Exactly What We Want: Heavenly New York singer-songwriter Kira Rizavi turns up the sweet feeling of that ‘Christmas Love’

After empowering us all with the beautiful ‘Fly‘ from March 2021, Kira Rizavi flourishes so beautifully on her wonderful new single that shows us where to find that much-needed ‘Christmas Love‘.

Kira Rizavi is a New York City-based solo indie-pop singer-songwriter and Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music NYU student.

Citing influences such as Diana Ross, Rihanna and Grimes, Kira has been performing her entire life – whether it be dancing, singing, acting, or all of the above.” ~ Kira Rizavi

Navigating us into a better place with her sweet smile beaming bright like a traffic light at night, Kira Rizavi puts on her red hat and points us in the right direction with such a memorably excellent performance. This is a determined young woman who knows precisely what she wants, as she lovingly reminds us to enjoy this special time with those who matter most in our hearts.

Christmas Love‘ from the New York City-based solo indie-pop singer-songwriter Kira Rizavi, is a catchy single that features some of the most luscious vocals you will hear this year. This is the season to be merry after all and you will feel so cosy and warm all over – as she takes your inquisitive imagination to riveting levels of contentment – which shall have you enjoying that incredible festive glow throughout your hungry soul.

Hear this new loving single on Spotify and see more news on future songs via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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