Higher‘.

Yannik aka Whyen, is a prolific multi-talented pianist, future bass music producer and film composer from busy Berlin in Germany. He is joined once again by the wonderful fellow Berlin-based singer/lyricist Juli-Ane, who’s sensational voice has the rare ability to make your hairs stand up to gripping attention, her striking tone incredibly captures all your thoughts calmly as you get lost for days in her thoughtful story.

Their combination works like a perfectly fitting glove, your eager body slides snugly right into this story of finding yourself under the power of someone else which makes you think deeply, despite your love for them.

The production is top class and matches with her stunning vocals, that certainly takes you to the sky above in an effortless display which has you relaxed and focused again.

Higher‘ from the captivating Berlin producer/vocal duo Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane), is a refreshing swim into the waves of love, as you want to be happy but sometimes the undercurrent takes you to places you don’t want to. Sometimes people just have that power over you and you need to find the right stream so you can be in your lane, without anybody having control over you.

Stream this breathtaking new track on Spotify and see Whyen and Juli’s IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Welcome To Earth: K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit) show us what is wrong with the planet on ‘Ground Zero’

As they both look outside the tainted window and tell us exactly what they see, K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit) show us into their honest world of knowing that greed and selfishness of so many in power, will be the end of the human race before too long on ‘Ground Zero’.

K3NDY is a Cologne, Germany-based indie singer-songwriter who fuses emo-pop and rock-punk together into one explosive mixture of incredible sounds. She has linked up with fellow Cologne-based former rapper and now punk artist Rass Limit, as they show obvious chemistry, to lab up a powerful concoction which is one of the more truthful songs of 2021.

They know we are so lost as a race, as they confidently step on the gas and throw down all the cards onto the table. The guitar skills are highly impressive, as the honest lyrics link so well together with vibrant vocals that has your head moving and your mind working extra. You know that they are right and the time for change is definitely here, before it is too late and the whole world burns down.

Ground Zero’ from the unmistakably talented Cologne singer-songwriter K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit), is a thunderous display between two artists who mesh so well together. Hand in hand, they take us on an honest ride through the streets to see the destruction – on land and water that will ultimate define us as the generation that didn’t do enough – to stop the hurtful carnage that is seeping into our planet each second.

Always wanting more has turned so many into blood thirsty zombies, and this is crushing all the love that has been build up over so many centuries before us.

Hear this top new song on Spotify, check out K3NDY’s IG plus Rass Limit’s IG too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What a day: Beatrice Betley goes with the ‘Flow’ on wondrous new single

Bringing her incredible grace and dynamic vocal ability to the willing airwaves, Beatrice Betley is on her best form via her latest single called ‘Flow‘.

Beatrice Betley is a multi-linguist crossover-jazz singer-songwriter, composer, global traveler and fashion designer from Hamburg in Germany, who resides in beautiful The Hague in The Netherlands. She stunningly portrays that deep soundscape, that lifts you up from your slumber, as her voice gives your body pleasurable shivers.

This the story of a world with someone new that excites and scares you a bit too. the feeling magnifies are your stomach knots up as you realize that things are real now.

Her voice is so dashing, you can feel the sparkle from her eye through the speakers and your heart beats faster, her sumptuous tone delights all facets of your soul and you feel alive again.

Flow‘ from the magnificent German jazz vocalist Beatrice Betley, is a journey into the earths atmosphere from a self-aware musician who’s soulful energies combine to bring us a funky soulfully sweet single, that is sure to brighten up your day.

Hear this soothing single on Spotify and see more on her travels via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The last ten months: Katja von Bauske encourages us to stay strong while starting again on ‘Close My Eyes’

Whilst walking around seeing the wild world for herself, Katja von Bauske brings us an inspirational message about thinking for ourselves on the cinematic new single ‘Close My Eyes‘.

Katja von Bauske is a mesmerizing World folk/pop artist from Hamburg, Germany. She brings us a poignant global four minute track of so much realness born from the last ten months of a crazy roller coaster ride, that has been upside down from normal reality.

This is the story about how the world is in a mess right now, small businesses are struggling and we need this pandemic to end sooner rather than later. Through her footsteps and seeing this for herself, you get the picture about the misinformation, sadness and how small businesses really suffer the most from all of this, while science gets disregarded.

Close My Eyes‘ from the superlative talent of Katja von Bauske, is an ear-bending track that makes you think deeply and opens your eyes further inside. She reflects the current world through her ten month journey, which is scary and courageous at the same time.

During these extremely stressful times, we all have to be stronger and open minded, reading and learning to make our own minds up. Life has changed forever but through self-awareness, you can ride above the tide and keep your head above water.

Watch this magnificent artist here on YouTube and support her journey here on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Enjoying the views: German act Sombrerobeach bring the fun back with ‘Grapefruit Song’

Bringing a fun vibe to make us smile again, Sombrerobeach bring the snacks for us to enjoy willingly on their new tasty single called ‘Grapefruit Song‘.

German-based Sombrerobeach, is an indie studio project that aim to keep the energy light and make that succulent music that lifts your mood to enthralling delight, makes you laugh and has you winking to your friends, as the lyrics will have you turning the volume up to make sure you heard them correctly.

With their satisfying indie-pop tone, you are brought into the picnic basket of happy times at the beach, as you lay back on your beach towel and soak up all the incredible funny words that enter your ears. This is that old school happy music that is so rare these days as they don’t take themselves too seriously, while making you grin and forget about your current worries, with a cheeky new single.

Grapefruit Song‘ from German indie project Sombrerobeach, is a feel-good saucy effort from a music group who take away the serious nature of current times, to lift us into the salty sea, wave happily to the ladies and splash around with new and old friends that just want to enjoy themselves. This is the perfect summer song and a throwback to simpler times.

Hear this beach party song on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen