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Caught The Sparks: Paul James Rooney has an extra bounce in his step with ‘Brand New’

Written by esteemed American songwriter Ashley Levy and sung with such an energetic passion that makes you truly happy, Paul James Rooney fills our fragile hearts with renewed hope again on ‘Brand New’.

Paul James Rooney is a world class English ballet dancer from Sandhurst in the UK, renowned choreographer and emerging pop singer, who is now based in cozy and safe Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I wanted to bring some happiness and shine a light in this long dark time to get everyone up dancing, smiling and singing along.” – Paul James Rooney

He feels so fresh and happy, the feeling has reinvigorated him from the slump of before, and things are looking up. Love is hard to find it and he knows that this must last — as he has never felt like this — and just wants to wake up with them each day moving forward.

Brand New’ from Paul James Rooney, is that sweet story about meeting someone who changes your perspective so quickly, as they have that power over you that has been elusive for some time. The surge of electricity in your veins is palpable, as your eyes flicker with so much excitement, hoping that this lasts as long as possible.

When you meet that person you just know, words fail but the heart beats like a drum. All past worries seem to fade away down the rapid stream of passionate love inside your cheerfully shining mind, body and content soul.

Stream this happy single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

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Inspiring Sounds: The Fade ’11 have us in raptures with delightful ‘Frost’

As bravely dealing with fighting cancer in a pandemic world whilst apart from each other, The Fade ’11 warms up our hearts on the peaceful new single that will you give you a bit of a shiver, but shall ultimately have you feeling hopeful on ‘Frost‘.

The Fade ’11 is a new two piece soundtrack rock duo pieced together by brothers Dan and Andrew, who bring us their soundtrack to life with all the highs and lows. They perform with so much class throughout this incredible experience.

”Without words, this tells our story. This is our soundtrack of love, anger, fear, hope, defeat and triumph. From the highs to the lows. For the lost and the found and the journey in between. To Life.” – The Fade ’11

The soundscape here sends your soul to a place far away from the madness, with a thriving piece of art that is so cinematic and wonderfully pure and loving.

Frost‘ from the soulful two-piece soundtrack ambient brother duo The Fade ’11, heats up your mind with crisply cool instrumentals that takes you to a new positive land with promise, that has you in a mood to achieve your goals. With an album on the way, you feel like you have just found a peaceful outlet to unplug from the world to.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Two of a Kind’ by Australian 3 Piece Alt-Rock band Age of Iguana is a slice of tasty awesomeness

Two of a Kind by Age of Iguana

Two of a Kind‘ by Australian 3 Piece Alt-Rock band Age of Iguana is a slice of tasty awesomeness due to the quality sound and storytelling ingenuity.

Age of Iguana are based outta funky and vibrant Melbourne. They are a fine outfit that have that unique sound that is so welcome in the dark and dodgy alley called 2020.

You care about them so much and want to be together. Right now is just not the time as things are complicated but time should heal all. Life is just crazy right now and you just need to be patient to make sure you don’t do anything you might regret. You two are perfectly matched and you want this to work so badly.

This is a band that are so cool and fresh. They bring their best to the table and the results are deliciously packed into a tasty burger with fries.

Age of Iguana return with a rugged Alt-Rock track that keeps you bouncing the whole 6 minutes and 6 seconds. They just have that little bit of extra class that most acts don’t, the sound is tight and the solos are just plain masterful.

The vocals bite like a hungry kitty cat and they claw you in so gently. This is a top band with a sound that brings you back to the good days of music.

Head through to the Soundcloud to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pop singer Richie Anderson returns with a slice of love pie with ‘Can’t Believe It’

Pop singer Richie Anderson returns with a slice of love pie with ‘Can’t Believe It‘ and this is a bright light to squirm through the sludge pit of a crazy year. This is all about not quite believing that you are in love so much and you never want this moment to end.

With a flourishing vocal ability that screams quality, the beat and clicking fingers gets you in the mood all the way. This is an innocent song in a harsh world and for this, we must be so thankful.

This song is off the brand new fresh EP called ‘S U M M A’ and is one of the best from this release. This is so catchy but pure, never too cheesy but a real love bite that is so good for the soul.

Can’t Believe It‘ from Richie Anderson is one of the most happier tracks of the year and this is a song to be enjoyed with your lover while having a night together, hand in hand, having an intimate night in. A hot song that reaches glorious heights.

Click here for the Spotify page to hear this track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Family Hike’ from Bay Area group Driftr is a woke Hip Hop track for modern times

Family Hike‘ from Bay Area group Driftr is a woke Hip Hop track for modern times and this comes right before the USA elections in 2020. With a sharp lyrical arsenal, this one is a track you need to hear.

This is all about relating to what is going on right now and keeping sane too. A Hip Hop track with a real message, this is rapped with much skills and the beat matches perfectly. With future soul influences, this is a song that gets into your head and never leaves- in a good way of course.

Driftr rap about politics and real life on ‘Family Hike‘. They speak on common fears about modern times and what is currently happening in the USA specifically. This is a song with a sense of humor too as they say that the revolution will be on Netflix rather than on the streets. A ability to have a sense of humor in 2020 is highly needed.

This is a track with a powerful flow and you need to admire this effort in trying times. A real star in the making here, this is a cleverly made track that will upset some people but inspire many others. No two songs are the same from this exciting act and this is another gem. Don’t forget to vote America,

Click here for the Soundcloud link to hear more.

Head through to the Facebook page.

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Melbourne band The Ugly Kings offer us a gritty blues journey on ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe’

The Ugly Kings offer us a gritty blues journey on ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe‘ and this is a top new track that has that real edge to it.

Sunny Melbourne in Australia is the home of the fantastic 4 piece band and they are a energy and emotional roller coaster ride. They hit all the heights and are such a terrific listen. There are such dazzling bass lines here that make this is a song to jam to. This is best experienced with the crew in the house, rocking out to the epic new tune.

This is all about being in your town for the last time, this time. You want to get out of there and meet a special friend for that last night. Or is it? You might return but for now you are here and making the best of the moment.

Australia’s The Ugly Kings bring us a marvelous track called ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe‘. With a pure power blues feel, you get the injection of glorious music in your body the whole way through. This is an absolute winner and one of the best blues tracks of 2020.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Here is the Bandcamp page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

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Australian songstress Kristen Plati sings with self-awareness on the stunning new single ‘Stone’

Kristen Plati sings with self-awareness on the stunning new single ‘Stone‘ and this is quite the fantastic effort from the young singer.

Kristen Plati is a soothing singer-songwriter, model and actress originally from Perth in Australia. She is currently living in New York and enjoying her American adventure. This is a young lady who likes to push the boundaries and learn new things, challenging herself to be better each and every day.

Kristen was most recently seen in the BravoTV show “Your Husband Is Cheating On Us“. She is a busy artist and doing all she can to get her name out there to the world.

Stone‘ from Australian singer Kristen Plati is a lovely escape from the real world, you feel the strong vocals here, this is a woman who sings with passion and soul. This is a song to turn up really loud and enjoy with friends or when you feel like reflecting by yourself. The voice is majestic, the lyrics are real and gritty. This is a fine song.

Click here for the YouTube.

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Steve Garay sings about that true love on ‘Take A Break’

New artist Steve Garay sings about that true love on ‘Take A Break‘ and this is a passionate song that is full of life and love, scattered with reflection too.

This song is about a guy who need some space from his girlfriend, sometimes you need to work out if this is real. Is this lust or is it really love. Does your heart flutter when you think of her, you have that goofy smile and your day is always so much brighter. Her eyes are so bright and you feel silly in front of her, saying things you wouldn’t just say to anyone. You feel so comfortable in her company and everything feels so right.

Steve Garay brings is a indie song with lots of meaning on ‘Take A Break‘. The young singer shows us his growth and this is an interesting topic too. With passionate vocals, this is a song that was made from the heart.

Taking a break from someone you love shows courage. Love makes the heart grow fonder right?

Keep up to date with Steve on Instagram, he will be releasing his album “It Comes From The Heart” via all digital platforms hopefully in early 2021.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chicago emcee Blac Samurai shows ever-growing consciousness with ‘Brand New’

Chicago emcee Blac Samurai shows ever-growing consciousness with ‘Brand New‘ and this is a strong effort here in the cloudy world of 2020.

Born and raised in Chicago, Brandon Watkins decided on the name Blac Samurai. This was a name that was created by the Wu Tang name generator as he is a huge kung-fu fan and the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

You feel a bit different today. This is a brand new feeling that you haven’t had to deal with before and it feels strange. You want to feel normal again, you want to get back in the zone again.

Taken off ‘Compendium‘, this is a sterling effort, full of lyricism that is rare to hear these days with so much mumble distorting the speakers all over the world. This is that A grade music, full of skills and thought.

Blac Samurai is one of those Hip Hop artist that raps about real things and there is no flashy fake glitz and glamour here. ‘Brand New‘ is a quality track, made with that extra bit of class, filled with raps that make your mind drift away. This is a terrific single from the Chicago-based emcee and he further cements his name in the upper echelons of the Hip Hop game.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Insta page.

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Wisconsin musician Evan Lane drop spectacular ‘Gravity of You’

Evan Lane is a proudly Milwaukee-based music teacher, former barista and artist who is back with the new single called ‘Gravity of You‘, this is a terrific track with flavor.

This multi-talented vocalist, violist, pop pianist and musician is quite soothing on the latest single as we are treated to a song that captures your attention right away. Taken off full 7 track album ‘Etude‘, this is a full time music lover who has so much passion for music. The love on this song is so clear to see and this indie pop journey builds up during the track.

You are drawn so much to your crush, they give you peace within when you think of them. You are drawn to them so much and want things to be happy and love-filled, not alone like 2020.

Gravity of You‘ from Evan Lane is an ode to that classic music. This is authentic and takes you to a different place. You feel peaceful and free, enjoying the feeling inside of this indie special.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen