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Anything To Be Pretty: Shyli Madhala drops truly inspiring vision-altering debut ‘Pink for My Money’

As she burns away all the money-draining demons that made her unhappy before, Shyli Madhala is absoloutely remarkable on her skin-shaking debut track all about living your own life called ‘Pink for My Money‘.

Shyli Madhala is a wonderfully open minded Israel-born 29 year-old indie jazz solo artist and single Mom, who sings about meaningful moments that have shaped her life.

This song and video are a taste of an album I am creating that exposes and talks about the “elephants in my room”, which I believe many people can relate to.” ~ Shyli Madhala

You feel like you have just heard an artist who actually gets it, as she clicked on the inner switch and took a stand against being forced to do things that made no sense. Shyli sings like someone who is sick of the lies and the normal foolery which isn’t the way her path is headed, as she moves into her own lane to do life the way she sees fit.

The vocal ability is so crisply warm and supremely breathtaking at times, as you gaze into her glowing eyes and see the incredible determination running rampant through her whole body. Each lyric has you looking deeper and deeper, to see that she refuses to let the past define her and turn her into a blind robot like so many have become.

Pink for My Money‘ from the highly promising Israeli indie jazz solo act Shyli Madhala, is one of the most outstanding messages so far in 2021. This is all about moving away from what the zombie-fied sheep are doing – as the lie-infused television sucks away at your valuable soul – until nothing is left, to have your heart barely beating if you aren’t too careful. Life is about being truly happy inside after all, not worrying about who thinks you are pretty or not.

Making space for yourself in this world is the way to true self-enlightenment, no matter who doesn’t join you on this vitally important journey.

Check out this intrigingly brilliant new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Following Her Heart: Chicago’s DominiquetheDreamer sings so purely on ‘My Dreams’

As DominiquetheDreamer’s heart heals from so much trauma over the years, new life has emerged to fill the gap left behind on the movie-like new single and her 3rd release ever called ‘My Dreams‘.

Dominique Pouncy aka DominiquetheDreamer, is a faith-driven RnB singer from the tough streets of Chicago, Illinois. After tragically losing two of her loving brothers to gun crime, she is on an inspirational mission to give a better life for her newborn child and beat the odds that are stacked mightily against her.

This is the passionate story of following your dreams no matter what others say or what doors close in your face. The journey will be cold and windy sometimes but if you believe in yourself enough, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

You feel her passion in each word, as he drives home her message for all to be heard in those busy streets, where one wrong move, can change everything forever.

My Dreams‘ from Chicago’s determined RnB singer-songwriter and single Mom DominiquetheDreamer, is a true real-life story that shows us into her beautifully creative mind, as she asks for respect and a chance to show what she can do through her absolute love for music.

This is a song that leads you into a strong woman’s life who has lost a lot, but has gained so much love and understanding on the way to reaching her wildest dreams, the right way.

Stream this soulful new track on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen