Emily Rodriguez – Last Summertime: Soul-Exposingly Sweet Indie Pop

Everything about the standout track “Last Summertime” from Indie Soul Pop artist Emily Rodriguez’s EP “In My Head” feels refreshingly candid and authentic.

The organic magnetism can be found in the lyrics, the melody, and the expressively dynamic vocal harmonics. It’s an evocative aural hat trick which pulls together under complete concordance.

The simplistic natural rhythms are set to an even pace and allow you to easily ingest the undiluted sentiment which greets you through the lyrics. By the time the track has come to a close, you’ll see why Emily Rodriguez chose “In My Head” as an EP title. It’s an unfiltered, no holds barred sticky-sweet soul exposing record which will undoubtedly see the artist go far.

You can check out Last Summertime along with the rest of Emily Rodriguez’s EP for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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