Boonie Mayfield shows us how to turn gratitude into a habit on the inspiring ‘Dream a Mile High’

BLACK FLOYD by Boonie Mayfield

Unleashed from his latest 13-track album ‘BLACK FLOYD‘, Boonie Mayfield reminds us that the silly haters never mattered anyway on his new anthem to help us all reach those goals on ‘Dream a Mile High‘.

Boonie Mayfield aka Boon Doc is a multi-skilled Los Angeles, California-based multi-genre artist, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, composer and actor.

Balancing his career as an independent artist and entrepreneur, Boonie now currently lends his extensive knowledge and experience as a Music Production Career Advisor at a large private college in Los Angeles.” ~ Boonie Mayfield

Bringing us something to really remember and to show to all the youth out there who are worried about what tomorrow will bring, Boonie Mayfield leads the way on how we need to be thinking in this strange world that can hide your vibe away and turn you into a shadow of yourself if you let it consume you.

His early years of sample-heavy hip-hop later progressed to learning multiple instruments and finding his own genre-bending sound. Boonie’s extensive catalogue consists of many styles including hip-hop, funk, soul, electronic, psychedelic rock, blues, jazz, pop, cinema and comedy.” ~ Boonie Mayfield

Dream a Mile High‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie artist, music producer and actor Boonie Mayfield, is a story that should take your mind away from the self-doubts which can swamp your sanity into a dusty hole and take away your shine. This is the track we all need to hear this year, as the excellence pursued in this message is such an elevated moment that should be heard far and wide.

Listen in to this new single on Bandcamp and check out more moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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