Find A Way: Nika Borouj wants more than a boyfriend on Spaceman

With her much-anticipated music video due for a 10th January 2023 release, Nika Borouj shows us what she is really looking for on her galaxy-exploring new track called Spaceman.

Nika Borouj is a youthful Iran-born indie pop singer-songwriter who moved to the USA with her family to follow their dreams and locate further opportunities to blossom.

Inspired by legends such as Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish, Nika Borouj sings with a freedom that is like nothing else the world shall hear today. Her passion shines through rather spectacularly and shall brighten up all previously cold moods.

Nika is currently studying Philosophy at UCLA as well as releasing music worldwide.” ~ Nika Borouj

Spaceman from the Texas-based indie pop artist and aspiring lawyer Nika Borouj delivers us a promising track which will cause eyes to look above for more than what is on offer currently. Her fiery vitality is for all to hear rather quickly, while the catchy beat shall lather a coat of imagination all over our beaming smiles.

When you know what you want, everything is possible.

Tune into something rather special on SoundCloud. See more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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