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Tracy Inman on A&R Factory: It’s About Time

Talking to us about ghosts, It’s About Time and his whole life in a small town with so much love, Tracy Inman kindly tells us about his exciting life as a Paranormal Investigator and shall inspire many to follow their dreams. This is an interview to remember fondly.

Thank you for joining us today Tracy. Let’s start off here. What was it like growing up in East Alton, Illinois and what do you love most about your hometown? Why have you chosen to stay all these years?
The area I have been in most of my life is in the metro St. Louis area. It’s a small town vibe, but not far from the big city.  I have lots of fond memories of growing up with a tight knit family and friends and community. I have stayed in this area to be closer to my family and friends.
It’s About Time is your new 10-track release and we really enjoyed listening to your creation. What was the main inspiration behind it and who have you made it for? 
The title says it all.  I’ve been writing for many years.  This is a collaboration of songs that I wrote when I was younger and what I am writing now. Facebook was not around when I first started writing so the ON FACEBOOK song was written about 2 years ago.  But the song Daddy’s Girl and Guess What were written about 20 years ago when my children were younger.  I wrote the song Dad when my father was in the hospital. The only song i did not write on this album is Old School.  That song was released by John Conlee back in the 1980s and I always thought it was a very underrated song.  I challenge everyone to listen to that song and listen to the lyrics.  Great song!
You stated that Daddy’s Girl has been played as the father/daughter dance at many wedding receptions. Does this make you happy and proud?
Yes. I have 2 daughters and a son. It was played for my oldest daughters father/daughter dance and I was extremely proud to be dancing with her to it.  I will do the same with my other daughter when she gets married.  I was sent a video a few months ago of another father dancing with his daughter to it at their reception and I couldn’t believe I had made an impact on their wedding.  It truly is a great feeling.
How did you first get into music and what/who has helped you in your journey? What have been the fun moments and what challenges have you overcome?
I’ve always loved singing. ever sinced I can remember, I was singing. My brother Chris is the same way.  He is a talented singer as well. But I took a different route than most. I fell off course from my music after high school.  I started a family, went to work, etc.  I always kept writing, but didn’t really do anything with it. Over the past couple of years I realized I needed to get this stuff out there.  With encouragement from my wife and kids, I decided to reach out to a record company to start the path forward.  I contacted a company in Nashville, Tn, AOK Records and we put the songs together.  Adam Knight is a great person to work with.  I recommend his services to anyone.  The funnest moment for me was recording.  Standing behind that microphone belting out these tunes came out naturally for me and I really enjoyed the experience.
Do you love making country music? What does it mean to be an artist in this genre?
Yes.  I love writing. If my songs dont make it with me singing them, I’m content with that. Hopefully someone out there might want to record them as well.  As far as being an artist in country music now-a-days, I’m in the minority.  An older artist trying to get his music heard. I started this process with making music so my great-great grandchildren could hear after I’m long gone. A legacy so-to-speak.  But, Adam realized the need to start sending these songs out there to get real airtime on radio and plays on streaming, so we went that route as well.  This process has already surpassed all my expectations. Knowing that people are listenting to my songs is the greatest feeling in the world. I am genuinely honest about that. And I am here for any fans.  Please reach out with any questions for me.
We’re fascinated that you’re a Paranormal Investigator. Have you ever been blown away by something/someone you’ve found?
I co-own a FREE social media platform called It’s a Facebook for the paranormal community. I am also a co-founder of T.H.A.T. Paranormal group.  And I run a podcast on Weds evenings called Paranormal Plus with Grizzy Chris and Tracy Inman.  With T.H.A.T., we did a hunt in Ashmore Estates near Charleston Illinois and we set up a tricycle on an upper floor by itself on level concrete.  We watched it for over 20 minutes, nothing. As we walked out, we caught it rolling backwards on film. It can be found on in the evidence section. Pretty cool  What does the job entail and is it an exciting experience each day? We do this once a month.  I have friends in the field that do it everyday basically.  But with everything going on in my life, I can’t fit it in as much as I should. takes up a lot of time to run.  Are ghosts real? Everyone has differing opinions about this. I have seen a few things that are unexplainable. The tricycle for instance. I started off as a skeptic, but after seeing a few things, I believe there is something out there. I compare a ghost hunt to a guided fishing expedition, there might be plenty of fish at the location or none at all.  We have so many questions. Feel free to reach out with any other questions concerning this.
Lastly, do you have any funny/amusing gig stories you can share with us? Perhaps a fan interaction or something that makes you laugh, showing us that the music industry can always spring surprises and fond memories?
I have played in various bands over the past few years and some talented musicians. Not too many stories. Just seeing the smiles and enjoyment of the crowd seeing along is a great feeling for me. I look forward to what the future holds. I am very sincere when I say “thank you to everyone for supporting me”. No matter what happens with my songs, just knowing it brought entertainment to others is better than any amount of money I could get.  Thanks Tracy Inman

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Subatlantic bled etherealism into indie post-punk with their latest single, Critic

Say It Again by Subatlantic

Illinois’ premier indie outfit, Subatlantic, is on scintillatingly atmospheric form in their single, Critic, taken from their hotly-anticipated LP, Say It Again.

With angular guitar lines that will reel you into the centre of their darkwave pop universe, vocal lines that could give Debbie Harry a run for her money and the coldly beguiling tones spilling from the reverb-heavy keys, if Dead Can Dance, they’d dance to Critic, which unravels as a revelation of ethereal ingenuity.

With Becca Rice at the helm of the fourpiece, which has been dropping the temperature on the airwaves since 2008, Subatlantic has established itself as a dynamic powerhouse to watch; with soundscapes to suit every conceivable mood, there is undoubtedly something for you lingering in their artfully textured discography.

Stream and download Critic via Bandcamp or snag yourself a limited-edition colour vinyl pressing of the LP, Say it Again.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Like a Steven King Cameo: Mark Buerschaper recalls the story of that Pumpkin Man

"Pumpkin Man" by Mark Buerschaper

After drinking some tasty beers and sparking up his imagination to get the mood alive again, Mark Buerschaper rips those solos up and shows us that honest music with heart is still the best on Pumpkin Man.

Mark Buerschaper is a Downers Grove, Illinois-born Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter who makes that old school vibe you just want to dance with.

Chronicles the tale of the Pumpkin Man that devolved from being a human being to becoming one of his own home-grown creations.” ~ Mark Buerschaper

Showing us deep inside the vegetation that swamped the mind and changed everything forever, Mark Buerschaper shows us why we should all take a break from life and listen up to someone with a fascinating story to tell the world. There is no fake flash on offer, only a sense of much-needed realness and an intricate style which shall inspire many.

Pumpkin Man from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter Mark Buerschaper is a timeless track that has been forged from many years of experience in this rather odd world. Sung with a gritty tone to awaken your ears, we find a skilled creative single to marvel at from an underground master who continues to make that authentic music for the ages.

Listen up this top single on Bandcamp and see more vibes on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Illinois rock band Sunny Disposition drop a catchy new single, ‘Roll Back’

Taken off their newly released demo called ‘Can You Get Drunk On Gasoline?‘, Sunny Disposition show us that a close friendship is all that is really needed to keep you smiling during those dark days on, ‘Roll Back‘.

Sunny Disposition is a Normal, Illinois-based indie alternative rock band who are new on the scene and shows us their vibrant enthusiasm to entertain as much as humanly possible.

The members met while all attending Illinois State University.” ~ Sunny Disposition

Hypnotizing our imaginations and taking us for a fun ride that is honest and packed with dynamic guitar riffs and gritty vocals, Sunny Disposition reminds us that music is all about pure moments with those who have the same mindset and want that tight bond too.

Roll Back‘ from Normal, Illinois-based indie alternative rock band Sunny Disposition is a joyful single from a fun outfit that has been waiting for this moment for years. After many delays in getting their much-anticipated release out to the world, the wait was definitely worth it. There is a catchy ambience on offer here that sends you into a nostalgic daydream, about when you wish you could just hang out with your mates all day.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas-based pop artist Cavono wonders if he will fail again or win the love he craves on, ‘I’m On Fire’

Thinking profoundly about this pure love that has recently passed and with the emotions still fresh in his memory, Cavono is concerned that he didn’t do enough and awaits that vital information that shall either set him free or sail his heart away into the distance on, ‘I’m On Fire‘.

London Cavono Morris aka Cavono is an Illinois-born, Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer who after many years of trying, has found his true voice.

Taking a little bit of each of his favorite artists, His style ranges from Dean Martin to DNCE vibes. Sharing his Deep Bass/Baritone vocals became harder than it sounds due to the era of music currently, that is until someone categorized his voice to “Modern Day Crooner.” ~ Cavono

Sending into a stirring state of mind that has you pondering deeply about when you wanted to be with someone so badly, Cavono shows us profoundly inside the soul of a lover who tried his best but is mightily worried about what shall transpire next as he waits in heightened suspense.

I’m On Fire‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-pop singer-songwriter/music producer Cavono is an emotional plea for that love to come straight into his core again, rather than gliding away into the distance. Sung with a passionate liveliness that might get the hairs on your arms standing straight up to attention, this is an electric performance that shall bring you much enjoyment.

Sometimes you just need to hope for a love to return, as you think deeply and wonder if you truly did enough or faltered when it mattered most.

Listen to this flourishing new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Richard Bandini knows that there is absolutely nothing they can do now on, ‘A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes’

A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes by Richard Bandini

With a sad tale about how sometimes things just turn empty even if you wish it was the opposite, Richard Bandini sends us into a highly meditative mood to think deeply into a moment that has passed with, ‘A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes‘.

Richard Bandini is an experienced Spanish-American Chicago, Illinois-based indie singer-songwriter who draws on his knowledge from three decades in the game.

Laidback licks that flirt with blues and country and guitars that borrow from the bayous.” ~ Richard Bandini

With a sombre picture that shall have you gazing more profoundly into your soul, Richard Bandini sings with such understanding and is at his best on a single that features so much sentiment and heartfelt affection.

Born to play and create, he has never looked back since he started playing with his brothers in a group called Kaplan at age 14, performing at international festivals such as Festimad, Benicassim, or BAM.” ~ Richard Bandini

A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie singer-songwriter Richard Bandini is a song that will have your heart beating faster and your thoughts brought back to a time that you wished you had gotten over. The love is gone as you desire that you could have changed that specific moment when it all flipped around, from a happy time in your life. There are impassioned vocals on offer with a deep lyrical arsenal, that sends you into a sad mindset where many a tear shall be shed.

Hear this new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Illinois-based artist Timmes knows there will never be another on ‘Narcissus’

With a chilled technique that has you in awe of his vocal capabilities, Timmes shows us inside the story of how vanity can take you into a reflection-filled fate on, ‘Narcissus‘.

Timothy X aka Timmes is an Illinois-based indie RnB/pop/Hip hop artist and music producer who makes the kind of tranquil music that shall take you into a world packed with possibilities.

The sequestered artist uses sounds of luscious guitar chords, anxious synths, and eroded 808 drums which are usually accompanied by somber lyrics.” ~ Timmes

Taking us into a story that has been passed through generations and might shock many, Timmes has a style that is unlike anyone else and thrives here with an original track to ponder deeply inside.

Narcissus‘ from Illinois-based indie RnB/pop/Hip hop artist and music producer Timmes is the kind of song that has you wondering if you are cursed or not. With self-love and obsessiveness interlinked sometimes and a grey area that can become too much for others to handle, finding the right balance is definitely key. Sung with pure energy and a style that shall have you lighting up some candles, this is a supremely serene track to reflect with intimately.

Hear this mellow new single on Soundcloud and see more of the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

3800hellboy grew tired of the fights and messy vibes with ‘Chemical Romance’

After blazing through many traumatic bouts of anxiety, depression, and drug abuse, 3800hellboy knows that he needs to move away from fake vibes that threatened to bite him like a sneaky poisonous snake on ‘Chemical Romance‘.

3800hellboy is a Chicago-born, Rockford, Illinois-based indie Hip hop artist who has bravely overcome his destructively depressive state to inspire others to fly free mentally.

When I get on the mic these are my real-life experiences, so to have my music as an outlet to express that is my therapy. It’s a really powerful experience to then have somebody tell you that what you went through lets them know they can get through their shit. So if I can make my pain help somebody else then fuck it.” ~ 3800hellboy

Taken off his dynamic 9-track ‘Heartless‘ album, 3800hellboy drops the heat and shows his frustration with a former lover and those who changed their stripes when he needed them at his weakest moment. Rapped with tremendous insight into those horrid vices that can tear your priceless soul into tiny fragments, this is a powerful performance that shall rattle your exposed ribcage.

Chemical Romance‘ from Chicago-born, Rockford, Illinois-based indie Hip hop artist 3800hellboy, is such an honest track that so many of us can certainly correlate to. In a wild world that is ready to step on your face and forget your very existence if you fall deep without a hand to catch you, this is a reminder to always be self-aware enough to look in the mirror and know where you are.

Life is about learning from your mistakes after all, not making the same ones and blaming others for your pitfalls.

Hear this genuine new single on Spotify and see what he gets up to on socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chicago rapper Tyler Shannon desires their reconnection to occur like destiny demands on ‘Alone’

With a timeless start that is certainly ear-catching and gets you in the mood quickly, Tyler Shannon can’t believe that they are starting over again as he sees this picture reform on the night that he is all ‘Alone‘.

Tyler Shannon aka T Shan is a humble and ever-improving Chicago, Illinois-based indie rap artist who transfixes listeners with his smoothly-vocalized technique that will grasp your engagement.

Showing the world his renewed energy that is a wonderous listen for those who like their music smooth and with love stories they can correlate to, Tyler Shannon embraces the moment and contemplates his future with this sizzling romantic partner who has his mind in a real spin of concern at his current predicament.

Alone‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie rap artist Tyler Shannon, is a speaker-happy new track that sends our minds into a thoughtful spin. He tells us the story about wondering why they had to start again – despite their ups and downs – and now feels like it’s best if he takes time to work out how to be better next time. With a calming beat that has you looking into the stars to find that motivation to form that strength inside your soul, this is a reflective track that shall be so relevant for so many who have been in an on-off relationship.

When sparks fly, there is always a chance you will be united as one soul to love freely as you should.

Open up your ears to this new single on Spotify and check out more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chicago’s Sin of Society can’t believe his heart was broken from a supposed angel on ‘Falling Apart’

Released from his brand new 11-track album called ‘The Big Sad‘, Sin of Society opens up his feelings to show us a heartbroken shadow who feels comprehensively shattered from this horrendously tragic experience with ‘Falling Apart‘.

Sin of Society is a Chicago, Illinois-based alternative singer-songwriter and sound engineer who started his blaze-packed music journey when he was 9 years old.

While he may be a punk artist now, S.o.S. first started learning music at nine years old and has continued his musical journey ever since. He played all throughout school and even played in his high school marching band, where he practiced getting stoned and making music for the first time.” ~ Sin of Society

Bringing the world an anthem for those who feel weak and lost from the sense that they weren’t good enough, Sin of Society vents his frustration out to the sky – about a former insensitive lover – and gets his vengeance with a simply superb single sung with invigorating passionate vocals and honest lyrics.

Falling Apart‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie alternative artist and sound engineer Sin of Society, should send a twitching shiver down the spine of anyone who has felt that empty sensation that can ruin your life if you let the emotions tumble you over. Sometimes cruel souls treat you like you are invisible glass easily smashed without care – as the kind hearts are left to pick up the fragmented pieces – that might never be the same ever again.

Listen up to this new breakup-fueled single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen