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Special Place: Illinois artist Danny Oleksy takes a romantic ride with shorty on debut single ‘By The Ocean’

As he cheekily looks deeply into her beautiful eyes and sees them together forever, Danny Oleksy just knows that she is someone rather sweet and special on the beach-blushing debut single ‘By The Ocean‘.

Danny Oleksy is a youthful Hampshire, Illinois-based University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student, ice-hockey player, indie pop/hip-hop artist, music producer, audio engineer, and singer-songwriter. He has been making music since he was very young, but feels like now is his time to shine brightly.

Music is my whole life and it always has been, but I am just now becoming myself and showing who I really am. Through my music I wish to motivate people to follow their dreams and not be afraid of who they are, don’t let nobody tell you what you can and can’t do.” ~ Danny Oleksy

His freshly tanned vocals feel like he has just risen from the calming seas below – as they sound so crisply pure and confidently salted – the energy he transmits is something rather relaxing, as we float happily with him underwater for this summer gem.

By The Ocean‘ from the enthusiastic underground pop/hip-hop artist and music producer/engineer Danny Oleksy, is a sun-kissed single which has you beaming from ear to ear. He sees his girl as someone really remarkable who despite having some of that Daddy money to play with, is the perfect woman for him.

What’s better than spending some quality time alone by the ocean with your partner anyway?

Stream this new fresh new single on Spotify and see more news via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wish You Could Of Loved Me Better: Sensational Chicago sister duo CORA show such scintillating class on debut single ‘Homesick’

As they courageously wrote this incredible song whilst their flight home from LAX was delayed, CORA open up their hearts which were sadly broken by two selfish guys who showed their true colors eventually on ‘Homesick‘.

CORA is a captivating Wisconsin-born, Chicago, Illinois-based sister indie pop duo formed by Meghan and Caitlin Foley. They soulfully formulate a lovely blend of excellent music melodies about the struggles of being in love, with the pressures of fake social media always around, as well as the journey to finding themselves.

A few months ago we decided it was time to rebrand and change our name. We chose the name CORA which symbolizes the heart and honesty, which is what we want our music to represent, too.” ~ CORA 

This is the sad story about being with someone who seems sweet at first – but then shows you how indescribably devious they really are – as they are small-mindlessly manipulative and are only thinking of themselves. You take it on the chin for a while and hope for change but then it becomes too much, as you then know that their time is up and you need to escape quickly, before they control you like an evil nemesis forever.

With lusciously intertwined vocals and a close togetherness brewing so brightly like a shooting star, you sense that they are starting a new journey that they have been waiting for. Their mindset is now aligned and you feel like they will always communicate properly from now on. Their loving bond is alive and bright, as they sing so beautifully in unison to also help those who have been hurt by a cruel lost love.

Homesick‘ from the fantastic Chicago-based sister indie pop duo CORA, shows us music vibrations that when you turn on, has your horrid ex stepping painfully onto a sneakily hidden piece of wayward Lego. They have a dynamic fusion together that is so lovingly authentic, and send our reflective minds into a real spin of past flashbacks.

Sometimes you think that you are with the right person who will be there forever, when actually you have just found out that you need a new type. Quickly. That real love is waiting for you however, when you find that special soul waiting to connect with you, in a place you least expected it.

Stream this wonderful debut single on YouTube and see their exciting journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time To Take A Stand: Confident Chicago rapper Demko is ‘Feelin’ so good

With a positive outlook and a cheeky smile which shows that he is in the zone right now, Demko has that all-knowing ‘Feelin‘ that his day is only going to get better with a flow-filled display on his new blaze-filled music video.

Demko is an assertive Chicago, Illinois-based rapper, music producer, singer, actor and artist. He makes that swarming old school hip-hop, which is packed full of meaningful bars which has your mind alive with possibilities.

This is the track all about showing that you are on a mission and the story takes us on a body grooving journey throughout the buzzing city – as the vibe is there in the blood-thirsty veins – and this is a terrific single all about taking yourself into another level from the rest. The self-belief is definitely there and the lyrics just seem to appear as you are walking around, as  you sense his eyes are only locked onto success.

Feelin‘ from the clean shades-wearing Chicago, Illinois-based indie rapper, actor and producer Demko, is a bounce-in-his-step type of release that has you beaming from ear to ear. He shows such cleverly-penned lyrics and a lighter-fueled smoke of delight on each verse here, as his grin-stacked charm is oozing in delight. He feels good and wants to let everyone know, that he is only elevating to levels that many of his former friends, wish they could be a part of.

When you feel good you just know it deep inside your bones – as you take a stand with yourself and choose to ignore all of the undesirable energy – which so many choose to breathe, instead of that smartly chosen positive vibration.

Stream this new music video on YouTube and find out more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Won’t Stop Till I’m Finished: The roaring Lion Pharaoh soaks the sleepy fish on his guzzling mission with ‘Country Women’

As he grabs the red label and has his smart lookin’ cowboy hat on ready for action, Lion Pharaoh discovers a new world that he rather enjoys fraternizing with on the woods-exploring new single ‘Country Women‘.

Lion Pharaoh is a youthfully ebullient Chicago, Illinois-based rapper. You feel his determined denouement in all aspects of his street-taught master plan which is highlighted by his vivid imagination that is unteachable, just growing fantastically inside his sharply tuned mind.

This is a buoyant exploration from an ever-aware artist who knows that he needs to see nature again, to fully immerse himself into the locals, and see what else is out there for him to experience. He raps so confidently, without a care in the world and pours one out for those who couldn’t be there for the ride of his life.

Country Women‘ from the freshly minted South side Chicago rapper Lion Pharaoh, is a fun story that has him enjoying himself whilst the world recovers from all the scar-filled trauma. He sips quickly and shows us what new adventures can be had when you venture away from the serious city, that can destroy your soul if you let it. Sometimes, all it takes to refresh the mind is a mission out to meet new people, so you can have a bit of a relaxed holiday from it all, to meet new lovers and friends who totally get your vibe.

Stream this new music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maybe I Need Help: Chicago pop singer Rowan Morgan is refreshingly honest on visuals for ‘Imposter Syndrome’

As she looks deep within her confidence to see if she can shake off this dreaded feeling away quickly, Rowan Morgan tells us the story of how she once didn’t know if she was good enough, on her relevantly precise new single named ‘Imposter Syndrome‘.

Rowan Morgan is a youthfully exuberant Chicago, Illinois-based indie pop singer-songwriter. She makes that reflective sound that is influenced by her love and appreciation for her heroes Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande.

This upbeat yet dark melody came to me at a time when I was doubting my skills in music. ‘Imposter Syndrome‘ is believing that you are not as competent or as good as people perceive you to be and they are going to find out that you are just a fraud. Everyone has been through that fear of being less than, and I was able to put that into words with a harmony heavy, energizing pop song.” – Rowan Morgan

She sings with such valid introspection, as the compare-culture of the world had her in so much doubt-filled sadness, as she had never felt this way before. Her talents are boundless and she is so good – but needs to always be able to switch on her positive energy – so that the darkness and nay-sayers, may be shown the door so that they never return.

Imposter Syndrome‘ from Chicago pop singer-songwriter Rowan Morgan, is a flashing bulb of doom from her incredibly skilled mind that stops her by the traffic lights. This is the warning that shows you into the depths of the sewers next to you, to remind you that you need to believe in yourself, to truly be free away from those toxic depths of gloom.

Having that inner determination to do what you truly believe in – is the only way to seeing that green light – that will let you across so you may carry on your path to your destiny, after the teaching-moment detour before.

Stream her new song via YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Love Me: Superlative Chicago singer Kay Soul embraces that dedicated patience on the wonderful ‘Strong Connection’

After the huge success of her previous release ‘Silly Love‘ from ‘In My Mind’, Kay Soul links us together to help the healing process on the stunning new single ‘Strong Connection’.

Kay Soul is a highly ambitious indie singer-songwriter and plus size model from Chicago, Illinois. She makes that positive music that energizes your frangible soul into action — with her incredible vocal delivery causing your heart to beat quicker — that confidently washes away all the doubts that were stored up from before.

You feel her joyfully created vocals that seem to be supremely effortless and sung with so much world class ability from a classy singer, who is only getting better and better. Each note is so delightfully arranged, as she keeps it simple and does what she does best. Singing with pure love.

This is the story of a close bond that you want to grow like a Giant sequoia tree, but are being patient this time after being let down badly before. You want this feeling to last and not rush for fear of it sizzling out too quickly. This could be it and the spark is certainly lit brightly, just like the Olympic torch.

Strong Connection‘ from the top quality Chicago-based RnB singer-songwriter and model Kay Soul, is that electric spark that fuses through to warm heart as it crushes the cold away, to give you that much-needed feeling of encouragement to climb up again after falling down.

She sings with such freedom and desire — that certainly does indeed help us all recover from those scars — which need all the love in the world to heal naturally.

Stream this powerfully sung track on Spotify and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

One Day I’ll Be Fine: Sleepy Soul show us that deep rooted feeling that can’t speak yet on ‘Self’

After having our curious minds in a ”Hazy” state of utter adulation back in 2020, Sleepy Soul return with another absolute gem of the highest standard, with the story of finding your way in this lonely world called ”Self”, which will have you in a thoughtful gaze.

The groovy St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop duo, Sleepy Soul, make that soothing indie pop synth-infused that has been carefully created with love by Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre.

”Deeply introspective, “Self” reflects on the loneliness and insecurity that accompanies the experience of being in their mid-twenties. An amalgamation of indie pop melodies, bedroom beats, dreamy synths, and dulcet vocals with an accent of lo-fi and jazz.” – Sleepy Soul

With a crystal clean tone and a highly likable energy throughout, you feel like you are welcomed with opened arms on this marvelous single. The vocals are honest and true, the guitar and synth mixture is such a wonderful combination and you feel like you have been down this road before in your life.

Self” from the awesome St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop act Sleepy Soul, is a dreamy experience that puts you in the right frame of mind to look beyond what you see, so you may find the right path and never doubt yourself again. This is a strange world so feeling some insecurities is natural, as you look into the mirror and work out who you really want to be.

Check out this incredibly well-made music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Searching For The One: Phil Mitchell Band bring us something real to hold onto with ‘My Love is True’

Taken off their much-anticipated fourth album called ‘A Better World‘, Phil Mitchell Band return with the lovely new single about that beating heart on ‘My Love is True’.

Phil Mitchell Band are an entertaining Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop act, who formulate that real heart-warming music and features Alvaro Soto on lead guitar with a fine team of various talented singers.

With a story about finding the one no matter what obstacles get in your way, you feel like you have jumped into a time machine and landed in the 80’s, when life was a lot more simple. This is a sweet story full of positive energy, that feels like it is wrapped around you in a caring bow.

The stunning vocals give you a massive hug and you feel happier inside that healing heart that needs all the goodness in the world, after a horrific year that has questioned all of our beliefs.

My Love is True‘ from Chicago’s well-liked Phil Mitchell Band, is a sweet story full of loving vocals and striking lyrics, that captures your heart and makes you feel like it is possible to find that right person on your path to self-enlightenment. That ever-lasting love is the key to unlocking all of your dreams after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Following Her Heart: Chicago’s DominiquetheDreamer sings so purely on ‘My Dreams’

As DominiquetheDreamer’s heart heals from so much trauma over the years, new life has emerged to fill the gap left behind on the movie-like new single and her 3rd release ever called ‘My Dreams‘.

Dominique Pouncy aka DominiquetheDreamer, is a faith-driven RnB singer from the tough streets of Chicago, Illinois. After tragically losing two of her loving brothers to gun crime, she is on an inspirational mission to give a better life for her newborn child and beat the odds that are stacked mightily against her.

This is the passionate story of following your dreams no matter what others say or what doors close in your face. The journey will be cold and windy sometimes but if you believe in yourself enough, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

You feel her passion in each word, as he drives home her message for all to be heard in those busy streets, where one wrong move, can change everything forever.

My Dreams‘ from Chicago’s determined RnB singer-songwriter and single Mom DominiquetheDreamer, is a true real-life story that shows us into her beautifully creative mind, as she asks for respect and a chance to show what she can do through her absolute love for music.

This is a song that leads you into a strong woman’s life who has lost a lot, but has gained so much love and understanding on the way to reaching her wildest dreams, the right way.

Stream this soulful new track on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Forget My Name: Mission From Dog is quality beyond compare on ‘Red and Blue Flashing Heads’

Taken off the incredibly real ten-track ‘Major Second‘ release, Mission From Dog are back with the superb single called ‘Red and Blue Flashing Heads‘.

Casey Hess aka Mission From Dog is a Chicago, Illinois-based solo artist who previously toiled the ground with various bands in his local area as well as Detroit, to now find his home making music that truly keeps his soul alive, with that fire burning brightly in his eyes.

This is the story of making sure that they don’t forget your name, as you go through life and wish that they could keep you in their mind forever, so that it may be lodged into their soul for eternity.

With so many lathers of soothing indie rock that is such a sumptuous listen, you feel lifted by the deep lyrics has you so captivated, the solos are tremendous and his vocals ease into your blood flow with that rarefied air, that not a lot of artists have in their locker.

He sings with such vehement gusto and purposeful enthusiasm, as we hear a man on a mission to reach his dreams no matter what is thrown his way.

Red and Blue Flashing Heads‘ from Chicago’s Mission From Dog, is a terrific single that has your mind in an elevated place, as you daydream and get lost into this wonderfully soulful creation to escape into.

Hear this quality single on Spotify and check out the IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen