Caught spins out on the weekend adventure single ‘Stop My Head From Hurting’

Released as one of the first 3 singles from her much-awaited upcoming album, Caught drops the single that is so honest that many will be able to truly relate to its realness on ‘Stop My Head From Hurting‘.

Courtney Jade Levitt aka Caught is an alternative singer-songwriter who has been building for this precise moment to get her creations out into the world to embrace.

With a likeable ambience and a spinning trance that has you thrown back to those times when you have no clue how you got home, Caught shows us her camera and are invited to look inside her soul to see what she has seen before. This is a late-night dream that has you on the periphery of your seat – wondering where this well-performed novel is going to lead – and what the shadows of the night will usher you into.

Stop My Head From Hurting‘ from the promising alternative solo artist Caught, is a party single that has those passing out memories from too much dancing wrapped all around the edges here. There are piercing vocals here that have you visualizing what these long nights have in store for the youth, who just want to enjoy these moments before the mundane life starts and things like paying rent becomes a real priority. With a catchy style that has you locked inside this visual the whole way through, we are introduced to an artist with an enthralling story to tell us all.

Listen in to this top tune on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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