Chicago emcee Blac Samurai shows ever-growing consciousness with ‘Brand New’

Chicago emcee Blac Samurai shows ever-growing consciousness with ‘Brand New‘ and this is a strong effort here in the cloudy world of 2020.

Born and raised in Chicago, Brandon Watkins decided on the name Blac Samurai. This was a name that was created by the Wu Tang name generator as he is a huge kung-fu fan and the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

You feel a bit different today. This is a brand new feeling that you haven’t had to deal with before and it feels strange. You want to feel normal again, you want to get back in the zone again.

Taken off ‘Compendium‘, this is a sterling effort, full of lyricism that is rare to hear these days with so much mumble distorting the speakers all over the world. This is that A grade music, full of skills and thought.

Blac Samurai is one of those Hip Hop artist that raps about real things and there is no flashy fake glitz and glamour here. ‘Brand New‘ is a quality track, made with that extra bit of class, filled with raps that make your mind drift away. This is a terrific single from the Chicago-based emcee and he further cements his name in the upper echelons of the Hip Hop game.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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