Following Her Heart: Chicago’s DominiquetheDreamer sings so purely on ‘My Dreams’

As DominiquetheDreamer’s heart heals from so much trauma over the years, new life has emerged to fill the gap left behind on the movie-like new single and her 3rd release ever called ‘My Dreams‘.

Dominique Pouncy aka DominiquetheDreamer, is a faith-driven RnB singer from the tough streets of Chicago, Illinois. After tragically losing two of her loving brothers to gun crime, she is on an inspirational mission to give a better life for her newborn child and beat the odds that are stacked mightily against her.

This is the passionate story of following your dreams no matter what others say or what doors close in your face. The journey will be cold and windy sometimes but if you believe in yourself enough, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

You feel her passion in each word, as he drives home her message for all to be heard in those busy streets, where one wrong move, can change everything forever.

My Dreams‘ from Chicago’s determined RnB singer-songwriter and single Mom DominiquetheDreamer, is a true real-life story that shows us into her beautifully creative mind, as she asks for respect and a chance to show what she can do through her absolute love for music.

This is a song that leads you into a strong woman’s life who has lost a lot, but has gained so much love and understanding on the way to reaching her wildest dreams, the right way.

Stream this soulful new track on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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