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Peaceful meditation music: Coal Field Hotel send us on a glorious journey via ‘Wistful’

Coal Field Hotel breeze through the door with aplomb on their excellent multi-genre single called ‘Wistful‘.

The Chicago, Illinois electronic outfit aim to provide listeners with a bucket full of fusions that include post-rock, chillout, ambient and downtempo experiences, that reaches down at your soul and lift you up from any bad vibes that you may be feeling. They make music for the love of the art-form and this is felt in the real tender touch of their wonderful creation.

Wistful‘ is from the five-track album of the same name that dropped in 2019, forms a web of beauty around your heart and never lets go as this is such a deep instrumental song, full of mystery and ultimate intrigue. The way they massage your soul is quite captivating and the acoustic elements add so much to this electronic marvel for the ears to enjoy.

The symmetry that they are able to bond us together with is a sight to behold and you can’t help feeling so much more relaxed after this. This is that special mediation music to take you places you never thought existed.

Wistful‘ from Chicago’s Coal Field Hotel is a layered beauty that only has love and peace inside with a soundtrack to what life should be like. Everyone at one, bonding over music like this while we are floating in the air, looking at all the incredible trees and seas of life below.

This is a song that is best played late at night, when you are staring at the stars, looking for the extra motivation deep inside your bones.

Hear this gem of a track on Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Carlzvt drops in with haunting Hip Hop gem on ”Save Me”

Carlzvt shines on his latest creation and this digs real deep in the soul. Elgin, Illinois is the home for this young artist from the US and he delves through his feeling right now and expresses it with his dope flow.

He is feeling the pressure and needs help right now. Trying so hard for so long can get tiring and feels like this is his time. Patience is running out. This is dreamy-dark Hip Hop with actual meaning.

Save Me” is a top notch track that flows through your heart and brings you production by Bitodelnya who creates a smoke-filled aura that is a pleasure to listen to. The vocals at the end sums up 2020 perfectly. We all just let to let out a bit of steam and shout into a pillow. This is a quality track however and Carlzvt wins hands down with ”Save Me”. Lets hope he can be on stage again soon for the fans to save him.

Check out the Soundcloud link for extra songs.

Listen in to this new track right here on Spotify.

Find out more via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Obsolete releases Tripzilla Dub from Versus the Rogue Frequencies

Versus the Rogue Frequencies by Obsolete

Artist Obsolete has dropped the latest single ‘Tripzilla Dub’ focusing mainly on the use of sound with the occasional few words being said in a distorted electronic way. It combines different sound effects to create this intriguing piece.

Many variations of sound are combined into this one, but there’s something about a piece of music with sound that is so interesting to listen too. How sound can have such a powerful use and can create something that many will delve into.

It starts off with the sound of rain and adding in a little tap to this loud beat that pierces through, adding this dark and eerie sound to it as what sounds like the scratching of a record begins to play as a slight scratchy vocal appears for a few seconds, beginning to fade out in places.

Towards the end, the sound of the guitar that begins to synthesize as the drumbeat gets louder and the same eerie high-pitched sound plays through.

Listen to Obsolete Tripzilla Dub by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall


Juice Wayne – Living The Dream

The wonderfully named Juice Wayne has gone on record to make clear that the reason he makes music with a rap or hip-hop edge is not because of a conscious choice but more because of that how the music comes through to him. Whilst there is a rap verse at the core of the song, A Dream We Tried To Live is built out of so much more as well, country-pop acoustica, raw rock power chords, staccato beats and soaring choruses. 
And that is the art of it, rather than starting with a genre and building songs which fit neatly into that box, why not just start with a thought, an urge, a need to get something off of your chest and then just see where it goes. No boundaries, no preconceptions. That is what Juice Wayne ends up with and by taking such an approach he ends up with a song that just tramples generic divides, something more people should be prepared to do.

Lucille Furs Release 60’s Vibe Track ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration’

Lucille Furs is one of those bands who managed to accomplish the difficult task of combining interesting sonic textures with honesty and intimacy. People don’t really think about it a lot, but one of the hardest things for an artist in any genre, in my opinion, is to create music that can remain simply, while having many layers and really appealing to listeners with tons of personality and character.

With their recent release, Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration, Lucille Furs set out to accomplish just that. The talented psychedelic rock combo set out to fill up their music with strong doses of personality and character, going for a very intimate, yet deeply textural tones.
The sounds featured on this song are really well-calibrated and tastefully produced, reminding me of the work of artists such as The Kinks, Tame Impala, and The Beatles, only to mention but a few.

This song has a really charming 60s tone, and it feels like a wave crushing on the sand: its energy is unstoppable, yet there are many subtle layers to it, such as the depth of the currents below and the white foam above…all elements that add a lot of color and personality to the song.