Rogue Methods – Fetish: Groove-Deep Alt Rock Hip Hop

“Fetish” is the NSFW Alt Rock Hip Hop single from up and coming artist Rogue Methods. In retrospect, their artist title acts as a fair warning to their chaotically creative approach to orchestrating an inventively compelling soundscape.

Around the layers of Funk, you’ll find Rap bars which are sure to enamour any fans of Mike Patton’s more experimental side projects. While the single doesn’t kick off with the strongest of starts, once you start to appreciate the progressive nature of the single and each seamless transgression of groove-soaked aural energy it’s hard not to appreciate what Rogue Methods have cooked up. Because let’s face it, with the big choruses they’ve created sticky-sweet earworms which will stay with you for long after the track as faded out.

Of course, no review of Fetish could be complete without a significant ode to the lyrics, to verse about fetishizing people could have meant that Rogue Methods were in danger of writing a novelty track, but there is no chance of that, the single has been executed with deft stylised command.

You can check out Fetish for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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