Joint Custody – Q: Soulfully Lucid Contemporary R&B

Up and coming contemporary R&B artist Joint Custody has recently released their latest sublimely cathartic single “Q”.

God knows I’ve listened to my fair share of assimilative 90s-inspired R&B in recent years, but thankfully Q unfolds like a breath of fresh air to lungs suffocated by the banality of uninspired R&B.

Q is an intricately quaint soundscape which comes as a transient result of Joint Custody constant perseverance with their experimentalism. The single runs through like a lucid jazzy dream thanks to the unique mix of ambience, Funk and soul.

There may be an Indie vibe behind Q, but the production quality is flawless, and the succinct magnetism of the instrumental arrangement is only matched by the mellifluously soft and soulfully phantasmal vocals.

You can check out Joint Custody’s latest single Q for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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